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2000/6/8-9 [Uncategorized] UID:18422 Activity:very high
4/68    Where can I buy very small packs of desiccant?  They are found in
        shipping cartons of equipments etc. but I can't find them in any
        \_ Use of such materials in manner inconsistent with labeling is
           strongly discouraged.
                \_ Let him.  It's a Darwin thing.
         \_ Try shipping companies, like ULine.  So what is the "other"
            \_ kitty litter.
                \_ Your pussy is gonna get chemical burns on her ass. That
                   stuff is pretty strong, and not intended for contact
                   with living tissue (well, living tissue that is meant
                   to remain living)
                \_ You use it to keep things dry and prevent fungus growth
                in general, especially if you live on the east coast and has
                no air condition.
                \_ Shut up, cmlee.
        \_ Try a gun shop, dessicant is often used when storing ammunition.
        \_ DO NOT EAT.
2000/6/8-9 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:18423 Activity:very high
6/7     Does anyone know if its possible to take any uc berkeley class
        through extension - former student wanting more enlightenment
        \_ you can take any regular berkeley class provided it has room
           in it and the professor doesn't object.  go visit the extension
           office for the relevant form.
        \_ Alan, is that you?
                \_ No, I already know the answer and if I didn't, know how
                   to find it faster/better than asking on the motd. -alan-
        \_ Yes.  Don't know the details, but I think this is common.  Try
           extension's website or call them.
                \_ It's called "concurrent enrollment".  Most of the big
                   classes are restricted, though you can still ask for the
                   prof's OK.  Upper-division classes are usually fine. -tom
        \_ My father was showing up at all sorts of engineering and cs classes.
           Didn't sign up, didn't pay anything, and the profs appreciated having
           someone who _wanted_ to be in their class.  Just show and talk to
           the profs if you don't need the grade on paper.
                \_ did he actually learn anything without doing HW + exams?
        \_ Academia rewls, industry sucks! GO BACK TO SCHOOL if you are
           \_ If people on the motd are so critical of acedemia why the hell
              did they even bother going to Berkeley in the first place?
           \_ I rule, yermom sucks!  Who's your Master???? Who's your
              Master!?!?!?!? -- sky 'slavemaster' king
                serious on being enlightened.
           \_ I agree.  -- motd academia god
2000/6/8-9 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:18424 Activity:high
4/68    I am getting numerous spam emails every day to my hotmail account.
        I block all the addresses, but I get even more spam mail from other
        addresses.  What can I do?  Getting a new account doesn't solve my
        problem, because numerous people still send valid email to my original
        hotmail account, and I'll still have to check it and sort through the
        hundreds of spam messages every month.
        \_ It's a hotmail account.  Why are you giving a garbage account to
           people you want to hear from?  Change hotmail accounts and give your
           friends your real address.
                \_ I don't want to change accounts.  I want to stop getting
                        spam.  What can I do?
                \_ Use a whitelist.  Filter out every message from unknown
                   senders and forward the restto a real account.  Use that
                   address your reply for long enough and people will start
                   using it.  And get a sacrificial address to use when
                   signing up for shit.
        \_ Open mouth, insert gun barrel, pull trigger, is the only method that
           really works.
2000/6/8-9 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:18425 Activity:low
4/68    In Netscape, which file is the Mail Filter file?
2000/6/8-9 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:18426 Activity:low
4/68    Dear motd tech gurus: my /var/adm/messages log shows this:
        ypserv:  do_accept : can't open connection
        Things seem to be working okay, but what does it mean? How do I
        fix it? I tried searching on the web, but lack browser-fu, unix-fu.
        \_ Did you try to run ypserv as a user instead of root?  Is master
           server you specified for your slave ypserv configuration not
           really running ypserv, or does it have you tcp wrapped out of
           existence?  --dbushong
2000/6/8 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:18427 Activity:nil
        \_ dont you love "unbiased" polls that claim 79% of people dont
           thing microsoft should be broken up?
        \_ Whoa!  It's on  It must be true!  What they didn't say
            was that every MS employee voted before it went to the public.
2000/6/8-9 [Uncategorized] UID:18428 Activity:nil
6/7     Can someone re-post a link from a while ago re: building an anonymous
        internet?  Thx!
2000/6/8 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:18429 Activity:high
6/6     Has anyone taken classes via SITN and have actually gotten a MSCS?
        \_ I got heavily screwed by Stanfurd distance learning back
           in high school (EPGY via CSP if that means anything to you);
           I would highly discourage doing anything of this sort, at least
           via Stanfurd. Can provide details by email. -alexf
        \_I'll be finished with an MSEE after summer. 3.5 years is a long
          \_ what's SITN?
             \_ Stanford Instructional Televison Network.  Part of Stanford
                Center for Professional Development (SCPD).  You can get a
                degree by taking a class or two at a time from a remote site.
                You take exams on campus if you're close enough, and send
                homework by courier.  I took three classes and it nearly killed
                me.  I don't know how anyone can get their degree this way.
                \_ it's possible if your job is easy, you have no gf, and
                   you have no life. I'm like that and got mine in 5 years.
                \_ I just finished a class and I agree...expect no life. I
                   was either reading or doing a problem set every day of
                   the week.  And don't forget watching the videos.  Plus
                   no matter how much support you get at work, it's
                   unlikely your boss is gonna let you get away with not
                   doing what you are supposed to do despite your
                \_ it's not so bad.  Just take a couple of classes.  the
                   Stanford equivalents to the same ones we took as undergrads
                   are a serious joke.  Take the OS class to see what I mean.
                   \_ CS240A is now CS140 in Stanford, which means the OS class
                      has become an undergrad class.  But CS145 is nothing when
                      compared with CS186
        \_ As the previous posters have said, expect no life.  Most people
           have said, go full-time instead of SITN!
        \_ I took 2 ME classes at Stanford.  via SITN.  They were a fucking
           joke, compared to UCB undergrad classes.  I got an M.S. in 2
           years by taking 2 classes per semester + summer at various
           unis.  Not that hard, but I was working 40 hr/wk, and not doing
           much else.
        \_ Industry SUCKS. Academia rewls.
           \_ Heh.  When I've made enough money in INDUSTRY to buy your wife
              and children and pack them off to some remote research station
              in Antarctica where they can't possibly reproduce, I'll come
              lookin' for you and try real hard not to run your scruffy,
              hand-to-mouth Academician ass down with my Lotus.  Then maybe
              I'll condescend to come back to school and perchance hang out
              with your surviving fat-headed scruffy-ass Academician
              friends and experience their little closed-off delusional
              denial-powered world -- it'll probably be pretty funny.
        \_ the best job in the world is no job at all if at all possible.
           nothing is worse, agreed, then getting up in the morning
           and having to answer to someone else.
2000/6/8 [Transportation/Airplane] UID:18430 Activity:nil
6/6     Is there a good chance I'd end up w/ Alaska Airlines if I used
        \_ Don't bother with Priceline.  THe airlines own webites tend to be
           very good, especially Southwest's.  Priceline you either end up
           with no ticket or an overpriced ticket.
        \_ Age of Aquarius
        \_ Convoy!
        \_ is the way to go. You can even chose your airline.
2000/6/8-9 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:18431 Activity:high
4/69    Can somebody recommend an text-based "threaded" mail reader for unix?
        elm and pine all display individual mails one line at a time, there's
        no threading based on subject line.  Thanks.
        \_ use elm and sort by subject?
           \_ mutt >> elm >> pine, and, of course, mutt has threads.  -tom
        \_ mh and sort by subject works too.
           \_ sort by subject is not the same thing as threading.  -tom
2000/6/8-9 [Uncategorized] UID:18432 Activity:kinda low
2000/6/8-9 [Finance/Shopping] UID:18433 Activity:high
4/69    How does one get free access to UCB libraries without joining the alumni
        association? -jeffwong
        \_ There is no way, you cheap school-spirit-less person.
           \_ Don't you mean cheap-school spirit-less person?
        \_ the alumni association is cheaper than the alternative. there
           is no alternative that is both free and legal.
2000/6/8-9 [Politics/Domestic/California, Recreation/Food, Recreation/Media] UID:18434 Activity:insanely high
4/69    I've heard of Survivor.  But is it really worth watching?
        \_ Hell yes.  Did anyone tape it last night?  Or will it be on
           again Saturday?
           \_ is it like the Real World?
             \_ Basically.  But they eat rats and nasty shit.  They have
                to dig their own latrines, work out the lack of toilet
                paper issue.  Every week one of the teams votes one of
                their own off the island.  They dramatize it and make it
                really harsh.  Good entertainment.  Richard needs to die.
                \_ It seems like most of them are pricks ... even the
                   nice ones.
                \_ Richard is homosexual... I hope this isn't why you
                   want him dead.
        \_ Gawd did anyone else see them eat the beetle larva last night?
           That was disgusting.  I can't imagine those people that seemed
           to swallow it whole.
                \-when is it on? i couldnt find it. --psb
                  \_ on Wednesdays at 8pm, CBS...and CBS is repeating it this
                     Saturday night at 10pm.  It's on the CBS homepage. --chris
        \_ I can't wait till Smash TV comes out. -geordan
2019/01/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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