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2000/5/26-27 [Computer/SW/P2P, Science] UID:18345 Activity:high
5/25    set lARS Ulrich on Napster fire.
        \_ English speak go need you to school good yes?
           \_ which part of his simple sentence confused your
              fancy book-learned little head?
           \_ i think what he means is that guy just sounds dumb.  he starts
             off ok but then starts rambling a bit in fragments, and starting
             one sentence and then jumping to another. DUHeeeeeeerrrrr!:

        Lars trying to speak (typical sentence):

           I  mean, I can just barely ...
           I know how to get onto AOL, and I will say
           that I have used AOL a couple of times to check some hockey scores.

        Lars trying to speak again

          And I believe, and the people that we talk to about this, we believe,
          that the minute some of these companies become active,
          when they basically come to a point that they become fully
          funcitonal, we believe that there will be technology and a
          way to go after them in the way they can invent this technology
          and make it untraceable. We believe that as quickly as
          they can make it untraceable And I believe, and the people that
          we believe that you can find a way to fuck with it, and we
          have already heard about different ways of doing that.
          So I think it's clear that there is nothing that
          people can talk about for the future that becomes bulletproof.

        I can see what he's trying, but man, it's damn ugly grammatically...

        \_ People, give Lars a break.  Drug induced coma in which he likely
           spends most of his time aside, most people don't speak in complete
           grammatical sentences in everyday speech, and this interview is
           an unedited transcript of a phone interview.  -- ilyas
                \_ Tell us of the stars....
                \_ Yeah, he's lucky he can use a phone.  Imagine if he had
                   tried to type this up on his AOL account.  And uhm, no, I
                   don't really understand where he's trying to go when he
                   talks about the future and untraceable technology.  I'm
                   not sufficiently drugged to enter his zone of understanding.

        LARS IS A DRUMMER.  Other than dpetrou, how many rock drummers
        do you know who have any brains?
        \_ Hi, Paolo
2000/5/26-29 [Computer/SW/Unix/WindowManager] UID:18346 Activity:nil
5/24    Anyone know of a kde panel applet that one can use to insert urls ?
        Just like the one in gnome but I dont want to run two panelers
        \_ I like my method better.  I highlight a chunk of text with a URL
           in it somewhere and hit F8.  Netscape opens on that URL.  Whee.
           \_ I highlight the URL, right click, then "open URL".  No keyboard
              \_ Mine works in any program that uses the X cut buffer.
                \_ You're still using X?  Damn, dude....  Mine just works.
2000/5/26 [Recreation/Dating] UID:18347 Activity:nil
5/24    Follow up to the white-men+asian-women thread-- I like to date Asians
        because white women are pure trash. They are usually fat,
        self-righteous, know-it-all, salad-loving, kitchen-hating,
        yuppie wannabe bitches. Asians are the best.            -white man
        \_ asian chicks are great if all you want is sex and foot rubs,
           and a maid, but there is more to life than those things. -white man 2
2000/5/26 [Recreation/Dating] UID:18348 Activity:nil
5/24    Follow up to the white-men+asian-women thread-- I like to date Asians
        \_ Rest deleted. Now, now, that's enough of that. williamc.
        \_ It's not whether you are white or yellow, but whether you are a
           cog.sci. major.  Dating a cog.sci major is like having a cog.sci.
           major partner in a CS class -- permanently!
2000/5/26 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:18349 Activity:nil
5/26    set the world on fire
2000/5/26 [Uncategorized] UID:18350 Activity:nil
5/26    Why do the censors not censor the ObSlashdot reposts? WE ALL
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