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2000/6/29 [Computer/SW/Editors/Vi] UID:18562 Activity:kinda low
6/28    In vi I can do 5dw, 5w, d$, 2cw, etc... how do you do that in emacs?
        \_ fuck you
        \_ Specify a numeric arg: M-n n n, or C-n n n, or C-u n n n.  Commands
           like cw don't make sense because they assume a modal paradigm.
        \_ M-x viper-mode
2000/6/29 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:18563 Activity:high 55%like:17557
6/28    I've generated a list of popular trolls. Now I'm wondering
        what are some examples of a good meta-trolls?
        \_ self-referential ones are good.
           \_ Like, say, this one
                \_ Hello aaron!

        /- You people are ALL NUTS, sheesh!
        \_ Learn some English, buddy.
2000/6/29 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/HW] UID:18564 Activity:nil
6/28    Does CSUA still accept donations for hardware and so forth?
        If so please email me info, thanks   -- stevie
        \_ donations@csua
2000/6/29 [Uncategorized] UID:18565 Activity:nil
6/29    Larry Ellison is one arrogant bastard.
        \_ As arrogant as tom?  Or tjb?
2000/6/29-7/1 [Health, Health/Men] UID:18566 Activity:high 52%like:18569
6/29    Why do muscles swell during a workout? I don't understand the benefit
        or the method (ie, how do the cells suddenly become hypertonic to the
        rest of the body?)
        \_ besides "looking good", what are some actual physiological
           benefit of working out? Wouldn't aerobic excercise be better than
                is the pump.  Your muscles get filled with blood." -Arnold
           just pumping out?
           \_ there is no benefit to being a pumped up monster.  however,
              being in good cardiovascular condition and being generally
              toned and strong is just good health.
           \_ Well, what do you mean by "better"?  If you're trying to lose
              weight, doing both is good, because the more muscle mass you
              have, the more calories your body's burning just sitting
              around doing nothing.  Cardiovascular exercise itself actually
              burns more calories while you're doing it, of course.
           \_ In some sports such as football and basketball being big
              and strong can be a significant advantage.  Also, being big
              helps prevent injury (assuming you don't lose flexibility).
                \_ The blood does go to your muscles, which leaves less in
                   your veins.  Your body compensates by adding water to your
                   bloodstream, which can cause you to get incredibly thirsty
              Finally, if you're scrawny people tend to pick on you, while
              if you're buff, everyone acts friendly.  Once you finish
              high school this isn't as big a deal, though.
              \_ Only if you goto a nerdy school like cal surrounded by
                 nerds. Otherwise at other schools, it's almost the same
                 (except you dont get physically picked on).
                 After that, it's almost the opposite. The big hulking
                 guys cant get a good job, but the scrawy ones with brains
                 do an IPO and get rich and then everyone acts friendly.
                 \_ Keep dreaming, wimp.

        \_ blood
                \_ "The first thing you notice when you begin to work out
                    is the pump.  Your penis get filled with blood." -Arnold
                \_ The blood does go to your penis, which leaves less in
                   your brain.  Your body compensates by adding water to your
                   bloodstream, which can cause you to get incredibly horny
                   very quickly.
        \_ when you work out, you use up oxygen more as respiration process
             to produce ATP.  Most likely, when the oxygen level of your
             blood stream lowers, a negative feedback pathway will
             increase the heart beat rate to pump more blood (thus
             oxygen) into the circulatory path way.
2000/6/29 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:18567 Activity:nil
6/29    Death to ASUC, CTE, and Neds! and,
        go go go!
        \_ does your penis swell during a blowjob?
2000/6/29-7/1 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:18568 Activity:very high
6/29    A typical 32 bit RISC architecture has 32 bits/instruction. That
        means each instruction is 32 bits, w/6 bits op code and the rest
        is operands, const, etc. RISC binaries are usually bigger than
        that of variable instruction set CISC (e.g. x86, Java byte code).
        So does that mean a 64 bit machine with binaries compiled for its
        native instruction set have a much bigger size than that of the
        original 32 bit counterpart because the operands and const are now
        much bigger?
        \_ no.  that just means that your register sizes can be up to
           64-bits wide without artificial concatination like in the
           MIPS I/II ISA.  MIPS III/IV which are both 64-bit architectures
           still use 32 bit instructions but their registers are larger
           and are capable of using 40/44-bit addressing.  CISC instructions
           on average, are not considerably smaller than RISC because of
           their variable lengths.  Keep in mind that many CISC instructions
           actually exceed 32-bits.
                \_ so what happens when I have two operands that are 32
                   bits, and would overflow on a 32 bit machine but not on a
                   64 bit machine? Also, do 32 bit operands get sign
                   extend? Also, wouldn't you need a 64 bit instruction
                   to do the following more efficiently:

        \_ What does this have to do with swelling biological tissue?
                   \_ There are special intructions to load values into
                      the upper portion of the 64-bit registers.  I don't
                      know what they are off the top of my head but
                      download the MIPS IV ISA manual and you can find
                      out.  In terms of doing things efficiently, it is.
                      You have to look at things from a statistical
                      point of view.  Each 64-bit value comprise of 4
                      16-bits so theoretically you would need 4 instructions
                      to form a single value.  But for the common case,
                      most of those 16-bits are just zeros so it's not
                      as bad as you think.  And if you think about it,
                      it's much more efficient to do something with 4
                      instructions than to do it with 2 instructions
                      that are double the size because in the latter case
                      you force all instructions to double in size which
                      isn't necessary.
                      \_ just to add to that, many program store constants
                         in a certain part of the binary so it's a matter
                         of issuing a lw.d instruction.
                   \_ You use registers instead of immediates, dumbass.
                        \_ ali, is that you?
                          \_ no. obviously, you don't understand my style.
                             i only talk shit at people who think they know
                             something, give out wrong answers, and become
                             irate when you suggest to them that they should
                             add some uncertainty in their answers when they
                             clearly don't know what they're talking about.
                             i think the above is exemplary of what a good
                             motd exchange should look like. -ali
                             \_Because without ali here to keep things straight,
                                the motd would be full of anonymous trolls and
                                wrong answers and oh my!  We all owe a big
                                debt to ali for keeping the motd the pure source
                                of factual information that it is!  Three
                                cheers for ali!!!
                             \_   the arrogant punk speaketh again!
                                 -  anti-ali association (AAA)
                                 \_ Why do you have a problem with arrogance?
                                    So the man is smarter than you and knows
                                    it.  I mean it's not like it takes much
                                    to be smarter than you.
                                  \_ Arrogance is a bad thing.  Being smarter
                                     is not.  Being smarter is not the same
                                     thing as arrogance.  Try a dictionary.
                                        --smarter than you
                                     \_ Well said.
                                     \_ Why is arrogance a bad thing?  A
                                        smarter person is better than a less
                                        smart person and should treat the less
                                        smart person accordingly.
                                        \_ Arrogance is a Bad Thing because if
                                           we all lived the way you'd have it,
                                           life would suck for everyone.  You
                                           especially, I figure.
                                                --smarter than you
                                           \_ Why would it suck?  I am prepared
                                              to defer to my intellectual
                                              superiors.  This lame appeal
                                              to Kantian ethics will get you
                                              \_ Because Dalai Lama said so!
                                  \_ moron.  - the flaming goat
        \_ Actually, in sparc, for example, the cpu did 32-bit loads
           from memory. So you wanted both the instruction and the
           data to be contained in one 32-bit word. If I'm remembering
           my horrible sparc-asm encounter correctly.
                       \_ that dash shouldn't be there
           Or maybe that was the 64-bitcpu mess
           \_ much more common than loading a 64 bit constant is loading
              an immediate address with a small number of bits (like, say 10),
              and have that address point to a long constant. on an alpha,
              you see a lot of:
                      lda $1,some_const
                      ldq $17,0($1)
              where some_const is literal label which takes only a few bits
              to embed in an instruction. -ali
2000/6/29 [Health/Men] UID:18569 Activity:nil 52%like:18566
6/29    Why does a penis swell during a blowjob?  I don't understand the
        benefit or the method (ie, how the penis suddenly becomes sensitive
        to the tongue?)
        \_ blood. neurons.
        \_ the blowjob
        \_ Neurotransmitters mislead the primative unevolved parts
           of your brain ito thinking that you are about to reproduce.
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