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2000/6/5-6 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:18412 Activity:nil
4/65    I'm trying to install FreeBSD. Is there any way to download an
        image of the 4.0 Release disc and burn it myself?  If I don't make
        an installation CD per se, is it possible to use a CD-R to get
        the req'd files onto the install machine? (I don't want to make more
        than 2 or 3 floppies)
           Or use a mirror site. for more info.
2000/6/5-6 [Uncategorized] UID:18413 Activity:high
4/66    How do I change the typematic rate (ie keyboard delay/repeat) under
        \_ use the -ar1 & -ar2 options (see man Xsun - you can specifiy them
           when running xinit or openwin as well).
        \_ xset
        \_ xset does not set this under Solaris, twink.
                \_ Sure it does.  Why insult someone on a personal leve just
                   because you incorrectly think they're mistaken on a
                   technical question?  Seek help.
2000/6/5-8 [Finance, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Industry/Jobs] UID:18414 Activity:nil
4/65    A couple of new IT positions available at NSSB in
        /csua/pub/jobs/NikkoSalomonSmithBarney or
        Also to answer those of you who asked if an IT person can become a
        trader, one IT has become an equity junior trader in June.  --yumin
        \_ One out of how many?
2000/6/5-6 [Science/Space] UID:18415 Activity:high
4/65    Fremont residents:  I saw a big tree nursery on the intersection of
        mission blvd and 680 (near mission high school).  I was on 680 going
        south and saw it from the freeway.  Anybody know what the name of the
        nursery is?  It was hard to see how to get there on the freeway.
        Thanks.  Actually, if anybody can recommend a nursery that specialize
        in all kinds of tree that'll be great too.  HomeDepot's selection is
        pathetic.  And I've been to too many nureseries that carry a lot of
        plants and flowers but not a lot of trees.  Thanks.
        \_ I live right next to it (ie common fence). They grow pot.
        \_ Troll!
                \_ it isnt a slashdot repost so it must be a troll
        \_ The one next to the Hetch Hetchy power lines?  Don't remember.  I'll
           check on the way to work tomorrow.  --dbushong
        \_ Learn to use , "Find Nearby Businesses"
        \_ A-Z Tree Nursery  --dbushong
2000/6/5-6 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:18416 Activity:insanely high
6/5     Is there a different technique to getting a Korean chick and a
        Chinese chick? I like them all and want to know how to get one.
        \_ Slightly different taste in food.
           \_ They also, consequently, taste different themselves. Chinese
              go well with an old german Reisling while I prefer my
              Koreans with a crisp Pinot Grigio. -(fucker)
           \_ They do not go well with Chateau Gravas, Sauternes.  Such
              dessert wines only go well with white girls.
           \_ Korean and chinese chicken taste the same when deep fried.
        \_ There are many differences. There are many differences just
           among Chinese chick(ens) too. May depend on geography, generation,
           as well as looks and other things. I will go into all of the
           nuances (and more obvious aspects) if I have time after work.
           -- someone who has dated Korean and Chinese
                \_ sky, is that you?
                   \_ No, sky is a punk.
                      \_ What makes me a punk?  Most of my ex's are
                         Korean and my current girlfriend is chinese.
                         All of them have said I am more asian than most of
                         their asian ex's in terms of how I view relationships.
                         Neither am I a racist dick who posts wm/af flame
                         bait in the motd.  White people suck, cept for
                         seano, but he's a fucker.  I could teach you a
                         thing or three about race relations.
                           -- Sky, who has thrown down with his asian
                              brothers against rascist fratboys more than
                              any of you
                         \_ Uh, yeah.  Ok.  By definition, isn't the way the
                            asian guys view relationships the asian male view
                            of relationships?  It seems self-defining to me.
                            Maybe they're saying you have a typically asian
                            female point of view regarding relationships?  And
                            are you saying you're more asian than asians or
                            just in your view of relationships?  ---baffled
                         \_k I rule the sky!
        \_ yeah mon, Asian gf/bf is must have fashion accessory. You need one
           to fit in with your friends.
                \_ lila, is that you?
                   \_ have i ever talked anything like that?  -lila
                        \_ "Asian bfs are aesthetically pleasing"
                           \_ lila has bad taste in men.
                              \_ why, did i accidentally go out with you once?
                                 sign yer name if you're going to insult me.
                                 \_ Who said it was an insult?
                                    \_  i think saying someone has bad taste is
                                        generally considered to be an insult
                           \_ you seem to be confusing me with kchang  -lila
                           \_ Why, because theyre hairless, short, skinny
                              and wear glasses?
                                \_ I've received many compliments on my
                                   nicely-shaped small penis. - tpc
2000/6/5-6 [Reference/RealEstate, Finance/Investment] UID:18417 Activity:high
6/5     Poll: Stock market will do the following in the next 2 weeks
        rise                                                            1
        fall                                                            0
        .com bubble will burst and housing will again be affordable     1
        stay in the same range as now, little up/down                   1
        \_ summary: the bay area sucks. leave after graduation, and you
           can spend your smaller salary on a superior lifestyle.
        \_ The .com bubble bursting won't make housing affordable.  All the
           .com people in the bay area won't suddenly vanish over night.  This
           is the theory/prayer of the poor (under $125k total income).  Forget
           it.  Since the spring down turn, housing prices have continued to
           _rise_.  Housing prices are based on supply/demand more than on .com
           cash which is another semi-myth.
                \_ You're not gonna buy a decent HOUSE earning only $125K!
                   You need some one-off stock options.
                \_ Under $125k?? ouch. How expensive of a house can you get for
                   that income anyway?
                   \_ How far do you want to push it?  Get a really expensive
                      loan and pay some high rates and you can go to $650.  If
                      you're not insane, you can do $400k without losing sleep.
                \_ There will continue to be *need* for housing if there's
                   a stock market crash.  In economic terms, "demand" is
                   the combination of "need" and "willingness/ability to pay".
                   So while a stock market crash won't necessarily reduce the
                   need for housing, it will reduce the demand.
                   I think it's unlikely prices will significantly drop,
                   however.  The first thing that will happen is a reduction
                   in over-bids, and then houses will start to stay on the
                   market at lot longer at current listing prices.  There's
                   a lot of slop there to take out before anyone will start
                   cutting prices on houses.   -tom
                   \_ Going from 1 day on-market-to-sale to 7 days on-market-
                      to-sale is still way out there especially compared to the
                      rest of the country where 6+ months isn't unusual and the
                      bid is almost always under asking, not over, and usually
                      includes non-cash incentives from the _seller_.
                \_ so under what condition will housing again be affordable?
                   \_ How about a nice game of Global Thermonuclear War.
                        \_ At which point housing goes to those with the most
                           functional weaponry.
                   \_ None really.  There are always more people but God isn't
                      making more land.  Historically speaking, housing prices
                      _always_ rise.  Yes, there are periods of ups and downs
                      but overall, especially in the bay area, housing will
                      continue on the upward slide to infinity.  The cheaper
                      housing just moves further out and there's a very limited
                      amount of 'core' housing (ie: close to SV and/or SF).
                      Think of this, a new home in East Palo Alto, the recent
                      murder capitol of the country (or was it world?) will run
                      $400k to $450k _and_ you have to *compete* to get it.  In
                      short, don't hold your breath.
                        Housing prices have already stopped rising.
2000/6/5-6 [Industry/Jobs] UID:18418 Activity:insanely high
6/5     Need advice. I've been working 12hr/day for an entire year thinking
        that I'd get more raise+bonus. Today, I got my raise+bonus.
        Percentage-wise, it's almost the same as before when I worked 8hr/day.
        Is there not a correlation between how much work you put in and
        how much reward you get back?                   -disillusioned
        \_ quit
        \_ There is a correlation between how much they pay you and
           how much they think they can pay you without your quitting
           or doing a half-assed job.
        \_ Maybe there were not made aware of all your accomplishments?
           Or maybe they can only justify max X raise/bonus, having
           nothing to do with you. It's not always work more, but what
           you accomplish.
        \_ "Work Smarter, not Harder!"
        \_ "Blow Smarter, not Harder!"
           \_ Yes!  Agree!
                \- if you are willing to walk away, you can always bring
                up the fact that you are disatisfied. bluffing on this is
                of course risky. --psb
                   \_ hey psb, wanna play poker?
        \_ Obviously, they do not appreciate you. Find a gf who does.
        \_ Where'd you get the idea that working so hard would get you anything
           but tired and lifeless?  You need to work where it'll show and do
           nothing the rest of the time.  Kids today....
2000/6/5-6 [Reference/Religion] UID:18419 Activity:high
        Somebody who knows more about physics comment on this.  I checked
        Dr Raymond Chiao here at UCB and he seems legit.  But I haven't
        found any info on Dr. Lijun Wang supposedly from Princenton.  Is it
        possible that the speed of light has finally been broken???!
        \_ I know Raymond Chiao, he's christian and did send signals faster
        than speed of light.
                \_ What does his religion have to do with the speed of light?
                   \_ If God thinks you're a righteous dude, he loosens up
                      and lets you break the laws of physics every now and
                      \_ Not really. Some things can travel much faster
                         than the speed of light.  Gravitational forces
                         are instantaneous over large distances.
                      \_ God is the coolest dude around.
                   \_ Christians always tell the truth. -- A Christian
                      \_ yeah, christians said the world was flat too.
                        \_ and u suckers fell for it.
                   \_ Xtians do all the real discoveries, while atheist just
                    cheat on their wives - Dr. laura
        \_ The idea here is that the pulse shape is reconstructed on the other
        end of the chamber such that it seems to coexist with the pulse
        entering the chamber, thus giving the impression that it's travelling
        faster than the speed of light.  However, it's possible that the
        leading edge of the pulse is entering the chamber earlier in
        time than the perceived pulse location.  Thus, it's still impossible
        to transmit information faster than c... ie.,laws of physics still
        \_ The physics is beyond me, but wouldn't the experiment have taken
           that possibility into account?  Can't wait for a 5 minute trip to
           another star....
        \_ Bah. die-hard einsteinians make more and more twisted theories.
           to make up for when it looks like they are not right.
           For example, "xyz doesnt go faster than light. 'SPACE' contracts".
           And yet they also say there's no such thing as 'space'.
           After a while, they get to sounding more like flat-earth apologists.
           Or Ptolmeic thinkers. Retrograde!
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