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2000/6/11 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:18438 Activity:high
6/10    I'm looking whether there's any sort of PGP utility set for Win32
        (or Linux/FreeBSD) I can use with Netscape's mail client.  I've
        got the free PGPtools to play with, but they only seem to work
        on Outcrook or Eudora.  Any recommendations?  It doesn't have to
        be freeware.  -John
2000/6/11-12 [Uncategorized] UID:18439 Activity:nil
6/10    What's the URL for the Information Futures (is this the right name?)
        market that's run out of the University of Indiana (is this the right
        place?)?  Thanks.
2000/6/11-12 [Finance/Banking, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:18440 Activity:nil
6/9     What's the difference between GMT and UTC?  What is UTC anyway?
        \_ Universal
        \_ "coordinated universal time" Google:
  (You may also find
  helpful.) GMT is sort of an older
           standard. Somewhere it says that GMT doesn't account for earth's
           rotational drift with leap seconds but UTC does. In practice they
           are used to mean the same thing, although some people seem to use
           GMT if they want to emphasize Britain's local time zone. It is
           probably better to call it UTC.  --Galen
           \_ As an aside, I believe leap seconds are being eliminated. --dim
              \_ What could replace them? There must be some way of reconciling
                 the definition of the second with the earth's motion. --Galen
                 \_ As an aside, I believe the rotation of the earth is being
                    \_ As an aside, I believe Galen is being eliminated.
                       \_ As an aside, I believe the earth is being eliminated.
                                \_ As an aside, I believe this thread is
           \_ --dim
              \_ Is there some coordinated international coalition of people
                 of Greek decent trying to do away with leap seconds!?
        \_ True GMT gets adjusted for "Summer Time" (the brit equiv of
           daylight savings) - UTC does not.  Most of the time people refer
           to GMT they mean UTC.
2000/6/11 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:18441 Activity:nil
6/9     My dept just bought a double sided printer. On NT, I can specify
        the duplex option via the user friendly GUI. How do I do duplex on
        regular UNIX lp/lpr? Thanks.
        \_ seperate print queues.  and the tc=[ifhp_simplex|ifhp] flag
        \_ what kind of printer? some have nice GUI for unix too, but you
           may need to goto manufacturer web-site to download it.
        \_ It is a postscript option. a2ps -s2, or psset. The separate print
           queue thing is basically a way of automatically postprocessing
           postscript print jobs to set the option. --Galen
        \_ print all the odd pages, put em back in, print the even ones
2000/6/11 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Men] UID:18442 Activity:high
6/8     motd {tr|p}oll: how many women shave "down there"?
        yes: 0
        no: 0
        \_  What about the men?
                \_ Men who shave "down there":
                   yes: 2
                   no: 0
                   pluck: 1
                   \_ Once in a while: 1
        \_ Any of you shaving to look longer?
           \_ How in the world would it look longer if you shaved it.
              \_ On some of us hairier bastards, it grows up the shaft a bit.
                \_ So what?
                  \_ it feels smoother when your shaft is bare.
           \_ Women don't care how long you are.
              \_ How short is your's?
                \_ I don't have one.  How stinky is yours?
                   \_ Hmm... lemme check.  Pretty stinky.  And yours?
                        \_ Go clean up and come back.
        \_ it's sexy for the first couple of days.  she liked it when i dined
           down south.
          \_ I won't dine down south unless it's shaved. Nothing worse than
              a mouthful of hair.
                \_ you don't need to shave for that.  but an occasional
                   trim is good, for men and women.
                   \_ can I get this done at super cuts?
                      \_ make sure to inquire about the latest styles, too
                        \_ Completely smooth.  What other style is there?
                           \_ Ugh. That's SO last week! NOBODY who is ANYBODY
                              does SMOOTH any more!
                           \_ The "mohawk" is in...
                                \_ This isn't about being on parade.  It's
                                   about sex.  Raw hot sex is always in style.
                                   Smoother = better sex.  A Brazilian cut is
                                   worthless for that.
                    \_ trims are easy.  Just get a scissors and start whacking.
                       \_ I've never seen two boys do so much whacking.
        \_ itch. my gf tried it, and she said it itched.
         \_ it'll itch when the stubble starts growing, and it won't be
            comfortable for you either.
          \_ She's supposed to get waxed and keep waxing.  Shaving is for
             stupid ninnies who don't know what they're doing.
             \_ nair works well if you're not going for completely bald
                \_ how about the sugar technique. i heard you can make your
                   own solution by mixing sugar with water and lemon juice.
                   how do you know what proportions to mix things in?
                \_ Gotta be careful though.  It'll burn if it touches anything
                   too 'sensitive'.  I suggest not.  Go get waxed.  They've
                   seen/done it a million times.  It's pretty common.
           YOUR DAMN COMMENTS (pussy shaver)
                \_ Ninny.  Get waxed and count 'em.  Those are the smooth
                   pussies you're looking for.  Go eat stubble.
2000/6/11 [Uncategorized] UID:18443 Activity:nil
6/8     Get some new postings.
2000/6/11-12 [Uncategorized] UID:18444 Activity:nil
6/10    How the hell do I get rid of unwanted sockets stuck in a FIN_WAIT_2
        state?  It's the most annoying thing... without rebooting, I cannot
        seem to get those to shutdown() or close() the socket.  How can I
        send the FIN/ACK signal it's waiting for?  --mtbb
        \_ you can't.  Go read a couple stevens books and you'll see why.
2000/6/11-14 [Reference/BayArea, Recreation/Food] UID:18445 Activity:kinda low
6/11    Can anyone recommend a good barber to go to in the Berkeley
        (east bay) area?
        \_ The barbers at the Barber College in Oakland do a great job.  I
           went there for years until I started cutting my own hair.
           MacArthur & Howe.
           \_ So what sort of cooking pot do you put on your head to get the
        \_ shear perfection right next to yogurt park.  ask for jenny.
        \_ the brothel right next to yogurt park.  ask for jenny.
        \_ oh no, not more shaving threads
        \_ crap crap crap crap
              line straight?  Or rather:  do you have any trouble with
              sunburns on your scalp after it's shaved?  I have a feeling
              that the original poster was looking for a haircut, not a
              hairhacknslash.  -John
           \_ Do they cut hair "down there"?
           \_ Formatting corrected.  -!motd formatting god
           \_ Jenny at shear perfection does a good job (the place
              next to yogurt park).  but that's only if you have stiff
              asian hair  -- slanty-eyed soda bastard
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