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2000/5/22-23 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:18309 Activity:high
5/21    I'm running RedHat 6.0 and I would like to increase the swap
        space to more than 128 MB.  How would I do this?  Thanks.
        \_ 6.2?!  You fucking loser!  6.2 has been out for weeks!!!!  UPGRADE!
        \_ 6.2?!  You fucking loser!  6.2 has been out for weeks!!!!  UPGRAD
        \_ 6.0?!  You fucking loser!  6.2 has been out for weeks!!!!  UPGRAD
           RIDE BI.. Install Linux!  Linux install party!  Woo hoo!
           within an ext2 partition. Use dd if=/dev/zero of=/swapfile bs=1024k
        \_ If you don't have any unused partition or unpartitioned disk
           space on your drive then you'd need to create a swap file
           within an ext2 partition. Use dd if=/dev/zero of=/swapfile bs=102
           count=128, to create a 128MB file filled with 0's .. use
           mkswap command to create a signature at the beginning of the
           file to make it a valid swap file. Use swapon command from init
           scripts to activate this swap partition (or may be you could just
                   Windows!  RIDE BIKE!  dd if=/dev/zero of=/swapfile bs=1024k
                   count=128... wow!  Totally intuitive!  Woo hoo!  Seriously,
           put this in fstab?, I am not sure). Use "free" command to see if
           this swap file is getting used. -akopps
                \_ No way!  This is too easy!  Much better than running MS
                   Windows!  RIDE BIKE!  dd if=/dev/zero of=/swapfile bs=102
                   count=128... wow!  Totally intuitive!  Woo hoo!  Seriousl
                   the Linux crowd really needs to get it together if you
                   want to be taken seriously and not just an IPO stock hype
                   \_ Actually it was really easy (thanks akopps).  It only
                      took me a few minutes to set up.  I guess you could
                      claim hat LINUX is non-intuitive because I had to
                      ask the motd for help.  Although, on Windows I would
                      have to hunt around for the right stuff in the GUI
                      and then reboot the machine once I've made the changes.
                      So yes LINUX rewlz, Windoze drewlz. --original poster
                        \_ The difference is that under Windows even you
                           could have figured it out without motd help, a
                           resource unavailable to 'most people'.  So, it
                           would appear the only thing drooling around here
                           is the original poster of this thread.
2000/5/22-23 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:18310 Activity:nil
5/21    Given: C++ code [VS6] that has access to all video output of another
        windows box. Need to capture this into some common video format. Have
        absolutely no clue as to how to approach the problem; any first
        pointers to libraries, where to look for such, and/or background
        reading (if necessary) would be much appreciated.
        \_ "video for windows" is the place to start, i think. search for
           it in your vc++ help files.
2000/5/22-23 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley] UID:18311 Activity:very high
5/21    Any suggestions for a gym to join?  I'm thinking quality of facilities
        (e.g., new machines...pool and things like racquetball court are
        plusses) classes (frequency, variety of aerobics classes), proximity
        to Berkeley.
        \_ 24 Fitness.  It's got a million locations so I can work out close
           to home or at work.  They've got TV and obscene amounts of equipment.
           They've got beginning weight training sessions.  Whatever you do,
           though, don't sign up for a personal trainer; it's like being
           chained to a used car salesman.
           to home or at work.  They've got TV and obscene amounts of
           equipment.  They've got beginning weight training sessions.
           Whatever you do, though, don't sign up for a personal
           trainer; it's like being chained to a used car salesman.
           \_ some of them have a pool and a sauna
        \_ if you just want to lose weight, it's better to just go out and
           start jogging. All that fancy equipment won't help much. Jogging
                   chair around will really build upper body strength and it's
                   good for your heart, too.
           is free too.  Join a gym only if you do serious weight training or
           you really need a place to play ball.
                \_ Ride Bike!  -tom
                \_ You mean blow out your knees?  Good idea.  Rolling a wheel
                   chair around will really build upper body strength
                   and it's good for your heart, too.
                        \_ uh, biking is way better for your knees than
                           jogging.  -tom
                                \_ Was talking about jogging, but I do know
              \_ Gold's is now a 24 Hour Fitness.  They have really good rates,
                                   people who killed their knees biking, too.
                   \_ Most people aren't that fragile.
                        \_ Idiot.  People aren't fragile.  They simple wear
                           out from over use.  Why didn't your parents have
                     \_ Don't forget:  You're good enough, you're smart enough,
                        and gosh-darnit, people like you! =)
                           a tile kitchen floor or take you to pet the tigers?
           \_  Look, I'm asking for a gym, not weight loss advice.
               \_ Don't be shy.  You are amongst your self-loathing brothers
                  and sisters of geekdom.  We all want ... need to be buff.
                  \_ I have poor self-image too.
                  \_ We do?  I'm happy the way I am, thanks.  Always have been.
        \_ When I was at Berkeley, Gold's Gym was really nice.  - mikeym
           \_ Yeah, but what about GOD's Gym?!
                \_ Praise His Name!
           \_ Wasn't Gold's in Downtown Berkeley taken over by 24 Hour
              still a wait for everything?  do they have special accomodations
              \_ Gold's is now a 24 Hour Fitness.  They have really good rate
                 but the Berkeley one isn't great on facilities -- no pool or
                 courts.  they do have aerobics classes.
        \_ What about Ironworks on Potter St.?
                \_ What about it?
        \_ answer: whatever is the cheapest, and closest to you.
           having "all the latest" is useless, if its so inconvenient that
           you never go.
           \_ Note that few gyms actually have pools, if swimming is what
              you want.  The Y in berkeley is actually decent.
           \_ What _is_ the cheapest gym in Berkeley?
        \_ If youre a student or alum, the RSF is both cheap and has
           everything youre looking for
                \_ I want hot easy babes!
                   \_ and 1-800-HOT-EASY
                        \_ Thanks for the URL!
           \_ Do they still have lines for everything in there?
                \_ Not for the hot easy babes
           \_ this seems like the best bet -- they've got everything i need
              there (weights, machines) racquetball courts.  is there
              still a wait for everything?  do they have special accomodatio
              for paying meembers?
                \_ Paying meembers?  You want a special meembership?  You
                   think you're too 318 to stand in line like the poor student
                   meembers do?
2000/5/22-24 [Recreation/House] UID:18312 Activity:high
5/22    I'm trying to decide whether to put in tile on the kitchen floor.
        I've been told by many people that hard tile can be bad for your legs
        and back if you stand on it a lot. Nobody has given me a decent answer
        of why that is the case.  The total weight one puts on the floor is the
        same regardless of what surface it is.  Anybody know why?  Thanks.
                -- new homeowner
        \__ A tile floor is harder than a linoleum floor, which means that
        there is less "give" when you step on it. This means that the pressure
        exerted on your feet in response to you stepping on the floor is
        greater because the original force exerted on the floor is not
        dissipated as much. Over time this would mean greater wear and tear
        on your feet, legs, and back. This is, of course, assuming that you
        actually walk across your floor while you're standing on it.
        \_ Would you rather sleep with your head on a pillow or a cement block?
           same total weight, right?
           \_ You should cover your kitchen floor with pillows.
              Preferably big fluffy soft pillows that look like clouds.
              Soft on your feet, wont chip, and not as slippery.
        \_ Ridiculous.  The reason for not using tile in your kitchen is that
           spills will stain the grout and make your floor look like crap.
           You'll never get the stains out. Don't do it. --knows these things
           \_ Grout sealers do a good job of preventing this; that's what
              they use on tiled counter-tops at least. (Or use black grout,
              that's what I've got.) -- Marco
                                        \_ Polo!
                \_ They're not perfect and don't last forever anyway.  The
                   grout is going to stain within 2 years, easy.
        \_ Tiles are more slippery when wet.  Bad if you have kids.
                \_ Here we go with kids again....
           \_ But mopping up blood is a snap with tiles!
           \_ Why is that bad for kids?  There'll be less stupid kids after
              a few slips.  It's Darwin all over again.
        \_ Ceramic tiles will chip and show the clay color under the pretty
           glazed pattern if you drop canned foods or glassware
           on it.  Likely to happen if you have kids or if you are not
           \_ as opposed to linoleum, where you drop something sharp, get
              a gouge in it, and have a hole there until you redo the
              ENTIRE FLOOR.
        \_ hardwood with good finish or high quality linoleum.
        \_ tile is just high maintenance.  if you like the look, go for it,
           just as long as you know it's extra work.
        \_ Is this one reason why chinise people wear slippers?
                \_ No.  They're too poor to buy $250 Nike's, dumbshit.
        \_ if you've ever checked the condition of your floor, you might
           notice how dirty it is given the fact that most people don't
           mop or scrub their floors on a daily basis.  Lots of people
           don't like to get this dirt on their feet, and it's
           nothing particular to Chinese people, so get a clue.
           \_ I think it's mainly because people generally do not have
              central heating in places like Taiwan, and the floor is
              pretty cold without slippers or carpets.  This resulted
              in the habit of wearing slippers.
        \_ What kind of tile?  Ceramic?  Mediterranean pavers?
                \_ The kind that makes your kitchen look like a bathroom in
                   a gas station in a bad part of town.
2000/5/22-24 [Consumer/Audio, Computer/HW/Drives, Consumer/TV] UID:18313 Activity:nil
5/22    What is a decent and good deal DVD player to buy?
        \_ my toshiba sd3109 isn't bad and at a good price ($250).  probably
           better UI with a sony, but this one works well and has all the
           necessary features/hookups. -- joeking
            \_ I heard this one can play HDCD, too.
2000/5/22-24 [Science/Biology] UID:18314 Activity:high
5/23  Please don't pet the tigers:
      Every day in small ways Darwin brings a smile to my face.
                                              \_ This is so tragic!
                                                 How can you find this
             You sound young, spawn.  Soon you will _/
             understand our ways and become stronger.
        \_ No. Darwinism would've killed the woman. She can still reproduce
           and propagate her stupidity.
                \_ Regardless, she's less likely to reproduce.
                \_ You don't understand how it works.  It's not black and
                   white like that.  It's about the odds and long term chances.
                   With only one arm, she's _less likely_ to reproduce.  If
                   she does, her children are _less likely_ to survive to do
                   their own reproduction.  Her mate is _less likely_ to have
                   pro-survival genes as well, since only a loser would have
                   a woman like this.  Her children, having been born to two
                   stupid people, may manage to spawn, but then _those_
                   children are less likely to improve the tree, either.  It
                   will work out fine in the long run. Darwin is alive and
                   \_ You don't understand how it works.  Stupid genes
                      sometimes result in disaster like above.  However,
                      sometimes is
                   \_ I stand corrected.
                      \_ Why does someone keep deleting this?  This is a
                         simplified but factual statement about how
                         Darwinism works in the real world as applied to
                         human beings.  This is not a troll and this is not
                         the typical mindless motd drivel, nor is it an
                         inappropriate topic for the motd.  If this is some
                         religious fish-on-bumper whacko deleting this, then
                         seek your church's assistance for your weak faith,
                         don't mindlessly censor the ideas of others.
2000/5/22 [Computer/SW] UID:18315 Activity:nil
5/22    When you do #include <blah.h>, what is the search pattern in finding
        the blah.h header file?
        \_ I know that RTFM seems like a silly, useless answer, but it is
           really the only reliable answer in this case.  RTFM cc.
2000/5/22-23 [Computer/SW/Compilers] UID:18316 Activity:high
5/22    Rephrased question: suppose you have new system header files.
        How do you change how the system searches for the default header
        files if you do not have root permission?
        \_ Rephrase it again, it's still not clear.  Header files for what?
                            \_ ;
           "system" searches for the default header files?  Do you mean
           how to change your compiler search order?  If you have new system
           header files, whoever installed them should've put them in the
           right place. -oj
           \_ #include <iostream.h> for example.  You have a new compiler
              you are trying out with a different iostream.h.  You want
              to make sure you are picking up the right iostream.h.  What do
              you do?
              \_ Take out the hostage.
                 \_ what movie did that come from again?
                    \_ The Netrix
              \_ Your new compiler should be using the new iostream.h if it
                 has one.  Otherwise read the man pages on how to set your
                 search path.  Since we're correcting, it's "shoot the hostage"
                 and it's from _Speed_. -oj
                      \_ Usual suspects had a very similar situation
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