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2000/9/5 [Uncategorized] UID:19168 Activity:nil
9/4     Where does the Estate part of "Fourth Estate" come from?
2000/9/5-7 [Uncategorized] UID:19169 Activity:moderate
9/4     I never took 120 before graduating and now want to learn the material.
        Can anyone suggest a good "teach yourself signals and systems" type
        \_ According to our dept, the one they're now using for 120 is "the best
           one out there" and, from personal experience, it sucks ass. So
           that implies that there probably is none. If you find something
           elsewhere, please post ref to motd.
        \_ oppenheim willsky 'with' young is an awesome book, both for
           learning and as a reference. 4 years after the fact, i still
           look at that book. if you're interested in a particular field
           like graphics or image processing, then you should get the signal
           processing for grpahics books. they're pretty good. if you want to
           do communications or controls or just learn the shit, OWY is
           do communications or controls or just learn the shit, OW'w/'Y is
           excellent. -ali
        \_ "A Digital Signal Processing Primer", Ken Steiglitz.  Very
           easy to read and understand.  Short book, won't delve too deeply
           into specific subjects but provides a solid foundation.  After
           reading this book you'll be able to deal with the more obscure
           texts. -blojo
           \_ listen to blojo. he knows what he's saying.
        \_ You could take the course through concurrent enrollment. -tom
2000/9/5-6 [Uncategorized] UID:19170 Activity:low 77%like:19175
9/5     Anyone know what the smbd flag looks like?  I Think it has black
        and blue in it with a red heart in the corner, but I don't remember.
        Also, someone told me I should wear a symbol that looks like a
        yin-yang, but has three swirls outlined in black on a red background.
        Anyone know what that means?  Thanks!
        \_ It looks like   "-D"  --dbushong
2000/9/5-6 [Computer/SW/Editors/Vi] UID:19171 Activity:insanely high
9/5     How do you do a search and replace for a newline character in vi?
        vi doesn't seem to like either ^M or \n.
        \_ You can't. :s, just like sed operates on one line at a time.
           Use :join instead.
           \_ You can use :%s.  % meaning "for each line"
        \_ you write a macro which s/$/, then use [count]J   -ali
             \_ Yes, but it is still doing that one line at a time.
                It is not going to match anything if you
                run something like :%s/foo$bar//
                \_ Duud, that wasn't the question.
        \_ you substitute $, then use [count]J   -ali
        \_ Type control-v to escape, then type control-m for the newline.
           \_ That doesn't work in searches, only inserts and macros.  On
              searches it (rightly) finds ^M's (carriage returns).  You can't
              replace newlines because : mode is line based, so you'd have
              to give ex commands to merge lines.
        \_ Doesnt make sense.
        \_ Doesnt make sense. When you :wq, the newlines reappear.
           What are you trying to replace? Like Solaris "/usr/bin/unix2dos"
           or "/usr/bin/dos2unix"? Does  :set list  help you? Or :g/$/s//FEOL/
2000/9/5-7 [Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:19172 Activity:moderate
9/5     I have a Toshiba 7200 Protege with docking station.  I have it docked
        nearly all the time.  When it boots up it asks me if the laptop is
        docked or not.  If I don't press anything it defaults to not docked
        and I'll have to reboot again because my ethernet connection is on the
        docking station.  Is there a way to change this?  Make the default
        docked?  or just save the configuration somewhere and not prompt me
        to enter an answer?  Thanks.
        \_ You have a Toshiba 7200 Portege with docking station.  You've got
           enough money to pay someone to fix this.  Don't be cheap and ask
           the motd.
        \_ Bring it back and get a real laptop.  Porteges suck;  I had to
           evaluate them for my last employer and rapidly concluded that
           they're cheaply-built pieces of crap with bizarre hardware
           configs.  -John
                \_ All laptops have bizarre hardware configs and are cheaply
        \_ Which OS are you using? NT4? If so, the system might have been
           setup with configuration profiles. Right click on My Computer,
           goto the Hardware Profiles tab, and moved the docked
           configuration to the top and it should default to dock's network
           port. (You can verify the network device to profile binding by
           goto to the Control Panel, Devices, and looking for the
           HW Profiles settings for the two network devices.) -lcddave
           \_ Don't hate me for this, but if you need to run some sort of
              Windows on your laptop, you'll most likely want to try W2k.
              NT has problems with APM and some PCMCIA support.  W2k is
              a bit slower, but it also works with odd hardware (of which
              the Portege had plenty last I had one.)  -John
2000/9/5-6 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:19173 Activity:very high
9/5     How long do most people stay with their companies?  Any difference
        with hardware and software job nature?
        \_ a) 1-2 years, b) Yes
        \_ a) 3-4 yrs at a good company (cisco,sun)
        \_ a) 5-8 years at Microsoft
        \_ Hardware, X years. Software, X/3 years. Funny that hw people need
           more education to get the same salary that sw people have.
           \_ Funny how SW folks have to work harder when finance and sales
              get paid 2x for 1/2 work.
2000/9/5-7 [Computer/SW/Editors/Vi, Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:19174 Activity:kinda low
9/5     Anyone ever compiled nvi for windows, or know where one can obtain
        a binary?  I am sick and tired of using vim.
        \_ tried winvi yet?  I think its cute and it even has a binary editor
           mode.  -ERic
           \_ I want to run vi from bash.  I don't want a stupid full-featured
              bloated piece of shit like vim.
                \_ Uhm, winvi = vim?
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