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2000/8/26-28 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:19099 Activity:high
8/25    Basic Unix classes recommendations: Berkeley Extension or others?
        Profs? Things to stay away from, advice, gotchas, etc. Halp!
        Advice for a friend needed.
        \_ cs9e, a difficult 1 unit course offered at cal. basically
           you have to read unix system V by mark sobell in its entirety.
           I do not recommend the course unless you plan on using
           awk, sed, the regexp library, or shell programming.
           You may be better off with the O'Reily Perl book.
           \_ Don't bother with cs9e;  it's sort of informative, but involves
              an absurd amount of drudgery for a 1-unit class.  If you can
              set up a Free/Net/OpenBSD box and get hold of the 9e course
              reader/guide from someone who's taken it, you're ok.  -John
        \_ Come to CSUA help sessions; start with the intro to unix one,
           whenever that is.
                \_junior college classes...screw cs9e.  or learn
                  from ranga's book, "Shell programming" from Sams.
                  It appears to go over basic UNIX quite well.
                  \_ Who are you and why are you plugging my book?
        \_ Whatever you do, don't take cs9e.  -been there, suffered that
           \_ cs9x all suck ass.  i took cs9c, and failed because i didn't
              to all of their lame fucking assigments.  they dont teach how
              to program, they just test the ability to jump through lame hoops
              .  kind of like school in general, only much worse, and the TA's
              are often dicks.
             \_ The semester I took 9e, I counted about 49% failures on the
                grade sheet posted outside. I passed, but it was more work
                and more reading than I could imagine. I dont think
                learning to make an interactive database solely out of
                shell commands and pipes is a useful task, and I regret
                having learned so many non-useful things.
2000/8/26-28 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:19100 Activity:high
8/25    Is it better to have VMWare on Windows NT hosting Linux, or to have
        VMWare on Linux hosting Windows NT?  Performance wise, that is.
        \_ Is it a question you are trying to ask?  Please read carefully
           what you wrote and edit it until it makes sense.
           \_ obvious correction made. don't be a prick. the motd's got enough
              pricks as is.
              \_ What? The motd is full of pricks?!! Since when? -ali
                \_ prick
                   \_ prick
        \_ What's your primary objective?  What applications are most
           important?  What do they run on?  There's your answer.  -John
           \_ I want to run iis7.2, kde 8.6a, and macpaint.
              \_ You don't want VMWare.  You want to buy one of those Sony
                 "my first computer" things in bright friendly shiny
                 pastel!  -John
        \_ buy another box....  unless you have 256megs of ram it's brutal
           I only use VMWare (on Linux to run winbloze) when i have to...
           if you want to run iis, just get a dedicated box or something..
           \_ ram upgrade: $100.  another box: $1500
        \_ VMWare performance on some tasks (CPU and Hardware intensive)
           task is really bad. You need a min. of a PII 400 + 256 MB ram
           to get useable NT performance hosted under Linux. FOr 98 you
           can possibly get away with a 300 + 192 MB ram.
2000/8/26-28 [Consumer/Audio] UID:19101 Activity:nil
8/26    How do I listen to FM radio carried by cable?  How do connect Music
        Choice to my receiver/tuner?
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