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2000/8/16 [Uncategorized] UID:19002 Activity:high
8/15    I am rank STINKBALL, and you?
        \_ I am bitch nigga?\223  -John
2000/8/16-17 [Uncategorized] UID:19003 Activity:nil 63%like:19093
8/15    Twin bed mattress and box spring fer sale, cheep $0.00.
2000/8/16 [Uncategorized] UID:19004 Activity:high
8/15    Yet another indian question: what do the different colors of
        dots correspond to?  That is, what colors are there, and what
        does each mean?
        \_ There is only one-true-color (reddish).  It is worn by the Brahmins
           as a sign of rank.
                \- you mean the "bindi" women wear on their forehead? that is
                ornamental but the red sindhur in the part of the hair means
                "married" [hindu]. --psb
2000/8/16 [Uncategorized] UID:19005 Activity:high
8/15    I ordered Partha Banerjee's transcript!
        \-you could've just asked -psb
        \_ Did you ask for psb or some other pb?
        \- Dont you have to get his SSN and signature?
2000/8/16 [Uncategorized] UID:19006 Activity:nil
8/15    Seeking venture capital for store targeted at disenchaned high-caste
        Indians. Working name: "Brahmin' Pop Store".
2000/8/16-17 [Uncategorized] UID:19007 Activity:high
8/16   The spring on my girlfriends vibrator got corroded from her
        pussy juices, what can this say about the state of my cock?
        \_ tourniquet the thing before the toxins spread to your
           important organs, like your appendix
2000/8/16-17 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:19008 Activity:moderate
8/16    What exactly does VLIW try to depict?  Does it mean that (1) all
        instructions within an issue window are independent or (2) all
        instructions within an execution window are independent.  It seems
        that EPIC which claims to be VLIW more resembles #1 while most
        of the Phillips/TI DSP chips more closely resembles #2.
        \_ this is a SysAdm Farm, wrong place to ask this kinda question
        \_ what do you mean by "depict"? As I understand it, all instructions
           issued simultaneously execute simultaneously. Why would you put
           them in the same issue window if they had some kind of hazards
           between them?
           \_ Well, #2 is inclusive of number #1.  What I meant by #1 was
              that it was just the multiple instructions issued per cycle
              that were independent and not all the intructions in the
              pipeline.  For example, IA64 only restricts all 3 instructions
              in the 128 bit issue to be independent but that's just it.
              TMS320C67 and the Trimedia 1300 requires that all outstanding
              (non-committed) instructions be independent of all types of
              hazards.  Obviously #2 saves on a lot more hazard detection
              hardware but makes it nearly impossible to schedule code.
              But which is the actual definition of VLIW?
              \_  Asking what the actual definition of VLIW is like asking
                  what the actual definition of RISC is. It depends on who
                  you ask.
2000/8/16 [Recreation/Dating] UID:19009 Activity:very high
8/16    I'd like to have sex w/my gf 3X a day. However, she only wants it
        once a day. What should I do?
        \_ Get 2 more GF's.
           \_ Is a GF related to a GPF?
              \_ or a GPL?
        \_ Isn't it usually the reverse, though?
        You are lame.  You are soo lame.  The original comment was:
        "The battery spring on my gf's vibrator has been eroded by her
        pussy juices.  What harm could happen to my cock?"
        \_ The world doesn't revolve around your genitals, you know.
           \_ Oh come on, this is the MOTD for christs sake.  You'd expect
              better wit and more originallity than that.  Otherwise,
              why even bother to login?
              \_ Your troll is weak.  Train harder.
      \_ Yeah, but yermom does.
2000/8/16 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:19010 Activity:kinda low
8/16    Does JDK1.2.1p and 1.2.2 by default have JIT?
        \_ depends which platform you're talking about
2000/8/16-17 [Finance/CC] UID:19011 Activity:kinda low
8/16    Can anyone recommend a good online credit-card accepting mechanism
        for a not-for-profit to use? --jnat
        \_ pay-pal?
        \_ Have a look on  I believe Philp Greenspun wrote an
           article (or a chapter in his book) detailing a web site he set up
           to accept credit-cards for a non-profit. -dans
2000/8/16 [Computer/SW/WWW/Server] UID:19012 Activity:kinda low
8/16    "A process that has exited and has a parent, but has not yet been
         waited for by the parent, is marked <defunct>."  Or so says the Man
         page.  I have a ton of <defunct> processes on a Solaris 5.7 box.
         They are old Apache httpd processes. What should i do?  (i restarted
         the machine once before when this happened and now its happening
         again).  I can't believe Apache is giving me problems.  Of all the
         apps I've ever loved.  I must be doing something wrong, but what?
         \_ What version are you running? This was a problem with older
            1.2.x and (don't remember) some 1.3 releases. Upgrade to 1.3.12
            and your problem may disapper.

            AFAIK, you shouldn't have to reboot to solve this problem,
            just start and stop apache:

            # cd <path to apache install directory>/bin
            # ./apachectl stop
            # ./apachectl start

            for a ssl server use startssl instead of start.
2000/8/16 [Computer/SW/Security, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:19013 Activity:nil
8/14    Is there anyone with root access in the CSUA office during the summer?
        If so, who are they and approximately what time/days are they there?
                \_ call in the afternoon. sometimes one of us is around. -root
                   \_ Who do I email to set up an appointment?  staff@csua or
                      root@csua?  (unless you mean to call literally....)
                \_ yeah you can call 1 510 I DONT CARE bitch ass mutherfreak.


--------------------------- [ cut here ] ---------------------------

------------ [that's it, nothing else to see, scuddle along now] ------------

     dHH  _ "HHHHb.
     HHH_'o  "HHHHHb.
     HHFo     "HHHHHHbo.
     HHH\`,   HHHHHHHHHHho._
     HFHH`._,'HHH'   `HHHHHHb_           ____
     P "HHHHH\HP       "HHF:. `._   ,-'""    "-.
        "HHFHHF         F"  :::.."""     "-.    `.
          F  PF                ,            \     \
              F    j\         /              ;     `.
              |    j  `.      `              A       \
              |    |    ;_       .           8        \
              J    F\_,'| "`-----.\         j `.       \
               F  j  F  |          F        /   \       \  ____     ,..
              J   J  |  |          F       j     `.     ,'"    ""--/::::-_
              |    F_j  F         J        /       `.  :           ._`::::-_
              F   J____J          J       j          `-_ __,.----"`--._ ::::;
              F   |               |       F       _.--' `.             ""---"
              |   F               |    _.------'""       :
              J  J                |   '             \    "`.
               F F                l    _____.....--"""-.    ";
         __.-""- J                 """""                `-.  ;.
       (.___...-'                                          "-.j
2000/8/16 [Uncategorized] UID:19014 Activity:nil
8/16    Trevor Buckinham is a piece of shit.
        \_ me too -
2000/8/16-17 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/TJB] UID:19015 Activity:very high
8/16    Can we PLEASE get tjb a soda account?  This guy is 10x more fun
        than all the losers we squished throughout the years.  Please rootie
        boys, make it come true.
        \_ Where are the best tjb jewels?  Not every email he sends out
           is up to par with the "I'm sorry" email.  I'm trying to find
           good stuff to send to tjb's highschool friends.
                \_ D'oh!  Where'd he send the "I'm sorry" mail to?  How do I
                   get on the list?  Can you leave a copy in /tmp or something?
       \_ Didnt he says he's applying to the CSUA this Fall? and also
           CSUA office? I'll vote 4 him. He truly belongs with you CSUAfscks.
                \_ Where can I find all the postings started
                   by Mr. Trevor James Buckingham Thanks in advance!
        \_ Some CSUA chicks need to penguin (Ally McBeal) him. It'd work
           like a charm.
           \_ why don't you all get a life.  tjb is boring and you're just
              feeding his ego by responding to him.  -tom
              \_ I agree. Let's forget about that dumbass. - alum who could
                 care less about tjb
2000/8/16-17 [Computer/SW/OS/Solaris, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:19016 Activity:high
8/16    when i grep for a word in the /etc directory on a solaris box
        it invariably hangs.  Why?  How do i get around this?
        \- because you hit some special file such as initpipe or utmppipe --psb
        \_ find /etc -type f -print | xargs grep foo
           \_ which will break if there are any spaces in the filenames; use:
              find /etc -type f -print0 | xargs -0 grep foo
              or, if your find doesn't support print0, use the old standby:
              find /etc -type f -exec grep foo {} \;
2000/8/16 [Uncategorized] UID:19017 Activity:nil
8/16    What's the point of sucking yer dick if you're gonna do her w/a condom?
2000/8/16 [Uncategorized] UID:19018 Activity:nil
8/16    Was there some R-rate ASCII at the end of the motd?  I think there
        was, but I didn't want to scroll anymore because I was at work and
        everyone can see my monitor.
        \_ #t
2018/12/11 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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