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2000/8/23 [Recreation/Dating] UID:19071 Activity:nil 62%like:19058
8/23    Wanna teach sex to my cousin (10 year old).  Should I teach normal
        sex or oral sex first?  Also, is it advisable to teach more than
        one position at a time?
        \_ -mogul
        \_ Get a Mac, have 'em try CyberSex.  When they get bored with that,
           real sex.  I tried this, and it was fun -brg
           \_ I would say the cool stuff for 10 yr olds is exhibition.  They
              can do stuff that other people can look at over the web.
                \_ I concur.  -tom
                   \_ i VIOLENTLY DISAGREE. There is enoguh disgusting
                      kiddie porn out there, without another 10yearold with
                      no real sex experience adding to the mess.
                      Teach them how to fuck PROPERLY first.
                      \_ i VIOLENTLY ABSTAIN.
                      \_ Teach a 10 yr old to enjoy having sex and
                         they will learn good techniques over the
                         course of a career.
                         \_ Which is why there's so much fucking out there
                            right now.  No.  You're wrong.  Having sex
                            properly requires discipline and being told how.
                            You don't magically become good at something just
                            because you like it and do it for money.
                            \_ I did it for the sex appeal, and have since
                               become a great prostitute. (Only the elegance
                               of my penis can now approach my attractiveness.)
           \_ I agree with brg on this one.  A great many of the people I
              know that have a love of sex started with CyberSex.
              I've also seen a correlation between having sex now, and doing
              CyberSex when young.  Obviously I'm not implying that CyberSex
              bestows good fucking and a love of sex.  More likely, it offers
              a fun way for people to learn a fucking mindset. -dans
                 \_ Interesting observation, I started with anal sex and
                    I love kiddie porn. Before AS I had done oral and doggie
                    style though. The other possibilitiy is that I decided on
                    anal sex since my mom was into anal sex also.
              \_ Shut up, dans.  You are an idiot.  Go away.  You are not
                 qualified to give advise on sneezing, let alone anal sex
                 \_ Sod off.  And sign yer posts. -dans
        \_ Juvenille munging, but mildly amusing.
2000/8/23-24 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:19072 Activity:high
8/23    I have an application (o.k. weblogic) which came with a library, but
        when i start the application it scrolls by with a mesg. that the file
        /directory/path/to/file/ doesn't exist. BUT IT DOES! and is
        mod 777,  What could be causing this?
        \_ SEE!  I *told* you weblogic was an administrative nightmare!  No
           one with any clue ever listens to the sysadmin.  --sysadmin
        \_ bad or file.  Base dir set?
            \_unlikely since it knows WHERE the file is & just says it !exist
        \_ All the directories to the filename have permissions?
                \_ don't make it mode 777, that will fuck up loaders if you're
                   root on some OS'es.  If you're on IRIX, welcome to library
                   hosedness.  -tom
                    \_good to know. I guess i should have mentioned that i'm on
                        Solaris (7) and running it as a user: weblogic
        \_  I had this problem when I was running weblogic on
            Solarisx86.  The library was for sparc.  -brianm
        \_ or..maybe..ld isn't configed? (not sure how weblogic is setup)
        \_ if this is .so, you have to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH (Solaris) or its
           equivalent on other platforms. WebLogic startup scripts do this
           for you. If this is a Java library, then it's a lot more complicated
           due to the classloader hierarchy used by WebLogic. Read the docs.

-/--    It wasn't here for very long before getting trunc'd, but for the person
        looking to teach programming to a 10-yr-old:
        "ToonTalk is a video game for making video games." -David Kahn, 10
        "It's an animated world where kids can make, run, debug, and trade
        programs."-Ken Kahn, David's dad and inventor of ToonTalk
        \_ C!  C is the STANDARD!  Programming language.
           \_ ANSI or K&R?
                \_ ISO/ANSI C99
                \_ Any worth while compiler will deal properly with either
                   or a mix of the two in most cases.
              \_ MS C(#) - bg
2000/8/23-24 [Reference/BayArea] UID:19073 Activity:high
8/22    Silicon Valley Living situation poll.  How many housemates?
           \_ What do you mean by "housemates"? Does that mean
              other people living @ the same address? Do your
              parents/siblings count?
              \_ yes to both
                \_ People you mate with in your house.
                      \_ So the people who responded to 2 & 3
                         below are some kind of sex fiends. Wow.
                   \_ 538. #539-551 only come occasionally.
                   \_ Does Miss Real Doll (TM) count?
        \_ Living Alone         1
           1 other              1
           1 other              2
           2 others             1
           1 other              3
           1 other              4
           2 others             2
           > 3 others
           3 others             1
           > 3 others           1
           592 Illegal Stinking Thai Refugees and their Screaming Kids     9
           living at home and enjoying the extra $$$    4
              (hey...fuck you tom or whoever wants to make a commentary)
        \_ Please do not include workstations in this count, as much
           as you may argue that each has its own "personality."
           \_ If you include personality, you need to subtract 1 for the nerd.
        \_ Use 0.5 for a halfwitted person.
           \_ Use -0.5 for the poster of the above
        \_ Does Berkeley count as "Silicon Valley"
           \_ only if milpitas counts as "cunt of the bay area"
           \_ berkeley counts as "oakland north"
           \_ No.  Berkeley had its own rent problems long before SV existed
              in its current form.
2000/8/23 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:19074 Activity:nil
8/22    Any reason why I should/should not join California Alumni Association?
        \_ there is exactly one reason: this is the cheapest way to have
           access to the uc berkeley library after you graduate.  if you join
           you get a card automatically, and to get a library card as
           justa random person (they dont give a fuck that you are an
           alum unless you join) is about twice as expensive.
          \_ You can get discounts on membership to RSF too, but it's still
             over $40 a month.
2000/8/23-25 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:19075 Activity:kinda low
8.23    Ok, my search fu is kinda weak.  I'm looking for info on a prof
        who taught at caltech in 86.  John Frederick Benton, Ph.D History.
        anyone got any ideas?  Web searches and Melvyl and amazon searches
        turn up zilch, and i find it kinda hard to believe that a history
        prof never wrote any papers or books.
          \_ thanks.  you rule.
        \_ He's dead, Jim.
        \_ In 1986/87 Benton taught a 9 unit CIT class called "psychohistory"
           which was a trace of how psychological events affected history.
        \_ use the caltech web site to find other history profs that have
           been on the facutly for over 20 years and email them about
           him explaingin you situation.  i'm sure their history department is
           small enough that they all know eachother.
           \_ History DEPARTMENT?! This is Caltech you're talking about. All they
              have is a Humanities & Social Sciences Dept. There may be like 3-8
              profs max doing history at any point in time.
        \_ The clock tower thing has been done.
2000/8/23 [Finance] UID:19076 Activity:high
8/23    Rudy!  Rudy!  Rudy!  Rudy!  Rudy!!!!!
        \_ Rudy can't fail.
           \_ Rudy is richard's new butt-buddy
        \_ Sue recently bought a large house in Minnesota. Note: Even as first
           runner up at $100k, she could still afford it...
        \_ don't watch survivor much, but why is Rudy, the eldest guy there
           surviving for so long?  Is he quite helpful to the group?
        \_ Everybody wants to be the second-to-last person along w/ Rudy,
           because Rudy is harmless but everyone hates him.  So the jury
           makes him second.
        \_ People hate Rudy?  I thought people hated Rich.  And the reason
           Rudy is still there is because he's in the 3-4 person voting cabal
           of Rich, Rudy, Susan, and Kelly.  If you look at the voting
           history, these guys take out everyone else one by one.
2000/8/23 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Reference/RealEstate, Recreation/Sports] UID:19077 Activity:nil
8/22    Looking for studio in downtown San Jose.  anyone knows the average
        rent there?

-/--    It wasn't here for very long before getting trunc'd, but for the person
        looking to teach programming to a 10-yr-old:
        "ToonTalk is a video game for making video games." -David Kahn, 10
        "It's an animated world where kids can make, run, debug, and trade
        programs."-Ken Kahn, David's dad and inventor of ToonTalk
2000/8/23-26 [Transportation/Motorcycle] UID:19078 Activity:nil
8/24    Cheap Online place to buy oem motorcycle parts?
        \_ <DEAD><DEAD>
        \_ Don't bother with motorcycle accessory wharehouse (forget their
           domain), they took 2 weeks to deliver something they had in stock.
2000/8/23-25 [Computer/SW/Editors, Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:19079 Activity:moderate
8/23    What format are man pages stored in and is there some front-end
        editor for creating one?  also, is there some kind of man page to
        Tex or postscript converter?
        \_ format: troff on most Unixes, sgml on Solaris (though troff is
                   \_ roff.  that's why it's roff mode and not troff mode.
                still supported/used for third-party man pages)
           editor: emacs roff mode
           conversion to ps: yes, just use normal *roff tools
        \_ Also, something like "cat | nroff -man | more" will
           work.  This doesn't answer your question in any way, but I
           wanted to stick that in there.  :-)
           \_ YAUUOC: USE 'nroff -name <file> | more' instead of abusing
              your poor cat.
2000/8/23-25 [Computer/HW/Printer, Computer/SW/OS/OsX, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:19080 Activity:low
8/24    Someone wants a USB CD-RW.  The HP 8200e 6x looks okay, but it
        seems to be PC only.  The Sony Spressa USB Plus 4x is Mac
        and PC.  Anyone know if the HP one runs on Macs?
        \_ I have the HP 8230e.  It didn't come with any software or driver
           for the Macs.  My guess is no.
        \_ I'd stick with the Sony. It's a good product and I know
           several Mac and PC users who are happy with theirs. HP
           has a horrible record when it comes to Mac support
           \_ Thanks!
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