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2000/5/30-6/1 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:18365 Activity:moderate
5/30    Anybody have an example of how to use emacs in batch mode?  I have
        a bunch of files I want worked on inside emacs and I want to do so
        in a non-interactive fashion.  Thanks.
        \_ emacs --batch --load program.el
           \_ Err...  I know how to invoke it, I'm looking for an example of
              "program.el".  Thanks.
          \_ i've always thought it really lame that you couldn't specify
             elisp on the command line. or at least the name of a thunk.
             \_ emacs -f moo
             \_ Thunk?  Thunks??  OHMYGOD!!!! cs61a flashbaaaaaaaaaaaack!
                you bastard!!!
                \_ loser
                   \_ poser
                \_ 61a?  What's that?  -60a
                        \_ you mean 60b
                           \_ 60a       -->     61a
                              60b       -->     61c
                              60c       -->     61b
                   \_ does math 55 still exist?
                      \_ Yes, but 55 is being made a requirement for math.
                         Consequently, it is emphasizes CS applications less
                         than it did in days past.  The CS department has
                         created a new class, CS 70 to fill the gap.  Word is,
                                        \_ Hmm, I thought CS 70 was created
                                           as an "honors" version of 55...?
                         CS 70 kicks ass. -dans
                         \_ Will be a cold day in hell when Math Dept makes
                            55 a major requirement. CS 70, on the other hand,
                                        \_ ISTR Demmel claiming in front of
                                           all the CS faculty that they'd
                                           done just that... -brg
                            kicks royal ass.
                              -alexf the First Ever CS70 Reader & Misc Gimp (tm)
        \- you can send elisp expression to emacs with gnuclient/gnudoit.
                you dont have to do anything special to the "program.el" ...
                although you need to be carful about input/output and what
                init files are loaded. --psb
        \_ ed
           \_ Oh great ed god!!!  Please tell me how to use ed-mode in ed from
              the command line!!!
2000/5/30-6/1 [Industry/Startup] UID:18366 Activity:high
5/30    Is it ethical to leave your company on the day that 1/2 of your
        options vest?
        \_ That has no bearing on the reason why you are leaving, unless
           it is the reason. If it is the reason, then you are a fool.
                                                \_ Hello, I am st00pid sodan.
        \_ Of course.  Options are compensation, just like salary.
        \_ yeup. If they wanted to make sure you stayed longer, they
           would have made the vesting period longer. Although you might
           give them a little notice, so that they can make a counteroffer.
        \_ Ethics has nothing to do with anything.  Welcome to the Valley.
           \_ All's fair.  Frankly, I wish everyone had the job-switching
              liberty that most tech people are accustomed to.  Every job
              you have is just another one until the job you love.
            \_ rightly said....that almost sounds like the opening to
               "Quantum Leap"
                \_ Still looking for it.  In the meantime, every hop is a
                   nice increase in salary and another chance to make it big
                   if any of these options ever become worth anything.  Why
                   put all your eggs in one basket?  The CEO and founders will
                   be gazillionaires if they make it.  You won't.  Spread it
                   around to improve your odds.
                \_ rightly said....that almost sounds like the opening to
                   "Quantum Leap"
                   \_ Really? I thought it sounded more like yermom's approach
                      to mating.
        \_ Your employer won't think of it as unethical when he wants to lay
           you off during "re-structuring" (not necessarily down-sizing), so
           why should you care?  -- yuen
        \_ Try to leave on vest day + epsilon.  Just in case your employee
           wants to mess with you by doing off by n things with your vest
2000/5/30-6/1 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:18367 Activity:very high
5/30    anyone stupid enough to join the cal alumni society know of any
        other benefits other than a stupid plate cover, another email
        address, and the constant harrassing for donations?  i thought
        about joining but there doesn't seem to be a single reason.
        -- troll baiter
                \_ What email address? -Alum soc. member
       \_ it buys you connections, but not always...
        \_ you don't need to be in the society to get constantly harassed
           for donations...   - Bitter Alum
                \_ I haven't ever been harassed, but I spent the $400
                   when I graduated to become a life member. I'm not
                   sure what its good for though, the only tangable
                   benefit (if you can call it that) for me is getting
                   the California magazine.  I'm not sure about the
                   library use though, do you need a special library
                   card or alum card? I don't have either.
           \_ I pledged $200 and then refused to send in the check.
              After 4 or 5 letters, they gave up, and never called again ever.
        \_ UC library use and rsf discounts if you are close to any of these
                - stupid cal alumni society member
                \_ I got the library use without paying.  --another cal alum
                   \_ Uh, how? -- Marco
                      \_ Uh, use your student ID. -- Polo
                      \_ Uh, use your student ID. -- Paolo
                      \_ Uh, use your student ID. -- Polo (don't change the name)
                        \_ uh, that doesn't work when you're NOT A VALID STUDENT
                      \_ I just whined and said I didn't have time to fill
                         out the forms and could I just use it the one time.
                         Always works.  New student staff everytime.
        \_ California magazine.
                \_ You're supposed to put a " :-) " after a joke.
        \_ I think they help you build up your human network for advancing
           your career, or so I read.  -- yuen
                \_ Yeah right.  You can talk to all the other fuzzy majors
                   about the latest burger flipping techniques and speed
                   filling a tank?
                   \_ hey, that info's important. --philosophy major
2000/5/30-31 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:18368 Activity:very high
5/30    Are the city engineers in Berkeley stupid?

        Why is it that the large streets (like University Ave. and
        parts of Telegraph) have their traffic lights timed to be
        red more often than green while the smaller streets that
        intersect them are green longer than red?
        \_ if you were so smart, you'd avoid driving on University and
           Telegraph near the campus and College and the other "big"
           \_ Even idiots don't drive near campus.  I'm talking about
              right after Jack in the Crack (small street before
              Alcatraz) and the 24 on/off ramp (no big surface streets
              intersecting them).
              \_ That would be Oakland, yes no?
        \_ People who drive or walk on the smallers streets have their
           rights too! -opressed smaller street walker
        \_ They must be. How else can you explain the repaving of Hearst
           east of Oxford after 10 years of disrepair and then promptly
           beginning to tear it up again?
            \_ that's the university doing infrastructure shite, not the city
           \_ No no, you mean every 2 years when city council elections
              come up.
           \_ how about the widening of the sidewalk on Center St. by campus
              a few years ago -- how long did that take? 6 months?
        \_ Duh.  Welcome to Berkeley.  It's *intentional*.  They _want_ to
           make it harder for drivers in Berkeley.  Duh, duh, duh.
           \_ Pshaw.  That implies that there's anything even remotely
               coherent in their 'planning'.  I think blatant stupidity
               applied in the most shortsighted manner possible is closer
               to the mark.
                \_ Go to a city planning meeting.  They spell it out in plain
                   English.  Car drivers are evil and must be punished.  I
                   wouldn't bother to make this up.  When in Berkeley, you
                   should never attribute stupidity when evil will suffice.
                   You're talking about a place that wants to turn a bunch of
                   dilapidated structures (not enough left to call them
                   'buildings' anymore) into historic landmarks, thus keeping
                   prime real estate from being turned into job making
                   businesses and screwing the owners. It's Berkeley. Wake up.
        \_ Man, everything related to the city of berkeley just sucks.
           Why was rent control removed? when demand is greater than supply
                \_ Because Pete Wilson outlawed rent control statewide.
                   Berkeley fought tooth-and-nail, but can't escape state law.
                   Get a clue you fucking whiner.
           rent control is good for the tenants. parking stinks, i think
           everyone w/ a car has paid at least 200 in parking tickets
          (me much more). Who here has parked at soda and gotten massive
           tickets?? Where do they expect people to park to go lab?
           \_ walk to lab, you fucking shithead.  know how much i paid
              in tickets in 4 years at cal?  nothing.  go back to LA
              and drive around with the rest of the auto-worshiping
                \_ you probably live close enough to walk. not everyone
                    lives within walking distance. think b4 you speak
                \_ Ride Bike? Suck me bitch.
           This is the only city where they seem like they make life hard
           for the students, the non-students that generally make up the
           population of berkeley seem to want to make it hard for students
           to have proper accomodations... And how come we still have
           peoples park??? we need another unit... not a drugged&homeless
           gathering center. <sigh>
           \_ uh, rent control went away because vacancy rent control was
           \_ can't we all just get along?
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