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Berkeley CSUA MOTD
2000/7/26 [Health/Men] UID:18764 Activity:nil
7/24    My penis is too long
        \_ Thanks for cutting the length of the motd.  Now please help
           this poor sap.
2000/7/26 [Uncategorized] UID:18765 Activity:nil
7/24     Anyone ever been to the Golden Flower Spa in SF? How are the ladies ?
2000/7/26 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:18766 Activity:high
7/24    Is the world a better place to live with less wealthy people (who
        control 95% of the world's wealth?) Concorde kills 100 super rich
        people. Is that good or bad?
        \_ The wealth will just go to their heirs/relatives. It's not like
           it'll spread among the less fortunate.
                                     \_ read, more oppressed
        \_ They were a bunch of german tourists, which hardly makes them
           "super rich"
            \_ "bunch of german tourists" who were FLYING ON CONCORD.
               Helloooo.. Do you have ANY idea how expensive that is??!
           unless you are pointing to the fact that citizens of
           first-world countries are much richer than third-world residents in
           which case you can take your moralizing socialist ass somewhere
                \_ It costs like $2000 more than a first class ticket
                   on a normal airline, but takes like 5 hours less.  If
                   your time is worth more than $400/hr, it's a good deal.
              \_ it's a fact not a moral, as is the fact that it was
                 accomplished through imperialism
              \_ holy shit, something exciting actually happened
                 today then...
2000/7/26 [Uncategorized] UID:18767 Activity:nil
7/25    MOTD Poll:
        Trevor      1
        !Trevor     `wc -l /etc/passwd`
2000/7/26-28 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:18768 Activity:nil
7/25    SF startup needs clued perl hacker. Mail -- Marco
2000/7/26 [Health/Men, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:18769 Activity:nil
7/25    I recently just finished up a string of relations with white guys.
        I'm an Asian female looking for financial stability and family
        values.  Should I stick with middle class hillbillies, or should
        I go for insecure rice boys with small penis?  Or maybe I should
        go for girls?
        \_ insecure rice boys with small penis.
        \_ Is 6" regular or small?
           \_ Spicy crispy.
2000/7/26 [Recreation/Dating] UID:18770 Activity:nil
7/25    I recently found out that my GF has been through a string of relations
        with white guys.  Apparently she came to realize family values and
        financial stability are important things in a husband-to-be type BF.
        And so she looked for an Asian guy (me).  I'm considering breaking
        up with her because of her dating history.  What do you motd trollers
        \_ I think this is either a troll or you're both incredibly stupid
           and deserve each other
        \_ Obviously, you don't love her.  Otherwise, you shouldn't mind
           what her past was.  So, break up with her.  Also, do you have
           her number?
        \_ White men control most of the wealth in the US.  If she's
           interested in family values and financial stability she should
           stick with white guys.
           \_ And control most of the McDonald's jobs.
              \_ No, that would be Indians. Or is that only at Taco Bell?
           \_ Financial stability doesn't mean stinking rich.  It means having
              no debt, being frugal, etc.  You know, qualities conducive to
              starting a good family.  Dating a person with a long history
              is conducive to spreading venerial diseases.  Yeah, be wild!
              Suck and fuck hard.  You will get old someday.  And when you
              finally realize it you'll find it's too late for you to find
              a good decent mate.
        \_ I think it's better off you break up with her since you've already
           feel different about her.  The relationship will not last.  Get a
           decent girl, there are plenty.
2000/7/26-27 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:18771 Activity:nil
7/24    Is there a way to install WindowMaker on a Solaris machine
        without root access?  Any url/pointer?
        \_ ./configure --prefix=/someplace/youcanwriteto/
           make install
           and then you're done. Not very hard.
2000/7/26 [Industry/Startup] UID:18772 Activity:nil
7/24    Motd depression poll: How many sodans keep their own company?
         \_ yes
         \_ No, I hate my own company.  That's why I keep so much other
            company buried under the floorboards.
            \_ spooky
2000/7/26 [Uncategorized] UID:18773 Activity:nil
        \_Ah, a picture of the actor paolo hired to get us to believe
          that this so called "keith" is a person, and not just paolo's
          alternate personality.
2000/7/26-27 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:18774 Activity:kinda low
7/24    Anyone have a context sensitive spam filter that I could look at?
        (e.g. a fancy script that looks if 25% of the words contain FREE,
        Make Money, Call Now, etc)?
        \_ see SpamBouncer.
        \_ procmail.
               \_ SpamBouncer is a set of procmail rules, goob.
                  \_ a superset of a solution may well be a better answer
                  \_ goob, indeed.  I'd rather write my own than use god-
                     only-knows-what someone else's recipes do to my mail.
                     Might as well just hit "d" a lot and forget about it.
                     I like not guessing what's happening to my mail.
                       \_ Do you read your mailspool with vi too?
                          \_ You miss my point.  If you're using someone
                             else's recipes you might be missing mail you
                             wanted to read.  If you can read them and
                             understand them then you can write you own and
                             that's not a big deal.  I wasn't advocating
                             using mailx.  I was advocating you know wtf
                             you're doing to your mail.
                          \_ ED $MAIL! ED $MAIL! ED $MAIL is THE STANDARD!!!
                             Mail reader.
                       \_ the original poster was specifically asking for
                          filters he could look at.
                               \_ Yeah, read the procmail docs.  There's an
                                  entire section with good examples.
        \_ SpamBouncer.
2000/7/26 [Computer/Companies/Ebay, Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW] UID:18775 Activity:nil
7/24    If PayPal doesn't cost the consumer a single penny, how the heck
        does it make money? What is its business model?
        \_ Just like any other websites, Advertisings.
          \_ How much money do websites make off of those banners?
                \_ Varies widely.
        \_ It makes money like the banks make money: if you keep it on
           their account and do not deposit it to the bank, PayPal
           gets interest on it.
          \_ They charge big customers a fee for bulk transactions, too --oj
          \_ The only problem is credit card transactions cost them 1-3%.
             If the credit card transaction cost was free, it would make
             more sense.  -nweaver
                \_ Maybe they have a deal with the CC companies.
                        \_ I personally doubt it, but they might. -nweaver
   companies with a large amount of transactions can negotiate for a lower _/
   fee for their transactions -oj
        \_ they enforce a two week waiting period between you paying them
           and them crediting your account.  Kinda sleazy.
              \_ I read that it took them 2 weeks to actually credit your
                 account.  This was on the PayPal website too.  It made me
                 mad and I decided to not use them.  -aspo
                 \_ Why'd it make you mad that they publicly posted their
                    policy on their website?  Don't like it?  Don't use it.
                 \_ electronic funds transfer in: 7 days
                    personal check deposit: 1-2 weeks
                    electronic funds transfer out: 3-5 business days
                    check from PayPal: 1-2 weeks
                    these all sound pretty reasonable. i can't find
                    another reference of "2 weeks" in the fine print. -jwang
                    \_ 7 days (bussiness?) for an electric funds transfer
                       is still WAY too long.  They get the money in like
                       10 minutes.
                          \_ Well, they got to hang on to your money
                             as long as possible in order to make
                             money.  Do you blame them? -nweaver
                                \_ if you're buying something, it's not
                                   "your" money anymore.  -tom
                        \_ Actually, it like seconds.
2000/7/26-27 [Uncategorized] UID:18776 Activity:nil
7/24    What da heck is da /var/preserve/ directory?
        \_ it's used by vi for temporary/recover files.  -tom
        \_ "man da preserve"
2000/7/26-27 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/HW/IO] UID:18777 Activity:high
7/24    Does anyone know Alyosha Efros?  Do you know what kind of research
        he/she is doing?
        \_  He does computer vision.
                \_ Computers can't see.  This is an interesting choice.
                  \_ yes they can.   - cog. sci. student
                     \_ No they can't, although they may be programmed to
                        emulate sight.  - Prof. John Searle
                        \_ And they can translate Chinese but not
                           understand it....
        \_ malik grad. cocky. russian. ali is smarter than he is.
           \_ Poshel ty na huy, kozel
              \_ Preach on, brother. -- ilyas
              \_ Translation?
                \_ Try  Unfortunately it doesn't
                   know how to translate one important word...
                   \_ The words may be there. The essence is not.
                      \_ I'm trying to think of a deeply insulting
                         remark in a language no one understands.  Can
                         anyone help me??
                         \_ "no one"? ilyas, you don't exist. that was meant
                            to be understandable only to those who could
                            understand it.
                            \_ huh?
                               \_ "if you have to ask, you don't know"
           \_ fuck ali and fuck his mother  -- the anti-ali association
2000/7/26-27 [Recreation/Dating] UID:18778 Activity:kinda low
7/24    Does anyone here work at Keynote Systems?  What's it like to work
        \_ you're expected to give management blowjobs in return for raises
           and bonuses, regardless of your sex.  They also demand anal sex
           in your cubicle.  Yes, management do show up at your cubicle asking
           you to bend over and fuck your ass.  Frequently they'll ask you
           to suck the cum out of your co-worker's asses after management has
           cummed in them.  If you like that sort of thing, then keynote is
           \_ This is totally inaccurate.  Only the male managers demand
              anal sex.
                \_ Not so.  The female managers require you to buy a variety
                   of strap on dildos out of your pay check.
                   \_ not only that.  They fuck your ass and mouth with the
                      dildos.  that reminds me.  it's time for me to suck
                      my manager's cock.  He likes a good blowjob after lunch.
2000/7/26-27 [Uncategorized] UID:18779 Activity:kinda low
7/24    Socialist dogmatic leading question flamebait purged.  No cookie.
                      C is for Cookie, that's good enough for me.  _/
                      \_ does C++ stand for donut?
                                              \_ let them eat cake.
                                                \_ heh.
2000/7/26-27 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:18780 Activity:kinda low
7/24    port: 9   Service: discard    is running on my solaris 7 machine
        i want to kill it.  which rc script starts it listening or how
        do i stop it from listening there?
        \_ It's generally started from inetd
           \_ ie: grep discard /etc/inetd.conf
2000/7/26-27 [Computer/Domains] UID:18781 Activity:high
7/24    I'm setting up my (lame mac) mailserver to block relaying from all IPs
        except X,Y & Z. I have someone who dials in to concentric that i want
        to allow and am willing to let all concentric users in order to do so.
        However, mean ol' concentric won't tell me what IPs they give out to
        dial up users.  How can i find out which I.P. blocks concentric owns?
        \_ whois -h <IP address>
            \_ that's great, now i just need to do that for every possible
                ip address and keep track of which ones concentric owns.  TX!
               \_ Pick a concentric address, any address. Then do a whois
                  on it. Pay special attention to the "Netblock" field.
                   \_ o.k. that tells me which block that ip address is in
                      which is helpful, but they likely own other blocks
                        as well.  Is there a way to find that out?
                      \_ whois -h concentric
                         You might have better luck running whois on a known
                         dialup IP address.
                          \_ no, that worked perfect, thanks!
2019/02/21 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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