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2000/8/28 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:19105 Activity:high
08/27   Does anyone know of any SSH and/or scp clients available for the
        Macintosh (free or otherwise)?  Thanks -dans
        \_ F/Secure SSH
           NiftyTelnet SSH
           Do a fuckin' web search next time.  -tom
           Do a web search next time.  -tom
                \_ you could even have looked on www-inst or www.csua
                   (localhost). *duh*
                   \_ Did both.  Asked the motd in case I missed anything.
                      Anybody know if the version of F-Secure for the Mac on
                      eecs-inst is the full version or an evaluation version?
                      \_ If you've read it, remove your fucking motd entry.
           \_ BTW, this one's not legal in US until 20 Sept I believe
              (RSA patent needs to run out or something)
2000/8/28 [Transportation] UID:19106 Activity:low
8/27    I lost my vehicle title (that pink sheet). What should I do?
        \_ Contact DMV.  Probably pay a fine/fee.  Vehicle ID is almost
           always on driver's door on the frame (part you can't see when
           door is closed).
        \_ Contact DMV.
2000/8/28 [Uncategorized] UID:19108 Activity:high
8/27    BLUM IS BACK. Apparently planning to teach CS70 in the spring (as
        visiting faculty, most likely).
        \_ Who is Blum?  Why is he special?
        \_ ew.
        \_ Who's Blum?
2000/8/28-29 [Uncategorized] UID:19109 Activity:nil
8/27    The University isn't disclosing so much CPD information via finger
        as they used to.  Was there a policy change?  Do the printed campus
        directories still have contact information from those who provided it?
        -- schoen, ever suspecting Berkeley students have little data privacy
2000/8/28 [Computer/Companies/Ebay] UID:19110 Activity:high
8/28    If someone at eBay bids $10.00 and I bid $20.00, does that mean
        I will pay $20.00 at the closing bid, or $10.00 + increment?
        I just had an unusual experience where I bid $39.99, but I'm
        only paying $31.99. Yes I'm happy about it but what's going on?
        \_ your bid is the highest price you're willing to pay, by default.
           You will pay the amount of the highest other bid + increment.  -tom
           \_ So does that mean that if the last bit of an item is $12 and the
              increment is $1, I can go ahead and bit $1M to drive everyone
              else away, then pay only $13 for that item???  -- yuen
                \_ yes but if someone bids 900k for it be prepared to pay
                   900k + 50 dollars and be in pain.
        \_ why is the phrase "the highest amount you are willing to pay and
           ebay will automatically bid for you until that amount" so
           difficult for you all to understand? seems pretty simple and
           straightforward to me -uctt
           \_ Well, I've never actually visited the eBay web site.  Now I see.
              Thanks.  -- yuen
2000/8/28 [Uncategorized] UID:19111 Activity:high
8/28    Just got psb's transcript (and yes, you wouldn't believe how
        easy it is to get a person's SSN). He took weird non-technical
        classes and he didn't graduate from Cal. Ba ha ha.
           \_ God created a lot of non-technical subjects and didn't
              graduate from Cal either. Some people are beyond all that.
              - YAPF
        \_ Isn't that common knowledge?
        \_ Isn't it common knowledge he hasn't graduated and took a lot of
           weird classes?
        \_ can you scan it and post it somewhere?
        \_ Jerk.  -- !psb
2000/8/28-29 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:19112 Activity:low
8/28    Senior Unix sysadmin position(s) available for Letters &
        Science Computer Resources.  See /csua/pub/jobs/lscr.  -tom
        \_ What's the pay scale on campus these days?  They coming anywhere
           near industry?  Quality people still fleeing in droves or did all
           the ones that were going leave already do so?
        \_ PA IV pay scale is $56K-$105K.  -tom
                \_ Camij Toschian.
2000/8/28-29 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/SW/OS/Solaris, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:19113 Activity:moderate
8/28    How good is FreeBSD's NFS server support? I'm thinking about
        switching my Linux machine to run FreeBSD and I want to know
        is the wierd NFS problems that I see *all the time* with Linux
        will be present in FreeBSD. The machine will only be exporting
        a few home directories. Also what is a good (decent performance,
        ie not a 3COM nic) NIC for a FreeBSD NFS server? My network is
        switched full duplex 100.
        \_ FreeBSD's NFS is much better than Linux, especially if you're
           serving to other OSen.  Also, it's tape system actually works
           so if you're making a file server, your headaches will be fewer.
           \_ Thanks.
        \_ "Weird NFS problems" is not very descriptive. I have used
           linux as a nfs/samba server for a medium sized company
           of 200 people before and had no problems. -ausman
           \_ Okay, here is a list of my common problems:

              1. Under high CPU load 1-2 for 15+ min the NFS server
                 process stops answering. strace says that it is
                 hung on a lock or a read.
              2. Sometimes files become directories and visa versa.
                 When this happens, only a reboot of the client ws
                 solves the problem (can't unmount)
              3. When secure is specified, clients lose connectivity
                 to the server intermittently.
              4. On big directory copies ~ 1% .nfs* files created.

              I never had such problems when my NFS server was a
              Solaris machine. I could go back to that machine (SS10)
              but I can't afford to good sized disk for it.
              \_ Silly rabbit, solaris is for intel.
                 Can't you afford $70+shipping?
                 \_ I have Solaris 8 for x86, but I have been told
                    that PII 400 or greater for decent performance.
                    Also, Solaris for x86 is mostly geared towards
                    high-end SMP boxes.
                    \_ All bullshit. Never trust your source again.
                       If the CPU is good enough for free*nix, its good
                       enough for solaris, if you run the same stuff
                       on it. It's all about RAM. Solaris needs
                       16-32megs more RAM to be happy than your average
                       stripped-down linux install. If your box has
                       128 megs RAM, solaris x86 will perform very well
                       on it. Even 96megs, if you dont run emacs+netscape.
                       True, you 'll be most impressed if you have a
                       multi-cpubox. But otherwise, performance should be
                       remarkably similar.
                       \_ I've got a PII 350 and I'll be running it with
                          128 MB ram. It will be a server only. No X BS.
                          I like Solaris, but I'm a little concerned about
                          security. FreeBSD comes with tcp wrappers et al,
                          while securing a Solaris box is harder (isn't it?)
                          Anyone know of a good URL where I can get hardening
                          tips for Solaris (or FreeBSD)?
                          \_ So.. install tcp wrappers, why doncha?
                             Or download "sunscreen lite", suns free
                             actual FIREWALL PRODUCT.
                             And yeah, there is a web page somewhere
                             about "hardening solaris", but it sucks.
                             The proceedure is identical to any other *NIX:
                             shut down services, remove setuid progs,
                             check perms on dirs, etc.
2000/8/28-29 [Consumer/PDA] UID:19114 Activity:low
8/28    What's a good 19 inch penis to fellate these days?  Sony G400?
        Cornerstone P1401?  Eizo Nanao T761?  Viewsonic PS790?  Quality
        is more important than price for me though price matters too.
        \_ We got the Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 900u's for $600 from
  Mar 2000.  These are nice.  I'd like to know what
           other people are getting, though.
2000/8/28-29 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:19115 Activity:kinda low
8/28    I copied an audio CD with a CD drive on a PC, and the duplicate CD can
        only play in a regular CD player but not in a DVD player.  The DVD
        player doesn't recognize the CD.  Is this a common problem?  (I have
        consent from the author of the CD to make copies.)  -- yuen
        \_ Yes, many DVD players do not support CD-R/RWs. I believe only
           Toshiba or Sony has comprehensive support of all disc formats
           across their entire line of players.
           \_ No, but Pioneer does. Only the high-end Sony 7700 can say
              this in their current line. --dim (Sony owner)
               \_ The Sony 7000 supports CD-R, too. - another :) sony owner.
        \_ most dvd players can't play CD-Rs but most CAN play CDRWs.  you can
           check the dvd player.  the pioneer 525 is one that has two lasers
           so that it can play your CDRs as well.  most dvd players only have
           one laser to read DVDs and it cannot read CDRs. -uctt
           \_ So what's the format of audio CD's from music stores called?  And
              that format only requires one laser beam to play?
              \_ They both require one laser beam; just different ones.
2000/8/28 [Recreation/Travel] UID:19116 Activity:kinda low
8/28    What's the technical difference between a timeshare and a hotel?
        I really don't see any.
        \_ No room service
        \_ timeshares are like expensive hotel suites that you lease.
           Contrariwise, expensive hotel "rooms" are like timeshares
           without a repeat business contract.
2000/8/28-29 [Science, Computer/SW/Graphics] UID:19117 Activity:nil 77%like:19124
08/28 Like 3D graphics? On September 6th in 306 Soda, NVIDIA engineers will
      talk about 3D graphics technology, games, and more. And if that doesn't
      interest you, there will be free food! Be there.

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