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2000/7/18-19 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:18703 Activity:high
7/17    rpc.statd update for RedHat.  This came out today.  Get your update!
        fixes a potential remote-root breakin, though no exploit is known.
        \_ what's a physics Phd candidate doing as a sys adm? have you lost
           passion for what you study? or have you converted to a money
           loving academic hating industry whore?
        \_ Hmm, I only see smoke but no fire. This is not listed on the
           security advisories web page for redhat 6.2. Where did you get this
                \_ You can find the rpm at:
        \_ The update for this can be found at
           \_ You mean the fix.
                \_ I think once the linux box is fully updated, it has been
                   fixed.  Just semantics.  Either way, you get a better
                   system when you're done.
           \_ I believe you meant
                \_ Actually * will do.  Even does
                   better in many situations.  Is there *anything* Linux
                   does better besides attract hordes of wannabes and endless
                   flamefests over pointless philosophical issues over which
                   license is "purist"?
                   \_ ILOVEYOU
2000/7/18-19 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:18704 Activity:very high
7/17    What is that restraurant on top of Bank of America in the city
        called?  thx.
        \_ the Carnelian Room,
           \_ Thanks.  Any ideas on whether it's overrated?
              \_ way overrated. ate there with my family. We all had
                diarrhea afterwards.
             \_ It depends how much you want to pay for a view.
        \_ the Dresden Room,
          \_ The Carnelian Room restaurant won't let you in without a
             jacket and tie, a policy I find unacceptable.  Go to the
             bar if you want the view.  -tom
                \-by and large avoid restaurants that move. this is a
                high school prom kind of place. if you want good food, go
                elsewhere. --psb
                        \_ The one of top of BofA building doesn't rotate
                                        \-"move or have a view" --psb
                \_ You don't own a jacket and tie?  What the hell is wrong
                   with you?
                   \_ Whether I own them or not is irrelevant.  Whether a
                      business that I am planning to give far too much money
                      to for dinner *requires* me to wear them is the issue.
                        \_ You miss the point.  It is thus: by making a dress
                           code requirement, even one so minimal as jacket and
                           tie, they can more easily keep out the riff raff and
                           the few who get confused and show with jacket/tie
                           anyway, at least won't be a complete embarassment
                           and can be stuck in the back near the kitchen.  By
                           not dining at this sort of place... well nevermind.
                           \_ i've never seen a riff raff at a restaurant.
                              just old (or chinese) people with really bad
                              manners. this reason seems bogus.
                                \_ Ahem.  Cough.
                        \_ you forget rule #1 of conspicous consumption:
                           try to consume out of your league.  dress codes
                           protect he consumers' delicate sensibilities
                           from the horror of the tide of humanity being
                           able to afford the same pleasures as they.
                                \_ I like being protected from the horror of
                                   the tide of humanity.  That's easy to spout
                                   off about form your dorm room's high speed
                                   line.  Go out and see it sometime and get
                                   back to us.
                                        \- this is another "center of the
                                        universe" problem. let a thousand
                                        restaurants bloom ... carnelian room
                                        wants to have a dress code, let them.
                                        the food sucks and i will go to
                                        boulevard which has better food and
                                        let me in with shorts and flipflops
                                        and a tshirt. the ritz carlton dining
                                        room has good enough food to have been
                                        jump through sartorial hopps to dine
                                        there. --psb
2000/7/18 [Computer/SW/WWW/Server, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:18705 Activity:nil
7/17    Anyone know of a website where you submit a CSR from your web
        server, and sends you back a test certificate for your server?
        A test CA I guess?  I found a site that did just that before,
        but I no longer have the http addr.  Thanks -byeung
2000/7/18 [Uncategorized] UID:18706 Activity:high
7/17    Anybody know where I can find long-sleeved aprons?  I burned my
        forearms while cooking.  The only aprons I found are the sleeveless
        ones.  Or one of those things that just cover your arms.  What do you
        call those things?   -junior cook
              \_  LOL   what were you making?  trying to flambe some
                  custard?  I'm's just sort of amusing.
                  \_ I was deep-frying chicken and the oil sprayed my
                     forearms.  Shit happens you know.
2000/7/18 [Reference/Law/Court] UID:18707 Activity:very high
7/17    If my okay looking neighbor is topless in her backyard, is it legal
        to tape her? Do I need a consent similar to that of phone
        \_ How good looking she is has nothing to do with the legality of the
           situation.  As for the rest, consult a lawyer, not the motd, as
           always.  IMO, go ahead, tape her, just don't distribute copies.
           You might want to go next door and say hi.
        \_ If you are not planning to rebroadcast the recording you do not
                                        \_ You mean broadcast.  Learn english.
           need to consider the legal implications (the ethical ones are
           another matter), rebroadcasting is illegal.  There is a reasonable
           expectation of privacy in ones own back yard.
                \_ Broadcasting, reproducing, or publically displaying.
           \_ Bahaha. "Reasonable expectation of privacy". Is that as
              gray as say, abortion and euthenasia?
                        \_ Legally abortion is very black and white.
                           In many jurisdictions, so is euthanasia.
              \_ Your comment is ill-formed on so many levels.
        \_ You sick fuck, do you realize that if you do this without
           her consent and she finds out, she could probably prove that
           it was taped from your window, given the viewpoint?  I think
           a lawyer would lick his chops when thinking of getting his hands
           on 40% of the punitive damages you'd have to pay.
           \_ present precedent or shut the fuck up.
                \_ The many lawsuits the last few years against companies
                   that hid cameras in locker rooms, etc. and then sold video
                   on the net.
            \_ better yet, explain what this has to do with the question.
               he doesn't mention anything about selling the videos.
        \_ Y3AH 1T"Z 0KAY D00D!!!1!!1!!!!  1F UR LUCKY, MAYB3 SH3"LL NOT1C3 U
           TAP1NG 0N3 DAY AND ASK U 2 CUM 0V3R 4 A 3-S0M3 W1TH H3R AND H3R
           H0T BL0ND3 FR313ND!!!!!1!!1!!  TH1Z W0RK3D 1N A PR0N M0V13 1 SAW
           0NC3!!!1!1  GUD LUCK!!!11!
                \_ I'll tape it for you next time.
2000/7/18 [Uncategorized] UID:18708 Activity:kinda low 80%like:18700
7/17    What is the operating principle behind Computer Associate's
        "Ted Nugent" and why is it so damn smart?
        \_ that's spelled noughat.
          \_ penis!
2000/7/18-19 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:18709 Activity:very high
7/18    Anyone have a perl one liner to list all the files less than an
        hour old in a directory?
        \_  man perl.
        \_ perl -MFile::Find -e'find(sub{print if (-M _)*24<1},".")' --pld
        \_ perl -e 'system("man find");'
        subday granularity short of using the "newer" switches. in pl you
        can do something like:
        \_ ls -altr | tail -50 | more | eyeballs
           \_ eyeballs: Command not found.
                \_ Eyeballs was part of my standard install.
                   \_ mine too, but then I got owned through an exploit of
                      a hole in libchernobyl 0.1, and the bastards deleted
                      it. can you send me a copy?
                        \_ Sorry.  License violation.  You'll have to
                           reinstall.  They're not open source.
                           \_ AW FUCK!
           \_ i dont think there is a simple way to use find to get
              subday granularity short of using the "newer" switches. in pl
              you can do something like:
              $ageday = (-M $FILE_TO_STAT);
              $agehrs = $ageday * 24;
              $agemin = $agehrs * 60;
              $agesec = $agemin * 60;
              \_ psbesque formatting fixed. -motd formatting demigod
                \_ i used to have a lot of respect for psb. it's all gone now
                \_ Watch it buddy!  Don't dis the psb formatting --psb #1 Fan
        \_ I like 'newer' switches.
        \_ so a one-liner would look like, eg:
           perl -e 'while(<{.,}*>) { print "$_\n" if (-M)<1/24; }'
           [psb, answer the question]
        \_ or perl -e 'system ( "find . -mmin 60" );'
                                        \-boy i somehow missed the -mmin
                                        flag. i stand corrected. however it
                                        should be -mmin -60 with gnu find.--psb
2000/7/18-19 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:18710 Activity:high
7/17   People, you have to give me time to read the post before you
       nuke.  Again:  for those of you working in the game industry
       either as a programmer or in the art department, can you
       describe the reality of such a job other than the long
       hours and the substandard pay (compared to other possible
       cs/art jobs)?  Is it in enjoyable, or do the tight deadlines
       typically make the whole experience downright unpleasant?
       It's a little bit hard to get the inside opinion on this
       type of thing, informational interviews can only show you
       so much.   -- disgruntled non-cs, non-arts bitter alum
        \_ What would you be doing?  What is the company?  Do you
           know anyone there?  A "game company" doesn't mean much.
           Specifics, believe it or not, help.
        \_ Non art?  Non CS?  What else is there?
             \_ a shit job like mine;  there are endless number of shit
                jobs but only a few good ones  -- bitter alum
        \_ working in games is a lot like work in other industries
        \_ I think Blojo and Bolt Action have it right:
           You work on games to have fun, try new things, do nifty
           tricks in your code, but you earn your money by calling
           yourself "Berkeley Consulting Group" and charge corporate
           suits to fix problems.
           \_ No, actually, Blizzard has it right.  Blojo and Co aren't
              talented enough to actually make a game that sells, so they
              have to whore themselves to stay afloat.
                \_ I bow to your superior wisdom and demonstrably
                 is coming up with a unique play concept. This has NOTHING
                   vast experience.  -blojo
                   \_ Oh spare me your posturing and write something that
                      sells.  Or if you don't want to write something that
                      sells at least tell your people that they are working
                      at a java-monkey consulting company, not a game
                      company like you claim.
                        \_ Look man, you've obviously never talked to anyone
                           who works with me, and you don't know anything
                           about the game industry.  If you sign your name
                           then at least I will know who to shun.
                           \_ And you do?  Just get something published for
                              crying outloud.  At least I don't claim any
                              knowledge, you do.  Which of us is a greater
                                \_ you are, reiffin.  -tom
                \_ Nothing wrong with having a hobby company and supporting
                   it with your consulting work.  Didn't they get a game on
                   http://Won.Net or MS game zone or something?  Some tank hunter
                   \_ Lack of talent isn't a sin, but it sure sucks.
              \_ You're both wrong. The tough part of making a "hit" game
                 is coming up with a unique play concept.
                  \_ horseshit.  Nearly all the hit games are rehashes of
                     existing concepts.  -tom
                 This has NOTHING
                 to do with how '1337 a programmer you are. Once you
                 have that, there are any number of good programmers who
                 can execute the concept. The benefit of having an uber-hacker
                 is that it can run on a pentium 100, vs a pentium 500.
                 [plus these days, you gotta have good artists]
                 \_ And sounds/music too with all that 3d audio shit going on.
              \_ *sigh*
                \_ Oh right.  "*sigh*" yerself.  Like you never mushed a thread
        \_  Though this has little to do with the thread, but in light of recent
                posts trying to get people to sign on with Sony, etc., if you
                happen to end up working for a Japanese company, you can begin
                to feel sorry for yourself: you have no future.  There are many
                reasons Japanese companies can't make good software / hire good
                CS-competent staff.  Most of the good games sold by the Japanese
                gaming industry are games written by other companies, sold under
                their brand name label.  I interviewed with a Japanese software
                game maker once a few years back, and I have interviewed with
                Sony (non-gaming division, though) and many other Japanese-run
                companies.  Most of the 50-year old dweebs in charge have no
                klew about computers and software at all.  Maybe they know their
                hardware really well, but software and common sense and logic
                often escape the Japanese gurus.  There was this big thing in the
                80's about the Japanese-style of management.  Trust me, there
                is not much happening in the back offices of most Japanese corp-
                orations these days.  Simple, individual Greed has replaced most
                of what was a decent model 15-20 years ago... in fact, I'm not
                convinced it ever was a decent model to follow.  Sorry for the
                long excerpt, but I wanted to write a bunch more.  If you're
                mulling over working for a Jap. company, send me mail first.
                I'll do my best to convince you otherwise.  --mtbb
                \_ So, if I understand you correctly, working for a Japanese
                   company has both very high short and long term benefits and
                   no real drawbacks and you strongly recommend working at a
                   Japanese company even for less pay because the other
                   benefits are so great?
                \_ BUT AS1AN CHYX R __H0TTT_!!!1!  1 WANT 2 W0RK 4 A JAPN3Z3
                   CUMPANY BECUZ 1"M H0P1NG THAT A L0T UV YUNG AS1AN CH1X 1N
                   TH0Z3 SH0RT SK00LG1RL SK1RTZ W1LL B3 W0RK1NG TH3R3 2 !!1!!
2000/7/18-19 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:18711 Activity:low
7/18    telnet 6969
        \_ This is NOT safe for work, by the way.  Christ, I thought
           I only had to be careful about .gif/.jpg links.
                \_ What's not safe?
2000/7/18-20 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:18712 Activity:moderate
        \_ man rice
        \_ They don't have anymore accounts. Sounds like they'll go
           belly up RSN.
        \_ I have a Lincoln Navigator. Am I still eligible?
2000/7/18-19 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media] UID:18713 Activity:moderate
7/18    Who does that song in the VW commercial where they are driving
        at night and enjoying the night just driving?  What's the song?
          \_ Nick Drake, "Pink Moon"
        \_ Con Te Partiṛ
           \_ What are you smoking?
2018/11/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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