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2000/8/30-9/8 [Uncategorized] UID:19123 Activity:nil
08/28 Soda decided to protest and panic in honor of the 1st day of classes.
2000/8/30-9/8 [Science, Computer/SW/Graphics] UID:19124 Activity:nil 77%like:19117
08/28 Like 3D graphics? On September 6th at 7pm in 306 Soda, NVIDIA engineers
      will talk about 3D graphics technology, games, and more. And if that
      doesn't interest you, there will be free food! Be there.
2000/8/30-2001/4/6 [Computer/SW/RevisionControl, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:19125 Activity:moderate
12/20   5348816 Aug 28 17:53 /home/digital/mehlhaff/tmp/motd,v
        Why has our motd archiver forsaken us?
        \_ rcs has failed me. IT dumped a ,motd, file that was tricking
           rcs into thinking the motd file was in use, and the  auto
           archiver didn't like it. -ERic

        \_ Like this?
        \_ get with the present.
2000/8/30-9/2 [Uncategorized] UID:19126 Activity:nil 80%like:19131
*/*     Remove your damn motd entries after you're done with them.
        \_ So is this entry done?
2000/8/30-2001/4/6 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:19127 Activity:high
12/20   Any ideas on the ratio of CS v. non-CS members of the CSUA?
        \_ If you're a CS emphasis EECS, consider yourself CS too.
        \_ I'm a non-CS member. I guess that's one. williamc
        \_ CS           2
        \_ CS           1
        \_ CS           3
        \_ CS           4
        \_ non-CS       1
        \_ non-CS       5
        \_ non-CS       7
           \_ That makes up all but 5 people in EECS.
        \_ CS           6
        \_ non-CS       6
        \_ alumni - isn't important     3
        \_ CS           69
        \_ non-CS       61
        \_ alumni - isn't important     4
        \_ Any ideas on the ratio of U v. non-U members of the csUa?
                \_ does it matter? membership and rules are as arbitrary
                   as whatever the politburo members say it is. If the
                   world's run by politburo members it'd be worse than
                   \_ your verbs don't agree here.
                   the Democratic + Republican party.
           \_ I would say soda is mostly alum.
              \_ correctamundo!   -- bitter alum
                \_ Bitter that you're an alum or bitter that you're no longer
                   a student or bitter about life when you were a student?
                \_ Yes. =)
        \_ What is the radio of lonely sodans to non-lonely sodans?
        \_ non-CS       0
        \_ alumni - isn't important     1
        \_ alumni - isn't important     2
2000/8/30-2001/4/6 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:19128 Activity:nil
12/19   I have a brand-new pre-installed linux box from penguin and it is
        running something on port 945; what?
        I rebooted and it moved to port 946!  What could this be!?!
        \_ it might be an rpc service, as they tend to move around
           from privileged port to privileged port. try rpcinfo -p
           localhost.  but in general you want to scrutinize and
           lock down any new linux box you get from a vendor (incl.
           turning off everything in /etc/inetd.conf, any bogus
           daemons, etc.) there is no telling what could be running
           on that port. -brg
        \_ lsof -i:946
        Also, is there a place like penguin to get pre-installed BSD boxes?
        \_ <DEAD><DEAD>
        \_ <DEAD><DEAD>  --dbushong
2000/8/30-2001/4/6 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:19129 Activity:low
12/19   Who knows anything about computer music: mixing, synthesizing,
        channels, formats, and /<iller Appz (for win or BeOS)? How about
        opinions of good URLs for beginners?  - seano
        \_ Audio Mulch under Windows is fun to play with, and I've seen
           bands performing with a laptop running Audio Mulch loops.
           For the Mac, I've heard of recommendations for SuperCollider
           (OO, real-time GC, Smalltalk semantic similarity, etc etc).
           -- alice
        \_ Under Linux, you may want to check out BEAST:

        \_ What kind of music are you interested in making?
          There are lot of great Mac music apps I know of, but as far
          as killer apps on windows... if you want to make loop-based
          music, Sonic Foundry's ACID looks fun and easy to use.  Mixman
          occupies a similar space, though isn't as powerful.
          occupies a similar space, though isn't as powerful.

          Make a trip down to Computers and Music (recently relocated to
          \_ which ones are the good ones on the mac?  I haven't
             had much of a chance to use mine as nothing more than
             a glorified ps-game burner/mp3/browser machine.
          the Richmond district of SF). They are knowledgable and helpful.
          \_ Is it the one that was near Howard St. in Downtown SF?  What's
             \_ It's on their page --
             the new address?

          For resources... start with:
2000/8/30-2001/4/6 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:19130 Activity:nil 79%like:19121
12/18    I can't seem to load two TAGS files for the two different src trees.
        So I'm resorting to starting two copies of xemacs.  Is there a way
        to avoid this?  Any way to combine the TAGS files of two separate
        trees? Or make emacs load two of them and search them both?
        \_ emacs has select-tags-table
           you have to do the switch manually though. i guess you want
           the tag table to be local bound to each buffer? that's pretty
           straightforward to do too, it just takes a bit of coding. -ali
           \_ No coding.  Give a prefix arg to visit-tags-table.  --pld
2000/8/30 [Uncategorized] UID:19131 Activity:nil 80%like:19126
*/*     Restore your damn motd entries after you're done with them.
        \_ So is this entry done?
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