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2000/5/17-18 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:18285 Activity:very high
5/16    Any home owners here in soda?  What area is still 'reasonable' to buy
        property these days in the East Bay?
        \_ Oakland (Temescal/Piedmont Ave/Grand Lake), Berkeley flatlands. -tom
        \_ I got a house last year in El Cerrito. -- jsjacob
        \_ What is your price range?  And are you able to tolerate long
           commutes?  Would you settle for a townhouse or it has to be a
           single family house?  Is this a house for investment?  How long do
           you plan to live there?  Is school district important for you?
           There are a lot of questions that you have to answer before you
           can decide on an area.
           \_ a townhouse is settling?
                \_ Yes.
           \_ Exactly.  Any answer would be worthless without knowing these
              things.  Here's yet another example of an anonymous person
              having something more important to say than the two signed
              people who just babbled.  I deleted those comments to save them
              from the embarrassment of a comparison to the anonymous reply.
                 Also, I don't embrass easily. -- jsjacob
                 Also, I don't embarass easily. -- jsjacob
              \_ I answered the first question, not the second.
                 Also, I don't embarrass easily. -- jsjacob
                 \_ 'Reasonable' is a matter of opinion and circumstance and
                    can't be answered properly without more information.
                \_ get a fucking clue.  -tom
                   \_ Learn how to format your fucking motd posts so I don't
                      have to guess who the fuck you're addressing.
                \_ the moron who deleted actual answers to the question
                   in favor of his anonymous idiocy.  -tom
        \_ You have to ask? A General answer to your General question:
           Q:East Bay A:Oakland
           Cheaper, close for most commute, near BART/bus/freeway
        \_ Anonymous cowards aside, you can get good deals on nice houses
           in good neighberhoods in Oakland, particularly Temescal, Piedmont
           Avenue, and Grand Lake.  Other nice areas in Oakland (Rockridge,
           Montclair) are very expensive.  Berkeley flatlands can be OK
           though they vary from street to street.  -tom
                \_ to the anonymous coward who keeps deleting this: get
                   a fucking life.  -tom
        \_ forget about san francisco.  even the crappiest neighborhoods
           are no longer reasonable. -- joeking
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5/16    Is there a way to check if a 2nd or 3rd edition of a book is in
        the works? -jones
        \_ email the author
        \_ Or the publisher of the last edition.
2000/5/17-18 [Transportation/Airplane, Recreation/Travel] UID:18287 Activity:nil
5/17    Any advice?  How much should I underbid?  When
        do prices fall (how long before the flight?)?
        \_ I've had no luck, always got better deals just massaging sabre
        \_ Priceline is a joke.  If you underbid, you get nothing.  If you
           overbid, you pay too much for a flight that may leave at a crappy
           time without you knowing in advance.  Just go to cheaptickets.
        \_ For a full vaction, try a travel agent.  Even with her fees, she
           saved us 10% over what we found on the net with better flights.
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