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2000/7/17 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:18691 Activity:very high
7/16    My lease is up Aug 15 and the landlord just raised my
        rent from $1750 to $2250. shitdamn!
        \_ If you're working full-time in a tech job and renting, you should
           consider buying a condo/townhouse/house instead.  You have more
           money than you think.  It just takes courage to be frugal.  I
           graduated four years ago and just bought a house.  I saved 40-50%
           of my take-home pay every month.  You'll be amazed how much money
           you can save by bringing your own lunch everyday and only watching
           matinee movies.  -frugal and happy homeowner
           \_ Four years ago houses cost half as much....
                \_ true, but hopefully your salary has kept up.  I saved
                   enough for downpayment after 2 years of working.  It took
                   me two more years because I didn't want to spend my life
                   savings in a single transaction.  I highly doubt that
                   a programmer that earns 70-100K a year can't save enough
                   for downpay in a couple of years.  LIke I said, it takes
                   courage to be frugal.
                   \_ yeah, or MOVE THE FUCK OUT OF THE BAY AREA.
                        -paying under 300 a month for a nice place in
                        a nice neighborhood walking distance from work
                        \_ And earning nothing.  When I sell my house and leave
                           the bay area, I'll have the money to buy 10 places
                           likes that and retire on your rental money.  How's
                           the walk?
                   \_ um, i'd have to be earning $140K to have "kept up".
                      And how in the hell will i save up $100K for the
                      downpayment, so that i can qualify for the $400K
                      mortgage? Even skipping lunch and movies wont get me
                      that. Sure, obviously it can be done because
                      others do it...but how?
                      \_ 1/5th of 400k is 80k, not 100k.  And you don't need
                         to spend 400k on a house... yet.
                      \_ I didn't say you should skip lunch. I said bringing
                         your own lunch.  I make less than 100K a year but I
                         was still able to save enough for downpay.  Try opening
                         a savings account and direct deposit 30-50% of your
                         AFTER-TAX paycheck into it.  And NEVER WITHDRAW A
                         PENNY FROM IT.  Live from the rest.  If it means never
                         eating out or buying shit at Fry's so be it.  Yes, it
                         is hard to do this.  It takes courage to do this. But
                         you can do it!  Also... be sure your SO is doing the
                         same.  Two people saving is better than one person
                         saving.  This doesn't work if your better half is
                         not living the same lifestyle.  And why are you only
                         looking at $400K houses?  Your first car is not your
                         dream car, your first house shouldn't be your dream
                         house either.  Look at condos or townhouses first.
                         \_ Don't get a condo.  It's a loss.
        \_ Have you ever considered the fact that they think you're
           a slob and they want to force you to move out?
        \_ what city are you in? this is illegal in most places (well, many,
           not most)
                \_ Pete Wilson outlawed Rent Control in California shortly
                   before leaving office.  Anyone who started renting after
                   1/1/99 in Berkeley is exempt from rent control protection.
                   \_ no the CA legislature outlawed VACANCY rent control.
                      That is, once someone moves out the landlord can raise
                      the rent as much as he wants for the next tenant.  Used
                      to be in Berkeley that when someone moved out the
                      landlord could only raise the rent something like 5%.
                      \_ 15%. Don't exaggerate.
                       \_ no 15% was what they raised it to in the interm
                          when they were easing out rent control.  And even
                          that they could only do twice in the 3 year period
                          that that was part of then rent code.  Just cause
                          you are a young'n doesn't mean you have to show
                          your ignorance.
                   \_ doesn't mean all renter protection is out. Berkeley, for
                      one, still puts severe limitation on how fast the rent
                      can rise while the same tenant(s) is/are occupying
           \_ actually very few places
           \_ San Jose.
           \_ Annual "inflationary" raise in rent is common, but NOT $500
              at a time! My Walnut Creek landlord raises rent by $50 every
              year so far, while in Albany my rent stayed the same for 6 yrs
              at $1050 for a 2bd-2br. Depends if you have rent control in
              your city.
              \_ I live in North Oakland/Rockridge. Good-sized 1bd-1ba apt w/
                 security gate, covered, reserved carport, on-site laundry
                 room. Original rent: $550. Landlord has raised rent twice
                 in past 5 years. Now rent is: $566
                 \_ yes it is called rent control
                        \_ And it's in Oakland.
          \_ My girlfriend lived in a brand-new complex near Fremont BART
             with her sister. They had to move out after lease was up because
             the complex was bought out and the new owners raised the rent
             by $700 ($600 if you were a returning leasee), no matter if it
             was a 1BDRM or 2BDRM.
                \_ Landlords are evil.  We must return the land to the people!
2000/7/17 [Recreation/Media] UID:18692 Activity:very high
7/16    Is Simpson's the longest running TV show yet?
        \_ The Simpsons is the longest running prime-time TV show.
        \_ Didn't "Meet The Press" have an impressive run?
        \_ Well, if you are counting all those "news", "soaps" and "talk
           shows", I am sure some local TV 6:00PM newscasts have been
           around a long time too.
        \_ "Meet The Press" has been airing since 1947.
        \_ Gunsmoke is.
                \_ Only if you limit to "entertainment" shows, otherwise
                   the champion is NBC's Today show, on continously since
                   the fifties.  There's a number of 20+ year old soap
                   operas (Days, General Hospital, As the World Turns).
                   The Simpson's only ranks high in longevity among sitcoms
                   where after 10 1/2 years it's approaching MASH's record
                   of 11 years.
                   \_ Only these types of shows can last that long because
                      they never have to create any new storylines.
                   \_ Did cheers beat mash?
                        \_ No.
                        \_ No. Cheers only ran 10 seasons.
                   \_ if you ignore talk shows, I think Dr. Who has the
                      claim to fame. Although didnt have new eps every
                      \_ when was the first season?  wasn't it the late 50's
                         or something? Who >>>>>> startreck
                         or something? Who >>>>>> startrek
                         \_ according to the episode list linked to by
                   the first episode  aired in
                            63. The "most recent" one was in 89.
                            Its too bad they couldn't revive it now. But
                            in some ways, the prior ones just weren't
                            "hard core" enough sci-fi to compare to
                            B5 , etc. It was more fantasy.
                            "sufficiently advanced technology" and all that.
                            Except the last few got way too silly.
                            Peter Davidson ruled.
                            \_ Dr. Who movie currently in the works. -mogul
                              \_ wasn't there already one with the eighth doctor
                              or something?
                                \_ "The Five Doctors"?  More like a double
                                   length episode.
                                 \_ Fox made-for-TV movie.  Had an 8th
                                    Doctor.  --dbushong
                            \_ Peter Davison, no 'd'.  --dbushong
2000/7/17-18 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:18693 Activity:high
7/17    Is there a Unix script that runs only when the machine boots?   Login
        runs every time you log in, this isn't sufficent.
        \_ /etc/rc*  -- yuen
        \_ Ow.  Ow.  Ow.  Trolldiddlyicious.
                \_ No.  Some people are just clueless and need help.  Not
                   everything is a troll.
        \_ write a cron job or put your script in your /etc/rc.2 or rc.3
           \_ I like the automatic (and I'm sure correct) that this is a
              clueless _Linux_ luser.
                \_ Linux and clueless mostly go hand in hand these days bcuz
                   1 herd 1t wuz k00l 2 r\/n 11nuX.  Unfortunately, this sort
                   of herd mentality is taking hold in business.  Next time
                   you're interviewing and they're running Linux, ask them why
                   they prefer that over the other available free unix OS's
                   available.  If you get a "Well, everyone else is using it"
                   which I've heard before from Senior VP of Engineering at
                   more than one place (or Director or whatever title it was
                   that week), then think about going somewhere else where
                   they actually _think_ about what they're doing instead of
                   blindly following everyone else.  There _are_ reasons to
                   use Linux but following the crowd isn't one of them.
2000/7/17-18 [Uncategorized] UID:18694 Activity:nil
7/17    Phil wrote a book?  When?
        \_ what is philzip, philOS, philX? Is that an abstraction like
           the Turing Machine?
2000/7/17-18 [Uncategorized] UID:18695 Activity:moderate
7/17    FYI, BBFS = Better Business and Financial Services. Excellent book.
        Get it at your local book store now!
        \_ I read that lila is offering 10% off.
                \_ which lila? 10% off of what?
                   \_   there is only one true lila.  are you daft?
                        ever heard of the finger command?
                        \_ lila vs lolly can be ambiguous sans prior knowledge
                        \_ dont everyone finger lila at once now
2000/7/17-18 [Transportation/Car] UID:18696 Activity:kinda low
7.17    hey, does anyone know of car rental companies that allow you
        to take their vehicles into mexico?  thanks.
        \_Heh, your insurance doesn't even cover you if you take your own
          car into Mexico.
        \_ Almost any rental car company in San Diego will let you take
           a car into Mexico. National does for sure, as I did that a few
           months ago. Just let them know, so they can charge you extra
           for the Mexican car insurance. It is important that you carry
           insurance in Mexico, as you can get up in jail for driving
           insurance in Mexico, as you can end up in jail for driving
           without it. -ausman
                \_ is this the same as renting a car from the bay area
                then buying border insurance in san diego to be covered
                in mexico, or would that be some breach of contract
                with the rental company?
                \_ Most rental car contracts specify the car is
                   not to leave the state without prior permission from
                   the company.
2000/7/17-18 [Recreation/Celebrity/MarthaStewart] UID:18697 Activity:high
7/17    can anyone tell me where to buy a bound book with blank, numbered
        pages?  no one seems to sell this at office supply stores i have
        seen, although i have not tried art stores. is there a mail order
        place or something, or has anyone even seen such a thing for sale?
        or someplace that will to do hard binding at a reasonable price, and
        i can make my own?
        \_ Radstons has plenty of these.
        \_ There are required for chemistry lab classes.  Just go to any
        university book store (or competitor of one) and ask for a bound lab
        notebook with numbered pages.
         \_ lab noteboodks are graphed.  i want blank white.  i want this
         for use as a lab notebook, i'm just sick of the lines.
         \_ get a graphed notebook, white out the lines
                \_ Duh.
        \_ Also try Cody's or other bookshops with stationery sections
        \_ Make your own book. Martha Stewart once did a show on that.
           Not too difficult. Or check with the City of Berkeley
           librarian for local binding shops -- Social-Science Major
           \_ thanks. how much does that typically cost?
           \_ Martha Stewart?  You're watching MS often enough that you
              recall this particular show?  And no, it's never difficult
              when you have top notch people from every field on your show
              walking you through it with half the work pre-done off camera.
              \_ Martha Stewart is hot.
                  \_ I'd climb on top of her.
                        \_ martha Stewart.. yum yum.
                                \_ Yer all a buncha sickos!
2000/7/17-18 [Transportation/Airplane] UID:18698 Activity:high
7/17    Why don't they just make airplanes big enough to carry-on big
        luggage instead of dealing with this check-in crap? Why must they
        separate the luggage compartment and the passenger compartment?
        \_ It would cost much more.  The luggage compartment is not pressurized
           or heated (which is why shipping animals as luggage borders on
           torture and so many animals die on planes).
           \_ you do know they have one heated pressurized compartment
              for things like animals don't you?  Or are you just, like
              most people in this world, a colossal idiot who spouts off
              about shit they know nothing about?
                   \_ and the aspca, of course, is an excellent source of
                      unbiased and informed opinions on the subject
                 \_ if you had actually read that article rather than just
                    reacting to the tone you would have noticed that the
                    examples they gave involved pets being put in the wrong
                    splat in its kenal.
                    compartment.  If there were no pressurized compartments
                    EVERY pet that got shipped would come back a bloody
                    splat in its kennel.
                \_ If this is a concern, you can carry-on a small pet as
                long as the the cage is small enough to be considered
                cabin luggage. You'll have to make a request at
                reservations time tho.
        \_ Answer this first: Why don't they just make airplanes seats big
           enough so i can stretch my legs and not have to roll over the lap
           of the female-passenger next to me just to get to the aisle?
           \_ Answer this first: Do you roll over her facing with your
              front or with your ass?
                \_ so how's that working out for you? --aaron
                        \_ better than asian chic  -aaron #1 fan
          \_ Fly first class and you have plenty of room.
2000/7/17-18 [Science, Computer/Theory] UID:18699 Activity:very high
7/17    i think micro$oft's new language should be called C-
        to match the grade i got in cs164 -- Social-Science Major
        \_ WTF were you taking cs164 for as a fuzzy major?
           \_ To take space away from an EECS major? BTW I didnt
              really get a C-, but it's a better post that way.
              The major is only fuzzy because Math, CS and Bio havent
              figured it out yet.
                \_ Anything that needs to add the word "Science" to it's
                   description probably isn't.  Yes, including computer
                   science.   -cognitive science alum
                   \_ Amen to that. Computer science is either math or
                      engineering, depending on which side you're on. And
                      cognitive science, is, of course, bullshit.
                        \_ No, Cog Sci is either linguistics or neuro anatomy.
                           Don't judge it from the cogsci 5 course you took.
                                -cog sci alum
                           \_ I am judging from CogSci100, CogSci101, and
                              CogSci110 courses I took. Linguistics is
                                all seem to warship at berkeley?
                              either bullshit or linguistics. 110/115 series
                              or the 130's. Neuro anatomy is neuro anatomy
                              and those who call it cogsci are simply trying
                              to cover the rest of cogsci's bare ass.
                                    -- original poster
                           \_ oh, yeah?  which of those is the idioitic
                                arguments of that anti-AI crusader who you
                                all seem to worship at berkeley?
                           \_ Wow, and this wasn't even me. -- ilyas
                           \_ I don't "warship" John Searle.  He's a
                                   pompous arrogant ass who has nothing to do
                                   with anything.  -cog sci alum
                           \_ I don't like John Searle NOR George Lakoff,
                                   and yet I loved being CogSci at CAL. - Marco
                                        \_ At least Lakoff wasn't an asshole
                                           like Searle even if you don't like
                                           his lecture materials.  What'd you
                                           not like about him?
                                \_ warship? We have a warship? Let's put our
                                   football team on it and sail to Palo Alto.
                                        \_ We have a speeling disfunkshun.
2000/7/17 [Computer/Theory] UID:18700 Activity:very high 80%like:18708
7/17    What is the operating principle behind Computer Associate's "Neugents"
        and why is it so damn smart?
        \_ they took a neural imprint of ted nugent
        \_ It's all marketspeak.  They are using straightforward neural
           networks, a technology that has been available since the late 60s.
           -- ilyas
                \_ No no no no no, the commercial said their new technology
                   was so smart computers can think!!!!!!!
                   \_ Yes yes yes!!! It's just like that computer 'HAL'
                      on 2001!  "Dave, what are you doing?/"  Ohmigod!!!
2000/7/17-18 [Computer/HW] UID:18701 Activity:low
7/17    I am new to Window (used to use mac).  I want to use wallpaper
        background and window asks me if I want to turn on Active Desktop.
        Is this something I can easily turn off if something goes wrong
        and if so how do I turn it off?
        \_ The option to turn it off is in Display Properties, which
           is accessible by right-clicking on the Desktop and hitting
           Properties.  I usually have Active Desktop off.
        \_ Active Desktop is dead.  Don't use it.  It was still born and a
           good thing it died fast.
2000/7/17 [Uncategorized] UID:18702 Activity:high
7/17    Hi everybody! -hot asian girl
        \_ Hey baby, wanna come back to my place and fuck?
2019/08/21 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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