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2000/7/27 [Computer/SW/P2P] UID:18782 Activity:high 54%like:18788
7/26    Judge shutdowns napster:
        \_ Napster bad!
2000/7/27 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:18783 Activity:high
7/26    I am a rather ambitionless 30-something.  BA in polisci.  Currently
        Help Desk slave.  Took some classes (Java, c++).  I don't have that
        much clue yet, but I am studying.  I am wondering about which path
        to take from here.  My ideal job: 9-10 hours a day is okay.   No
        managing people, responsible only to myself.  Prefer unix.  I hate
        people.  The less I have to deal with them, the better (was never
        suited for this Help Desk shit).  Give me a job and I will do it.
        But don't make me responsible for other slackers.

        What kinds of jobs would fit the above criteria?  Peon job in
        networking?  Peon job programming databases?  Peon job sys admin?
        Other peon stuff?  Flames okay.  But hopefully someone can speak
        up about what they've seen in the working world.
        \_ you need a kick in the ass.  30something helpdesk slave?  You're
           a disgrace to the rest of us polisci refugees.  If you're not
           going to learn to deal with other people, you're fucked.
        \_ Write claim-adjustment software for an insurance company.
           \_ yeah, move to hartford.  you might seem cool then. probably
              not, though.
        \_ Sysadmining.  But you don't want to walk over to people's
           desks when they have UNIX/windoze problems, and mail h0zers
           who have exceeded quota and done other bad things?
                \_ doh, ask ranga, that is a total shit job.
                   work sucks no matter which way you look at it.
                   fight hard to do well in the stock market...
                   \_ Just for the record, I'm not a sysadmin, but
                      people I know are, and the work can really
                      suck. ----ranga
                   \_ "Jemand kennt ein Jueden."
                   \_ Actually, forget sysadmining.  Do what you like.
           \_ I'm not a genius who can just start my own company and
              hire who I like and do what I want to do.  I don't have
              unrealistic expectations.  Most peon jobs, you _have_ to
              deal with people to some extent.  the less, the better.
              Thanks for the suggestion though.  After I decide, then
              my grades will tell me if I'm suited for whatever...
        \_ Manager of sysadmins and programmers
        \_ Perfect job for you: QA. CS education not needed, flex hr, pays $$
2000/7/27-29 [Computer/HW/IO] UID:18784 Activity:high
7/27    What's your favorite mouse? (pointing device)
        \_ The hockey puck.
        \_ Buttonless optical mouse.
        \_ Mus Musculus
        \_ The green Toshiba clitoris
        \_ MS IntelliMouse (non-optical) w/tweezers
                \_ tweezers to do regular cleaning?
                   \_ yes
                      \_ why not just get the optical one?
                         \_ I bought one.  I've used both the big one
                            and the little one.  Too jittery.  I'm used
                            to the mechanical ball.
                      \_ Logitech has a new line of economy optical
                         mouse, under 30 dollars.
                         \_Ms has a new line of economical optical mouse
                           as well, selling just at $29.99.  Actually the
                           same price as the Logitech's one.  However,
                           Logitech's looks nice.  Reliability wise, don't
                           know how the two mice compare.
        \_ Apple Pro USB Mouse.
        \_ Logitech "Cordless Wheel Mouse" is pretty cool
           \_ Idea is cool but it is laggy, droppy, and has bad wheel feel.
        \_ Logitech non-cordless wheel mouse with thumb button.
2000/7/27 [Uncategorized] UID:18785 Activity:nil
7/26    Should vegetarians be able to eat Animal Crakers?
        \_ Able to or allowed to?
        \_ Only when the moon is waxing and in 1/4 phase.
           \_ pi/2 phase
        \_ No! The cute white and pink coating actually is made with gelatin
           which we all know is made of horse hooves!
            \_ when did they start coating animal crackers?
            \_  circus animals != animal crackers
            \_ Actually, it's not horse hooves, but hair and fingernail
               clippings from criminals incarcerated in US prisons.
               Increased demand for gelatin is the real force behind
               the Three Strikes Law.
2000/7/27-28 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:18786 Activity:nil
7/26    How do i scoll up on my FREE-BSD console terminal?  (its shift-PgUp in
        \_ FreeBSD.  Hit scroll lock once.  Use page up/down.  When done,
           hit scroll lock again.  By default, there's not much of a scrollback
           buffer.  You can either compile in more lines of scrollback or,
           better yet, use screen if you are doing a lot of work on console.
2000/7/27-28 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:18787 Activity:high
7/26    Since netcom shell accounts are going away.  Anyone know of any
        nation wide companies which still offer shell accounts?  Thnx.  -shyguy
        \_ Check  They may still offer it.
           \_ Best was bought by Verio. I'm not sure if they'll create
              new accounts on Best's shell servers. -best refugee
                \_ Verio is being bought by NTT.
        \_ <DEAD><DEAD> I got an account when it was and then
           it became and now <DEAD><DEAD>
           \_ NAK. You said nationwide. GST isn't nationwide, I think.
           \_ What OS does GST use? FreeBSD? Linux? Other?
        \_ Do you just want a shell or do you need the dial-up too?
           If you just want the shell, you can get an account form
  w/o dial-up for like $10/month.
2000/7/27-28 [Computer/SW/P2P] UID:18788 Activity:high 54%like:18782
7/26    Judge shuts down napster THIS FRIDAY:
        \_ BoyCott Riaa.
             Lars Ulrich, you are a dead man.....
        \_ Napster bad!
           \_ Bread good!
           \_ Beer foamy!
                \_ Lars Ulrich, after listening to a bunch of
                   executives, CEO of napster, president of America online,
                   and many lawyers at the Napster hearing, "Uhh, i dont know
                   what these guys are talking about, but all I can say is that
                   because of Napster, my wallet is thinner." lars ulrich,
                   youre a fag.
                      \_ Bands signed to the major labels make most of their
                         money from touring anyway, so when are they going
                         to come to the realization that the RIAA is only in
                         it for themselves?
                                \_ this is complete bullshit.  -tom
                                   \_Hello!!  Once an artist signs to a label,
                                     the label owns all of the work done for
                                     that contract, and until recently the
                                     artist had to wait 25+ years to buy
                                     the rights back to their own songs.
                                \_ uh, yes, so?  Almost no one makes money
                                   touring; there are maybe 10 acts who draw
                                   enough to make significant money.  The
                                   label PAYS the artist for their rights.
                      \_ He's smart enough to see the writting on the wall.
                         MP3 is forcing him to get a real job and he doesn't
                         want to go back to food service.
                         \_ I read tha the used to be a "junior tennis
                            hotshot."  Maybe he can go and coach at some
                            shitty high school or something.
                   \_ Umm, you are a moron.  Lars was one of the few people
                      who actually made sense, with the very simple (even you
                      should be able to understand) "It's mine i should be
                      allowed to say how it is DISTRIBUTED" Everyone else
                     (on both sides of this issue) is proving themselves
                     to be complete idiots.
                        \_ either you are a bitch, or a pussy-dickless man
                     \_ Information (all kinds) wants to be free!
                     \_ What about fair use? If I bought the tape, can I
                        download the song? What if bought the cd and
                        it got stolen, under fair use I could still listen
                        to a copy of the cd. The same is true for copies
                        that you listen to in your car. You don't have to
                        buy one for home and one for your car. Well, how is
                        mp3 different? If I purchased the song in some format,
                        I should be able to use it any format.
                         \_ boy, this is what i mean about everyone being stupid
                            1.)   yes, if you bought the tape you MAY download
                               the song. You man NOT *SHARE* it by running
                               a SERVER (which napster IS) on your computer
                               which is effectively redistributing it against
                               any reasonable interp. of intellect. prop. laws
                            2.) I am (i don't know why) surprised that anyone
                               here is SO FUCKING STUPID as to think the
"tape copy" analogy is valid or in any way relates to this issue.  That
moron from napster tried to say the same thing. Nobody is trying to say
MP3's should be illegal or that you shouldn't be able to port them
around.  It is the DISTIBUTION (i capitalize the word AGAIN for those of
you who are comprehesion impaired) that is the issue.
                            3.)  Let me help you children out, since you and
(i repeat myself) everyone who talks about this can't seem to make a
reasonable arguement:  Napster is doing nothing illegal and should be left
alone because all they are doing is providing a tool and information. They
are not doing the broadcasting or the illegal downloading.  You people (and,
of course, me) are.  Why can't you just steal and live with it instead of
trying to convince yourself that it isn't stealing because "information
wants to be free man" or some other bullshit. -bitch
        \_ Is this the first step in the RIAA's plan to ban MP3s? Well, if MP3s
           are outlawed then onwly outlaws will have MP3s and they will share
           them using strong encryption.
                \_ fuck all of them : <DEAD><DEAD>
                and opensource napster :
                    \_ FIGHT THE POWER!!! CRITICAL MASS TOMORROW!!!!!
                        \_ despite your sarcasm, yes fight the power
2000/7/27-29 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:18789 Activity:nil
7/27    Anyone have a link for the free Sybase for Linux?  Thx.
2000/7/27-29 [Computer/SW/Editors/Vi] UID:18790 Activity:high
7/27    How do I lock this file when I want to edit it with VI?
        \_ /csua/bin/motdedit
          \_ it keeps saying "Fatal Error(11)"
        \_ vi automatically locks the file for you.  If someone else starts
           up vi while you're editing it, they'll go into read-only mode
           automatically.  --dbushong
          \_ now that you've mentioned it, yeah I've seen that happen then why
          do we always have this problem where one edits over the other's new
          entries?  I remember the people in the motd kept complaining someone
          shouldn't view the motd and quit it with 'wq!'.  Just stuff like that
2000/7/27 [Uncategorized] UID:18791 Activity:nil
        \_ Beos?
           \_ No. Tits.
           \_ what's Beos?
2000/7/27 [Transportation/Car] UID:18792 Activity:high
7/27    Rahimi, Alabed, Aladdin, Rahee, Rashad, Nailah, Khalid, whatever.
        Middle eastern people are all major fuckin' assholes. They think they
        know everything and they think everyone owes them something. No
        wonder no one likes Ali Rahimi and my middle eastern auto mechanic.
        No wonder they don't get along with Israelis. They're all major
        fuckin' luzers. I hope they all die. Alalalalalalalalah!!!!
        \_ your mother seems to like me. and your mechanic. -ali.
           \_ Ali, I though you were a freak, but I never realized
              you were a perverted freak who would go in for a
              three-some with another man!
2000/7/27 [Recreation/Dating] UID:18793 Activity:nil
7/27    I love you guys!!!
2000/7/27-29 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:18794 Activity:moderate
7/27    I'm looking to upgrade the CPU in my old linux box. Its got a P150
        and an intel mb circa 96. Does anyone know where I might be able to
        get a reasonably priced upgrade (> $200)? I looked at evergreen,
        but I don't know if my system is supported. I'm also not interested
        in buying a new box. I have plenty of more powerful systems, I just
        want to upgrade this one.
        \_ You want to know where to find an upgrade priced more than $200.
           Hmm.  Pretty demanding there... let's see...
           \_ Someone keeps changing it to greater than. I'm looking for
              something less than $200.
        \_  Look up Pentium II 300 to give you some
2000/7/27-29 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Computer/HW/Memory, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:18795 Activity:very high
7/27    Where can I find an explanation of what usually causes a core dump,
        bus error etc. ?
        \_ core dump = just that. core memory used to me a type of volatile
           storage which died out quick but the term still lives on (hence
                        \_ As opposed to current storage which dies out quick?
                           Get your story correct or don't try to sound leet.
                                \_ As opposed to current solid-state memory
                                   technology which has been used for decades.
                                   Get a clue before you flame.
        The point, which you missed utterly, is that "a type...  _/
        which died out quick" also describes modern memory, and neither
        distinguishes between core and solid-state nor accurately
        distinguishes between core and solid-state memory nor accurately
        explains why it was called core in the first place.  Twink.
                \_ modern memory technology has not died out slowly or quickly
                   it's still used all over the place.  No one has used core
                   memory in decades.  It doesn't explain why it was called
                   core, but does distinguish a short-lived, long-dead
                   technology from a long-lived, still-used technology
                   \_ Why are you talking about the technology and not
                      the storage itself?
     [a place for twinks on the web: ]_/
           core dump, out of core, core map, etc...) core dumps are usually
           a result of an illegal operation and can be enabled and disabled.
           bus error = i think means misaligned address (obviously illegal).
           segmentation fault = there are only certain segments a user
           program can read and write from.  these access bits are usually
           written to the TLB and automatically cause an exception when you
           access a segment in a way you're not supposed to.
        \_ Get this book, it kicks ass:
           Peter van der Linden, Expert C Programming. ISBN 0131774298
        \_ you mean you want something more to know about getting a bus
           error because you are accessing memory which is "not valid"
           (note the quotes).
        \_ I was looking for an answer like "This happens when you dont
           allocate enough space to an array, or you look past the end of
           and array" etc.
                \_ accessing null pointers, accessing memory out of
                   bounds (reading past allocated memory), etc.
                   Its good idea to check a pointer's validity before
                   accessing it (like a->foo()).
                   \_ no, you can get core dumps from lots of uncatched
                      exceptoins. i don't have to deref NULL or an address
                      outside my addressspace to get a SIGABRT for example
                      (which coredumps).
                      \_ true but the original poster probably wanted to know
                         common reasons.
                         \_ Yes, Thank You.  Now what is a Bus Error?
                                \_ As explained above, a bus error is caused
                                   by attempting to read an address/size your
                                   memory bus considers illegal, such as a
                                   32-bit word at an odd address.  Usually
                                   caused by utter garbage in your pointers,
                                   due either to not initializing it or
                                   overwriting it with other data.
2000/7/27 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:18796 Activity:nil
7/27    *sigh*  Do all women suck?  Or just only the ones that I meet?
        \_ I'm a woman. I don't suck.
        \_ Wow. All the ones I meet, can't ever get them to suck.
           \_ jj is that you?
        \_ They would suck, but they wouldn't swallow, which made me
           think that they didn't love me.  I may have been wrong.
2000/7/27-29 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:18797 Activity:nil
7/27    Linux question: I'm mounting a FAT32 partition from RedHat.
        When I do a fdisk -l, it shows that FAT32 partition as Unknown.
        I mount it anyways, and everything seems to read fine.  If it's seen
        as Unknown, would there be any possibility of corrupting data on
        the FAT32 partition?  (I'm mounting by the following command:
        mount -t vfat /dev/hda1 /mnt/win98)
        \_ Linux ignores the fs type information stored in the partition
           table. --Galen
2018/11/17 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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