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2000/7/22 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:18753 Activity:high
7/21    What's the name of that sexy French looking CS girl who worked in
        Barbara Hightower's office back in 1995-1996?
        \_ Marie Paxton
        \_ define "French looking" please
                \_ Duh.  Watch a movie or travel.  Don't try to be PC.  The
                   idiotic correctness thing was dead before you were taking
                   your PSATs.
                   \_   Actually, PC wasn't in yet when i was taking my PSATs,
                        I certainly wasn't trying to be PC with my question,
                        and I've spent time in france and seen plenty of
                        french movies.
                        \_ Then you should know the answer.
        \_ Huh? There was a sexy TA for cs188 awhile back and cs170 last sem.
           \_ If this is in reference to Xuqing Tian, you are one sick mofo
           \_ 170? You must be talking about Tracy Riggs.
              \_ HI PAOLO!
                \_ I love 172, 174. I love to study. I love academia. -paolo
2000/7/22 [Uncategorized] UID:18754 Activity:nil
7/21    What is the limit on the size of attachments for email going in
        and out of Soda?
        \_ grep MaxMessageSize /etc/
        \_ 2k.
2000/7/22 [Computer/SW/Editors/Vi] UID:18755 Activity:high
7/21    How do I do global search and replace in vi? s/foo/bar/g only replaces
        one line.  thanks.
        \_ %s/foo/bar/g
          \_ you are either thinking of some vi derivative or your brain is
             hemorrhaging. the idiom you want is
             it means "execute the command s/.../.../g on ever line that
             matches the pattern '.'  -ali.
             matches the pattern '.'  alternatively, you can do
             !Gsed 's/LOOKFOR/REPLACE/g', which pipes your file through sed.
              \_ %s/foo/bar/g works on the vi that comes with solaris.
                 are you telling me that vi commands are different on different
                 OS?  what the fuck?
                 \_ no, i just didn't know about %, and you didn't have
                    the : in front of it (ie, %s didn't work on soda when
                    i tried it). sorry. -ali
        \_ ED!
        \_ I use :g/foo/s//bar/g . It's a subset of ali's. --dim
        \_ Even the solaris version of vi understands :%s/foo/bar/g
           Alternatively you can do :1,$s/foo/bar/g
2000/7/22 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:18756 Activity:nil
7/21    As root is there a way for me to (easily, one command pref.) list all
        the crontabs set up for all the users (and all jobs pending with at)?
        \_ cat /var/cron/* | more  (depending on OS. your path may vary)
2000/7/22-23 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:18757 Activity:high
7/21    What Sodans have started their own companies?
        \_ I started several porn sites.  Do those count as "companies"?
                \_ If you attempted to make money, yes.
        \_ Sameer has started several (c2 most notably), and blojo has
           bolt-action.  Ari & twaung started one once, don't know if it's
           still around.  Oh, and for real old timers, there's bbehlen of
        \_ If you mean "people in Soda Hall", there's Brewer, Stonebraker,
           Rowe, McCanne, and a couple other professors as well.
           \_ What else has Sameer started? I heard he was on the cover
              of the French Economist about a week ago.
                \_ He's currently got a consulting business going
        \_ Didn't someone say something about dans getting funding? And I heard
           that yaroslav (xcf, not csua?) just got $2M in the bank.
                                \_ yaroslav was a CSUA officer for a semester
        \_ Spencer & genehkan started one recently didn't they?
           \_ Even dans lacks sufficient mush to start his own company.
                \_ Mush?  I need mush to start a company?
        \_ Spencer & genehkan:
        \_ Didn't nweaver start an "Amway business"?
                \_ Would you care to buy some soap and also join the amway
                   sales family without which your retirement is in doubt?
2000/7/22-23 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:18758 Activity:nil
7/21    can anyone suggest some computer games that are network-able and
        are not killing games? (such as raceing games or fighter plane games?).
        Games that parents of 8 year-olds would not complain too much about.
        Thanks!                         -sofia
        \_ Try the Need For Speed series
                \_ Totally addictive esp. w/Force Feedback Wheel,
                   which also comes with Monster Truck Madness.
        \_ Star Wars Pod Racer
        \_ Flight Simulators
2000/7/22-23 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:18759 Activity:moderate
7/22    I'm thinking of buying a video game system.  Does anyone have
        suggestions or pointers to sites with good reviews/comparisons?
        \_ Xbox, Microsoft.  The rest is junk.  Go with a quality company
           that has support and knows the business.  Forget Sony, Sega, and
           the rest of these pretenders who entered the arena too early.
        \_ is a great site for that kind of thing,
           at least for the games themselves.  If you want to find information
           on each console, look at the far left, click on the console you are
           interested in.  This will bring you up to a screen where one of the
           subsections reads "faqs and codes", and one of the topics listed
           under there is "general/system faqs." Also...NextGeneration
           magazine ( had a wonderful pros/cons
           comparisons of the upcoming systems this next year, but I don't
           know if it's available online. is a an OK place to find
           info too...look at the left side of the page "games" Here's a
           rather short summary of what's available now (anybody else feel
           free to contribute)
           1) Playstation:  this is a somewhat old system soon to be replaced
              by the ps2.  It has some lots of games out for it, and better
              yet, you can copy (*gasp*) most of them if you have a cd-burner,
              so you can save lots of money on games.  It's best to stick with
              what you like instead of hoarding piles and piles of cd-r's
              though like some people I know.  To play the cd-r's, you pretty
              much have to solder in a small chip on the motherboard of the
              unit though.  (at last last I heard).
           2) N64:  don't buy this;  it's technically higher-performing than
              the playstation, but it didn't really catch on witht the public
              that match.  mediocre game selection.
           3) Dreamcast:  this is an enjoyable "newer" system.  People expect
              this to be bumped off by ps2, but for now, this is highest end
              system available on the market to date.  There's a good number
              of game titles out there for it...nothing really to complain
              about it except that the controller is damn ugly and big and
              clunky like a cadillac.
           4) saturn:  it was alright, but the marketing was done poorly and
              not many bought this compared to the playstation.  you probably
              don't want to buy this unless you are a big video game freak
              (some good games, including X-men VS.  Streetfighter complete
              with tag-team playability, only came out for saturn).
           I would say get a Dreamcast if you are bored and can't wait for
           ps2.  However, the ps gives you a wider selection, and any games
           you buy for it as well as peripherals will be compatible with the
           ps2...only problem is that the ps2 will be dvd-based and cd-r burns
           will probably not work...  Anybody have any update on mod-chip
           viability on the ps2?
           Of course, if you are not strapped for cash, get the Dreamcast and
           the ps then wait for the ps2 to come out..=)
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