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2000/6/15 [Academia/GradSchool, Industry/Jobs] UID:18472 Activity:very high
6/14    Graduated from Cal this year, interested in being a professional
        TA/lecturer (teaching 61x, 9x, etc). Is that a possibility, or do
        I have to be a real grad student?
        \_ Ask bh, he would know better than anyone on soda.  You'ld have to
           be a lecturer though, TA pay is shit. (Like $3,000/year or so.)
           \_ You are wrong. If you work TA full time, the salary is an order
              of magnitude larger, circa $30,000. Still ridiculous, but much
              less so than your $3,000 figure.
           \_ The $3,000/year figure is definitely from the unclued.
        \_ Depends on exactly what you mean
           1. Full-time TA after graduating: you can do but they pay the
              undergrad rate ($12/hr still?) talk to Clancy
           2. Summer lecturer: min requirement is a bachelor's CS degree,
              not sure what the pay is. They're usually pretty desperate
              for these, talk to bh.
              \_ Interesting note: all 3 of 61ABC are going to be taught by
                 graduating seniors this summer. Sad, but true.
                \_ Why would a graduate student like me want to teach in
                   the summer again?  The pay is squat (slightly less than
                   I earn as a GSR), the hours are long (10+ hour days easily)
                   and I'm no longer being paid/have time to work on
                   my research?  -nweaver
                   \_ Well obviously you wouldn't.  Maybe for the love of
                      teaching or some such crap.  Why would a graduating
                      senior do this instead of interning at their company?
                      Maybe they can get 2nd year students to TA for the first
                      year students.
           3. Full-time lecturer (like bh/Clancy): I forget the requirements,
              but they recently (within a year) interviewed 4 folks for an
              available spot so it's unlikely anything is open. -bz
                \_ Clancy has MSCS, bh has a PhD in Education
                   \_ Clancy only had a BS/Math the last time I checked, and
                      definitely only a BS when he was hired.
                      \_ Clancy was a PhD student who completed everything
                         but his dissertation.  I don't remember where, or
                         what program though.  This may have influenced his
                         being hired.
                         \_ Stanfurd. They hired him anyway.
2000/6/15 [Health/Eyes] UID:18473 Activity:insanely high
6/14    Vision poll: What are your eyes?
        \_ -5.50, -6.00
        \_ organs used to convert electromagnetic radiation into signals my
           brain can understand
        \_ -18.00, -17.50
           \_ Holy shit.  Who is this, or is this a joke?
                \_ no. -20.00 is blind. I'm legally blind.
        \_ Brown.  Greenish tint.
        \_ -2.00, -2.50, -2.00
           (don't ask)
           \_ What does that extra -2.00 mean?
              \_ Fucking Chernobyl man, fucking Chernobyl.
                 \_ or Three Mile Island?
        \_ -9.50, -10.50
        \_ it seems that this generation has a much poorer eye sight than
           my parents' and grandparents' generation. How sad.
                \_ No.  They just didn't measure it like that then.
2000/6/15-16 [Uncategorized] UID:18474 Activity:very high
6/14    Pretty cool, I just saw our very own Spencer Kimball and Gene Kan
        on PBS' News Hour.
        \_ Who?
        \_ if you have to ask you don't know you fucking asshole! -(fucker)
           \_ I think that's about the stupidest, most vacuous statement I've
              seen masquerading as a motd flame in a long while.  Try again,
              shithead. - !original poster
                \_ you obviously don't know, mr hotshot.  why don't you
                   try calling (fucker) a shithead to his face, eh?
              \_ <stupidity deleted>
              \_ You have to imagine (fucker) saying it in person, then it
                 will make sense.  -!(fucker)
2000/6/15-19 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:18475 Activity:nil
6/15    AirTouch/Verizon needs Sysadmins and DBA.  /csua/pub/jobs/AirTouch -ax
        \_ I'm dang Tired of high stress Database Administration!
           Where's that job where The working environment is low stress,
           casual dress, and currently does not include any overtime or
           weekend work?  Dang!
           \_ HP.
           \_ HP, IBM, Cisco, Oracle, Sybase, AOL/Netscape, Sun, Pacbell,
              and any other large companies where you can just blend in and
              get ignored.  You won't have casual dress at all of these places
              but low stress is easy at a big sloppy company.
           \_ EECS Instructional.
        \_ I borrowed a copy of a how-to for msql and mysql.  That good enough?
           Also, do I get a free phone with unlimited minutes?
2000/6/15-19 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:18476 Activity:moderate
6/14    Can pine access pop servers? I need access to pop mail reader
        in shell. I would much prefer elm, but don't think it does this..
        \_ read the .pinerc file
                \_ use mutt instead.  -tom
        \_ mh
        \_ Use mutt or fetchmail+elm, both of which kick pine's ass.

pico user was here damnit!
jove user was here
ford user was here
emacs user was here
vi user was here
Notepad user was here\r\n
edlin user was here\r\n
2000/6/15-16 [Uncategorized] UID:18477 Activity:low
6/14    The red eye correction pen I can find have green color.  Where
        can I find brown/black pen that are good for correcting red eyes
        on print paper?
        \_ Try Looking Glass on Telegraph.
           \_ Thanks for the reply but I no longer live in CA.  Any
                mail order places?
                \_ Have LG ship it.
2000/6/15 [Uncategorized] UID:18478 Activity:very high
6/15    How come cmlee's messages get deleted so quickly?
        \_ tom
                \_ I haven't deleted a message signed by cmlee in months. -tom
2000/6/15-16 [Computer/SW/RevisionControl] UID:18479 Activity:high
6/15    How can I force a RCS check-in. With "ci -u" I get
        ci: RCS file RCS foo is in use
        \_ You have to delete the special lock file (after you've made sure
           that no one really is using it).  It will be a recent , file
           with zero size. Presumably, it got left over from a previously
           failed rcs operation. -cliffwd
                \_ Thanks!
2000/6/15-19 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:18480 Activity:low
6/15    Does anyone know how to get an U.S. Robotics PCI 56K FAX Voice
        Winmodem to work under Linux?  It's the only modem that gets good
        speed at my house.  - jrleek
        \_ To the best of my knowledge, they have yet to get any software
           modems running under linux
                \_ the best of your knowledge is clearly not worth very much.
                   \_ So, are you saying you know how to do it?  If so,
                      please elighten me.  -jrleek
                   \_ Fuck you. If you have nothing to contribute to the
                      discussion, then shut the fuck up.
            \_ claims to show how to use software modems
               (winmodems) on linux but i was unsuccessful in a cursory
               attempt to get it to work on my GF's linux box (she had
               another modem so i didn't spend much effort trying) -crebbs
        \_ AFAIK, you can't get a USR/3com modem to work in Linux. The ones
           that says work are the Lucent LT Winmodem, which
           has a binary only kernel module released by Lucent, and it does
           work. I have a Thinkpad 240, and it has a Lucent winmodem, and
           it works. The only problem is that it does crash the kernel on
           occasion. But if you can live with that, it works great for dial-
           up -- I get nice 56K speed out of it. also says
           that supposedly a pctel winmodem has a driver, but I haven't
           seen or used it. - ajani
           \_ My 56K USR internal modem works just fine. The ones that
              are winmodems clearly say that they are winmodems (like
              the one above) -akopps
2000/6/15-16 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:18481 Activity:moderate
6/15    About how long will it take for someone who has several years
        experience with C/C++ to be decently proficient in Java?
        \_ syntax, 10 minutes, methodology, 3 months
           \_ methodology will take half that long if you're actually using
              Java full time [ie 8 hrs/day]
                \_ methodology: 10 minutes if you're not a goomba.
                        \_ I believe it takes a bit more time with
                           the GUI portions of Java.
                 \_ although 3 months is way too long if you use c++ as
                    anything more than c with classes you will find yourself
                    doing stupid tihngs in java for a while just because not
                    all the same tricks work.
2000/6/15-16 [Transportation/Car] UID:18482 Activity:high
6/15    Is it normal for new brake pads to squeek like hell? The mechanic
        asked me if I wanted to have rotors resurfaced for an extra $100
        which would prevent from squeekying and I said no. Now I'm suspecting
        that he is trying to fuck me up.
        \_ Warped rotors don't cause squeeking. That mechanic is full of
           shit. When installing the new pads, he was supposed to
           spray on sticky blue stuff called "disc brake quiet". Also,
           there are shims that came with the pads that he was supposed to
           put in as well. Those should've made the squeeking go away.
           \_ Not true. warped rotors CAN cause squeeking, although they
                generally cause the vehicle to shake while stopping also.
                And while the "sticky blue stuff" might have some nominal
                usage, the primary cause brake squeekage is the partial
                melting and resolidification of the pad surface. This
                causes the pad surface to become glassy, which leads to
                \_ So how do you actually fix it?  Will it go away eventually?
                   --dying in traffic
        \_ This is caused by more environmentally friendly materials in
           brake bads (I think they are more metallic and contain less, if
           any, asbestos). My dealer (Nissan) actually showed me a company
           memo to that effect last time I had my brakes done and returned
           to the dealer to complain about the squeaking. I've noticed
           that many (new) cars squeak as I'm driving. It's just hard to
           notice with the window rolled up and/or the radio playing. It
           does get a little bit better over time, but it'll never be
           completely silent. Of course, your situation could be different
           since you say that squeak "like hell" instead of just a little bit.
                        \_ You eventually get a fix-it ticket from a cop and
                           pay $100 to have your rotors resurfaced.
                        \_ do what the cowboys do, go out into the middle
                        of nowhere, speed to 65 then slam the brakes to
                        break in the pads. repeat a couple of times.
                   \_ Maybe check out different brands of brake pads?
                      Or did they already squeak BEFORE the new pads?
        \_ Car Talk
        \_ Buy an anchor, or a brake chute.  -John
2000/6/15-16 [Computer/HW] UID:18483 Activity:nil
6/15    some guy i talked to claimed that all pc motherboards these days have
        built-in microphones, which could presumably be used to spy on
        anyone on a network with an insecure machine, i.e. any microsoft
        netowork.  is this true?  where is the mic?  how does one disconnect
        it without fucking up the motherboard?  how woudld one access it?
        is any evil organization that anyone knows of using such a device for
        their own purposes?
2018/11/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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