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2000/8/1-2 [Consumer/TV] UID:18837 Activity:high
7/31    Sick and tired of VCR+changing tapes. Should I get TiVo or ReplayTV?
        \_ TiVo. It runs linux. Its much better.
                \_ Its superiority has nothing to do with it running Linux.
                \_ "Dewde, this one thing is leik 4x slower and buggy abd
                    costs 2x as muvh but it runz 0n L1nikz!1 it rewlz!1"
                    \_ "Yeah dewd. ef unly it ren Windowz CE instead it
                        wuld run 8x slower and buggy and be like all kool,
                        and stuff"
                    \_ It runs linux is not the only reason that it is
                       better. It is one of the reasons. I would get the
                       Sony branded one since support from Sony is better
                       than from tivo.
        \_ I recently went through this and ended up choosing TiVo, primarily
           because it passes through closed captioning, Replay doesn't. Both
           have good features, none of which are apparent at a store. Try to
           find people who own them and get them to do demos for you. -- Marco
                \_ yeah, try to find people who own them. Good luck.
           \_ What format does TiVo save the video?  Is it possible to offload
              the recorded show onto a PC?
2000/8/1 [Uncategorized] UID:18838 Activity:nil
7/29    ali, where have you been? I've been calling your home but you
        stopped answering. I like hearing your sexy voice-- "hello? HELLO?"
2000/8/1-4 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:18839 Activity:nil
8/1     Any reviews on that portable cd player that also plays mp3's
        burned onto a cd-r?  can it also play off of cd-rw's, I
        don't recall if it does?
        \_ The mpTrip/kiwi/etc. are all made in China and rebranded in the
           US.  They come w/ an AC power converter that you have to keep
           switching between 3 & 4.5 volts.  You can't play them for more
           than a couple hours w/out it heating up too much.  In short,
           they're still at the geek-only stage.  Supposedly they can do
           CD-RW but you have to fiddle for awhile.  Even regular CD-Rs
           must be created carefully- < 50 songs per directory, and some
           other requirements i can't remember.  Check the archives of the
           hardware messageboard @ from May/June.
           \_ My brother got the mpTrip from his friends for his birthday.
              It works most of the time. I would not recommend it though,
              since many mp3 cds that play fine in my APEX 600A don't work
              in the mpTrip. ----ranga
        \_ Funny you should ask... Me and two friends ordered them from
  for $100 each and they *just* came today.
           So far, I love it. So from what I understand, whether or not it
           plays CD-RW's depends on what factory it was made from. The one
           I got does play both CD-R's and RW's. There is a good review on
           znet. The brand I have is called Genica though it looks pretty
           generic and cheesy. I've heard it has a battery life of 7+ hours
           though I have yet to go this long. The specs say that you can
           record up to 256 songs in a directory and it can handle CD's with
           up to 650MB of data.                         -rory
2000/8/1 [Recreation/Dating] UID:18840 Activity:high
8/1     All you need is Love.
        \_ She does have a nice set of hooters.
          \_ Who does?
             \_ courney "nancy spungen" love - paolo
                \_ Courtney Love is a ugly slut.
             \_ jennifer love hewitt
        \_ Doesn't anyone care about the Beatles anymore?
          \_ yah pathetic dumb geeks
2000/8/1-2 [Uncategorized] UID:18841 Activity:low
        \_ wtf?
        \_ luser
                \_ It's Forsythe!!
2000/8/1-3 [Computer/Networking] UID:18842 Activity:moderate
8/1     Are there any free/os packages out there that do decent
        authentication/authorization?  I work at a small isp and we need
        a cheap system for authorizing our users coming in to a Shiva
        modem bank.
        \_ Use RADIUS.
        \_ TACACS+
           \_ Aren't these products commercial?
              \_ TACACS 4.0 beta is free from cisco. search on
              \_ They're both _protocols_, with free and commercial
                 implementations. -ERic
2000/8/1-2 [Computer/Domains, Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:18843 Activity:nil
        \_ "It's just a packet sniffer... We call ours Sniffy"
           Fucking morons, who the fuck do they think they're kidding?
2000/8/1-2 [Computer/Companies/Google, Health/Eyes] UID:18844 Activity:low
8/1     I need a pair of optical google for swimming.  What the good sources
        for them online?  How do I specify the different characteristics
        like the degree of near-sightedness, astigamatism, etc?  The entries
        on a eye glass prescription specifies some spherical, cylindrical,
        and axial specs.
2000/8/1 [Recreation/Food] UID:18845 Activity:nil
8/1     I've fallen in love with a gorgeous dog eating Cantonese chick. Where
        can I learn about exotic Chinese food? I wanna impress her.
                                        -former animal rights activist
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