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2000/9/6 [Uncategorized] UID:19175 Activity:nil 77%like:19170
9/5     Anyone know what the smbd flag looks like?  I Think it has a pink
        triangle, upside-down on a black background, but I don't remember.
        Also, someone told me I should wear a symbol that looks like a
        yin-yang, but has three swirls outlined in black on a red background.
        Anyone know what that means?  Thanks!
        \_ It looks like   "-D"  --dbushong
2000/9/6-8 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:19176 Activity:high
9/6     Any opinions on OpenBSD vs NetBSD for running it on an old Alpha
        or sparc? How do they compare feature-wise? I already know about
        OpenBSD being an uber-secure system, I want to know what other
        things set them aside. Which is more fun to work with?
        What about hardware support?
        \_ I prefer OpenBSD. The installation was exteremly easy and it
           has some nifty features other than security (RaidFrame for
           example). OpenBSD is pretty fast on a SS10 and a Pentium 150
           200 class machine. It is probably the best maintained OS
           (free or otherwise) I have ever used (upto date manpages, good
           online docs, frequently updated bug lists, stable and fully
           featured release code). ----ranga
           \_ uhh, netbsd has sw raid as well ....
              \_ Working/Stable? When I tried it (a while back now) it
                 didn't work very well and not many people seemed
                 interested in it.
                 \_ well I've been using netbsd for years and its fine.  -ERic
        \_ OpenBSD has the 'old' style install system.  You get the
           pleasure of mucking with disk labels and such if you like.
           I prefer it for paranoia's sake but I wouldn't call it the
           easiest install of the *bsd's.  I don't want to use default
           partitioning but I don't want to muck with the cruddy 25+
           year old disk label program either. Yes, I do run openbsd so
           I found it worth the trouble.
           \_ What BSD has a nicer install program than OpenBSD? FreeBSD?!?
              Surely you jest. OpenBSD install may not be graphical and
              have a "window" driven interface (a la RH Linux) or a menu
              interface (a la FreeBSD) but you can't screw it up. It gives
              you all the functionality you need in a neat tight package.
              The running system is quite nice too. I run both OpenBSD and
              FreeBSD, and I like OpenBSD more. The *only* reason I'm
              running FreeBSD is that I need servlet support and FreeBSD
              has a native jdk (emulated under OpenBSD).
                \_ When I did a 2.4 install, it was ok but not great.  Yes,
                   fbsd was easier imo and has more packages for the lazy,
                   although this is being corrected soonish.  It isn't about
                   \_ I'm a new comer compared to you. I've only installed
                      OpenBSD 2.6 and 2.7, both of which were exteremely easy
                      to use much better than anything else I've ever installed
                      including FreeBSD (2.2.6, 3.0 release, 4.0 release, 4.1
                      release), Solaris (2.2-8), RHL (4.0-6.2), Debian (m68k
                      kernel 2.0.34), LinuxPPC (R3-5,1999,2000), HPUX (10.20,
                      11), MacOS (3.0-9). Solaris 7,8 and MacOS 8.5 & 9 both
                      come pretty close, but MacOS requires a GUI (- for me)
                      and Solaris has problems in text only.
                   guis.  I dont prefer guis.
                   \_ The current one 2.7 is much better than 4.1 FreeBSD
                      or RH 6.2.
2000/9/6-7 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Computer/HW/IO] UID:19177 Activity:high
9/6     I use netscape 4.73 under Linux. When I hold down the button to go
        forward or backward with my mouse, a list pops up for me to select
        from the forward or backward history. Also, the mouse cursor
        switches from pointing top left to pointing top right. Sometimes,
        after I release the mouse, the cursor does not return to its normal
        direction and netscape "traps" all my mouse & keyboard input,
        essentially locking me out of my computer. I can't even switch to
        the console.  Anyone know why this happens and how I can solve this?
        \_ I don't know the answer, but I FEEL YOUR PAIN.
                \_ you're probably using an early release of GNOME.  Upgrade
                   to the latest Helix GNOME; this was a known bug.  -tom
                        \_ No, I don't use GNOME. I only use E.
                                \_ well, then update your E.  -tom
                                        \_ you fucking idiot. I am running
                                           the latest version of E.
                   \_ GNOME and/or E is your problem. Ditch them for a
                      real WM (WindowMaker/AfterStep/FVWM/TWM)
        \_ Get a real OS or a real WM.  You don't have a choice of real
           browsers without an OS change, unfortunately.
                \_ Oh I'm sorry. Was I supposed to be running Windows?
                   \_ No, OpenBSD + { WindowMaker,AfterStep } + lynx
                      is acceptible. As is MacOS + Netscape.
                   \_ Did I say windows?  No.  I said dump your shitty linux
                      box and install *anything* else and dump your wannabe-
                      windows95 gnome crap and install *anything* but kde.
                      This is one of those, "This is my rifle, this is my
                      gun, this is for shooting, this one's for fun" issues.
                      If you're just having fun, then keep gnome/linux.
2000/9/6-7 [Computer/SW/Unix, Computer/SW/Security] UID:19178 Activity:moderate
9/6     I would like to install some software for the CSUA community.  I
        have mailed root about it but got no response.  Am I going about
        it the wrong way?
        \_ Obviously, you have wronged root at some point in the past.
           Better backup your home directory. ;)
                                               \_ This one is just for you.
           \_ Well, that's sound advice even I haven't wronged root.  So
        \_ The politburo decided answering root mail was a waste of time so
           kicked everyone off root who actually answered root mail.
           \_ Actually that was mikeh.
2000/9/6-7 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:19179 Activity:nil
9/6     Does anyone know if there's an SSH extension for Windows Telnet?
        I'm having trouble with the Whacked out Java SSH.  It can't run
        well when using Pine or Pico.  Sorry if this screen looks messed
        up.  I can't see what I'm typing in Pico. --pcjr
        \_ dont fucking use pine or pico.
        \_ F-Secure SSH
2000/9/6-7 [Recreation/Media] UID:19180 Activity:low
9/6     They re-releasedd The Sound of Music, but sub-titled it so the
        audience can sing-a-long with the movie.  Purchase of a ticket
        includes party-poppers, and other stuff to wave at the screen.
        An MC is there before the show leading a costume contest, and
        people are encouraged to boo and hiss at the screen and bring
        their own props, such as an umbrella to open when it rains in
        the movie.  It's Rocky-Horror for the Baby-boomers!!!@!!!
        Anyone know when it will be opening in the bay area?  -sofia
        \_ can we boo and hiss at fuckin' Julie Andrews?
           \_ Which version were YOU watching that she gets fucked?
              \_ The directors XXXX cut.
              \_ The directors XXX cut.
2000/9/6-8 [Transportation/Car] UID:19181 Activity:high
9/5     I went to a car dealer and was honest to them that I was only
        interested in knowing their best offering price, and they gave
        me $13,000.  After more research on the Internet, I've determined
        it is a good price.  So I went back and told them I'd like to
        purchase the vehicle at $13,000.  But they said they would only
        sell it for $13,999.  The price they quoted me was a "shopping
        price", not a "selling price".  And a "shopping price" is a
        "sales tactic" they use just to "get the customer to come back
        the door".  The way it works is, they quote you a below invoice
        price knowing that you couldn't get it anywhere else, and when
        you come back for that price, they will try to sell the vehnicle
        to you for a higher price.  Is this "tactic" legal?  I feel
        deceived and cheated, is there anything I can do?
        \_ This is bait'n'switch.  Next time get it in writing for the exact
           car you want.  If they won't put it in writing as good for a period
           of at least a week, they're lying.  Also, if you go back and they
           say that particular car is already sold, they're lying.  Also, if
           you're this incapable of understanding how sleazy car sales are,
           then buy your car online.  You'll get an ok but not fantastic price
           and won't have your charming sense of naivete destroyed.
                 \_ they have to give the VIN number of the alleged car sold
                     I think.
        \_ if you want vengeance, ask jsl to go there to bargain for you.
           \_ what would jsl do...?
        \_ This is explicitly illegal. Write to your local district
           attorney, and/or report them to the BBB.
              \_ They may make it legal, by simply saying that the car
                 they quoted the price for was already sold. Also, if
                 you don't have the quote in writing, there is not much
                 the DA or the BBB can do for you.
                 \_ they have to give the VIN number of the alleged car
                    sold I think.
                    \_ They can give the VIN number of any car they have
                       recently sold for ~ 13-14K. Just because they said
                       it was 13K to you doesn't mean they had to sell it
                       for 13K to someone else.
          \_ Post the name of the bastards here. BBB report should still be
             filed, etc, but interested sodans want to know.
             \_ Guilty dealer is Capitol Nissan at San Jose.
       \- spend some time having them fill out the forms and then
          walk out saying "this is my shopping day, not my buying day" --psb
          \_ hey this is pretty funny, psb.
       \_'s going to be tough trying to get these bastards
          fill out forms without your own singature.  You don't want
          to be held responsible for having to buy the vehicle.
       \_ This is a variation of Bait and Switch.  You *must* read this site:
          \_ Great page!!!  -- yuen
       \_ When buying a vehicle, always negotiate for the OUT THE DOOR
          (OTD) price.  Most dealers will pad the changes with freight,
          prep, documentation, and other loozer fees, which can make
          a huge difference in the price.  -nweaver
        \_ ride bike kill car
        \_ The best way to avoid this kind of BS is to buy you car from
           a credit union (TechFed, SCFCU, etc) or AAA. Dealers can't
           afford to piss of even one credit union or AAA member because
           they will get black listed.
       \_ Get it In Writing, Get it In Writing
          \_ another way of putting it:  "Fax me a quote please".
             If you dont have a fax, pay $1.50 at Longs drug to receive
                  \_ the phone system has enough wasted numbers.
             a fax there.
                \_um, receive faxes for free at or many others
2000/9/6-8 [Computer/Networking, Consumer/TV, Recreation/Media] UID:19182 Activity:moderate
9/5     Digital cable or satellite?
        \_ Dish... displeases me.  From what I've seen of both, the interface
           on the dish boxen >> the digital cable boxes.  It's a bit faster,
           has picture in picture, and not _quite_ as many ads.  However,
           cable seems to have its MPEGiness tuned to screw up large black/
           dark areas of the screen, while the dish seemed to make light
           areas chunky.  If I had to pick one of those two, I guess I'd rather
           lose dark areas..   --dbushong
        \_ FWIW, I think digital cable is at least as bad as satellite.
           I'm on the verge of killing my digital cable subscription for
           more traditional cable.  Among digital cable's annoyances is the
           difficulty of programming VCR's to time-shift shows.  You basically
           have to set the cable box on the 'right channel' ahead of time.
           And no switching to different cable channels between recordings.
        \_ satellite.  get directv, H card, and a programmer.  find a
           subbed bin...and you'll be watching ~400 channels for free
           (including hbo, showtime, ppv, nasty stuff, etc.)
                \_ Excuse me what is an H card?
                        \_ send me mail if you're interested in
                           hacking directv.  -uctt (guy who wrote the
                           hacking info above)
                                \_ Been to prison or paid a hefty fine lately?
                                   Hacking free tv is hardly worth the risk.
                                \_ i don't hack.  i just know how to.
                                   knowledge isn't illegal is it?  -uctt
                \_ read alt.dss.hack for a week.  send me any questions
                   you have after that.  the guys in there know the
                   basics.  i'm an expert.  so please stop sending
                   email until you lurk that newsgroup.  -uctt
                   \_ I just sent all your personal information and your
                       post above to DirectTV.
                        \_ You did too?  I wonder if we split the reward or
                           it's first-come first-served?  I needed a new car.
                        \_ cool.  i guess they're going to try to arrest
                        me b/c i read a newsgroup?  -uctt
                           \_ Fucking thief.  You know what you did.
                              I suggest you should go surrender to the
                              authorities yourself.
                           \_ No, but an anonymous tip is more than enough to
                              get a search warrant.  Good luck.
2000/9/6 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:19183 Activity:nil
9/5     ~pld/bubblet.el now v0.62.  Undo now affects the RNG.
        Also check ~pld/bubblet-scores. -pld
        \_Games:   10    Avg:  636 / 3.06    High: 2552 / 3.18 -pld
        \_Games:   10    Avg:  530 / 3.02    High: 1328 / 2.97 -tom
                                \_ how do these scores relate to those
                                \_ newer format, additional info (avg blocks)
        \_Total games:   29     Average score:  294    High score: 1084-ali
        \_Total games:   80     Average score:  261    High score: 872-oj
2000/9/6 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:19184 Activity:very high
9/6     On a BSD box using term cons25 everything works.  Vt100 doesn't
        work well.  telnet to Solaris, can't deal 'cause it doesn't know
        what cons25 is and vt100 still won't work well.  Questions:
        1.)  What should i do?
        2.)  Why don't I have this problem with linux?
             \_ duh, cause linux console is not cons25, and linux probably
                has an entry for cons25 in /etc/termcap
        \_ export TERM=xterm ?
        \_ if [ $TERM = "cons25" ]; then export TERM="at386"; fi
           \_ You probably want:

              [ "$TERM" = "cons25" ] && { TERM="at386" ; export TERM ; }

              as export var=val doesn't work for strict bourne shell. If
              you are using *csh, then take a look at chsh or passwd -e
              to fix your problem.
2000/9/6-7 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:19185 Activity:insanely high
9/6     I accidental opened the bathroom while my grandmother's still naked in
        the bathroom and I did not have a hard on. Is that normal? Could I
        be gay?  Is there such thing as being "conditional gay" or "5% gay"?
        \_ Male roommate?  did your wife kick you out or did she
           just move her boyfriend in?
        \_ Are you asian/indian?
        \_ Is she a hottie? (Probably not, as people who post on the motd
           and people who have hottie GF's are sets without intersections)
           If not there's your answer.
        \_ silly noodle, hard-ons are triggered by a complex set of emotional
           and physical and intellectual considerations.  Walking in on her
           (sounds like this was a surprise/faux pas) probably involved
           some shock or shame and so unless you're one of those guys
           who likes to subject people and cause them harm (hopefully not)
           it's natural not to get a "hard-on" in that case.  But you
           really need to start reading a lot of books about sex not asking
           the motd.
           \_ Good point.  Another possible reason is that he has already seen
              her naked too many times, thus he has lost impulse on her body.
              \_ He said GF not Wife.
        \_ ever heard of Kegel Exercises?  Look it up on google.
2000/9/6-7 [Computer/Companies/Ebay] UID:19186 Activity:kinda low
9/6     This guy on eBay sells a lot of cool (but illegal in the US) pyro
        stuff. Should I get it from him? Could it be one of those FBI trap?
        BTW, I'm not blowing up professors.
        \_ Wouldn't recommend it. Ebay is just too obvious of a place for
           feds trolling for suckers. Probably safer (at least in the law
           enforcement aspect) to buy it off a _site_ which is in a 3rd-world
           country. Although those are rare, yes.
        \_ Looking for a boyfriend in prison?
2000/9/6-8 [Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:19187 Activity:nil 50%like:19604
9/6     Come join Apple next monday for job opportunities and free food.
        \_ Only if I get a cube.  The computing kind, not the not-an-office
2000/9/6-7 [Finance/Banking, Finance/CC] UID:19188 Activity:insanely high
9/6     motd poll:  Would you continue a relationship with a SO after you
        find out that he/she has a lot of debt?  This is assuming that you
        have no debt.  Love might conquer all, but I'm curious how many people
        go for the more pragmatic approach to a relationship.
        \_ A pragmatic relationship isn't a relationship.  I think you're
           looking for a business partner or vc funding.  I suggest removing
           yourself from the race so you stop ruining perfectly good people
           the rest of us might find attractive before you leave them bitter
           and angry and hating everyone.
                Debt is not a permanent condition, unlike your shallowness and
        \_ how much debt?
                \- it depends what tthe debt says about the person.
                \- it depends what the debt says about the person.
                student debt != crack ho. --psb
        \_ I was ~$30k in debt when I graduated (stupid out of state tuition)
           and now have paid off & $30k in savings after 2 years of working.
           debt is not a permanent condition, unlike your shallowness and
           \_ once in debt, always in debt. Economic awareness != shallowness.
              People come and go $'s are forever.
        \_ I would pay for her/him if s/he is really a SO of mine.
        \_ Never sleep with anyone with more problems than you. - tpc
           \_ and that's why you haven't been getting any, eh?
        \_ All debt is bad. Ditch them and find someone who is economically
           sound immediately. (There are some undergrads and grad students
           that actually make money while going to cal. I doubled my net worth
           from ~ 30K to ~ 65K in the four years I was at cal. I paid my own
           tuition & expenses).
                \_ we can't all run meth labs, sky
                   \_ I earned my money via investing and working (during
                      breaks and part-time). I was also lucky to have been
                      in school during the bull 90's and to have worked for
                      a company that let me do ESPP as an intern. - ! sky
                \_ sky didn't come out much ahead while at school.  i
                   remember being drunk and broke a lot going to those
                   clubs with sky. -uctt
                        \- i dont see what these personal anecdotes mean.
                        debt is the wrong target. it isnt good or bad. if a
                        particular case of debt means "this person has little
                        self control and cannot live within his/her means"
                        it's hard to claim that is a positive. if the debt
                        means this person is self sufficient but not rich,
                        it means something totally different. if you reaction
                        to this is "i respect that" that is one thing, if your
                        reaction is "they wont bring much to the relationship
                        in a material sense" that is something else. --psb
                        \_ If they are in debt then it places a financial
                           burden on them as well as you when you are in a
                           relationship. No debt is good. Look for people who
                           know how to avoid debt (its not that hard and the
                           people who know how to do that are better for you
                           in the long run).
                        \_ DEBT is BAD! Any kind of long term DEBT! (A few
                           hundred (or thousand depending on your incoming)
                           per month on a credit card is okay provided you
                           pay it off at the end of the month and never carry
                           a balance.)
2000/9/6-7 [Recreation/Food] UID:19189 Activity:moderate
9/6     What is the best place to buy burgers on the southside (within
        a close walking distance from campus)?
        \_ The greeeeeasy burger place but that has since closed.
        \_ lessee, out of the 100 or more restaurants in Southside I'd
           choose Smart Alex cuz they promote vegetarian fare.  Nice combo
           meal but inconsistent service and their fries are sometimes flops.
           But I prefer the fine fare of Jay's  Hoagies on Durant to burgers
           \_ Usually, the best burger near campus is Larry Blake's.  -tom
                \_ For that kind of money I can buy a top quality steak and
                   have a great BBQ.  And their service sucks, too.
        \_ Shattuck and Hearst(northside) is Oscar's. best burgers i've had.
2018/12/14 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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