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2000/6/28-29 [Reference/Tax, Transportation/PublicTransit] UID:18558 Activity:very high
6/28    Anybody opposed to extending the sales tax to fund Bart to San Jose?
        Sales tax is a very regressive tax.  The poor are paying for this
        BART extension.
        \_ Taxes are evil.  BART should be fully private.  The whole
           institution of public [transportation|housing|schools|utilities]
           is an evil remnant of the pro-communist New Deal.
                   \_ The New Deal, New Society, blah blah blah, the
                      luser COMMIES (I mean democrats) FDR, JFK, LBJ forced
                      on America are the worst thing that has ever happened
                      to this great nation. We would be 10 times the nation
                      we are today if not for the liberal communist junkies
                      holding us back.
                        \_ It's all the fault of the Illuminati.  Fortunately
                           the Majestic 12 have splintered off and are ready
                           to kick some ass.
                           \_ Majestic ... MAJESTIC!
                \_ It's not that taxes are evil, per se.  Some amount of tax
                   is necessary for services such as the police, fire, and
   cal from Fremont for 3 1/2 years (93-97) and in that
                      time the ticket price went from ~ 2.50 to ~ 5.50. They
                      more than doubled the ticket price, with the promise
                      of better service, but they never got around to fixing
                      the ticket machines, elevators or even increasing the
                      train frequency.

                   emergency medical folks.  The military can't be privately
                   funded either.  Sales tax for BART is ridiculous.  There
                   are cities such as Livermore that have been paying the BART
                   taxes for decades which have yet to receive their promised
                   BART station.  BART is corrupt.  I hate seeing public money
                   go to corrupt public institutions.  The water board is the
                   same.  And no, this is not a troll just because I disagree
                   with tom.  There's more to be said about BART but it makes
                                \_ then go find a machine at stanfurd to
                   me ill.  I'm going to stop now.  It's only the motd.
                   \_ Well said.  What is your name?
                        \_ Can't say.  I'd ruin my rep as an anonymous coward
                           and worthless troll.  :-)
                        \_ who said I disagree with you?  I'm the one saying
                           BART's a disaster below.  -tom
                           \_ tom, you are not allowed to agree with people
                              who talk sense.
                                         and Stanfurd?  -tom
                      got around to fixing the ticket machines, elevators or even
                           \_ We disagree about taxes in general.  Not BART.
                   \_ BART is exteremely corrupt. I rode BART every day to cal
                      from Fremont for 4 years (93-97) and in that time the
                      ticket price went from ~ 2.50 to ~ 5.50. This increase was
                      made under the promise of better service, but they never
                      got around to fixing the ticket machines, elevators or
                      increasing the train frequency. Near the end I started
                      driving to cal since it cost less.
                      The Light Rail in SJ is almost as bad. It is fairly
                      expensive per day and it doesn't stop anywhere remotely
                      useful. I only rode it with my ECO pass from Cisco to
                      get between the old bldgs (A-P) and the new ones (1-12)
                      while I was at Cisco.
                      \_ The assertion that SJ light rail "doesn't stop
                         anywhere remotely useful" depends on where it is you
                         want to go.  I found it particularly useful for going
                         from downtown to the airport.  Now that it goes all
                         the way up to downtown Mountain View, I'd say that it
                         goes to many more "useful" places.  I think the *real*
                         handicap of SJ light rail is that it travels at
                         *30 MILES AN HOUR* for much of its route (and there's
                         no signal preemption, so it stops at traffic signals).
                         It'd seem a lot easier to pry carheads out of their
                         cars if they could see rail moving faster than their
                         auto traffic.  For now, it's worse than the bus.
                           -- kahogan
                         \_ The day public transit is cheaper and faster than
                            driving and runs on my schedule, I'll think about
                            it.  In the meantime, keep pumping the oil.
                \_ get a life, troll.  -tom
                   \_ Stay out of my wallet you fucking liberal.
                        \_ Liberal means open minded.  I think you were looking
                           for the word 'leftist'.
                        \_ Stay away from public places and services, ASSHOLE!
                           \_ I learned to stay away from anything 'public'
                              when a private alternative exists (it's always
                              a better choice anyways).
                                \_ then go find a machine at stanford to
                                   troll on, weenie.  -tom
                                   \_ Does your little liberal mind understand
                                      the difference between something paid
                                      by coerced money (i.e. taxes) and
                                      something paid for, and maintained by
                                      \_ does your trolling ass understand
                                         the difference between UC Berkeley
                                         and Stanford?  -tom
                                        \_ note to nweaver: spelling it
                                           "stanfurd" isn't funny.  -tom
                                         \_ no, my ass doesn't understand
                                            anything except farting and pooping.
        \_ Anything that gets BART to san jose is a good thing.
           Even if "the poor" pay for most of it, they will be the ones
           to benefit from it, too.
                \_ The MTC did a study on south bay rail transit.  According
                   to the study, extending the existing light rail system to
                   Fremont would be *one-seventh* the cost of a BART extension
                   and would have *more* riders than the BART extension.
                   BART is a disaster.  -tom
                   \_ Tom, is this study online somewhere?  I'd love to see
                   \_ BART is a disaster?  Now look who is a troll?
                        \_ What would you call a system that costs 7 times
                           as much for fewer riders?   -tom
                           \_ I don't trust that study.  BART is immensely
                              useful in practice, though regretably too
                                \_ BART is useful to a small segment of people.
                                   It is just barely sufficient for many others.
                                   In general, BART is a corrupt waste for most
                                   everyone.  BART wasn't done right in the
                                   first place and politics have ruined what
                                   little was good.
        \_ It would be better to use some of the money they're cutting from
           vehicle license fees instead of sales taxes, but that will never
           fly politically, so we're stuck with the sales tax.
                \_ Gotta give those lexus owners their tax break. -nweaver
                   \_ I bet you ll change your tune when you get out of
                      school and get an actual job, instead of leeching off
                      your parents like you do now.
                           \_ He won't get a job if the Lexus owners don't
                              get a tax break. If the richest have money
                              to spend, the invest it in things that can
                              make them more money, which creates jobs that
                              employ people like nweaver. If you threaten
                              the wealthy, you threaten all of society.
                              \_ Voodoo economics, whee!  Go, Reagan!
                                \_ Ya, so?  It worked.
                        \_ I can tell you unequivocally that Nick is not
                           leaching, but instead being exploited.  He
                           gets "paid" for doing research, and doesn't cost
                           his parents any money by being in school.  However,
                           the "pay" is about 1/2 to 1/3 industry rate for
                           the same work, though it is sufficient for a
                           meagre living.   --PeterM
                           \_ It's a choice he's decided to make.  He'll get
                              out of school eventually and pay more in taxes
                              every year then he took in in total every 3+
                              years as a student.  We'll see how he feels about
                              it then.
                      \_ tis true. For, once on your own, you lose all sense
                         of civic responsibility. Shit, and a lexus is $$$,
                         doncha know!!!!
                        \_ Duh, poor people have cars too.  Don't be stupid.
                           Cutting the fees helps all car owners.  Where'd you
                           get the idea the poor don't own cars?  Get out of
                           your little ivory tower and go visit East Palo Alto,
                           Oakland, Richmond, etc.  Cars are everywhere and
                           plenty of nice ones.
                                \_ Truly poor people own older, less valuable
                                   cars that have a much lower VLF than a new
                                   car.  The current proposal to implement the
                     \_ Actually, most of the SUV drivers are women. I'm
                          not sure that they want to get a penile implant.
                                   VLF cut by taking half off the bill and then
                                   refunding the other half is nothing but pure
                                   political stupidity.
                                   \_ Let's punish people for having greater
                                      success in life than others.
                                      \_ Let's say we were to implement this
                          that kind of a position in life.

                                         for grades instead of cars:
                                         Anyone one or more SD's above the Mean
                                         ought to be punished for greater
                                         Is that equitable? No one would agree
                                         with this, but when it comes to income
                                         re-adjustment, liberals are all for it.
                                         \_ "Incomng readjustment" is also known
                                            as tax the successful to feed the
                                            lazy, stupid, and inept.
           \_ I'd vote for a special car registration tax for gas guzzlers.
              Say increase the registration fee for SUVs and Minivans or
              anything that gets under 20 miles a gallon.  And for those
              people that drive monsters like Suburbans that get 8 miles a
              gallon, we'll hit them even harder.
                \_ Let's punish people for driving a vehicle I don't like.
                   \_ Let's punish people just because it's fun!
              \_ Actually, this sounds more like "let's punish people for
                 driving a vehicle that I can't afford". Get over your
                 jealousy. Some people are successful others aren't. Stop
                 whining and figure out how to make it into the top 1% of
                 wage earners so that you don't have to worry about stupid
                 shit like what the BART costs in taxes. I paid AMT this
                 year in excess of Bill Clinton's salary. It hurt and I
                 think that it was unfair, but I made enough money that
                 I can just say screw it and get on with my life.
                 \_ typical small penis male driving a big SUV assuming that
                    everybody else makes less money than you.  Punishing
                    SUV owners has nothing to do with money and everything
                    to do with the environment.  I suggest that you spend your
                    money getting a penile implant rather than buying a big
                       \_ Actually, most of the SUV drivers are women. They
                          like SUV's because they are "safer" for themselves
                          and thier kids. And I'm not sure that these women
                          want to get a penile implant.
                          \_ Obviously, they need a BRAIN implant, because
                             they aren't safer for them, and they're a
                             hazard to OTHER people, too.
                          I don't drive a SUV, but I do drive a larger luxury
                          car (that I bought used so it cost less than a
                          camry) whose MPG (~ 15) puts it into your punishment
                          category. It is unfair to punish those of us who
                          chose to live life well and have the resources to
                          do so, just because you are incapable of reaching
                          that kind of a position in life. And like I've said
                          before, if my car contributes to global warming,
                          so much the better. We could do with warmer weather
                          and more beaches.
                          I just don't get the Liberal attachment to the
                          "environment". People are part of nature too.
                          Technology is created by people and thus it is
                          part of nature to. Stop getting in the way of
                          mankind's destiny. And while you're at it stop
                          preventing the access of ordinary people driving
                          cars and mountain bikes to the national parks.
                          \_ My wife wants an SUV. she does NOT want it
                             because it's "safer for the kids". She wants
                             it because it puts her above everyone else.
                             \_ Because so many other idiots bought oversized
                                vehicles.  Get them all off the road and then
                                no one will need one.
                    \_ Your sense of scale is sadly lacking my brainwashed
                       friend.  Even the wishes of a penis-waving male have
                       higher precedence than 'native rocks' and wild beasts.
                       Man is, and should be, the master of his environment.
                       Our days of worshipping nature are thankfully over.
                       \_ Hi, Ilya.
                          \_ Hi!
                                \_ ssssssssstarsssssssssss
                 \_ I stand corrected.  I was groping around for "can't afford"
                    but missed.  Well put.
                    \_ Grope harder.
                       \_ My AMT tax $'s are probably being used in this
                          manner by Bill Clinton.
                       \_ I groped sufficiently, thank you.
        \_ Is a person earning $60 an hour actually contributes 5 times
           what I am contributing to the society with my $12 an hour job?
           My job would have been worth much more if they hadn't let all
           these cheap foreign labor, and cheap foreign software coolies
           into the country!  Why don't they let in some foreign lawyers
           and doctors too!  Why do they allow foreigners to study
           computer science and not let them enter medical school !
           Does some arsehole lawyer earing $100 an hour contribute
           more to society than a dedicated elementary school teacher,
           or a pastor, or a research scientist?!  The market for labor
           is neither free nor fair!  Why do you assume it is so?!
           \_ When I drive on the bay bridge, stuck behind
              the toll plaza, and I look in the next lane and
              see a giant 11 miles to gallon tanker monstrosity
              SUV, WITH ONLY ONE PASSENGER, I want to kill you all
              and join Jason Meggs in his glorious revolution.
              On BART yesterday I saw someone reading "The Complete
              Ayn Rand", hopefully she drove to the BART parking log
              in something large and obnoxious.
           \_ In terms of his/her ability to give back to society, Yes.
              \_ That's why you get huge tax breaks when you donate to
                 charities, but pay lots of taxes when you just wanna
                 spend it all on luxury goods.
              In terms of his/her ability to pay taxes, Yes.
           \_ Yes, what about your dedicated firemen, policemen, and
              members of the USAF!  Their pay are relatively low too!
           \_ Yes, like those filthy rich CEOs just buying up the
              congressmen to allow in more foreign workers, so that
              instead of earning 1 billion, they can now earn 2
              billions while American workers suffer!
                \_Yeah!  Just like that Survivor show!  I can't believe
                  they haven't kicked Richard off yet.
                  \_ i'd just like to say that this thread sucks ass.
                     hahaha, i had thae last word!
                     \_ No, I have the last word! -your hot gay pal Richard
                        \_ Actually.  No.  You don't.  -anonymous troll coward
2000/6/28 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus] UID:18559 Activity:nil
6/28    To replace the previous question -- is there a way to force gcc to take
        a certain part of a .c file and treat it as C++?
        \_ Why do you have C++ code in a .c file?
                \_ good question.  You can do extern "C" in a C++ file.
2000/6/28 [Uncategorized] UID:18560 Activity:high
6/28    I'd like to touch bases with you...
        \_ I only go to 3rd base...
2000/6/28 [Uncategorized] UID:18561 Activity:nil
6/28    Dear Motd: I'd like to post somethin', but I'm afraid that tom
        is going to flame me or simply delete the post. What should I do?
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