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2000/7/10 [Uncategorized] UID:18625 Activity:nil
7/9     HOT FLASH! Man endures menopause! Story at 11!
2000/7/10 [Consumer/Camera, Recreation/Media] UID:18626 Activity:insanely high
        aye.  Deckard == Replicant.
                \_ Bruce Willis == ALready dead (6th sense) note the //ism
        \_ Everyone knows this already.
           \_ AH!  But did you know that Deckard was a failed homosexual?
        \_ If you didn't already figure this out after watching the Director's
           Cut, you're a moron.  -mogul
        \_  note: it didn't work for me until i loaded the directory
            and then clicked on the bladerunner link.  stoopid web server --oj
        \_ my officemate called my reaction to this article "very pomo"
           which apparently means "post mosternist". i know i should hit him,
           for using the term, but is this considered and insult or a
           compliment? -ali
           \_ so what was your reaction?
          \_ yes, it is.  i think it depends if he's a "pomo" himself. --oj
           \_ what is a "mosternist"?
           \_ Only losers have ever used the term "pomo" and to be using
              it in the 21st century means BIG-loser. Therefore, you
              \_ not as "BIG-loser" as not knowing what a "century" is
              shouldnt feel insulted or complimented by him. If you do, then
              you're the loser. Hit yourself.
        \_ soda motd cum slashdot gateway! thanks!
2000/7/10-12 [Recreation/Media] UID:18627 Activity:insanely high
7/9     Has anyone read the Harry Potter books?  Are they as good as the
        hype make them out to be?
        \_ they're really good children's books, i found them
           to be entertaining, on the level as "the mouse and the
           motorcycle", "charlie and the chocolate factory",
           "stuart little", etc.  the funky names for some things
            in there are a little cheezy, but otherwise, it's all good.
            people die in those books, get severly injured.  and
            the fun thing that you might've heard about on t.v.
            is that the main characters are always out and about
            messing around and defying authority and rules in general.
            but all for a good purpose in the end of course.  the first
            book is the best, and the continuity between the successive
            books is a neat thing.  The Anti-Potter comments below,
            just ignore.  Best thing to do though is just grab
            the first 3 at the library and see if you even like the
        \_ They're as good as any mass-market trash.
           \_ Dude, they're children's books.  I bet you were mad because
              Star Wars 1 was juvenile and simplistic too.  And anyway,
              they piss off the middle American religious nut crowd.  -John
                   \_ Do not use improper language; you are being disrepectful
                      to your namesake and all He has sacrificed for.
                   \_ I was mad that phantom menace looked like a beta for
                      the 1976 star wars movie.
                   \_ I was mad because the time spend downloading and
                      burning the movie to CD could have been better
                      spent giving myself a lobotomy. It was so bad that
                      it wasn't even worth the effort to pirate it.
              \_ They're mediocre childrens' books.  There are much better
                 authors in the same genre.  Try Philip Pullman, or Diana Wynne
                 Jones to name a couple.
                 \_ Better yet, Dav Pilkey and _The Adventures of
                    Captain Underpants_.  Excellent reading for a
                    bright 6-8 year old or average high schooler. -mel
        \_ Stop reading Harry Potter!!!!! It's full of hidden messages
           from Satan!!!
                \_ No it isn't.  The messages from Satan are right there.
                   \_ Ooh. More self-referential trolls! Whoohoo!
                        \_ That was two different people.
        \_ None of these people have read the Harry Potter Books. They're
           wonderful, on the level of any of Roald Dahl's best stuff. Adults
             \_ Modern writing style is important.  What are you going to do
                when the kid asks what a "jalopy" or "chinese junk" is and
                you don't know either? --oj
           are clamoring for a recovering of the series so they don't look
           silly reading in on the subway. I read the first three
           back-to-back-to-back. I could not recommend any kiddy lit higher.
           [... re-formatted to 80-columns to protect the clueless ...]
           \_ Tolkien's Lord of the Rings and Hobbit are classics though...
                \_ The Hobbit was really weak.  Read with an open mind as a
                   piece of literature and you'll find it rather boring and
                   pretty lame overall.  There's not much story there.
                   \_ Go away stupid troll.
                        \_ Sorry to have ripped out a little bit of your soul &
                           childhood fantasies, but it wasn't a troll.  I've
                           recently re-read the hobbit and it was even worse
                           than I remembered from HS.  This isn't a troll.  Go
                           read the damned thing again with honest eyes and
                           see for yourself.  It would never make it today.
              \_ Tasteless Tolkien ragging deleted.  Mine more taste.
                \_ reading Tolkien is about as fun as reading the most
                   dry history book you can find.
           \_ umm, Roald Dahl's best stuff is not for kids.  At all.
           \_ Some of the DH Lawrence and Lewis Caroll stuff is much
              better. Harry Potter is basically a repackaging of Hardy Boys
              and Nancy Drew with a more modern writing style. A friend of
              mine bought them for his kids and I tried to read them. I
              found it hard to get through the first one and couldn't
              finish the second one. Adults that read this stuff either have
              young kids or would consider Danielle Steele et al. literary
              \_ DH Lawrence? He writes soft porn! What good children's
                 books of his do you recommend?
        \_ I was in line at midnight for my pre-ordered book.
        \_ I was there at the first thing 9 a.m. in the morning at
           Stacey's.  I couldn't believe busy the registers became
           within the first 5 minutes...
        \_ You all just do not get the point! The point is that all
           your classmates are reading it, so you read it too!
           It's one of those things that characterize a generation.
              \_ My gradeschool classmates don't read!  Reading is for losers!
              \_ it's definitely not a group bandwagon thing though.
                 somebody got me a pile of books for my birthday,
                 the first harry potter book being one of them.
                 so i thought, "oh bloody hell, person x spent
                 on this thing, i should read it." but i ended
                 up liking it.
                \_ ahh shaddup you white people.
           \_ Hi kane!
           \_ I read all my friends' children excerpts from the Soda motd
              before bed.  It builds character.  -John
                                     \_ "what kind of...."
                \_ is this before or after you molest them?
                        \_ Yes. -John
           \_ Does Ayn Rand advise using ALL CAPS at ALL TIMES as well?
              \_ YES
                \_tHANK yOU.
           \_ Quiet Ilyas.
              \_ That was someone trying to make fun of me and failing.
                 -- ilyas
                 \_ Actually, I didn't have you in mind at all when I wrote
                    that.  But if you're a hardcore Randie, that deserves to
                    be made fun of far more than the whole "tell us about
                    the stars" thing -- original ALL-CAPS poster
                    \_ The "tell us about the stars" thing is funny?  Do you
                       even know what that's about, or are you just repeating
                       it and sniggering because everyone else is too?  Oh, and
                       sign your name.
                       \_ No, it's not funny, which is why being a Randie is
                           \_ for the same reason we laugh at retards.
                              \_ Are you going to give a real reason or
                                 continue sniggering with the rest of the mob?
                                 \_ Sniggering has proven quite amusing so far.
                                        --first time on this thread
                          far more deserving a reason to be made fun of.  Like
                          I said.
                          \_ Why is being a Randie funny?
                           \_ for the reason we laugh at drooling retards
2000/7/10-11 [Finance/CC] UID:18628 Activity:low
7/9     When you guys buy mail order stuff, do you usually send it to
        your work place or at home?
        \_ I send it to the same address listed on the credit card account.
        \_ Work.  Even if buying with a private credit card.  I've had stuff
           damaged by being left in the rain or snow at home, while at work
           the mailroom will just put it in my office for me. - seidl
        \_ definitely work. If you're not home to pick up your shit, you
           get this yellow tag which says you need to pick the shit up during
           your work hour.
2000/7/10 [Uncategorized] UID:18629 Activity:nil
7/9     San Jose Merky News is pure trash. Do NOT subscribe to it. Get
        NY Times or LA Times.
2000/7/10-11 [Politics/Domestic/Gay, Recreation/Media] UID:18630 Activity:high
7/9     Not that I'm gay or anything, but after watching Phreaks and Geeks
        last night (the D&D episode), I kept thinking about E260, tom,
        and the netrekers last night...
        \_ what does gay have to do with D&D, E260, tom, and netrekers?
         \_ everything -aspo
        \_ Are you using "gay" to mean "stupid"?  That is so 80s...
           Uh...wait...  do you even remember the 80s?
           \_ I had the Story of O in my bucket seat of my wanna be Mustang.
                \_ I lived the Story of O with yermom.
        \_ What's Phreaks and Geeks?  Sorry for not being up on the latest
           chic in geek culture.
                \_ Freaks and Geeks was one of the few good shows on network
                   TV last year, which is why NBC killed it.
                        \_ It was about d&d playing computer nerds?  What's so
                           good about that?
                             \_ it's a semi-romanticized version of the
                                way things in high school should've been
                                to make things memorable, as opposed
                                to a good portion of us who are angry and
                                bitter and apathetic about the whole time,
                                or a mixture of the three.
                                \_ Excellent summary. Sign your name.
        \_ i heard that there's a petition to get it back somewhere else,
           anybody know where the main one is?  it's one of the
           few shows i actually watch on network television
                -- too cheap and to busy to buy cable
        \_ what's E260? Sun Ultra 260?                  -freshman
2000/7/10 [ERROR, uid:18631, category id '31298#1' has no name! , ] UID:18631 Activity:nil
7/9     Slashdot reprint deleted.
2000/7/10-11 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:18632 Activity:high
7/10    What's the deal witht the lost+found directory at the root
        of each of my RH linux partitions?  Has anyone ever had use for it?
        What happens if i delete it? Pointers to online explanation also
        \_ if the file system gets corrupted and there are files that
                \_ if it's ext2fs, that should be "when it gets corrupted",
                   there's no if about it
           can't be placed correctly they will get put there
           \_ If your file systems gets sufficiently corrupted, it
              won't matter that you got the files recovered. You'll
              never be able to tell one file from another except by
              looking at the contents. Try that for a 4 gig or greater
              \_ If your car gets sufficiently smashed in an accident, it
                 won't matter that an ambulence is dispatched.  It'll never
                 be able to save you.  But then an ambulence is still
                 dispatched in every accident.  Right?
        \_ you're doing backups, right?  You *are* doing backups.
           \_ dude, its RH. Crash and Burn by definition.
                \_ yeah, especially that redhat box I just upgraded from
                   2.0.36 that had been up for 320 days.  Man what a piece
                   of junk.  -tom
                   \_ Man, I don't remember soda being up that long .. ever.
                      \_ I dont know a machine that does as much as soda on
                         so little.
                        \_ Well, that particular box is the web server and
                           e-mail server for the Physics department, and is
                           a PII/266.   It's not as heavily used as soda but
                           it's not trivial use either.  -tom
                   \_ that's nothing! my NT machine hasn't crashed in
                   over 500 hours!  hmmm. .. wait a minute.. that sucks.
2000/7/10-11 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:18633 Activity:kinda low
7/10    Anybody have experience with qmail.  Is it better than sendmail?
        Is it enough so as to be worth switching to?
        \_ qmail is more secure. it's also a snap to configure. mail
           me if you have more specific questions. --aaron
                \_ Secure?  Uh... got any references that prove that there's
                   current security flaws in sendmail that don't exist in
                   qmail and not the reverse?  Or is this just a gut feeling
                   and long running internet gospel and rumor?
        \_ qmail is supposed to be faster than sendmail but I wasn't sending
           enough mail for that to matter.  Sendmail has more function and
           features and bells n whistles n clowns banging on drums and
           juggling flaming wands.  For a general purpose mail server, just
           use sendmail.
        \_ I'm using postfix as I had some problems with the domain
           masquerading in qmail. Postfix seems to be secure now, at
           least as secure as sendmail.
           least as secure as sendmail. ----ranga
2000/7/10-11 [Uncategorized] UID:18634 Activity:high
7/10    When is ultra3 coming out from sun?
        \_ Dey iz comming owt wen deyz goode an redie!
        \_ Soon(TM).
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