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2000/7/14 [Uncategorized] UID:18671 Activity:nil 66%like:18076
7/13    xxxxxx this troll
        \_ xxxxxx xxxxx   xxx   Happy   xxx xxx x xxxxxxxx
           (xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx.)
2000/7/14 [Uncategorized] UID:18672 Activity:nil
7/13    What a cool Asian provider that do BBFS and BBBJ?
2000/7/14-16 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:18673 Activity:kinda low
7/13    In NT, is there a way to make the Start->Document menu never show any
        documents, ie. keep it always empty?  Thx.
        \_ Yes.  Delete files in [nt_dir]\profiles\[user_name]\recent\
           directory.  In Win 9X, delete * in [win_dir]\recent\ dir.
        \_ And for kicks create a batch file that deletes them as part of the
           login process.  Or you could be sneak and change the registry to
           point the start->document directory at the trash bin directory.
        \_ If you get the TweakUI control panel, you can remove the documents
           menu from the start menu or have it cleared every time someone logs
           \_ But is there a way to prevent items to be added to the menu in
              in the first place?
                \_ Make an 'at' job that wipes it every 5 minutes.  I don't
                   know of a registry hack that prevents their being created.
                   Try setting the save directory to NUL: maybe.  Just
                   guessing on that one.
2000/7/14-16 [Recreation/Food] UID:18674 Activity:high
7/14    Where could I find those "Got Milk?" commercials on the internet?
        \_ Here's two:
           \_ I see that Britney really got some milk.  How come the two milks
              in 02.jpg are not as full as the two milks in 01.jpg?
              \_ Push-up vs. unpadded?
                 \_ OOOH BRITNEY!!!11!
           \_ 01.jpg: Britney says she wants you to fill her up three more
                \_ Looks like she got plenty of milk.
                        \_ Silicon, maybe, milk, no.
                           \_ Silicone, maybe, silicon, no.
                             \_ what do you think they make silicone out of?
                           \_ so did she or did she not get a boob job?
                                \_ boob job.
                                \_ she got a boob job... puberty.
                                        \_ surgery.  she's past puberty.
        \_ might have it.
           \_ speaking of funny ads, did anyone see the rice
              crispy treat commercial during the freaks and geeks marathon?
              Classic...and I got it on tape...=)
2000/7/14-16 [Recreation/Dating] UID:18675 Activity:low
7/14    What's that classical piece playing in the Virgin Atlantic commericals?
        \- you are probably referring to the Flower duet from Delibes opera
        Lakshmi [unclear how they chose to spell that in english]. You mean the
        high-pitched one, right? --psb
        \_ Two Fat Lesbians Singing
        \_ Perfect.  Thank you.
2000/7/14 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:18676 Activity:nil
07/14   Hello, what type of cpu are in these newfangled i-appliances?,3679,2440937,00.html
2000/7/14 [Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:18677 Activity:nil
7/14    Let's all say it together now: .... *FUCK*
        \_ What would happen if all 1.something billion Chinese all said
           "fuck" together?  -John
           \_ Chinese don't say "fuck".  They say "TaMaDe"!
                \_ I thought "TaMaDe" means "shit" or "damn".
                   I think it should be "DealNay" or "GaNiMa".
                   \_ "fuck" also means "shit" or "damn".  Haven't
                      you watched Four Weddings and A Funeral?
                      \_ yeah, subtitles are pretty funny.  i like when
                         they say "wan ba dan" , or turtles egg, in
                         mandarin, and the subtitle says "asshole:".
                         what else can a translator do?
                        \_ but not the same.  "fuck" has more uses.
                           \_ But "fuck" when used as a standalone word
                              has just one meaning, namely, "shit" or
                              "damn".  That's how John seems to be using
                              it above.  "TaMaDe" also has more than one
                              meaning.  Literally, it means "his/her mom's".
                   \_ "DealNay" is for silly Cantonese boys.  Us Hokkien
                      Ah Beng gangster boys say "NaBe" which is short for
                      "GaNiNaBe" which is short for "GaNiNaBeChowCheeBai".
                        \_ Ok, well that certainly cleared it all up.  Thanks.
                   \_ "TaMaDe" is Mandarin which literally means "his
                      mom ......".  It's short for "TaMaDeChowQuo" which
                      literally means "his mom is a smelly piece of good".
                      "DealNay" is Cantonese which literally means "fuck you".
                      "GaNiMa" is Mandarin and should really be "GanNiMa" or
                      "GanNiLian", which literally means "do your mom".
        \_ Vietnamese: *DUMA*
2000/7/14 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:18678 Activity:nil 76%like:18684
        fucking pricks
2000/7/14-16 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:18679 Activity:nil
7/14    For those interested in the recently-nuked "xterm on Linux"
        thread: the solution turned out to be "setenv TERM xterm-r6";
        in the RH termcap, "xterm" is aliased to their own non-standard
        "xterm-redhat"; thanks to those who tried to help
        \_ Thank you redhat idiots for screwing up something perfectly simple.
           \_ you're welcome
2000/7/14-17 [Industry/Jobs] UID:18680 Activity:high
7/14    Could someone give me a salary estimate for an entry level java
        programmer...say in northern vs. southern california?
        \_ easily and with real examples:
           karenp (large co in silicon valley: starting : 80K)
           \_ 80K for entry_level?  what for 4yr+ exp?
           \_ hey, how do you "always answer a question literally" dorks
              respond to every day greetings like "how are you?" or
              "what's up?"
           this should show you that LA sucks ass.  Well, actually
           LA just plains sucks ass no matter what.
                \_ Wow, "sucks ass" is still as declasse as the first time I
                   saw it.
                \_ Only sucks asses from LA use "sucks ass".
        \_ 50k.
        \_ yes
        \_ no.
           keithyw (small co in shitty LA: starting 54K)
        \_ I got offered $75k from both northern and southern cal companies.
           Some company in Texas (you can guess which one) offered me $110k.
           I'm staying in the Bay Area. I just graduated. So any experience
           I have is only school/internship based.
           \_ This is ridiculous.  It has nothing to do with the thread.
               You just wanted to say you got an offer.  And I bet you spend
               your saturday nights watching trashy movies you find on the
               internet.  You disgust me.
               \_ I like those movies. I like my offers. I also like Star Trek.
           \_ If true, all this says is Texans are stupid and so are you for
              not taking them up on it.  Are you a Texan, too?
              \_ No. You couldn't pay me enough to live with Texans.
                 \_ Perhaps foolish. For the cost-of-living in TX, in 1 year
                    you could earn/save twice as much as if you lived here.
                    You'd save enough for a downpayment on a house in the BA.
                    \_ For some people working 25% more to make 50% more is
                       worth it. For some people it isn't.
        \_ really depends on where you work.  Shitty big companies where
           half the people get away with doing nothing will pay you more.
           Small interesting companies where you have to pull your weight
           will pay you less.  Yah life isn't fair.  The question is,
           are you a whore?
           \_ Big companies don't necessarily pay more than small co's.
              Interview, collect offers, see what happens.  Do the math.
              \_ No, but what I mean is that it does happen that way.
                 I do not mean to say that all big companies always pay more.
                 \_ how can you have ment to say something when you weren't the
                    person who wrote this in the frist place?
                 \_ From my experience and experience of my friends who are
                    also fresh grads, startups generally pay MORE than
                    big companies (in terms of salary and number of options).
                    Big companies oftentimes give better relocation or
                    starting bonuses, and they claim that their options are
                    more likely to be worth something.
                 \_ I have been on both sides of the world. Good big companies
                    aren't budging if you ask for LOTS of money plus stocks,
                    and of course all the other perks that come with it. Small
                    companies (that have no VC funding) may not as much mone-
                    tary power but MAY offer potentials once they go public,
                    when they debut their product(s) or when they get bought
                    out. Your mileage however may vary, so check all the facts
                    before taking an offer from a small company. In my exp.
                    however, I get paid better at a small startup, but of
                    course I have to work 2-3 times harder than at big firm.
2000/7/14-17 [Computer/SW/RevisionControl] UID:18681 Activity:high
7/14    I believe there was a thread about this a couple months ago, but...
        Does anyone have recommendations / pitfall descriptions of the
        commercial source control repositories out there.  Clear Case rocks,
        but its expensive for a 10 developer shop.  It should probably have
        support for the BSDs as well as Solaris and Linux.  Has anynoe used
        perforce?  -joshk
        \_ RCS/CVS isn't enough? -sodan with no clue
           \_ One advantage of perforce over RCS is the "change list" facility.
              Changes in several files can be submitted together in one change
              list.  This lets you later trace back easily which change in
              which file goes with which changes in which other files.  Also,
              change list submission are atomic.  Either all or none of the
              files are submitted.  Say if something goes wrong in the middle
              of submitting 30 files (e.g. merge conflict, network goes down),
              all of the files will remain unchanged on the server.  -- yuen
           \_ If you're considering CVS because it's free, look into PRCS also
                It keeps track of the project versions rather than the
                versions of the source files.
        \_ My company uses perforce and the engineers love it.  -not engineer
        \_ My company uses Perforce too.  So far so good.  -- yuen
        \_ My old company uses perforce. I've just gotten my current company
           up on perforce. (Even the marketing people are using it for change
           control on marketing docs!) So far so good here as well. -- Marco
        \_ my turn to chime in and vote for perforce.  -aspo
        \_ I've gotten two of my past projects/clients to go with Perforce
           I've even convinced Mac engineers to use its command-line interface
        \_ What? All you guys above work for perforce or something??
                \_ Maybe it's just good?  It happens sometimes.
        \_ We switched from cvs to perforce where I work.  I don't see any
           advantages of perforce.  The change list feature isn't that big
           a deal since you have to check OUT the set of files in a batch
           to check them back in as a batch.  I agree someone ought to
           add something like it to cvs but it's not that big a deal.
           Cvs isn't great, perforce isn't worse, but it doesn't seem
           better either and it costs a lot.  Sourceforge (
           looks interesting but I haven't tried it and it may only be
           good for distributed projects.  --phr
                \_ Perforce costs nothing if compared to ClearCase and some of
                   other tools (Continuum, PVCS). The changelist ("batch") only
                   applies to check-ins -- check outs operate on sets of files
                   where the set population is 1..N. Where Perforce clearly
                   outguns CVS is branching and merging, not to mention labels.
                   Try syncing to a label in CVS and see how long it takes.
           \_ You don't like perforce?  This must be a troll.  :-)
2000/7/14-17 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:18682 Activity:high
7/14    Its been a while since my UCB days.  Out of curiosity, what
p       are the most popular dorms students want to be in?
        \_ 343 soda
           \_ is that like WEB or 260 Evans? -- pre-Soda geek.
                \_ 238 Evans
                   \_ yermom's guest house
        \_ that's only for cs dorks.  typically, foothill, unit 3,
           and clark kerr (for people with cars) are the desired
           spots                           \_ Ride bike!  I did.
           \_ Jeez, you lazy schmuk. I used to walk from clark kerr,
             until I rode bike. -- grouchy oldtime sodan
                \_ well, it was also fucking expensive and FAR, so there...
                      -- he who walked alot in berkeley
                \_ Moron, there are other places to go besides driving to
                   campus from the dorms.  Life as a student is not just
                   "wake up, go to lecture, eat, go to sleep, repeat".
                   \_ of course not.  There's also the hacking on random
                      \_ and chasing after chicks.
                         \_ and masturbating
           \_ What's with all the complaining i hear from recent grads about
              clark-kerr being "far"? Man, back in the 1980s, people were
              happy to be in Dwight-Derby (it's old name?) and nobody
              complained. Sheesh. Wimps. -- mid-1980s eecs major
           \_ fuck dorms, just live in a Student Group Office like
              vadim does in the XCF - well (former XCF)
                \_ XCF must die! - recent /. headline
        \_ Evans. -wnj
2000/7/14-16 [Recreation/Dating] UID:18683 Activity:moderate 66%like:18688
7/14    Offering BBFS at a 10% discount! Contact lila for more info.
        \_ Who is lila?
           \_ cool, people actually post to the motd who don't know who
              i am.  maybe there is hope for the csua yet.  i don't know
              what BBFS is though...  -lila
                \_ I don't know who you are either.  Should I?  And why is it
                   that you expect everyone to know you?
        \_ Who is BBFS?
           \_ Business Bi Fellatio Service.
        \_ Is it a textbook for UCB majors?
2000/7/14-16 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:18684 Activity:high 76%like:18678
        fucking pricks -Web Standards Advocate
        \_ Standards?  There's only one browser.  That is the standard.
           \_ bed troll, no cookie
                \_ This isn't a troll, you fool.  It's the truth.  When one
                   company has 86% of the market and _growing_, they *are*
                   the standard.  The rest is just academics blowing smoke.
                   Smart web developers aren't worried about what the standards
                   drones have to say.  They worry what their pages look like
                   in the real world on real browsers used by real people on
                   real computers.  And it's "bad troll, no cookie".  At least
                   make some minimal attempt to correctly spell simple words
                   if you're going to dismiss a factual statement as a troll
                   without regard to the facts or reality of the situtation.
                   Get out of sophomore CS and join the rest of us, twirp.
                   \_ the situation is that i'm not a twerp
                        \_ Possibly, but you're flat dead wrong on everything
                           \_ you don't get it.
                                \_ Ok, whatever.  I explained what I was
                                   talking about.  You're just trolling.
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