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2000/7/12-13 [Computer/Companies/Ebay] UID:18643 Activity:moderate
7/11    Anybody know if there is a better way to buy used stuff other than
        ebay?  I found the used golf clubs that I wanted at ebay, but I must
        have wasted at least 5 hours total looking through listings and bidding
        for it.  I need a service that will let me enter an EXACT description
        of the things I want and let the sellers come to me instead.  I read
        about intelligent agents that will mine the internet for very specific
        information automatically.  So where the hell is it?
        \_ garage sales, tag sales, yard sales, depending on what part
        of the country you live in. fuck the internet.
            \_ driving around town looking for garage sales would waste MORE
               time, not less.
        \_ What's a tag sale?  Same thing, different name?
        \_, the reverse version of
             \_ ideally, that should work, but b/c most of us are selfish
                bastards and want the most money we can get for our shit,
                most stuff gets posted at ebay instead of ewanted.
                i.e. why would i want to sell some dvd for $12 when i can
                rack that stuff up to $21 and above and ebay?
                \_ Death to evil pig dog capitolists!
                   \_ At least have the decency to spell that right,
                      welfare leech.
                      \_ How is the misspelling indecent?  --pld
                      \_The peeple will not be oppressed by your capitolist
                        spelling!  Die evil dot com scum!
2000/7/12-13 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:18644 Activity:nil
7/11    I have an account at a head-up-ass ISP that forwards mail to soda.
        However, sendmail isn't checking formy ~/.forward file anymore.
        The ForwardPath in seems to be set correctly, and I
        don't think there are any group-write issues as described in the
        man page.  Is there anything I can do to make this work?
        \_ Make _what_ work?  What are you trying to do?
2000/7/12-13 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:18645 Activity:very high
7/11    I want to run qmail on a UNIX box.  FreeBSD or Red Hat or Mandrake
        Linux?  Any particular recommendations?  I really want to spend
        "just enough" time on securing the machine (I'm assuming all of
        these are about the same in stability), and I've never administered
        FreeBSD before, though I know about the handbook.
        \_ unless you have a multi cpu box.  Reasonably
           secure on a default install.  Turn off all the random crap in
           /etc/services, disable inetd, etc and you should be fine for
           most purposes.
           \_ Thanks.  I just remember that guy on wall who was like
              "I'm clued, I disabled all the services, I did other things,
              but my Linux box got cracked anyway."
              \_ Then he did something stupid.
           \_ % telnet 80
              telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused
              (I hope that isn't a sign.)
                \_ they'll probably claim it's a security feature that
                   their web server doesn't listen on the web port.  -tom
              \_ That's an IRIX box. No wonder it's down.
                \_ is hosted on U. Alberta's  SUNsite which
                   of course runs Solaris you moron.
              \_ Weird.  I'm pretty sure that was the URL.  Dunno.
        \_ Guess which one the script kiddies like. -muchandr
           \_ Your UNIX box?
        \_ FIREWALL!  Does wonders.  Its pretty hard to disable all the
           services, so disable what you can, and firewall the thing.
           \_ What's hard about disabling all the services?  Edit /etc/services
              and don't run inetd.  Scan your box afterwards just to make sure.
              You run the damned box.  Admin it properly.
2000/7/12-13 [Reference/Tax] UID:18646 Activity:high
7/11    Anybody know what's the property tax rate in British Columbia in
        Canada?  I know they have a high income and sales tax (it's a socialist
        country after all) but what about their property tax?  Thanks.
        \_ DAMN COMMIES!
        \_ Property tax is zero.  No one can afford any property after paying
           their other taxes.  It would be a loss for the BC local government
           to try to tax anything further just from printing the paperwork.
           The rock has been squeezed dry.
           \_ home ownership in canada is quite high actually.
        \_ How high are the income and sales tax there?
           \_ there's a GST (general sales tax) of about 14-15% across all
                        \_ that's goods and services tax
              canada.  And the provincial gov't tax more on top of that.
        \_ Be careful buying property you plan to keep unless you plan on
           becoming a citizen.  They have bizarre laws to keep non-citizens
           from inheriting property.
           \_ you assume I give a damn who inherits my property
2000/7/12-13 [Finance/CC] UID:18647 Activity:low
        \_ All their stuff is cheap, and the pre-rebate prices are totally
2000/7/12-14 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:18648 Activity:high
7/11    Question.  I'm an out-of-state resident and I'm supposed to get
        a California driver's license because my insurance company won't
        cover me anymore.  First of all, why is the California DMV so
        slow at issuing a new license (1 month).  It's a stupid plastic
        card with a hologram on it (less sophisticated than my company
        ID which only took 5 minutes to make).  Second of all, how in the
        world are we supposed to get around for a month in situations
        where banks ask "can I see your photo ID please" when they take
        away our old licenses?
        \_ It's called a passport. Do you have one, or are you a hick?
           \_ Or a credit card with your picture on it.
        \_ tell dmv that you lost your old license.  dont know what
           california requires, but when i told the dmv here that i
           lost my cal license they told me to ask california for
           proof (which i got with a phone call and a wait of three
           weeks).  got the other state license (maryland) without
           actually giving up my california one (still valid until
           2004).          in short: tell lies and be patient.
        \_ They took your old license?  Why?  When I moved to California,
           the guy at the DMV took my out-of-state license, punched a hole
           in it (through the expiration date), handed it back to me, and
           explained that it was for exactly that reason.  I still have it.
                \_ Same here, except they put a sticker on that said something
                   like "For temporary identification use only."  -alan-
           \_ Why can't someone have both a valid license from California and
              a valid one from another state?
                \_ because states only grant licenses to residents and you
                   can't be a resident of two states at once
        \_ Looks like you should go to the private sector. BTW, it takes them
           6 months to make my card. - muchandr
           \_ But, But, But, thats becuase everyone loves you so much!
        \_ DMV gives you a piece of paper called 'Temporary Driver License'.
           Carry this around with you (yes, I know they're bulky) because
          it is a valid piece of ID. Then bring any picture ID you have; even
          it is a valid piece of ID.
          \_ No it's not; in fact it says "not valid for identification" right
             on it.  They took my NJ license when I moved here, it was very
             What's really annoying is that good drivers only have to go
             to the DMV every 12 years for a renewal, while you have to go
             in every 6 years for an ID card.  -tom
                \_It's only 5 years for good driver renewals, actually
                        \_ Nah, did mine by mail.  Been driving 15 years.
          Then bring any picture ID you have; even
          your old Cal Berkeley ID. I agree with everyone here; DMV should NOT
          have taken your out-of-state driver license but rather void the DL
          and hand it back to you. As for the argument for having TWO DLs from
          different state is due to consistency issue (I guess). Someone
          explained it to me a long time ago, just can't remember.
          \_ Finally *someone* mentioned the temporary CDL.  And yes, bring
             and use your passport until you have a CDL.
          \_ You can't buy a gun with the paper temp CDL.  Pisses me off.
                \_ I'm pro-gun but I'm glad certain people are too stupid to
                   manage to buy one.
        \_ When i was 19 and lived in the dorms, the guy down the hall
           made me a Calif Driver's License for $50. Got it in 2 days.
                \_ Yeah and then a cop runs the number and arrest your dumb
                    freshy ass.
        \_ I got my new photo ID in 15 days. And registration sticker in
           less thanthat. The DMV hates you out-of-staters, so they purposely
           sent your license to the wrong address.
2000/7/12-14 [Computer/HW/Memory, Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:18649 Activity:kinda low
7/11    On Solaris is there an xhost FILE where i can put a list
        of computers that can open X displays.  (I need 'nobody'
        to be able to display to this SUN because of a lame ass
        java package (jchart) which my company paid for).
        \_ for h in `cat FILE`; do xhost +$h; done
           \_ umm, no.  this is session specific.  I need NOBODY to
              be able to display there.
              \_ read the answer again, or provide more details
        \_ /etc/X0.hosts
            \_ doesn't seem to work on Solaris 7 (i HUPd Xsun and
               no change to "xauth -list"
                \_ "xauth -list" lists your keys, "xhost" lists who is
                   allowed to connect to the server
        \_ Use Xvfb instead.
            \_ hmm, o.k. except that requires actual work and learning
                and stuff. (and how bad is the resource (memory) hit?
2000/7/12-13 [Recreation/Dating] UID:18650 Activity:very high
7/12    There is this attractive and single middle-aged woman secretary at
        work.  I fantasize about having sex with her all the time.  What
        should I do?  Would she go for new grads?
        \_ Yes but not for you
        \_ Yes but not for you
        \_ Flirt, you fucking moron.
        \_ Nothing better than an attractive middle aged woman.  I'd rather
           drive a 92 corvette than a 2001 civic.
        \_ Flirt with fucking morons.
        \_ In what way is she attractive?  Great body?
        \_ If you only want sex, go rent a tape. If you're interested in HER,
           then trying showing some interest in HER. If you're genuine, a
           relationship (and sex) will follow naturally.
           \_ Why is wanting someone merely for sex bad?
2000/7/12-14 [Science/Space] UID:18651 Activity:very high
7/11    If Space Shuttle saves money by reuse, how come each launch still
        cost 4X more than that of a Russian Proton rocket? Is it because of
        the high cost of labor?
        \_ Yes, that's the primary reason by far. Also add the absence of
           various legal barriers, especially those based on environmental
           concerns, and, quite likely, inaccurate reporting of the costs
           themselves. -russian sodan
                \_ NASA = employment to the best and the brightest from the
                   academia that would otherwise be homeless right now.
                   Be thankful that our space shuttle is riddled
                   w/ bugs and inefficiency
                   \_ nasa is a load of cunts.
                   \_ nasa is a load of [dyke] cunts.
        \_ But proton rocket can carry far less weight, right?
                \_ the space shuttle is a scam.  It's used mostly for stuff
                   that unmanned (and much cheaper) missions could handle.
                   \_ It was a *really* expensive way to get rid of one
                      lousy teacher.  I'd think bullets are cheaper.
        \_ Shuttle is much more expensive than other launch systems,
           say US-built unmanned rockets, largely because it's manned.
           By unmanned standards, the Shuttle is highly reliable
           -- one failure in over 100 launches.  Proton is cheaper
           than US rockets not only because of low labor costs,
           but because they're designed very robustly.  With US rockets,
           you build the rocket just slightly better than it needs to be,
           then do a shitload of analysis to prove that it works.  In
           the Soviet Union, you make it on the whole more robust,
           and if it fails, you don't worry as much about it, and build
           another one.  I would consider Soviet aerospace industry
           probably as successful as Western during the Cold War, but
           aerospace is just about the only sector of their economy
           that didn't suck.  Nowadays, even their aerospace industry
           has problems; it is difficult to think positively about
           \_ Yeah, look at their 'contributions' to the international
              space station, and tell me they dont suck...
                \_ That's just a money issue.
           \_ Their materials sciences were and still are well ahead of the
        \_ Former USSR makes their condoms like their rockets.
           \_ Is *THAT* why there were so many of those damn Russian
              emigres in the EECS department?
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