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2000/7/2-3 [Computer/Theory] UID:18576 Activity:high
7/1     Protein folding problem as special case of knapsack.  If you're
        serously interested in the below thread look into it.  Otherwise
        shut up bioinformatics wannabes.        -bioinformatics stud
        \_ dynamic programming approximations do DAMN well, though
                                             - computer science stud
           \_ approximations in one domain don't carry over into other
              domains under most incarnations of mapping. -!stud
                \_ think smith-waterman algorithm (DP algorithm for PSM :)
                   \_ urlP
                   \_ urlP / referenceP
                      \_ googleP
                \_ what the FUCK are you guys talking about?
                   English motherfucker  do you speak it?!
                   \_ Better than you.
Berkeley CSUA MOTD:2000:July:02 Sunday <Saturday, Monday>