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2000/5/19 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:18295 Activity:high
        Is this proper on CSUA?
        \_ doesn't seem to be violating any ucb rules. i'm not offended by it.
        \_ yes! thank you!
                \_ i fucking hate dorky ass girls.  how bout more pics
                of brooke berry buckingham williams/whatever ==ham.
                \_ Possibly some copyright violation, but who's the owner?
                   So who knows?
2000/5/19 [Uncategorized/Multicategory] UID:18296 Activity:low
5/18    On a DOS PC, how can software either detect if the floppy drive motor
        is spinning, or turn the motor off?  Is there BIOS API for that?  If
        not, how do I talk to the hardware directly.  Any pointers?  Thanks.
        \_ There's the "hand on case" interface as well as the "sonic sensor"
           unit built in to most end user units.
           \_ Huh?
2000/5/19 [Uncategorized] UID:18297 Activity:nil
18MAY   yo, does anyone have old legos they'd be willing to part with?
        i want to build a castle for my tortoise.  i don't need many.
        it's only 2".  butt it'd have to be a permanent giveaway,
        seeing as how he smears shit all around town... eml ahm
        if this is a go, yo.  grassy ass.
                \_ umm, i dont' really talk like that, but thanks
                for the edit.  ==ham.
2000/5/19 [Computer/SW/Virus] UID:18298 Activity:high
5/18    You heard it here first on the motd (pre-slashdot)
        \_ I saw this yesterday on zdnet, lameoid.
2000/5/19-21 [Computer/SW/Languages/Functional] UID:18299 Activity:high
5/18    When people on the motd keep saying FoodP or ClueP, etc., what are
        they refering to with that P suffix?
        \_ predicate
        \_ it comes from a MAGICAL and archaic anguage that those in the
           know refer to as LISP, because noone really knows how to pronounce
           its name. Unfortunately, LISP fell out of use MANY years ago,
           before you were born.
           \_ Lisp, please, why do people think it's an acronym? - scheme junky
           \_ I am going to be interviewing the guy who presides over the
              standards committee for Common Lisp.  Anyone have any questions
              they want answered? -- ilyas
              \_ "Why?" -- bitter 188 victim
                \_ You got a problem with Lisp?  You d rather be using Java?
                \_ And stop bitching, 188 was easy.
                   \_ I got an A+ in 188 without doing shit. And the
                   \_ I got an A+ in 188 without doing sh*t. And the
                      projects were pretty decent and probably would've
                      been worse without Lisp. But Lisp was still a pain
                      in my ass. -- original poster [bitter 188 victim]
                      \_ If you can't use any language fairly interchangably,
                         you'd better reconsider your goals as a CS major.
                         \_ READ, twink. Dislike!=can't.
                                \_ *YOU* need to _READ_, twink.  Wimp boy did
                                   *not* say he could do LISP but simply
                                   didn't like it.  You're a complete and
                                   total moron.  Insulting someone else for
                                   not reading when they have and *you* have
                                   _not_ ranks really high on the total moron
                                   scale.  You get a 10 of 10.
                \_ Wimp.  You took the wrong 188 anyway.  We were language
                            \_ That's not a troll.  You were called a wimp and
                               a wuss and an incompetent and a dumbass and
                               rightly so and now you feel bad so you try to
                               give real trolls a bad name.  I know trolls and
                               you sir are no troll.
                               \_ Ladies and gentlemen. The dumbshits that
                                  exist on the motd.
                   neutral in my 188.  It was about AI, not LISP.
                   \_ I hate LISP too. -- bitter 61A victim
                   \_ I fucking hate lisp and that fucking tit-for-tats
                      project and that awful formatting project
                        -- bitter 60A victim
                      \_ If you think you were using LISP in 61A, you're more
                         of a dumbass than you think you are.
                      \_ Wuss. You must have missed the point. Or took the
                         wrong 61A. 61A wasn't about LISP, it was about
                         \_ I also hate people who take the troll bait.
                            --troll feeder (aka bitter 61A victim)
              \_ Yeah, I want to know wtf he was smoking.
        \_ Refer to the CSUA encyclopedia,
           for usage history. -dans
        \_ subseq..  why the end number is the way it is...
                \- common lisp is like the deathstar. how can you hate the
                deathstar? --psb
                   \_ They blew up my homeworld!
2000/5/19-20 [Uncategorized] UID:18300 Activity:low
5/18    Is American Ballet Theatre the best ballet company in the states?
        Where can I find more info. about ballet in U.S.?
        \_ Pansy.
           \_ Pussy.
        \_ "Best" is subjective. ABT and NYC Ballet are probably the top
           two. Joffrey is right behind. Why does it matter? You can
           find more info on the Web, or maybe alt.arts.ballet . Also
           check out "Dance" magazine. --dim (whose girlfriend studies
                                             ballet and who has taken a few
                                             classes himself)
                \_ Pansy.
                   \_ Pussy.
2000/5/19-22 [Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:18301 Activity:high
5/19    I'm writing a device driver for Solaris to access our PCI board.
        I want to allow unlimited xxx_open() calls to the board in
        read-only mode, but only one xxx_open() call in read-write
        mode. I tried doing this with a flag to indicate that the board
        is open in read-write only, but what I can't seem to figure
        out is how to match a xxx_open() to the corresponding
        xxx_close(). I though about using pid's to track the xxx_open()
        and xxx_close() calls but I don't seem to be able to access
        pid's in the xxx_open(). I must be missing something. Any ideas?
                \_ Really, does any OS out of M$ have support for
                   CPCI, hotswap, H110, RT processing, etc that are
                   required to do any real work. BTW, I'm working
                   on a VoIP switch which will be able to handle 6000
                   simultaneous calls. You think that any M$ OS can
                   keep up with that kind of call processing or
                   the associated memory access and setup for the
        \_ you get passed a proc structure as argument to xxx_open(), don't you?
                   processing board? Don't delude yourself, your
                   M$ box is basically a KEWL MP3/DVD player and
                   Game console.
                   \_ Yes, MS has support for all those things.
           if not, there is a global variable, typically of type struct proc
           which contains the pid.
                           \_ Real Time Windows, how do you do
                              that? I though that the NT kernel
                              is not interruptable and that the
                              time slice is not adjustable. Last
                              I checked CPCI hotswap was not
                              reliable, kept rebooting the stupid
                              kernel, or locking it up.
                        \_ We used M$ LoseNT as call agents @ cisco.
                           Guess how we get reliability, two boxes
                           that perodically reboot each other (once
                           ever few hours). I told them we should have
                           just deployed it on the cache engine with
                           IOS, or an RTOS or UNIX, but they wanted
                           to do LoseNT so bad. I can't begin to
                           express what a load of shit it is.
                           express what a load of sh*t it is.
                \_ Ok, won't tell you it's true.
        \_ Wow. never thought I'd see a solaris driver question on solaris.
           Anyways, I think it might have something to do with using a
           "clone" type device. Try looking at that alternative.
           ["send in the clones" jokes may now commence]
           \_ If I understand this correctly, I should create one device
              that is read-write and limit that to one rw access and
              have another device that is read-only and have unlimited
              access on that one. Sounds good. I have a library that
              abstracts device usage, so I can do this under the covers.
              BTW, I'm using mmap in my user programs to access the
              device, rather than ioctls, so if there is some way to
              just limit access in the xxx_*map routines that would
              work too.
        \_ Use a semaphore for rw open() requests.  Use the thread/pid handle
           1. thats not what he wants
           2. there was something on c.u.solaris about 6 months ago saying
             "dont do that", for some other vaguely similar proposition.
             \_ Why not? I really want to prevent multiple writers on the
                device, but debugging is really hard if I can't have a
                couple of monitoring programs.
                \_ yes, "debugging kernel drivers is really hard".
                   Decide whether you want to make it easy on yourself, or
                   if you want to write a proper driver.
                   No, I dont know myself. Go try to find the article,
                   if you care that much.
        \_ you get passed a proc structure as argument to xxx_open(), don't
           you?  if not, there is a global variable, typically of type struct
           proc which contains the pid.
2000/5/19 [Uncategorized] UID:18302 Activity:high 62%like:18293
5/18    \_ Yes.  I have tested the range of those 2.4 GHz cordless phones.
                \_ Pretty long.
        \_ These remarks brought to you by the Incredibly Moronic
                \_ Is the domain name for sale?
                \_ Pansy.
                   \_ Pussy.
2000/5/19-20 [Uncategorized] UID:18303 Activity:nil
5/18    slashdot crap deleted.  go to slashdot.
2000/5/19-22 [Science/Electric, Science/GlobalWarming] UID:18304 Activity:moderate
5/19    Can anyone confirm this event of the Commonwealth/
        Berkeley City club? ;)
        When:  June 6, 2000 7:00pm
        Where: 2315 Durant Ave, Berkeley $16 for admission
               Call 415-597-6705/6706 or 800-847-7730 for reservations
        What:  Bill Joy speaks about technology today and what we can
               expect for tomorrow.
                \_ what a fruitbasket.  How embarrassing.
                \_ Lose the smiley.
                   \_ >:(
                     \_ _                         _
                       |_|                       |_|
                       | |         /^^^\         | |
                      _| |_      (| "o" |)      _| |_
                    _| | | | _    (_---_)    _ | | | |_
                   | | | | |' |    _| |_    | `| | | | |
                   |          |   /     \   |          |
                    \        /  / /(. .)\ \  \        /
                      \    /  / /  | . |  \ \  \    /
                        \  \/ /    ||Y||    \ \/  /
                         \__/      || ||      \__/
                                   () ()
                                   || ||
                                  ooO Ooo_
                \_ Duh.  You have a phone number.  Use it, dumbshit.
        \_ robots are going to take over the world! head for the hills!
                \_ I think the hills are part of the world, too.
                   \_ (1) the robot statement was a joke and a dumb one
                      at that (2) the point was to get away from technology
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