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2000/5/24 [Uncategorized] UID:18327 Activity:kinda low
5/23 could someone please post a good troll?  im tired of coding, and want
      to participate in a good flame war.
     \_ Heinous or forgivable:
        -- Being Ugly;
        -- Having two girlfriends and telling people that you can't
           break up with them because you don't want to hurt them;
        -- Posting other people's personal life on the motd for laughs;
        -- Replying to the motd and passing judgment on others
        All situations completely hypothetical, of course, and any
        resemblance to real events/characters completely coincidental.
2000/5/24 [Uncategorized] UID:18328 Activity:nil
5/23    Your ass.
2000/5/24-26 [Uncategorized] UID:18329 Activity:moderate
5/24    There are many choices of online map, but which one is more reliable
        for driving directions?
           \_ seems okay, I haven't got lost yet. Others that
              have worked okay include and
           \_ I tried it.  The directions were ass-backwards.
2000/5/24-26 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:18330 Activity:moderate
5/23    Where is do people find copies of Netscape Nav/Comm for LinuxPPC
        or FreeBSD?  It seems like the ones on the Netscape web site
        only have the Linux-x86, WinNT/95/98, and MacOS versions, along
        with a few popular unix's.  But what if you have a less common
        OS.  I've seen it run on LinuxPPC and FreeBSD before so I know
        it exists.
        \_ By the way, is there a version of netscape that would run on
           Linux/Sparc? May be under SunOS emulation?
        \_ Why would you want to run NS?  What a POS.  Better off with lynx.
           At least lynx doesn't crash every 3 seconds.  M$ isn't the only
           reason NS died.
           \_ At least NS hasn't recently had a security hole where a URL
              you "clicked" on would execute arbitrary code as you (like lynx
                \_ "recently".  I don't think you want to go there.  NS is a
                   POS and pointing out a bug in lynx doesn't make the NS
                   case any better.  NS used to compare itself to IE.  Now,
                   lynx is considered a serious NS competitor?  Think about
                   what you're saying here.  It's a long way to final
                   Mozilla code, baby... a long way.
        \_ What was really cool was running IE/Solaris on the one Sun box and
           redirecting the display to my Alpha.  Violating all laws of God and
           Man, I was running IE on a DEC Alpha/OSF1/Digital Unix.  I sought
           help and I'm better now.
2000/5/24 [Uncategorized] UID:18331 Activity:nil
5/23    is mine.
2000/5/24 [Uncategorized] UID:18332 Activity:nil
5/23    bitch.
2000/5/24-26 [Recreation/Dating] UID:18333 Activity:insanely high
5/24    Where can a white soda guy with a nice personality; but not GQ
        looks meet a nice Asian girl ? I'm not interested in cheap sex.
        \_ another rice-chaser...all you white eecs guys, from cal to
                |_ Ansd those are ??
           san diego.   Bring back Hoyt Sze!
        \_ "Have you tried these resources:

                Comparison shop for "Hoyt Sze"
        \_ Basically, you leer at them with this objectifying,
           fetishizing look and eventually one of them comes up to you
           and sucks your dick and walks on your back.
                \_ Happened like that to me.
        \_ I meet all kinds of nice Asian girls in my classes...
               \_ And those are ??
                        \_ Wouldn't you like to know. - successful white boy
                        \_ Get out of the all-male engineering/cs classes.  It
                           doesn't matter what.  Just take something an actual
                           real woman might take.
        \_ Sit in a coffee shop for a couple of days, and your magnetic
           personality and self-assured demeanor is sure to attract
           the girl you seek.
                - Yeah right; if you believe that line; then you
                  are too  stupid for soda
                \_ No wonder you can't get any women: you yourself don't
                   believe you will.
        \_ Take AsianScam like everyone else!
                #define AsianScam
        \_ Evil White Scum!  Leave our women to us!  I will hunt you down and
           gut you like the pig that you are! -Hoyt Sze (tm)
           \_ Geez, that was a while ago!
               \_ Wow, that *was* a while ago, thanks for reminding me
                  of that, that guy was really amusing...  (When was he
                  in the Daily Cal? Is there a page dedicated to him?)
                (who has to use his sister Felicia for a date still)
                                           \_ she has enough dates already
                                                \_ All white, btw.
                                                   \_ maybe 3/4
                \_ Supply and demand buddy
        \_ jj hates guys like you. Why can't you stick to your
           own kind and give poor guys like jj a chance with
           his kind.
              \_ while the first statement is true ranga, i don't
                 agree with the second.  multi-cultural is all good.
                    \_ I didn't post the orignal comment about jj,
                       but I thinks it pretty much accurate about
                       you jj. ----ranga
                 \_ God, you people sound dumb.
                 \_ multi cultural?  Oh god, get real.  It's all the same in
                    the sack.  A white guy with yellow fever is just following
                    his fetish.  It has nothing to do with culture.  As if a
                    3rd+ generation chick has any non-American culture in her.
        \_ That best buy commerical w/ those two white guys and asian chick
           is just shit
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                \_ HOYT!  YES!  I've met Hoyt.  No wonder all the Asian babes
                   are going for white guys.
           \_  When at Cal i thought Hoyte was a racist fuck, but now i see
            where he was coming from.  White culture has turned women into
            hypocritical nut-jobs who don't even know what they want
            (except perhaps everything) and many white men have found out
            that Asian women rock, leaving Asian men hard-pressed to find a
            good woman. -recently started dating an Asian girl (1st time)
                \_ It isn't our fault the Asian guys can't compete. --whitey
                   \_ It IS our fault 'cause us Whiteys failed to keep our
                      women in line and now that they are all feral we want
                      to go stealing other cultures' women.
                \_ So you are saying that the problem is not that asian
                   girls do not want asian guys but that asian guys do
                   not want white girls?
        \_ You idiots.  Asian guys are on a roll!
                   \_ Umm, no.  Read the post again if you Still don't get it.
                      sign your name and i'll explain it to you in short
                      sentences and small words.
        \_ You idiots.  Asian guys are on a roll!

5 /24   Strip Poker at 11pm an USA.  Pretty much the reason
        television was invented
        \_ The show is almost un-watchable, though, because they keep showing
           guys getting undressed.  Don't they get it?!  Show the women!!!
                \_ Some of us like the guys.  -aspolito
                   \_ I love it when people speak for me. -aspo
                   \_ Never let your sex life influence your politics, or you
                      are just thinking with your balls.
        \_ What a STUPID show. Stupid questions. And everyone wears three
           layers of underwear and they dont even TAKE IT ALL OFF at the end.
2000/5/24-29 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:18334 Activity:nil 52%like:18325
5/24    CSUA skydive - with jor and lila.  ~jor/skydive for details
        \_  Can I pack your parachutes, please?
                \_ I've packed lila a few times.  Her chutes always open
2000/5/24-27 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:18335 Activity:moderate
5/24    Two Linux questions:
        1) what is the ncheck equivalence on Linux?
                \_ fsck
        2) how come .rhosts (rcp/rsh/rlogin) doesn't work on my RH5.2?
                \_ upgrade to ssh
                \_ 5.2?!  You freak!  You complete and utter LOSER!  You
                   must immediately upgrade to 6.2 before asking any more
                   LINUX questions!  Fucking idiot.
        \_ Thus we see the problem is running linux.  It isn't standard.  They
           had to go and rename and break everything that works just fine
           before but didn't actually improve 99% of the things they renamed
           or broke in some new way.  Get a real unix.
           \_ MacOS X!!!
           \_ The problem with Linux is it's not an OS, just a kernel, and
              the various OS distributions that have sprung up are far more
              varied & fragmented than Unix ever was.  There's no overall
              design, no one making sure that changes to one part of the OS
              don't break another, no coherence.
                \_ You're mincing words.  Linux *is* an operating system, no
                   matter what your ultra geek friends tell you.  The packaging
                   that surrounds it is part of the deal.  The kernel with no
                   GNU isn't functional, obviously.  The rest of what you say
                   I agree with 100%.
                   \_ You're an idiot.  Go buy a copy of "Linux" in the store.
                      You can't.  You can buy a product called RedHat Linux.
                      You can buy Debian GNU/Linux.  You can buy Slackware.
                      You can buy TurboLinux.  These are Operating Systems.
                      Linux is their kernel.  Don't assume people are stupid
                      and encourage them to be.
                      \_ Both of you are idiots.
                      \_ It's all the same shit.  It's Linux.  RH is Linux.
                         Debian is Linux.  You're stupid.  Dumb geeks.
                \_ See  Note all the members.  It
                   says something that so much software works across ALL of
                   them. -mogul
                   \_ It says something that they need to think about
                      cross distribution interoperability.
                        \_ Exactly my point earlier.  Same kernel, yet same
                           code won't run on all of them?  Why?  No real
                           reason.  Just market droids taking over.  The
                           differences are a sham.  That a different distro
                           won't run the same software *intentionally* is
                           really the thing that'll keep Linux a hacker toy
                           and server-only geek box.  MS has nothing to fear.
2000/5/24-26 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:18336 Activity:low
5/24    I want to make my FS encrypted so that no one can take out
        my linux harddrive, hook it up to another computer that they
        have root on and see my files. I want only my password to be
        able to access those files. Anyone know of such a FS package?
        Doesn't have to be distributed like NFS.
        \_ try cfs (it has a debian package in non-us). User-mode, IIRC.
                \_ hello, does anyone know the status of the Alex file
                   system from cmu [not andrew]. has that been abandoned?
                   is there a sucessor [is nebula any good?]. will it
                   run on solaris? --psb
                   \_ Re-formatted.
        \_ Who would bother?  If they stick a gun to your head, you'll very
           happily give them the password and suck their cock, too.
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