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2000/7/9-10 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:18621 Activity:high
7/8     Could someone PLEASE fix emacs so that it will autocomplete
        method names based on context in cc-mode? thank you. -ali.
        (yes, i know about vc++)
        \_ not me again!
           \_ also, please make it so that clicking on errors in
              *compilation-mode* always works, not just when the piece of
              shit decides. thank you.
        \_ Isn't all this emacs stuff shit you can put in your own
           .emacs file?  Why don't you folks write the correct elisp and
           put it in your own dot file, or submit it for inclusion in the
           system files.  This is a student run computer and membership in
           the csua is not the same as having an account on a random host.
           If you can't write elisp, go learn.  It'll do you good and then
           you won't have to whine about every little thing.  Or go use pico.
           \_ damn, you didn't sign this so we all can laugh at you
              \_ sign your own name, too
              \_ i think you want to use the subjunctive here, not the present.
           \_ kid, when you grow up, you'll realize that no matter how good
              of a hacker you are, you can't hack EVERYTHING you want. you
              need to enlist help, and bitch at people who would benefit more
              than you from the act of hacking itself.
                \_ Kid?  Funny.  I'm likely much older than you.  At least I
                   know elisp enough to get it to do what I want and I don't
                   whine at others when they haven't made my life perfect.  I
                   don't bitch or whine at anyone for their 'benefit' either.
                   \_  yeah , but you stil engage in juvenile flame wars
                       on the motd.  thats really pretty sad.
                        -juvenile flame warrior
2000/7/9 [Uncategorized] UID:18622 Activity:high
7/8     hello, does anyone have any suggestions for lodging in monaco?
        i'd like to ask about something most of you don't know, just to show
        off about my impending travels.
        \_ "impending"? Sounds like it is menace about to occur, hovering
           threateningly. There's a saying about travel and such attitude.
                \_ Monaco?  Try the Blue Parrot.  Off 4th and Harbor.  Can't
                   miss it.
2000/7/9 [Uncategorized] UID:18623 Activity:high
7/8     hello, does anyone here own a turbo porsche?  I'd like to ask about
        something most of you don't know, for the point of showing off.
        \_ Showing off the small penis that the porsche makes up for?
                \_ It doesn't make up for it.
2000/7/9 [Uncategorized] UID:18624 Activity:nil
7/8     What is the typical "home cooked" meal eaten after work?
        \_ asian pussy
                \_ Not in my house.  We don't cook it.
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