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2000/6/23-24 [Computer/SW/WWW/Server] UID:18529 Activity:moderate
6/22   I can't find Patch 2.1 or 2.5 for Apache with SSL!  Where is it?
       \_ Huh?  Get Apache 1.3.12.  Get mod_ssl 2.6.4 (
          \_Um, not using modss, using apache w/ open SSL.  However, I am
           a dumbass and the Patch, which i was being told is to old is
           Gnu's "Patch" utility and not the SSL stuff that "patches" apache.
           so now i have it and have another problem with getting it to
           run both ssl and regular connections. -dumbass
           \_ dumbass, it's you! Where have you been???  -dumbass #1 fan
           \_ Reinstall with new apache and use mods.
2000/6/23-25 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:18530 Activity:low
6/22    Has anybody tried to write a new mode for emacs?  I have a new
        language and I just need some basic indentation and color.  Non
        of the current modes can be tweaked to suit my needs.  Is there a
        template somewhere I can follow?  I would hate to wade through
        cc-mode.el or perl-mode.el to figure it out.  There is just too much
        stuff in those modes that I don't need.  Thanks.
        \_ I made a mode for Lua starting with tcl-mode.el as a base.
           tcl-mode.el is pretty intelligible.  And next time, sign your name
           so I can just mail you about it. -mogul
           \_ Thank you, this will be most useful. -!original poster (as a
              reminder that motd replies>>mail replies)
        \_ ML is the standard language.
           \_ Dude, this is so tired.  It *might* have been amusing the first
              time, now it's just stupid.
              \_ Marketing is stupid, I agree.
                \_ ED!
           \_ WTF is Lua?
              \_ Lua, WTF?
              \_ Some people are really really stupid.  A) It's obvious from
                 context.  B) The first thing that shows up on a google search
                 tells you the answer.  <sigh>
2000/6/23-24 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:18531 Activity:nil
6/22    Does anyone know where I can find a crack for AoE2? Thanks...
        \_ i have successfully duped the CD with CloneCD -aaron
        \_ Electronics Boutique. Costs $39.99 for the crack.
          \_ this is for the dreamcast, I presume?  how do you copy
             dreamcast stuff?  i suppose this is a moot point anyhow,
             considering that a) when you're working, buying a few
             games is cheap entertainment and b) even if you do
             copy a whole shitload of games, it's impossible to
             play through all of them unless you're working
             for a game site that reviews them.
                    -- psycho ps game burner
                \_ Uhm, no.  -working for !game company, has lots of time for
                   all aspects of life
2000/6/23-26 [Industry/Jobs] UID:18532 Activity:nil
6/22    Very small (<20 people) startup has job openings. Refer to for more information.
        \_ Sounds like a spam company. And isn't the CEO the guy who totally
           flubbed taking advantage of the default homepage in the browser
           when working at Netscape?
2000/6/23-24 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:18533 Activity:moderate
        \_ It's not an OS.  It's a whole new paradigm!  What'll MS think of
           next?  I'm guessing they'll innovate the mouse.
           \_ Oh is that the new euphemism? I think they're more likely to
              "innovate" a goose
           \_ Mac OS X will be the new standard
                \_ Oh God... please take the baseless fanaticism elsewhere.
                   The rest of us need a multi user reasonably securable
                   unix OS and no having a unix based kernel without the
                   rest of the deal doesn't make it unix based for most real
                   world needs.  And yes, I hate Aqua, too.
                   \_ Mac OS X is multiuser.  All the standard unix
                      utilities are there.
2000/6/23-24 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:18534 Activity:nil
6/23    How are Castlewood ORBs these days?  For generic backup.  I'm
        thinking of a SCSI drive with a USB adapter.
        \_ The ORB is okay. I have one of the first SCSI ones to come
           out and it works reliably on my Mac (MacOS) and reasonably
           well on my Mom's Win2K box. It doesn't work at all on Solaris,
           or LinuxPPC (it keeps timing out). I was able to get it to
           work under Linux (x86) but only on a Adaptec 15xx (ZipZoom)
           card. As far as the media reliablility is concerned, it seems
           just as good as the Jaz media. If you want to try it I can
           let you borrow mine. ----ranga
2000/6/23-24 [Health] UID:18535 Activity:nil
6/23 on animal rights myths.
        \_ what brought this up all of a sudden?  there's lots
           of well researched opposing views out there -
  - your local hippie
                \_ This is only about vivisection.  Animal research covers a
                   hell of a lot more than putting an animal under a knife.
                   The altweb link just provides information about the movement
                   within the scientific community to move away from animal
                   testing.  It doesn't contradict the original embra url at
                   all.  Was it intended as background information?
        \_ I think soccer-mom consensus these days is that animals feel
           pain like people feel pain, so the consensus generally supports
           eating animals, animal-based medical research, and positive
           sentiment for vegetarians.
2000/6/23-24 [Uncategorized] UID:18536 Activity:moderate
6/22    <DEAD><DEAD>
        mconst, 5th year? 6th year? Which is it?
        \_ "girls can't code", ha ha ha
        \_ social life outside EE/CS? Bullshit.
        \_ oh god this is horrid.  Find the people who did it and take away
           their video cameras.  They have lost any rights to own one.
        \_ Was I the only one with the sound out of sync by 5 seconds no
           matter where I started it?
           \_ It was sync'ed for me.
        \_ What bar is "down the street" from Soda?
           \_ Copy Central
           \_ The top secret backroom speakeasy at Top Dog.
2000/6/23 [Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:18537 Activity:nil
6/23    Let's say I buy a $3,000 laptop on EBay.  Isn't it a good idea
        to only buy from someone using a well-known on-line escrow
        service, or is this benefit rare?
2000/6/23-25 [Transportation/Car/RoadHogs] UID:18538 Activity:very high
6/23    I just saw something on the road which looked like an unholy
        love child of a VW bug and an SUV. The only distinguishing
        mark that I could read was something like "PT Courier" on
        the side. WTF is it?
        \_ It's the Red Bull mobile
        \_ pontiac or oldsmobile
        \_ Chrysler PT Cruiser.  It is a sin against all that is holy.
           \_ Bingo, that's it. Very impressive. Put your name down so we can
              rightfully honor you for your exurberant knowledge of Fucked Up
              \_ What the hell are you talking about? The PT Cruiser is a
                 marketing sensation that will approach the level of the New
                 Volkswagen Beetle.
              \_ get with the program man.  That's the car everybody wants and
                 nobody can have.  It lists below $20k but you're not allowed
                 to test drive it before you buy, because the test drive cars
                 sell the day they get in.
                 \_ i actually saw someone driving one of these on the road
                    for the first time today.  why in holy fuck would anyone
                    want to be seen driving this horrible monstrosity?
                    \_ It's like an expensive subaru forester with a crappier
                       engine and no four wheel drive.  And it looks ugly.
                       The front and the back are incongruous.
                       \_ Why require 4WD?  It's in the minivan class
                          according to the Edmond's URL above.
                    \_ Built by the finest Mexico has to offer. --dim
                       \_ What's wrong with that?
                          \_ Has Mexico become synonymous with quality for
                             anything other than tequila and fish tacos
                             since last I heard? --dim
                                \_ uh, yeah.  just like most filipinos
                                   are typically considered the trash
                                   of all the asian cultures.
                             \_ they produce cheap but potent tar heroin
                \_ Wow.  That is the fucking ugliest vehicle I've seen in a
                   long time.  Just goes to show how stupid and tasteless the
                   typical sucker hype eating consumer is.
                   \_ Which is why most consumers run Windows.
                         \_ Exactamundo...apathy and moving with the herd..
                        \_ Windows is not as ugly as this car.
                           \_ Windows is a ugly as the Prowler, which
                              looks like a giant cockroach on wheels.
        \_ Actually, the PT cruiser is a great concept, it is a "MicroVan",
           basically a super small version of the minivan.  Tons of room, zobs
           of cargo space, for something roughly the size of a Neon.  I think
           the styling itself is, emmm, "interesting" (yeah, that's it), but
           the basic drive towards maximum functionality in a given wheelbase
           is cool.  -nweaver
           \_ that's nweaver for you
                \_ Hi Tom.
           \_ Functionality is not cool.  functionality is functional.  cool
              is cool.
                \_ Let me extend that: That they have taken a maximally
                   functional vehicle and convinced people that it is cool, is
                   cool, since at least these "cool" people are buying
                   a vehicle that is a bit more useful then these
                   big bloated cows called SUVs.  -nweaver
                        \_ I'd like to see one of these match up to a
                           Expedition, Navigator or Suburban in a crash.
                           I value my life, so I drive a SUV not a little
                           toy. And you can cry me a river about Global
                           Warming and Green House gases. We all be better
                           off if the world was warmer and there were more
                           beaches. If my SUV is helping me get there, then
                           I've made the right choice.
                           \_ You are a complete moron.  Chances are that
                              driving an SUV will *cause* you to get in a
                              crash.  Do you have any idea how much
                              harder it is to stop or turn a 5500-lb
                              Suburban or Expedition with a high center of
                              gravity compared to a 3000-lb sedan with its
                              CG somewhere around your knee?  Why don't
                              you go test drive some cars and some SUV's
                              and and put them through the same emergency
                              maneuvers at the same speeds and tell us
                              which one you think is safer.  You're
                              probably just a poser who does all of his
                              driving on paved roads and drives an SUV
                              because you think it makes up for other
                              shortcomings.  Puhleeze.
                                   \_ I'll let you do the emergency
                                      maneuvers as you try to get out
                                      of the way of my chrome bumper
                                      and my tires.
                                \_ Congratulations, thou hast been trolled
                                   \_ Hmmm, I don't think so.  There are
                                      people who actually believe that
                                      SUV's are safer.  I take it as my
                                      duty to make them feel stupid.
                                \_ don't confuse today's SUV's with ORV's
                                   (off road vehicles).  None of those
                                   monsters with their full time 4WD can
                                   follow my Jeep TJ when the pavement ends,
                                   even if the driver wanted to.
                                        \_ Really, I'll be that a hummer
                                   \_ I'm not, and that's part of the
                                      point -- SUV's are designed to
                                      compromise between mild off-roading
                                      abilites and on-road abilites.
                                      Problem is that their on-road
                                      abilities are just good enough that
                                      some owners think they're as good as
                                      cars in that regard.  BTW, I
                                      have heard of Jeep Grand Cherokees
                                      (an SUV by any definition) making it
                                      through the Rubicon Trail.
                              \_ That's why SUVs are the real Windoze-like,
                                 bloated, "go-with-the-ignorant-masses"
                                 products. They think more about Crashing
                                 than avoiding a crash(unix,MBZ,BMW).
                                        \_ If I spend $50K on a shiny red
                                           toy car, I would think about
                                           avoiding a crash too. Since the
                                           probablity is that you and your
                                           little toy would end up as little
                                           tiny specks on my grille.
                                 \_ Its the stupid turds with thier little
                                    Dodge (I mean Benz) and thier BMW changing
                                    lanes without signaling, tailgating,
                                    and engaging all sorts of bad driving
                                    that I thought about when I got my SUV.
                                    I would just love to plaster one of those
                                    little 3xx BMWs or [CS]LK's on the Chrome
                                    bumper of my SUV. Bump, "What was
                                    that honey?", "Nothing dear, just another
                                    BMW that tried to cut us off.", "When will
                                    they learn?", "Hopefully never!".
                           \_ Hahaha!  I loved the spring like winter in
                              the midwest and read about the 109 degree
                              weather in the SF Bay Area!
                                 - midwest alum missing the Bay Area.
                           \_ Some of those SUVs have poor crash
                              records. In fact, their lack of manure-vability
                              may be a detriment. And they are dangerous
                              for the smaller, more fuel-efficient automobiles
                              out there, except for MBZ which does it right.
                              \_ You mean they are unsafe for the poor little
                                 pissers who can't afford to buy one.
                   \_ I prefer to think of them as drugged elephants.
                   \_ Ok, so you think it's cool they convinced stupid people
                      to buy an ugly box with 4 wheels?  Okaaaay....
                   \_ CSUA nerds dont know what is cool even if it bit them
                      in the ass.
                      \_ Dude, cool bit me in the ass today. That was NOT cool.
        \_ SUV vs 'others' summary:
                SUV driver: I'm a big wannabe-macho prick and I use my larger,
                        less stable vehicle to bully others.
                Others: I drive an X (non-SUV) because I'm not an asshole, I
                        don't want to be responsible for the death of another
                        human being, I don't want to get into *more* crashes
                        than I would otherwise, I have no 'issues' regarding
                        my masculinity such that I need to drive a poorly
                        built, low-control, over-sized, zero-value, truck
                        with a huge price tag, I'm not a bimbo soccer mom.
        \_ summary of SUV vs 'others' summarizer:
              summarizer: I know what other people are interested in,
                          cause i'm PSYCHIC. i's gots my degree, n'all.
                \_ No psychic powers needed.  It was all spelled out in plain
                   English.  Lots of stuff about running over smaller vehicles
                   and being 'safer' in a SUV, etc.  I don't need a college
                   degree to read and understand basic English.
                   \_ there's more to a conversation than it's summary.
2000/6/23-24 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll, Computer/SW] UID:18539 Activity:low
6/23    <TROLL>What are employers looking for in web designers nowadays?
        Which books should I study up on?</TROLL>
        \_ <BLINK> Tags For Dumbasses, 3rd edition
        \_ &lt;BLINK&gt; Tags For Dumbasses, 3rd edition
           \_ </BLINK> -!dumbass
                         \_ oh yea?
2000/6/23 [Uncategorized] UID:18540 Activity:high
6/23    When buying expensive items on EBay, do most sodans go
        through an escrow service?  Do escrow services work?
        \_ even without the direct reference to mogul, this is still a
           troll.  -tom
2000/6/23-25 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:18541 Activity:very high
6/23    Why do all the Stanford girls fall for Berkeley guys?  I know
        many Standford Berkeley pairs with the girl from Stanford and
        the guy from Berkeley.  Even in the movies the Berkeley guys
        always seem to be cool studs.
        \_ Because both Hollywood and Stanfurd have a very blurred notion
           of reality
           \_ Compared to 'fraud guys Berkeley guys are cool studs. A
           that you know more Cal guys with Stanfurd girls than Cal girls with
              run of the mill 'fraud guy wouldn't last 1 semester at Cal.
              \_ True, but that's not saying much still
        \_ Maybe it's because you know more Cal guys than Berkeley girls, such
           that you know more Cal guys with Cal guys than Cal girls with
                              \_ Is this supposed to be a joke?
                                \_ He's just babbling.
           Stanfurd guys?  -- yuen
        \_ Bigger penises.
        \_ Because daddy can buy his little girl an education, but he
           \_ And how would you know that?  Did you do some statistically
              sig research on it?
                \_ I fucked 98% of 'Furd women and they all prefer their men
                   from Cal where we're more intelligent and masculine.  Well,
                   except for the Asians, but our Asians are more intelligent
                   and masculine than 'Furd Asians, so that counts for
           can't buy her a boy friend with intelligence and masculinity.
           \- speaking as someone who went out with someone from the 'Fraud,
              there is no such phenomena at a statistically sig level. --psb
        \_ During college, girls like to experiment by slumming with Cal guys.
2000/6/23-24 [Uncategorized] UID:18542 Activity:moderate
6/23    Does anyone have an old copy of Exceed for win95 they are willing
        to trade/sell cheap? email me. -kcammack
        \_ Download from depot.
2000/6/23-25 [Computer/Networking] UID:18543 Activity:nil
6/23    how do you change the enable passwd on a cisco router?
        \_ try:

        You need to be in config mode (type conf t at the #prompt)
2021/06/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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