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2000/6/19 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Computer/Theory] UID:18493 Activity:nil
6/18  What's the course number of the linear algebra class you need
      for cs 180 (the computer graphics class)?  How hard is it
      to understand...old eecs alumni tell me it was quite nasty?
          -- no clue
      \_ Probably Math 54.  It's fairly easy if you pay any attention at
         all (unlike me).  Take.. I think.. Borchards if you can.  He gives
         _really_ easy tests.  --dbushong
         \_ i thought math 50a was pretty hard. i don't think they explained
            the concepts well at all. it wasn't until 50b that i started
            understanding what was going on.
2000/6/19 [Uncategorized] UID:18494 Activity:nil
6/18    Yawn.
2000/6/19 [Computer/SW/Editors] UID:18495 Activity:nil
6/19    perhaps we should all sign posts by what editor we use, and everyone
        can see what kind of editor users post the most useful stuff.
        \_ ED! ED! ED is the STANDARD! motd-post-signature.
2000/6/19-20 [Health] UID:18496 Activity:very high
6/19    If our cells can be regenerated in a finite number of times and
        working-out is a process if breaking and regenerating cells,
        wouldn't work-out speed up the aging process?
        \_ Shut up, cmlee.
        \_ Yes.  People who work out are trading one form of health for
           another.  Moderation in everything is the way to go.
         \_Apoptosis in eukaryotic multicellular organisms is quite
complex. Such
           a statement as "working out will speed the aging process" is
essentially nonsensical.
           complex. Such a statement as "working out will speed the aging
           process" is essentially nonsensical.  -williamc
        \_ regeneration != aging. There is no known direct relation
           between cell division and aging.
        \_ There is, however an inverse correlation between heart rate and
           life span. There is also an inverse relation between calorie
           intake and life span. If you sit around and don't eat much you
           will live longest.  Have fun.
           \_ I just read an article casting doubt on the whole fat people don't
           live as long as people who don't eat much thing - danh
                \_ There is an inverse relationship between average
                   activity level and resting heart rate. So sitting
                   around won't do you much good unless it is after a
                   brisk workout
                        \_ Miguel Indurain had a resting heart rate of 28.
                           He'll live to be 200!  -tom
                           \_ Hail Indurain! --dim
            \_ And if your heart rate is 0 and you do absolutely nothing,
               you'll live forever!
2000/6/19-21 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:18497 Activity:very high
6/19    Can Linux read NTFS or FAT32 partitions?
        \_ I think mandrake 7.0 can, but havent tried it yet.
        \_ It's been able to read NTFS for a while now, but I believe that
           writing is pretty experimental.  I'm not sure about FAT32, but
           I think mounting a partition RW is not a problem.  -John
        Follow-up question: Can Win98 (on FAT32) read NTFS?
        \_ Follow-up question: What makes you sure Win98 can read FAT32?
           \_ Cuz I'm running Win98 on a FAT32 partition.  Is there
              something I should know?
              \_ Yes.
                \_ Thanks for sharing your wisdom.
                   \_ You're welcome. -motd
           \_ Because fat32 is the *_NATIVE_* file system for win98, duh.
              What makes you think DOS 2.1 can read FAT16 file systems?
              How can I be sure a Mac will read a MacOS disk?
        \_ Not without external software.  See below.  -John
           and things like it.
        \_ If you (like sadly, so many people these days) said "Linux" to
           mean "a free UNIX-like OS", then FreeBSD can mount and r/w
           NTFS and FAT32 parts.  --dbushong
                \_ RIDE BIKE!  LINUX = UNIX!  LINUX R00LEZ!!!11
           \_ Isn't Solaris Sun's version of Linux? -geordan
                \_ Wanna see something scary?  Go to Fry's and look how many
                   Linux boxes have the Sun logo on now.
2000/6/19-20 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:18498 Activity:high
6/19    Any suggestions for a Win98 SSH client?
        \_ F-Secure but you have to pay $$$
        \_ Yes. Go get a real OS.
        \_ teraterm is pretty stable and has some nifty features (eg
           recognizing most xterm escapes and imitating unix cut'n'paste
           behavior with respect to right/middle clicks)
        \_ TeraTerm plus TSSH.  I'm using it right now.  See:
           \_ I'm using "SSH Windows Client" that I found from the same page.
              -- yuen
           \_ I use it at home and at work.  Works great.
2000/6/19-20 [Reference/BayArea] UID:18499 Activity:high
6/19    Is there going to be fireworks in the Oakland Area on this July 4th?
        \_ of course not.  Why would they ever do that?  Just because every
           past year they've had them at the Coliseum, Jack London Square,
           AND the Berkeley Marina?
2000/6/19 [Uncategorized] UID:18500 Activity:nil
6/19    Anybody know if men rape each other in prison in other countries of
        the world?  Or is that a strictly an american phenomenon?
2000/6/19-26 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:18501 Activity:kinda low
6/19    Jobs available at Sony Computer Entertainment of America.  Learn the
        PlayStation2 architecture, meet lots of game developers, and write
        your own ticket in the game industry!  See /csua/pub/jobs/SCEA. -mogul
            \_ isn't this system "already dead" before it's even released
               in the U.S.?
                \_ You're funny!  -mogul
                        \_ No.  It's already dead.  Xbox is going to destroy
                           ps2 across the U.S.  Release it fast and sucker in
                           as many v1.0 victims as you can.  You'll need a new
                           job by Xmas of 2001.
                        \_ The Best scenario for the X-Box as a gaming
                           console is for microsoft NOT to lose their shirt,
                           on selling a unit which cost $50-100 more then
                           it should to manufacture. -nweaver
                           \_ uhh nick, we all know you area dumbass but I
                              just want to point out that the money is not in
                              the consoles.  The money is in the games.
            \_  in clear laymen's terms, why is it harder to develop
                games for the ps2 than let's say...the dreamcast.  the
                "difficulty" for making games for this unit is supposedly
                higher than the saturn, which was already THE worst
                nightmare platform.
                \_ It's not harder, just requires people to learn more and
                   think differently.  Take the job and find out.  -mogul
                   \_ Translation: you didn't release a SDK.  Thanks.
                      \_ You could look at it that way. -mogul
                         \_ Always have to have the last word, eh?
              \_ Supposedly it is tougher than the Saturn.  Mainly because
                 Sony didn't bother to develop any guildlines for the best
                 way to impiment a given effect. So apparently programmers
                 will get halfway through doing something in way X, when
                 they figure out they should've been doing way Y and have
                 start completely over.  (Note:  I can't imagaine the PSX2
                 is worse than the Atari Jaguar though, talk about
                 nightmare systems...)
                 \_ Sony put out a library for PS that developers hated.  They
                    said they'd rather have the raw metal and specs and write
                    their own libs; eventually Sony gave out the specs and the
                    games got a lot better as a result.  For the PS2, Sony
                    skipped the libraries and gave developers what they said
                    they wanted.  Unfortunately, they didn't count on the
                    number of super-lame PC programmers fleeing their
                    shrinking share of the games market; these are people
                    raised with DirectX, with no idea how to program a
                    graphics pipeline on their own.  These are the same people
                    who are complaining the loudest whenever they're
                    interviewed.  I was a PC game developer, and I made the
                    switch.  It's NOT that hard.  -mogul
                        \_ Hey, good way to do developer relations!!  I can't
                           wait to join up with an attitude like that.
                                --super-lame PC programmer staying in shrinking
                           \_ I didn't say all PC game programmers are
                              super-lame... Just that there are a lot of them.
                        \_ Why not release a library to placate the super-lame
                           programmers, and also release the specs? Seems like
                           the right way to go, even if you accept the thesis
                           that only people that can program the bare metal are
                           going to turn out worthwhile games. -brg (not a game
                           programmer, or even a game programmer wannabee)
                           \_ That was my logic, and apparently it just
                              occurred to someone in Japan where
                              (unfortunately) all such decisions are made.  A
                              lib will be released shortly. -mogul
                                \_ So this is a heavily top-down org-chart sort
                                   of place good for drones but bad for anyone
                                   who might stand out?  Get a new watch after
                                   20 years of making the company millions each
                                   \_ This is just for what goes in the
                                      official devkit.  Sony treats its
                                      employees extremely well. -mogul
                                      \_ "Hi!  I am Dilb^Wmogul, loyal peon."
                                   \_ Welcome to the japanese way of doing
                                        \_ Microsoft seems like a great place
                                           to work... I'm sure they'd love to
                                           have you on the X-Box, and they're
                                           not very top-down... -interviewee
                                           \_ Microsoft is a shitty place to
                                              work and has an uncertain future.
                                              \_ Over there, they ride linux
                                                 and run bikes over with suvs
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