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2000/7/29 [Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:18810 Activity:high
7/28    What's the difference between SunOS and Solaris?
        \_ SunOS is for all SunOS versions below 5.0. The last
           major "SunOS" release was v 4.1.3 (?) and was BSD
           based. Solaris 1.0 was SunOS 4.0, Solaris 2.0 was
                           \_ Actually, Solaris 1.0 was SunOS 4.1.1 -alan-
           SunOS 5.0. Currently we are at SunOS 5.8 or Solaris 8
           or Solaris 2.8 if you will. Solaris is SVR4 based.
           \_ is 2.8.2 out yet?
                 \_ There will be no 2.8.2. -alan-
        \_ - read the Solaris FAQ
2000/7/29 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/HW] UID:18811 Activity:moderate
7/28    Hi-Tech and all the other cheap places in Berkeley have gone under.
        Where is a cheap, but decent in terms of service, place to buy
        a computer in SF (or Berkeley).
        \_ Central Computer has been our OEM of choice for a while. -nweaver
        \_ For a personal computer, buy parts from out of state and assemble.
           For your company, buy Dell.
           \_ God forbid a part doesn't work.  Ah, to live in L.A.
              near hundreds of OEM vendors.
2000/7/29 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:18812 Activity:moderate
7/28    The Athlon architecture is often described as "having lots of
        headroom" as compared to Pentium.  But what does changing
        architectures buy you in the Mhz race?  Why will the P4 be able to
        make 100 mhz improvements where the P3 allows 33Mhz?
        \_ In general, newer architectures are pipelined more heavily,
           so for a given process, the clock to clock delay is shorter,
           so the chip can be run faster.  -nweaver
        \_ Bigger P ratings are cooler.
2000/7/29 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:18813 Activity:high
7/28    /var/mail is full.. even though y'all are under your mail quotas,
        please clear any (particularly large) messages out of your inbox
        you don't need... thanks.  --poor excuse for rootstaff while rootstaff
                                     is away at defcon
        \_ Ok, I moved a few people's mailspools, and /var/mail has space
           again.  Sorry I didn't notice earlier.  --mconst
           \_ Yay!  Disk wants to be free.
        \_ I just sent email to everyone on soda to tell them to clean
           up their mail spools.
           \_ Yea, but you forgot to account for the windows users; I just
              sent out to everyone a copy of your message as a Word2000
              document with an embedded 1200dpi 24-bit TIFF scan of the text,
              in my handwriting, with a yellow crayon, and a 44KHz/16bit WAV
              of me reading it
                \_ What about the streaming video of you in full screan
                   reading it with full 3d video and sound effects?
2000/7/29 [Computer/Theory] UID:18814 Activity:high
7/28    Rest In Peace, John Tukey
        \_ I don't know who this guy is, but doesn't he deserve the bits
        required to spell out RIP?
        \-John Tukey was one of the most important mathematical statisticians
        "ever" ... spent a long career at Princeton. Long list of results
        and many many important collaborations in many fields. First rank
        giant in 20th cent mathematics. --psb
          \_ He was one of the people who rediscovered the
             Fast Fourier Transform algorithm and popularized it's
             use in Digital Signal Processing.
                \_ that's nice, but did he join a startup? Did he get XXXX
                   options? Is he a millionaire? I am not a rocket scientist
                   but I know how to invest and work at the right place. I'm
                   a twentysomething multi-millionaire already. Success is
                   measured by your $, not that IQ or humanity bullshit.
                   Fuck academia. Industry rewls.           -industry pimp
                \_ Twit imposing their personal morals on others removed.  My
                   personal morals involve censoring others when I feel what
                   they said was distateful to me just because I can, just
                   the same as you've done.  Let's hear it for more censorship
                   in academia.
2000/7/29 [Computer/Domains, Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:18815 Activity:nil
7/28    Why are transista' stashuns allowed t'play beat?  Stupid quesshun,
        yes, but I's interested in de royalty situashun.  Can anybody
        broadcast beat (assumin' some fcc license) o' are dere rules
        regardin' quality degradashun (say fo' internet streamin'
        \_ plannin' some internet transista' stashun?
        \_ Not 'esactly.  Slap mah fro!  But whut's t'stop me fum broadcastin'
           at 192mhz and havin' sucka's copy songs dey likes?
           \_ ah' see da damn point.  But wid Napster, ya' git beat on
              demand.  Radio, only certain songs git played.
              And if it gits popular enough, puh'haps de reco'd
              industry gots'ta come and git ya'.
    \_ Radio stashuns keep some reco'd uh which songs dey play, and submit
        royalties t'ascap o' bmi fo' each play.  Slap mah fro!
        \_ http, dig dis://www.riaa.  <DEAD><DEAD> 'esplains how t'get licenses
           fo' broadcastin' & streamin'/webcastin'
2000/7/29 [Uncategorized] UID:18816 Activity:nil
7/28    Death to ali
2000/7/29 [Uncategorized] UID:18817 Activity:very high
7/27    What is ali's home phone number? Wanna get together for the old
        time sake.
        \_ are you a masochist? he's just as shallow, inept, and worthless as
           he ever was.
              \_ fuck him.  we all wish him ill  -- the anti-ali association
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