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Berkeley CSUA MOTD
2000/6/26-27 [Transportation/Bicycle, Science/Electric] UID:18550 Activity:high
        Ride a bike w/ a motor that emits water vapor only
        \_ Isn't a bike with a motor, a motocycle?
        \_ even better, ride a bike with no motor and emit the water vapor
           by yourself
           \_ You also emit CO2--more greenhouse gases!
                \_ yeah, and this happens even if you're on the bike that
                   has a motor
                \_ Beans.
                \_ Oh joy, riding around with a fibre wrapped pressurized
                   hydrogen canister under your butt.
                        \_ At least it's a mistake you'll only make once.
                \_ Water vapor is also a greenhouse gas.
2000/6/26-27 [Transportation/Car/RoadHogs] UID:18551 Activity:insanely high
6/26    CSUA poll.  What car do you drive [if at all]?
        Acura Integra:          1
        Honda Accord:           1
        Honda Civic:            1
        Honda Passport:         1
        Jeep Wrangler TJ:       1
        \_ I'm a faceless Asian dude.
        Jeep Cherokee:          1
        Nissan 240SX:           1
        Audi A4                 1
        Nissan Maxima SE:       1
        Toyota Corolla:         1
        Audi S4
        Bike ride               1
        Ride Bike!              1
        Yermom 69               1
        Bike ride               2
        \_ Take Out Your Own Trash! Akimoto!
        \_ tom, is that you?
        BMW 325i:               1
        Ford Taurus             1
        Chevy Impala:           2
        Pimp Mobile:            1
        \_ I'm neither white, nor asian, and it's been running fine
        Saab 9-3                1
           for more than 30 months now.  *shrug* whatever.
        \_ I've got a pink velvet interior too.
        Ford Contour            1
        Ford Taurus             2
        \_ I'm white, so I wasn't allowed to buy Camry or Accord.
        Ford Escort             1
        GM EV1                  1
        \_ I burn coal at plant instead of gas in my engine.
        Geo Prism LSI:          1
           \_ I never thought of it that way. In other words
              the EV1 is probably a bigger polluter than a SUV.
              \_ Oh brilyant soda mind, electric power's source
                 to coal be not limited, as a nukular source can
                 provide to thee your "electricity".
        Geo Prism LSI:          2
        Honda Accord:           2
        Honda Civic:            1
        Geo Prism LSI:          1
        Honda Insight           1
        Lincoln Continental:    1
        Honda Passport:         1
        Honda S2000             1
        Jeep Wrangler TJ:       1
        \_ Are modern wranglers any more reliable than the old borken ones?
        Jeep Cherokee:          2
        Lexus is300             1
        Nissan Sentra:          1
        Lincoln Continental:    1
        Mercedes 300CE          1
        Audi A4                 1
        Audi S4
        Lexus is300             1
        \_ Kudos! Great car. -240SX guy from upstairs
        Mitsubishi 3000:        1
        Saturn SL1:             1
        Nash Metropolitan       1
        Nissan 240SX:           2
          \_ Is that you, asad?
        Nissan Pathfinder:      1
        Nissan Sentra:          2
        Nissan Maxima SE:       2
        Hummer (in a Hummer)    1
        Nissan Sentra SE-R:     2
        Saab 9-3                1
        Saturn SL1:             2
        Saturn SC2:             1
        Toyota Camry:           1
        Toyota Corolla:         2
        Toyota Tacoma TRD:      1
        Subaru Outback Sport:   1
        Volkswagen Passat:      1
        \_ how do you like your Passat?  it's a v6, right?
        Pontiac GrandAm         1
        Cadillac Seville        1
        \_ Does anyone know where to find the whole list where it makes
           fun of all the car brands?
                        \_ thank you.  Boring crap deleted.  -tom
        Hummer (in a Hummer)    4
        \_ jesus fucking christ i can't believe this
                \_ You can't believe a CSUAer owns a Hummer or that 4 of us do?
                   \_ i couldn't believe a sodan owned one when it was at 1,
                      much less 4.  what the fuck is wrong with you people?
                      \_ how about, 4 sodans got together and purchased
                         a hummer?
                         \_ how about 1 sodan bought 4 hummers?
                      \_ Why not?  It's under 100k fully loaded new.  There's
                         lots of .com cash floating around soda.
                         \_ They aren't that expensive.  I know yermom
                            doesn't charge anything for hummers.
        Whatever I can get
         that runs for < $1k    1
         whatever i can get
         that runs for < $2k    1
        \_ take it to /csua/pub/cars
           \_ File DNE, you cowards.
2000/6/26-27 [Computer/SW/WWW/Server, Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:18552 Activity:moderate
6/26    Trying to install Apache-ssl on solaris. I have neither /dev/random
        nor /dev/urandom.  Do i really need them?  Where can i get them? /
        how do i get around needing them?
        \_ You can't get them.  Try reading the instructions - other people
           run on Solaris, so there must be a workaround.
           \_ you CAN get /dev/random, FROM SUN. you have to know whewre
              to look. but you dont "need" them, anyway.
2000/6/26-28 [Computer/Networking] UID:18553 Activity:high
6/26    6-12 month internships available at Cisco. See
        /csua/pub/jobs/Cisco.METBU.Intern. Also see /csua/pub/jobs/Cisco.METBU
        for available full-time positions. - asaddi
        \_ Obwaitwhileithinkofhowicanbelittleyouandyourjobadvertisement
           \_ Please be gentle. It's my first time.
        \_ If you hope to be in the ESPP program or get Options
           that day and age is over @ cisco. I got ESPP but I was
           an intern over 3 yrs ago. Also the intern to full time
           conversion has fallen off over the years. The interns
           also get pretty shitty work conditions.
           \_ I heard some weird shit about Cisco being
              first-come-first-serve for cubicles each day. Is it true?
              \_ Probably true for sales people.
              \_ Not for engineers. Some of the one who have been
                 there for several years do have enough clout (and
                 stock) to randomly ask for a new office or a extra
                 cube. The best I saw is when a VP got kicked out of
                 his office cause he pissed off one of the guys whose
                 badge # is less than 200. Very Cool that engineers
                 have that kind of power. (The VP sucked too).
              \_ Cisco, what a silly company.
                 \_ With incredibly self-defeating HR hiring and retention
                    policies... - BTDT
                 \_ With a (formerly) great ESPP and Options program. The
                    problem is that most old timers view the new comers as
                    leaches only interested in the $'s, so there is a lot of
                    bad blood between new hires and the project leads.
                    \_ well, if cisco created something rather than buying
                       90% of their new technology...
        \_ can I order any Cisco Press book for free?
2000/6/26-28 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/RoadHogs] UID:18554 Activity:very high
6/26    Bike patented today.
        \_ urlp || explanationp
           \_ Like, dude.  If you want to be using lisp notation, at least
              have the decency to do it right.  What you meant to say was,
              of course,
              (or urlp explanationp)
        \_ Today???  How could it not be patented after all these years?
        \_ That's a velocipede, not a bike.  And it's from 1866.
                \_ well, it's an intermediate step; it has pedals on the
                   front wheel, which the early velocipedes didn't.  As
                   people realized the mechanical advantage of larger wheels,
                   this kind of model gave way to the "high-wheeler" (icon
                   of "The Prisoner").  Those had a high center of gravity
                   and tended to pitch people over the front wheel, so they
                   were eventually eliminated in favor of the chain-drive
                   "safety bicycle", which really was very similar to the
                   one we know today.
                   I still don't see why it's relevant to the MOTD.  -tom
                        \_ The motd is irrelevant.  You will be assualted.
                        \_ so tom.  what IS relevant to the motd?  I'm
                           somewhat curious how you're going to unify
                           questions about heat/light reflectivity, dating
                           asians, unholy unions with cars, skydiving,
                           and investment decisions in such a way as to
                           make the above IRrelevant.
                           \_ It's based solely on what personally interests
                              tom.  Anything else isn't important.
                        \_ My question is, why should anyone care that a
                           particular implementation of something was patented
                           on a particular day.  Big fucking deal.  -tom
                           \_ While I agree that patent-birthdays aren't
                              very interesting. But claiming that it's not
                              relevant to the motd is -- oh fuck it.  whatever.
                                \_ It's just tom.  Don't let it bother you.
        \_ heard it somewhere.  However, the date seems to be wrong.  It
           seems to be on November, and not June 26:
        \_ DRIVE SUV!
                \_ No, I get tested regularly.
           \_ DIVE SUB!
                \_ RIDE VELOCIPEDE!
                   \_RIDE VELOCIPEDE!!!! USE DIFFERENCE ENGINE!!!!
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