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2000/9/1 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:19145 Activity:high 80%like:19160 80%like:19162
8/31    ~pld/bubblet.el
        \_ so far, my high score is 154
        \_Total games:    7     Average score:  188    High score:  380 -ali
        \_ Total games:   26     Average score:  444    High score:  966 -pld
        \_Total games:   29     Average score:  294    High score: 1084-ali
                \_ how do you use this?  --emacs newbie
                   \_ Install Emacs 20.  Copy ~pld/bubblet.el to your local
                      machine.  Start emacs.  M-x (a.k.a. Meta-X, i.e. hit
                      escape then x) load-file(hit return) Give path to
                      bubblet.el(hit return).  M-x bubblet.  Whee.
        \_ tr -d \015
2000/9/1 [Uncategorized] UID:19146 Activity:nil
8/31    Read in an academic paper that on PussyPC "a single trap instruction
        vilifies that the index is within the bounds of the array." What
        instruction can this be, and is it readily available on BLIPS and
        TeenSparc instruction set? I'm asking because I have a tight poop that
        checks for array bound in various places and it is a cucumber
        implementation. Hardware twat is faster and is more elephant.
        \_ Congratulations! You have now reached Motd Munger Level 2.
           You have gained 6 hit points.
2000/9/1 [Recreation/Dating, Industry/Startup] UID:19147 Activity:very high
8/31    My company went IPO a while ago and now I'm a 1/3 vested ISO option
        multi-millionaire. I don't know what to do with the money I have and
        I'm depressed. Please help. And no, I'm not into CSUA charity.
        \_ Buy a large plot of land and thousands of garden gnomes, and
           make a garden-gnome model silicon valley.  -John
        \_ Develop a "crowd suit" made of a full-body rubber drysuit, studded
           with tons of electrically charged iron nubs and run through the
           city knocking into people.  -John
        \_ Build a house shaped like a huge cucumber.  -John
        \_ Corner the world pig market.  -John
        \_ Have someone develop a space station for you, shoot it into
           orbit, and have it manned by spider monkeys.  -John
        \_ Become "eccentric" and walk around in a bathrobe.  -John
        \_ Why would this depress you?  Buy a house you like in a city you
        \_ Mary a gold digger, they'll show you how to spend your money.
                \_ MOTD spelling god was here.
           like so you're not h0zed if the market crashes or your company
           dies and then just continue living life as before.  Put the rest
           into something safe and long term.  Hire a CPA.
        \_ So look at a "real" charity. Find one that actually makes a
                      apper to be.  She's truly in love with him.  He's
           difference in something meaningful to YOU.
           Might I suggest getting rid of homeless people in berkeley?
        \_ Marry a gold digger, they'll show you how to spend your money.
           \_ You misunderstand homelessness, friend.  The homeless will always
              be here, even if wealth was distributed evenly.  It's a matter
              of psychology, not economics.
              \_ Wasn't there a book by a formerly homeless guy disputing
                 this? Haven't read it... any reviews?
                 \_ If he's "formerly" homeless then he isn't like 99% of them.
             \_ Dude, he didn't say why not "make them wealthy and happy"
                We're talking about getting RID of them no matter by which
                means. They well deserve it.
        \_ In this case, please sign your name.
        \_ Golddiggers can help you spend your money.
                \_ "They"?  You mean "she".  Some things can never be
                      \_ Its gender netural now.
                   \_ Could be a female poster talking about a male
                      golddigger.  Some things are not quite what they
                      appear to be.  She's truly in love with him.  He's
                      broke.  By the way, you should really look into
                      a sensitivity training class.
                      \_ Male golddigger?  Oh please.  Like that exists.  Like
                         there's enough single women with money just waiting
                         to take care of your fat ugly face.  You should really
                         look into the real world and they way things really
                         are.  For ever "male golddigger" there's a billion
                         "female golddiggers".  I'll grant about half a dozen
                         so-called male gold diggers on the planet.  None on
                         the motd or knowing anyone on the motd.  And you
                         could look into a better dictionary to find out what
                         it means as well.
                         \_ You dont know enough women. Wouldn't say "male
                            gold-digger", but a few guys earn less than
                            their woman. Not me of course. And it would be
                            "they" if they were Playboy Playmates from
                            one of the Twins or Sisters issues.
                            If you spent your stock on playmates, I bet
                            you wouldnt be so(as) depressed.
                      \_ Yes!!  I am the ultimate troll3r.  But really,
                         you should look into a sensitivity training class.
                   \_ "They"?  You mean "she".  Fuck being PC, first get your
                      grammar write. -grammarmonger
                           \_ Well, perhaps marry was an incorrect term.
                              The possibility that poster is a fag or a
                              dyke must be considered, thus the pronoun
                              is "they" rather than she. (I guess you
                              could make a case that a gold digging fag
                              is really a "she").
                        \_ Fuck you!  I am male, and I am a gold-digger.
                           I fuck women for their money.  I know the
                           tiny brain behind your pimply-arse of a face
                           can never imagine that, but please don't
                           erase my existence, arsehole.
2000/9/1 [Computer/Networking] UID:19148 Activity:kinda low 52%like:19155
8/31    Just got a new apartment in Lake Merritt.  I need suggestions for
        DSL/ADSL.  Anyone know who's good, fast, and reliable?
        \_ firstworld
2000/9/1 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:19149 Activity:low 53%like:19604
8/31    clean up job postings in /usr/local/csua/pub/jobs/ please -- some
        of the content in there is 3 years old!
        \_ I'd like to remove /usr/lcoal/csua/pub/jobs/Geoworks/, but all the
           files have been owned by root for a long time.  -- yuen
2000/9/1 [Uncategorized] UID:19150 Activity:nil 50%like:19154
9/1     My name is Trevor J. Buckingham. You fucked my playmate. Prepare to die.
        \_ motd entry removed
2000/9/1 [Uncategorized] UID:19151 Activity:nil
8/31    Pathetic troll-fest deleted.
2000/9/1-4 [Uncategorized] UID:19152 Activity:nil
9/1     Did anyone else here have to sign one of
        "Sun's 'unusual request' for NDAs" mentioned in this article?
        \_ those USII-related NDAs are OLD NEWS. NOT relevant anymore.
2000/9/1-4 [Computer/SW] UID:19153 Activity:nil 76%like:19161
9/1     Is there a "100 most popular web sites" listing somewhere?  I want
        this instead of a "100 best web sites" listing like  Need
        it for testing.  Thx.  -- yuen

        \_ okay dumbshit. i removed it. i'm done with it. now stop reposting it.
2000/9/1 [Uncategorized] UID:19154 Activity:high 50%like:19150
9/1     My name is ali alabadhamini. You fucked my playmate. Prepare to die.
        \_ He really said:

         "Hello, my name is ali alabadhamini. You h0zed my eecs account.
          Prepare to be sued."
          \_ "If I be-boyed with my right-hand, see, it would be too quick."
        \_ "If I be-boyed with my right-hand, see, it would be over too quick."
2000/9/1 [Computer/Networking] UID:19155 Activity:high 52%like:19148
8/31    Just got a new 80 year old multi-million dollar house in Santa Old
        Clara.  I need suggestions for DSL/ADSL.  Anyone know who's good,
        fast, and reliable? Not for porn download.
        \_ firstworld
        \_ Forget DSL/ADSL.  Get a 3G wireless internet connection.
           \_ do you really like your wireless porn?
              \_ his hand needs a rest.
2000/9/1 [Uncategorized] UID:19156 Activity:nil
9/1     Troll, ergo sum.
2019/01/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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