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2000/7/6 [Industry/Startup] UID:18594 Activity:very high
7/5     Are most startups shitty places to work, or is it only startups
        managed by fobs (indian or otherwise)?
        I'm leaving a shitty fob startup and just wanted to get an idea
        if other startups are just as bad as mine.
        \_ I work at a startup and I love it.  -- ilyas
                \_ tell us about the fobs, ilyas...
                \_ FOB = Fresh Off Boat, ie any non-english speaking
                   style and socially impared immigrant, esp Asian. -- troll
           \_ I don't think you got the point.  Is it managed by fobs?
                \_ FOB = Fresh Off Boat, ie any non-english speeking
                   style and socially impared imigrant, esp Asian. -- troll
              \_ Well, I am answering his question.  Also, I always thought
                 fob was some sort of vietnamese high-school gang thing.
                 -- ilyas
                 \_ Well, you were always wrong.  Love those ivory towers....
        \_ do NOT work for an Indian company. They're shrewd and really
           know how to rip you off.
        \_ I worked at two startups not managed by fobs and I love them.
           -- fob
        \_ Been at 1 fob, 2 non fobs.  First nonfob was bought out and never
           really went anywhere.  fob was ok but I left after a year.  Now
           at non-fob.  It's ok.  Everyone company has problems.  Pick a
           company with problems you can deal with.
        \_ fobs typically smell really bad because of a blatant disregard
           of body odor and basic oral hygiene...
                - the anti-fob
           \_ Yes, and the only people that can equal them are the fat
              natives.  I think it's because they can't clean under their
              thick folds of flesh.  I used to have a fat native colleague
              and a fat native TA.  They smell really bad!  One has fingers
              so fat he can barely type.  He keeps making mistakes and saying
                \_ Let's kill and eat them!  Save the cows!  Kill a fat
              "Oops!  Sorry!  Fat fingers!".  The fat native colleague is
              somewhat of an asshole too ...  - the anti-fat-natives
                \_ My fobs weren't smellier than any other engineers and
                   mostly less so.
              \_ Save cows!  Kill and eat fat natives!
                      \_ The Cow King appreciates your sentiment.
              \_ Someone did put a hat on some ham!
        \_ startups have startup problems.  fobs have fob problems.  fob
           startups have fob and startup problems.
        \_ FOBs drive the American economy; 2GOBs are still ok. 3GOBs and
           thereafter are mostly fat lazy fucks.
           \_ That's the side effect of naturalizing.  Too bad.
                \_ Nah, it's a direct effect.  They become just like the
                   rest of the population and by generation 4 or 5 start
                   joining the welfare lists with all the blacks and half
                   the mexicans.
2000/7/6-7 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:18595 Activity:high
7/5     Is there a way to get a shell (tcsh if it matters) to "steal" a job
        from another shell? Ie: I start process X (in the background) from
        shell 1; then the connection through which shell 1 was opened dies,
        but the shell apparently never receives a HUP and continues running,
        with the process running as well; I then log in again and want to
        somehow get that process in the foreground of my new shell.
        \_ use screen
           \_ thanks, but anything that can work post-facto?
              \_ No.  This is known as process migration.  Some research
                 OSes (Amoeba, I believe, maybe Plan 9? (don't think so))
                 can do this, but not Vanilla Unix-Like-OS.
                 \_ what the fuck? this is NOT called process migration.
                    process migration is hard because it involves moving
                    process ACROSS MACHINES. he just wants to talk to the
                    pty the process was running on. this is an easy problem
                    and screen solves it. you have to be REALLY stupid to
                    come up with a reply like yours.
                    \_ So screen will talk to a process that's already been
                       left without a tty?  What's the screen command for
                       \_ No, it won't, but if you ran it in a screen window,
                          your terminal session could die and you could
                          reattach it later.  --dbushong
                \_ VMS (a non-research OS) did this 20 years ago.  It's no
                   big deal, just something Unix never picked up.
                   \_ i think it would be a pretty simple hack to linux to
                      do this. you need to reattach to the pty side of the
                      tty, and you need to change the pgroup of the process.
                      anything else involved? i'm guessing reattaching to
                      ptys needs a kernel hack. or maybe the mechanism is
                      already there. in either case, it's a simple hack.
                      someone should volunteer.
                        \_ That's the great thing about open source.  The
                           do-it-yourself nature.  Go do it.
                           \_ Yourself.
                      \_ Everyone always says i should volunteer for stuff
                         \_ I always get blamed for everything
2000/7/6-7 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:18596 Activity:kinda low
7/5     I am trying to get internet explorer to download a file.  I send
        it headers like:

        HTTP/1.1 200 OK
        Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=foo.txt
        Cache-control: private
        Connection: close
        Content-Type: application/octet-stream
        Content-Length: xx

        And then the xx bytes that make up the file.  It saves it, but
        the browser doesn't recognize that the download is over:
        the little globe keeps twirling, and it tries to stay connected.
        What do I send it to tell it that the transfer is done?
        \_ Just a guess, but maybe the web server needs to close the
        \_ Did you send it correct number of xx bytes? check the RFC or ee122
           \_ More specifically, check whether the byte count is post-MIME
              or pre-MIME
        \_ Some versions of IE have a bug that makes the wait cursor
           and spinny logo not go away after the dowload is completed and
           the file saved. Try a few different versions of IE and potentially,
           different browsers to verify that is/is not what you are seeing.
           If you suspect you are hitting it, find sites on the web
           that spew files for saving and see if they exhibit the same
           behaviour. Workarounds include forced refreshes and the
           various 'redirect'n'ftp' hacks you see on download sites. A
           good way to check correctenes of lengths/headers/ra ra ra is
           to run through a proxy and dump the relevant info to a log. -pvg
2000/7/6-7 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:18597 Activity:high
7/6     Are there motherboards that will take either a K6-2 or an Athlon?
        (so i can be cheap and get a k6-2 and upgrade later)
        \_ no.
        \_ The difference in price between an Abit socket 370 and the abit
           slot A MB is less than 40-50 dollars, and the difference between
           a 450mhz-k62 and athlon 650 is less than 50 dollars.
        \_ If the extra $50 means so much to you, wait 3 or 4 weeks.  Prices
           will have dropped $50 by then and you won't have to be a wimp.  Or
           you could wait 3 or 4 weeks, buy the cheaper system and have $50
           to take a girl out somewhere nice, once.  Never know.  Might get
           lucky.  I think that's a better option for you.
           \_ If you are so miserly, forget the girl, go for the sure thing
              and spend it on hardware.
                \_ Miserly?  $50 is already way too much to spend on a date
                   with a college chick.  Nothing miserly about that.
                   \_ Oops, i forgot! At Berkeley, the girl pays half,
                      *especially* if it's to "somewhere nice".
        \_ The difference in price between a 450mhz-k6-2 and an athalon 650
           is $125 (and there abouts where I'm looking, where are you looking?)
2000/7/6-7 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:18598 Activity:nil
7/6     So What's the word on the AMD Durons?
        \_ Aren't they released already?
        \_ Go to sharkeys or toms hardware for this sort of info.  It's
           where the rest of us are getting our info.
2000/7/6-7 [Transportation/Car] UID:18599 Activity:high
7/6     I'm a white guy with a bike who runs Linux and I saw this really
        really pretty Asian girl in class who is working on her MCSE+I and
        drives a BMW.  Is there hope for us?
        \_ i don't think ethnicity applies to trolls.  only humans.
        \_ Probably not.  A girl, Asian or not, driving a BMW probably won't
           appreciate your reason for riding a bike or running Linux.
        \_ This is obviously a troll.
           Everhone knows asian chix drive mercedes', not beemers.
           \_ Shit. I better tell my woman she's driving the wrong car.
         \_I am the cute girl you saw, and no, there is no hope for you.
2000/7/6-7 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:18600 Activity:high
7/6     Anyone knows of a good AT-form factor (not ATX) motherboard for
        use with Pentium IIIs or Celerons?  I want to upgrade an older
        system (166MMX) and need to change the motherboard for a faster
        CPU but my computer case is for AT type motherboards, but they
        seem to be a dying breed.  Where can I find a good one of those?
        Asus P2B-B, I believe.
        \_ Asus P2B-B, I believe.
        \_ Anus P2B-B, I believe.
        \_ So you're going to keep your 5 y/o video, disk, and other crap
           and just replace the cpu/mb?  And you'll get top notch performance?
           No.  You're wasting your money.  Either up to a K6-2 300 or just
           buy all new everything.  I upgraded my p5-166 by copying my
           personal data to a newly purchased p3 system and installing unix
           on the p5.  Amazing what a decent little server a p5 still makes.
           \_ DO NOT get a K6-2 300.  They're defective.  I've attempted
                4 different linux/BSD installs and they ALL crash.  That
                machine is still collecting dust.  Fuck AMD.
                \_ Yep.  Must be the AMD.  Couldn't possibly be any of the
                   other hardware or something you fucked up.  Fuck AMD.
                   \_ Right.  That's why AMD offered to replace them for
                        awhile, but then refused to exchange mine.
                        Obviously because other hardware was fucked.
                \_ I had lots of problems with AMD and Cyrix.  Save yourself
                   a headache now or later... go with Intel, linux is
                   developed on it.   Also, watchout that the 3com ethernet
                   card is the exact one specified as supported.  I once
                   got a 3com905b instead of a 3com905, and it wasnt
                   supported.  Get an intel etherexpress, and save headaches.
                        -- have 5 linux machines, have intel stock
           \_ I can upgrade other stuff when there is a need.  Right now,
              I think if I don't upgrade my motherboard, I may not be able
              to find any AT motherboard later.  Upgrading the cpu/mb to
              say a celeron is cheap too. My 4mb diamond stealth vram is old,
              but it's good enough if I just run unix and don't play games.
              2 gigs of HD ain't bad.  I also really like my solid steel
              mini-tower case from pcpowercooling and ain't ready to
              dump it yet.  I am getting a Dell because I don't want to
              build a new system from scratch anymore, but I want to keep
              my old system useful for a few more years, hence the mb/cpu
              upgrade.  Thanks for your advice though.
                \_ Point being that you're not going to get that much out of
                   it so you're wasting money.  Graduate, avoid grad school,
                   get job, buy new hardware, be happy.
                   \_ Nah, with maybe $130, I can make it a very decent unix
                      box.  Why spend $800-$900 for a new entry level PC?
2000/7/6-9 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:18601 Activity:moderate
7/6     Linux question: If I have a program (for example PALM
        software that synchronizes my computer with my PALM) that
        says it only runs under Windows 95, 98, or NT, is there
        any way to have Linux on my computer and still run this
        program on my computer?
        \_ plenty of palm syncing programs for linux out there
            \_ Are they free, and are they the same as the Win95 version?
              \_ They are free.  They sync the palm.  It would take you
                 10 minutes to find them and try them out.
                 10 minutes to find them and try them out.  (Meaning it
                 has been several years since I had one of those things
                 and I don't know the details anymore)
                   \_ Cool, thanks!
        \_ Dual-boot or run VMware.
                \_ What exactly does Dual-boot mean?  Is that when you
                        partition your hard drive so it has both Linux
                        and Windows?  What are the advantages and
                        disadvantages of this?  And what is VMware?
                        \_ 1) Yes.
                           2) You get your choice of OS'es but can only
                                run one at a time.
                             \_ Can you access files from either OS, or are
                                files specific to only one OS?
                                \_ yes, you can mount your windows partition
                                \_ Linux can mount Windows parititions, but
                                   Windows can't do linux.  Just put all the
                                   files you want to share in a Windows
                                   \_ Windows can using linux file systems if
                                      Linux is properly configured for it.
           \_ Can VMware run on top of VMware, like the way VM on IBM 370 can?
                \_ No.  Why would you want to anyway?
                   \_ Because the 370 now runs Linux?
           Look up dual-boot.  Go to some Linux sites with the information
           you gain here and read up on installing Linux and Windows
           on the same computer.  You're in for some fun.
        \_ Also, Palm sync program is built-in to latest Solaris 7 and 8.
           Versions earlier than that & you can d/l the pack from
           Runs fine on this new Ultra 5 with solaris.
2000/7/6-9 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:18602 Activity:nil
7/6     On startup (RH linux) i get a mesg. to the effect: finding module
        dependencies dep-mod error reading elf header no such file or directory.
        What is going on?
        \_ that's "a mesg. to the effect that your modules are screwed up".
           If you want help, post the error message. -tom
        \_ Let me guess, you rebuild the kernel and screwed up? elf ,
           scsi/ide, and ext2 fs support should -not- be built as
           loadable modules unless you know what you are doing.
2000/7/6-9 [Recreation/Travel] UID:18603 Activity:kinda low
7/6     Anybody ever used for rental cars or hotel rooms?  What
        was your experience.  I want to do a trial run, but they don't really
        allow that.
           \_ go directly to the hotels website and get discounts there, or use
    , they list discounts.
        \_ My girlfriend rented us a hotel in Manhattan via priceline and
           we probably got the worst room in the hotel and paid about
           $145/night instead of the usual $185/night.  Her sister did
           the same thing previously and got a really nice hotel room
           at about a $60/night discount.  You could get lucky, but
           it seems like there is a good chance that they will stick
           you with the worst rooms.
        \_ yes, but i didnt win.  their prices arent that great... go
           directly to the hotels website and get discounts there, or use
 , they list discounts.  For car rentals, go through
           your company, and get nice upgrades.
2000/7/6-9 [Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:18604 Activity:nil
7/6     Is there a way to see the current value of stuff set in /etc/system
        on Solaris?  Other than adb?
        \_ For some settings yes, for others no.
        \_ sysdef -i will give you many of them.
2019/01/15 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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