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2000/5/28-29 [Uncategorized] UID:18358 Activity:low
5/27    What does the B in Bcc: stand for in mail programs?
        \_ Blind
           \_ Is this to suppress the mailing list?
              \_ When you bcc someone, you send them a copy, but that
                 person's name isn't in the message header.  Like, you
                 don't want other people to know who you're bcc'ing it
                \_ bcc is for weenies.
        \_ Blind Cunt Copy
2000/5/28-29 [Reference/Tax] UID:18359 Activity:kinda low 83%like:18353
5/26    I mailed in my tax return about two weeks prior to april 15th.  Along
        with a check for the tax that I owe.  IRS still hasn't cashed in
        that check.  Is this a sign that I'm goign to get audited?  I don't
        want to call them about this because they might flag me down for an
        audit.  Or should I wait longer?
        \_ Sac usually cashes checks within a week.  Cal makes a small
           fortune delaying paying you anything, while taking your money
           as quickly as possible.  Yes, you have a problem.
        \_ you and tens of millions of other people
        \_ Visiting Fresno will also get you audited.
        \_ They haven't cashed any of mine yet, so don't freak.
        \_ Give me your name, i'll call them up to check for you
        \_ Never paid taxes before, huh?
        \_ Lucky.  They instacashed my check for $7k.  Ugh.
           \_ That's a bad sign.  You're one step from an audit.
              \_ Well, it worked out.  Was first year earning a lot, yadda
                 yadda, didn't have to pay penalty.  And, of course, paying
                 it at the end rather than having it withheld is winning (sort
                 of) since you got to use the money during the year.  (Still
                \_ Good way to bounce a check to the IRS and get audited.
                 hurts though)
        \_ They obviously lost your check. Send another and tell your
           bank to cancel the first one.
                \_ Audit.
        \_ I have first-hand information that the IRS is planning to secede
           from the union. Guess where they're getting the funding?
                \_ They're going to IPO?  How do I get in on it?
2000/5/28-29 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:18360 Activity:very high
5/27    Good small graphical web browser that runs on a Unix system.
        Does such an animal exist?
        \_ netscape 3.x, opera, & gnome browswers (but they all suck)
           \_ Don't dismiss Netscape 3 out of hand.  It's _much_ faster
              and moderately more stable than 4.*, and supports most
              features sites actually use (but alas, not PNGs, style sheets,
              JavaScript 1.2, table background images)  --dbushong
        \_ xemacs and w3
        \_ w3c, you troll.
           \_ Can you read?  You know what 'graphical' means?
                \_ I'm sure he can.  While w3c's Amaya is a bit weird, it
                   sure displays pictures, which is what I understand by
                   'graphical'.  Also, it's never crashed on me.  Twit.  -John
              \_ You're thinking of w3m.  Get your name right before you
                 insult someone.  Twit.
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