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2000/7/19-20 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:18714 Activity:very high
7/18    Roommate wanted for an apartment on Haste and Shattuck; $442/mo
        rent+DSL. /csua/pub/housing/gh.haste
        \_ man ghetto
        \_ isn't there a cat house on that corner? or is that a block down
           \_ about 2 blocks down. unless you mean yermom.
        \_ AW FUCK!!! I lived there.  That place was the nastiest
           apartment complex in the world.  It gives slumlords a good
                \_ WORD. I paid $390 in '90.
        \_ wow, 442 a month and you SHARE A ROOM!  Gah.
           \_ Welcome To Berkeley Housing 2000. Enjoy the Ride.
                 - paying 500 to share a studio
                 \_ paying 1300 for a studio. -SVer
                      \_ people are sharing studios?  Don't you have to be
                         very "friendly" with your roomate to share one?
             \_ no thanks, I was smart and got a place from a friend who was
                moving out -paying less than that for his own place
        \_ as i said before, i'm glad i'm out of berkeley b/c that
           housing situation out there is all fucked up...
                -- bitter depressed alum
                \_ Why are you depressed?  You're gone. -happy home owner alum
                      \_ I'm depressed b/c i'm just sort of fucked either
                         way.  It's one of those "Reality Bites" syndromes.
                         if i want to move out of my folks house,
                         I'm fucked b/c the rent around here is super-high.
                         If I stay  though, I'm going to eventually
                         lose my sanity.  Fucked again.  If I move out
                         of state, jobs in the industry I'm in will
                         be much scarcer and take a 10K pay hit.  Fucked.
                         Getting married would be a good way to solve
                         the problem, but I'm about 10 million years
                         away from that.  Besides, finding somebody
                         where kids are an option are scarce too.
                         Fucked again.
                         This is of course not a unique problem, but
                         it's a wholly negative way to view life in
                         this absolutely wonderful "internet economy"
                         that's just benefitting SO many people.
                                   -- depressed, bitter, and esp poor alum
2000/7/19-21 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:18715 Activity:high
7/19    Any reason to pay the high price for Rambus memory?
        \_ read the man page.
         \_ own stock?
         \_ donated brain?
         \_ too much money burning hole in your pocket?  even Intel admits
            that sdram-133 is faster in most cases.
        \_ Buying RDIMM means you have an effectively RDIMM-only
           board, like ones with the Intel 820 and 840 chipset.
           Unfortunately, Intel has been promoting the 820/840 line
           as their flagship chipset for the last 8 months.
        \_ the dual-channel rambus boards (the 840?) are supposed to have
           the most buff PC graphics bandwidth available now.  this matters
           if you use opengl for real data (not static game models).
           \_ Games these days don't use static models.  The reason your
              apps that use opengl for "real data" are so slow is because
              the guys who wrote them don't know how to make them go fast.
              Thank you for playing.    -blojo
              \_ um, no.  we're the ones who wrote them, and they stream
                 geometry over the bus as fast as it can go.
                 games use display lists that can be cached on-card. -karlcz
                 \_ Don't listen to blojo.  He is all talk.
2000/7/19 [Recreation/Dating] UID:18716 Activity:nil
7/18    "If Dave Mustaine suddenly decided to bust on Napster then I want
        to see Beijing bitches give me head as my personal sex slaves while
        I toast Zimabwe with a few subtactical nukes." - keithyw on Napster.
        \_ isn't this the sick bastard with the japanese women wrestler
        \_ and this is worth repeating because?
2000/7/19-20 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:18717 Activity:low
7/18    Anybody know of a real estate listing service that especializes in
        vacant land/farms/ranches?  Everything I've come across are all on
        regular houses.  Thanks.
        \_ man realestate
2000/7/19-20 [Computer/SW, Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:18718 Activity:low
7/18    Do I detect another spamming from yet another IT company
        browsing through the CSUA web pages looking for resumes?
        I have a feeling many of us will soon be getting emails
        \_ try reading the man page.
2000/7/19-20 [Uncategorized] UID:18719 Activity:nil
7/18    Stupid quote from random deleted.  Try usenet if you want that.
        \_ you'd already know that if you read the man page.
2000/7/19-20 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:18720 Activity:very high
7/19    "Our only hope is to make an antivirus email that uses the hole to
        install the patch and then forwards itself off."
                --Fixing MS Outlook hole
                \_ man outlook
        \_ Somebody, please, get off your ass, code up an exploit, and have it
           install a real OS. Any real OS. Whichever one you like. Or at least
           put in some minimal bootstrapping mechanism that'll let the user
           pick an OS later. Once and for all get rid of all this M$ crap. I
           wish I could code x86 assembly, I'd do it myself...
                 \_ that's right folks, hurry and get your copy of
                    Mac OS X and a G4 to go along with it this winter
           \_ i can code x86 asembly.  please dfinge the problem better
              and i'll fuck shit up when i get time.
              \_ Using the recently-announced buffer overflow in Outlook
                 via the date field, create a self-replicating (via forward)
                 payload which causes the following behavior:
                 1) show, say, a "virus detected. stand by while we clean it
                 2) start up a stealthified installer for some really-trimmed
                    distribution of linux or *bsd (don't know of any mini
                    ports for the latter); this has to be small and fast.
                 3) alter the boot record to boot into the new os by default,
                    perhaps letting the user change to windows from inside
                    the new os.
                 4) put up a lot of obviously-visible first links to
                    newbie docs, so that the user is motivated to try and
                 \_ dont forget to
                    2.0) check for at least 250 megs in free or "reclaimable"
                        disk space. This is the tricky bit.
                    \_ No. Use a compact linux distro; the lower end of
                       the range fits nicely within 4M or so. The rest of
                       the bloat can be bootstrapped later if the coder/victim
                       wants it. Maybe check for >=32M of memory so that
                       0 swap space won't become a fatal problem.
                \_ 5) Hire a good lawyer or prepare to join Kevin Mitnick
                      in computer exile.
                      \_ If you have the guts to not brag about it, ever,
                         this won't be a problem. Not that hard to cover all
                         tracks to a virus source; it's morons who leave
                         there name in the .doc headers that get busted (and
                         people like Mitnick who spend a lot of time doing
                         a lot of this; a singular incident is very difficult
                         to trace)
                         \_ But this is an e-mail virus, so the FBI just has
                            to check the carnivore logs for the first time they
                            saw it and track back from there.
                \_ 6) Start making "Free Me" web sites based on the "Free
                      Kevin" ones.
           \_ Formatting fixed. -motd formatting god-in-training
2000/7/19-20 [Health/Dental] UID:18721 Activity:low
7/19    Anybody used onsite dental services?  The dental-office-inside-a-big
        truck that comes by your work site.  How is it?  Would you recommend
        \_ man dentist
        \_ Wouldn't the truck be unstable when the doctor walks around you
           carrying a needle or something?
2000/7/19 [Computer/SW/Compilers, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:18722 Activity:high
7/19    I wrote a parser that outputs C source code.  If I run the parser
        on windoze I get CRLFs.  If I run it on UNIX I get LFs.  How
        can I get the parser, running in windoze, to just output LFs
        with a minimum of headache?  The parser is itself written in C.
        \_ man gcc
        \_ Replace \n with \012 in string/char literals; most C compilers
           will leave \012 alone even on a CRLF platform, but I can't vouch
           for M$. If you have CRLF's being output without being in a
           literal, your best bet is probably tr'ing the output
           \_ Duh. Thanks.
2000/7/19 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:18723 Activity:high
7/19    Anyone have any suggestions on business-use color inkjets
        better than the $150 Epsons?  Thanks.
        \_ man printer
        \_ if you don't mind black and white, why not try Laser Printers?
           \_ Need color.
                \_ there are laser color printers as well.  Expensive,
                   but they exist.  Go for the high end inkjets as an alt.
                   (forgot which magazine had a review on them.
                    might have been PC magazine several months back.
                    perhaps check their website)
2000/7/19 [Uncategorized] UID:18724 Activity:nil
7/19    Who is this "sexy hat lila" lady?               -sophomore
        \_ man lila
2018/11/17 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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