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2000/7/15 [Computer/SW/Editors/Vi] UID:18685 Activity:nil
:map g cG7/14   Vi!  Vi!  Vi is the new standard way to nuke the motd.^V^[ZZ
    \_ what a cunt.
2000/7/15 [Uncategorized] UID:18686 Activity:nil
Always  cp! cp! cp is the standard way to restore the motd!
        \_ cunt.
2000/7/15-17 [Industry/Jobs] UID:18687 Activity:high
7/14    I got a $10K raise after 6-months experience. Is this considered
        a low and insulting raise nowadays? -- Wondering about salary
        \_ go away trollboy
        \_ well gee that would depend on what your salary was wouldn't
           it now.  10% is considered good.
           \_ 10%? The very first 6-months should get you 15-20%
           \_ 10% is ridiculously insulting.  Good in what industry?  You're
              an auto mechanic maybe?  School teacher?
              \_ 10% is a pittance! Do you know what raise Oakland teachers
                 got this year? 40%!
                 \_ It's all relative.  My 10% increase is half their salary.
        \_ I got offered $75k from both northern and southern cal companies.
           Some company in Texas (you can guess which one) offered me $110k.
           I'm staying in the Bay Area.
           \_ This is ridiculous.  It has nothing to do with the thread.
               You just wanted to say you got an offer.  And I bet you spend
               your saturday nights watching trashy movies you find on the
               internet.  You disgust me.
              \_ I got 25% after 6 months, another 13% after the second 6.
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