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2000/9/7-8 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:19190 Activity:low
9/6     I was trying out the CPUID(0) instruction on PC's.  Pentium Pro returns
        "GenuineIntel", while AMD SC410 returns "AuthenticAMD".  Anyone knows
        what strings processors from other vendors return?  Just curious.
        \_ there are no other intel cpu makers that matter
                \_ Cyrix?  Do PowerPCs support that instruction?  -John
2000/9/7 [Uncategorized] UID:19191 Activity:low
9/6     ~pld/bubblet.el now v0.71.  Add options for score saving and %age
        of wildcard bubbles.  -pld
2000/9/7-8 [Computer/SW/Languages, Industry/Jobs] UID:19192 Activity:high
9/6     Work for a Big 5 company (Business Services/ Consulting) and just
        got a raise to $55K, as a Senior Computer Consultant.  Is this low?
        Been with the firm 2 years.
        \_ Does your job involve programming?  a 3yr programmer get $80/yr.
           \_ Nope, auditing the computer controls at companies.
        \_ I just started fresh-out-of-cal, $62k/yr not including bonus +
           benefits and that's still considered low by my own peers. Then
           again, I'm in a different line of business than you are which
           could explain it (no, not sysadmin).
        \_ Where are you located?
           \_ $55K senior must mean poster is in Ohio or somewhere like that
           \_ Actually it's the SF office :(
        \_ bit low.  i was bringing in consultants from Cal (and stanfurd
           sometimes) at the big 5 beginning at around 65k.  managers and
           senior managers were making 120-180k.  senior consultants were
           in the 80k-100k range.  this was at a big 5 within eBusiness
           consulting. -uctt
        \_ If you have no tech skills and you're making over 30k, you're
           \_ Get a clue.
                \_ "Duh, I iz a jeanyus!  I kan post 'get uh kloo'"  You are
                   an idiot and a waste of bits.
        \_ Looks low to me, esp after 2 yrs. I work in tech support, work
           40 hrs a week and make 68K. A friend of mine is a consultant
           (non-technical) with a Big 5 company and he makes 75K after 3
           years there. It's time to test the waters out there for more $.
                \_ I think the 75k at 3 years is low if he's in this area and
                   not Arkansas.
2000/9/7-10 [Recreation/Dating] UID:19193 Activity:moderate
9/7     A friend of mine from Switzerland asked me where she and 3 other
        people coming to visit SF next week could maybe rent a cheap room
        for 10 days.  They'd like to avoid hotels if at all possible.  Does
        anyone have any ideas about guest houses and the likes?  Does this
        even exist?  -John
        \_ youth hostels
           \_ they're swiss, so they're cold, but they LOOK hot
              \_ Any pics to look at before I decide?
        \_ YMCA/YWCA in SF?
        \_ How about hostelling?  I remembered that's at lease one hostel smack
           between Union Square and Chinatown.
        \_ Are they hot and willing?  I've got a place.
                \_ yeah john, are they? --aaron
        \_ I love Swiss chocolate and Swiss porn
              "Tennage Sex" in the late 70's by Colour (sig) Climax Corp.
           \_ Danish porn is better.  My favorite video is a series called
              "Teenage Sex" in the late 70's by Colour (sig) Climax Corp.
                \_ They are 450-pound ex-male wrestler victims of steroid
                   hair growth halitosis experiments.  Aaron, they're white
                   so that rules out you.  And there is no such thing as
                   Swiss porn.  We get German and French porn, which is
                   pretty odd.  And you misspelled "teenage".  -John
                   \_ Huh?  The ones I watched were of average-weight young
                      un-ugly guys and gals.  I didn't get the tape in US,
                      so although I couldn't tell if they were really teens,
                      it would have been legal even if they were.  The tape
                      was Betamax, dubbed in English.
                   \_ Swiss porn counterexample:
        \_ American Hostels?  Hostelling International?
        \_ They could stay in Soda lab (is it still underground?)
                        \_ No, last week's earthquake lifted it 50 feet
                           and it's now 2 stories above ground level.
2000/9/7-8 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:19194 Activity:high
9/6     Anyone recommend a good place to learn kung-fu in berkeley?
        \_ Call 'the operator' and ask Tank to download you a couple
           of good Kung Fu programs.
           \_ I know kung fu!
              \_ Show me.
        \_ Join the WuShu club at the RSF. williamc
        \_ do you want to train in kung fu, or just some martial art?
           \_ kung fu.
              \_ You've watched the matrix one to many times.
                \_ Or not enough if he hasn't mastered the moves from seeing
                   the movie.  Professional stuntmen.  Do not attempt this
                   at home.
           \_ I am CAIN I will help you.
        \_ Soda hall at project time.  -John
2000/9/7-8 [Industry/Jobs] UID:19195 Activity:moderate
9/6     How accurate do you think are the results at
        \_ Take all numbers with grain of salt and then add at least 20%
           for living here, their data being old, and job title inflation.
           Add even more if you're senior level or walk on water or have
           above average buzzword compliance.
        \_ the curves are right, the salaries aren't.  Add 20-30% to the
           salaries there.
           \_ Depends on the positions.  Some of the numbers are rather high..
              $90k for someone with 2 years experience writing web applications
              in perl and java?  Add 20% to that?
                \_ Maybe.  Depends on the job specifics and how desperate
                   they are.  To reiterate something that's been covered on
                   the motd many times before: you're worth whatever you can
                   get from someone.  If a 2 year guy can get $150k and a 10
                   year guy can only get $45k, the 2 year guy is worth more.
                   It all depends on how well you negotiate and how desperate
                   they are.  There's no such thing as "working your way up"
                   or "time served".  -been there, there now
                   \_ There is such a thing as the "perception" of working
                      your way up and time served.  Notice that this fact
                      does not contradict the previous post.  If you're
                      an honest person who knows their stuff and get paid/
                      respect based on your integrity, prior experience,
                      and gratitude, "that's wonderful".  However, you can
                      also get a lame salary under various circumstances,
                      and, "that is sad".  And then there are people who
                      get a great wage and nice working conditions, who suck.
                      Naturally, most people want to kick the crap out of them.
                        \_ I'd agree with that.  -previous poster
2000/9/7 [Uncategorized] UID:19196 Activity:nil
 _____ _   _  ____ _  __   ___  _____ _____
|  ___| | | |/ ___| |/ /  / _ \|  ___|  ___|
| |_  | | | | |   | ' /  | | | | |_  | |_
|  _| | |_| | |___| . \  | |_| |  _| |  _|
|_|    \___/ \____|_|\_\  \___/|_|   |_|
2000/9/7 [Consumer/PDA] UID:19197 Activity:nil
9/7     How come all the Sony monitors I buy have this problem:
        The top border slopes down at the right corner.  This is
        not adjustable.  I was thinking that I may be too sensitive,
        but my monitor at work does not have this problem.  Does
        anyone has any experience as to buying direct would get you
        better quality stuff?  May the problem be due to rough
        handling during shipping?  I just wish there is a place
        where I can test a monitor before bringing it home, even
        if I have to pay extra for that.  I hate having to return
        mammoth monitors.
        \_ I have the same problem with my iiyama vm pro (mitsubishi
           "diamondtron" tube).  I once saw a monitor that let you ajust
           the vertical trapesoid, but not often.  Sigh.
2000/9/7-8 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:19198 Activity:kinda low
9/6     In a linux machine, how I can tell how fast the CPU(s) is and how
        much memory there is? dmesg doesnt always work because it scrolls
        it off due to kernel messages. dont have physical access to machine.
        \_ redhat stores the boot dmesg in formation in /var/log/dmesg -ERic
        \_ cat /proc/cpuinfo, cat /proc/meminfo - paolo
        \_ the bogomips rating is an excellent measure of system performance.
           and it is avaialble through dmesg. -ali
                \_ Uhm, they call it "bogo"mips for a reason.
2000/9/7 [Health/Women] UID:19199 Activity:nil
9/6    Asian Women or White women ?
        \_ there are good women and not so good women in both groups.
          \_ but which has a higher percentage of good ones?
2000/9/7-10 [Transportation/Car] UID:19200 Activity:low
9/7     anyone bought a car from greenlight?  what was your experience?
        \_ No, but I did at Got my new Toyota 4Runner for
           about 2K lower than any dealer quotes I got... about $350 over
           invoice. I was in my new car within a week of placing my order.
           Great price and responsive service, and I got everything I
           wanted. A car more in-demand (i.e. - Audi TT, BMW 330) may take
           longer though. Check it out.
           \_ Was the $350 over invoice price you paid the out-of-door
              after-tax everything-included price?  In general when people are
              talking about X dollars above invoice, do they mean every charge
                \_ Invoice is what the dealer is paying the maker (ford, honda,
                   gm, toyota, etc) to get the car.  Taxes, license and the
                   rest is all extra.
            \_ Got my Camry from carsdirect for $400 under invoice. --dbushong
2000/9/7-8 [Recreation/Dating] UID:19201 Activity:very high
9/7     my boyfriend loves me, but he can't get it up.  what should i do?
        he says it's not my fault -- i need sex, but love him and won't
        leave him.
           \_ it is your fault, you are not a hottie.
        \_ It's not CSUA's fault if poor Trevor can't get a stiffy.
           \_ it is your fault, you are not a hottie.
        \_ Ask him if wearing leather would help. Otherwise, buy him
           a strap-on
           \_ Maybe he's a girly man and wants to take it in the
              behind rather than give it out. Buy yourself the strapon
              and give him a good riding. You may need to get him
              some lingere also.
        \_ buy a vibrator.  pearl rabbit makes you climax every time.
        \_ For some reason, I'm beginning to doubt the veracity of
           these motd counseling requests ...
                \_ You're only just now beginning to doubt them?
        \_ Maybe your boyfriend is not gay.  He needs to be turned on
           by a woman, not a man.
                \_ Maybe your boyfriend needs to be turned on by a
                   450-pound ex-male wrestler victim of steroid
                   hair growth halitosis experiments.  -John
           \_ I'm a woman!
              \_ You'd like to think that, now, would you, girly-man.
        \_ Just in case this is a serious post, here is a serious answer:
           Stress can cause a lot of sexual problems.  Try to get your
           boyfriend to relax before you initiate sex.  For example,
           give him a back rub or take a nap together and then try
           having sex.  Good luck.
           \_ Thank you.  It _was_ a serious posting.  I know I shouldn't
              post to the motd, but I'm trying to take every piece of advice
              I can get!  I can't even really talk to him about it much,
              he doesn't like to talk much about it.  He is a workaholic,
              and his stress has been higher lately.
              \_ Indeed.
        \_ He should see a urologist. It could be stress,
           testosterone levels, blood flow problems, etc.
        \_ Tell him you want to start seeing other people.
           \_ That is NOT going to reduce the guy's stress levels!
                \_ No, but she'll finally start getting some low stress sex
                   for herself.  He needs to go deal on his own time and stop
                   being a wimp.
2000/9/7-10 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:19202 Activity:nil
9/7     ~pld/bubblet.el now v0.72.  Attempt to support xemacs. -pld
2000/9/7-8 [Recreation/Dating] UID:19203 Activity:very high
9/6     I'm 29, still a virgin, and REALLY wanna get laid. Has anyone ever
        gone back to India to look for a wife? Any advice? Thanks...
        \- are you indian? if so, send in the relatives. if not, that is
        pretty interesting. let me know how it goes. punjabi women are
        pretty attractive and often nice. --psb
                \_ i thought Bengali women are nicer, like yer mom
                   \_ Bengali women look nicer but are much more
                      materialistic. If you want a good screw indian
                      is not the way to go.
                        \_ What's wrong with materialistic women?
                           \_ they will leave you for a better screw.
                                \_ Don't you mean more money?
        \_ Why bother? there are a zillion agencies for that sort of
           thing, i would imagine. Just have them send you photos
        \_ u wanna get married just b/c u wanna get laid?!  feel sorry
           for u...
           \_ its a religious issue for some.
                \_ not about sex b4 marriage, but don't u want to get
                   married b/c u want a companion?
                   \_ Unless you are really rich and can deal with the
                      expenses of companionship or you are really poor
                         \_ -pld
                      and its worth the trouble to increase your buying
                      power marriage is just a big hassle (financially,
                      emotionally, etc.) Want companionship? Get a dog,
                      program an AI.
                      \_ program an AI?  You pathetic lonely geek.  You're
                         so lonely, you're USED to it!
                         \_ AI better than a women. You can turn it off
                            or stop paying attention to it or reprogram
                            it. Also you can get it to predict stock
                                \_ Obviously you're joking but I find it kinda
                                   sad that anyone could even think of a joke
                                   like that.
                                   \_ are you new to soda?
                                      \_ it's still pathetic. --not new to soda
                                      \_ No.  That's how I know he's joking.
                                         I still find it sad.
                                        \_ [meaningless drivel 'reply' deleted]
        \_ Why would you go back to india to get a wife just to get
           laid? There are so many problems associated with getting
           your wife back to this country and getting her adjusted
           that its not worth it. Look for someone in this country,
           it will be cheaper and they will probably screw better.
                \_ fuck this overly dominant, money grabbing, pre-nupt
                   hating, phat lookin' White Chick. NO WHITE CHICK.
                   \_ I meant indian girls born in this country, not
                      white chicks.
                   \_ I believe you mean "don't f*uck these overly..."
                   \_ It is because white chicks are so bad that white
                      guys go after the asian hotties. Damn the white
                      guys who are screwing my asian hotties. Asian
                      hotties are only for Rice Boys!
                                           \_ who drive Rice Rockets!
                \_ why would an american born indian chick screw better?
                   plenty of american born chicks of all sorts and some are
                   great while most are average and some are bad at it.
                   \_ All indian born indian chicks are underaverage in
                      this department. arerican born indian chicks are
                      \_ You clearly never fucked an indian woman.  Indian
                         women are probably the most passionate in the world.
                         Their whole culture is steeped in sex.
                      slightly better, only because of greater exposure
                      to sexuality. The poster is fixated on indians,
                      thus he should at least go for the ones that will
                      be better.
                        \_ All?  You've tried ALL of them?  Wow... where do
                           find the time?
        \_ What's wrong with getting your parents to find you a wife?
           That is the traditional indian way.
                \_ the way it works is my parents line up 4-5 chicks and
                   I 'interview' all of them in a day. I make a decision
                   the next day and get it over with.
                   \_ Does putting 'interview' in quotes mean you actually
                      see how good they are in bed?
                      \_ Uh, no. At least not traditionally.
                   \_ Hey that sounds great.  What nice parents.
        \_ Plenty of willing Russian and Thai women in catalogs.  -John
              \_ You forgot HK women.
           \_ russian women have beards, thai women are bitchy
                \_ Whats wrong with a bitchy Thai woman if she's attractive
                   and can fuck?  All women are bitchy.  Nothing special
                   about that.  You're fooling yourself if you think there's
                   some magical race of women who aren't.
                   \_ Not magical, just available by catalog.  And I'm told
                      that some of the hottest Thai girls have a surprise
                      for you down under!  -John
                        \_ That can be easily fixed with an ACME Home Surgical
                           Kit (c).
                   \_ inflatable.
        \_ Partha Banerjee, is that you?
2019/01/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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