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2000/7/4-5 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:18581 Activity:nil
7/3     How does one tell a browser to use a specified stylesheet with a given
        xml doc?  I use <?xml-stylesheet type="text/xml" href="./style.xsl"?>
        but my browser (IE) still displays it in the default xml-only format.
        Does using a stylesheet require a DTD?
        \_ No, IE is just very finicky about your stylesheet and has poor
           error reporting- if your xsl is bad, it just won't display
           anything. You have to  specify the correct names space, and
           (probably) include some default templates to match for stuff
           that you otherwise wouldn't bother accounting for, for example:
           <xsl:template match="text()|@*">
                <xsl:value-of select="."/>
           see also
2000/7/4-5 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:18582 Activity:insanely high
7/4     Let's hear it for M$, they finally have an OS that you can change
        the IP on without restarting! (how many years after unix?).
                                       \_ The problem is that the general
                                          public (and even some lame computer
                                          folks) don't know that, just like
                                          they don't know that other OS's on PC
                                          supported preemptive multitasking,
                                          long filenames, etc. years before
                                          WinXX did.
                                          \_ You're forgetting to mention
                                             that the "general public" has a
                                             very fuzzy concept of filename,
                                             and is more likely to consider
                                             "preemptive" a Vietnamese dish
                                             rather than a computer term.
                                          \_ Why should they care?
        In all seriousness, win2K seems very nice compared to 98 & NT.
        However, the install is detecting my HP Nvidia TNT2 pro card as an
        NVIDIA GEForce DDR (HP) and won't take the drivers i have
        downloaded for the TNT for win2k.  Thus i am afraid to continue
        the upgrade from 98.  Any advice?
        \_ W2k is nice(r than other Windows) but you still can't change
           from dhcp to static IPs and vice versa without rebooting.  Also,
           it won't run some of my games that were written specifically for
           Win9x.  Don't upgrade (and yes, it is a step up) unless you
           have lots of disk available.  In fact, don't upgrade at all,
           just install from scratch.  And regarding the TNT2 stuff, I
           thought it supported those just fine?  -John
        \_ have a cookie, troll. -dans
           \_ dans, you are so dense, you wouldn't know a troll if it
              came up to you and rammed you in the ass.  PSB #1 FAN!!!
                \_ You are not the -psb #1 Fan.  The real one wouldn't reply
                   to a thread that didn't involve the psb.  -psb #1 Fan
           \_ This isn't a troll.  Just a clueless person who just joined the
              late 1990's.  Do try to differentiate a bit better.
                \_ Actually, it is part troll, part serious praise of
                   what is a much better product than previouis versions
                and a question (still unanswered).  I fail to see why you
                think i just joined the late 90's though as the topic
                is about a product with 2K in the friggin' name and which
                didn't have a working version (the beta was a nightmare)
                untill this year. -The original poser
                \_ Because what MS has 'innovated' lately is what everyone
                   else was doing years ago.  It's like talking about the
                   latest patch to Amiga OS or the TRS-80.  As far as your
                   particular card goes, if you had the experience you claim,
                   you'd know that what MS installs isn't important.  You
                   install as a generic VGA and then grab the most recent
                   stable drivers from the net.  *That* is the answer to your
                   question.  You did of course check the MS hardware
                   compatibility list to make sure your card is supported
                   *before* you installed, didn't you?
          \_ when did trolls start liking cookies?
                \_ I coined it earlier this year to amuse myself and it caught
                   on.  Consider it an alumni gift.  :-)  --troll cookie baker
2000/7/4-6 [Computer/Networking] UID:18583 Activity:high
7/4     Anyone have recent experience ordering 100mb routers and switches
        from cisco?  We're trying to get stuff set up, but the networking
        folks claim that cisco has a 3 month turnaround time for orders.
        Is this for real?
        \_ depending on what kinda router, entirely possible.
           if its a relatively low end router you should just order through
           a reseller or someone like CDW or micro warehosue. -shac
        \_ We're being told 2+ months for a lot of our stuff from both Sun
           and Cisco.  Other stuff comes much sooner.  Depends.  Try another
           \_ Sun has $1 billion in backlogged orders. Get in line.
        \_ if you're getting LAN switches that's probably true.  You can
           thank 3com and the semi part shortage for the delay.  3com because
           they got out of the enterprise market and their customers are
           converting to cisco-powered networks.  And the semiconductor parts
           shortage is a industry-wide problem.  Won't be fixed until sometime
           early next year.  Buying from another (smaller) vendor won't do you
           the scare components.
           any good.  Only the big guys right now have the clout to purchase
           the scarce components.
           \_ if he is trying to buy through a reseller who buys directly
              from Cisco then he would be 10x more screwed over ordering it
              through something like cdw or someone who pulls it from a huge
              distributor who would probably have it in inventory someplace.
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