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Berkeley CSUA MOTD
2000/5/15-16 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:18260 Activity:very high
5/15    I'm still waiting for the old motd.  Would someone remind
        me who has the CVS going?
        \_ Unlink aluminum cans, the motd is not a useful item to recycle
           or reuse.
        \_ No.  Besides, who needs to see recycled threads about TeX and geeks
           \_ Topics for further discussion:
           drooling over Playboy models/whining about their sexless lives
           anyway?  Post something brand new and start the cycle over again.
           anyway?  Post over something the again new and cycle start brand.
              -- psb baiting and teasing.  -psb #1 fan
           \_ Suggested topics for further discussion:
                 \_ Dude, _I'm_ a superstud, just like tjb.
              -- Dating, sex, and relationships (or geekly lack thereof)
                 \_ nvi rules.
              -- Emacs vs. vi
                 \_ Use mutt, save time.
              -- Mutt vs. pine vs. elm vs. mh vs. "telnet localhost 25"
                 \_ Industry pays better.
              -- the inherent dangers of the biotech industry
                 \_ Feh.
              -- Academia vs. industry
              -- bh
                 \_ I heard bh on the radio tonight.  He was the most
                    reasonable guy on there.
                 \_ Ship him off to a communist country.
                        \_ Fuck bh.
                           \_ what are the odds on that happening?
                                \_ bh can hire a hooker.  Some might do it.
                 \_ Mmm.  Small penismobiles.
              -- Asian women and white guys (and the ever-popular companion
        \_ But I really wanted someone to let me recompile pine.
                 topic, "What's up with those guys who drive the lowered Hondas
                 with the noisy mufflers and all the stickers?")
                 mainframe in the bottom of a salt mine in Utah. Should I leave
              -- "I get $<x> per year to do <y>. Am I being underpaid? I've got
                 an offer for $<x + some positive quantity> per year to
                 \_ You are being underpaid, but so am I.
                 Utah bottom mine the in in a salt of mainframe. I leave Should
                 \_ yermom.
                 maintain a database written in COBOL running on an IBM
                 \_ You stud.
                 mainframe at the bottom of salt mine in Utah. I leave Should
                 my job in the Bay Area and move to Utah?"
                           \_ I don't really need to comment on this.
                        \_ Yes.  But ask for more options.
                 \_ My god.  He's full of shit^H^H^Htars.
              -- yermom
              -- tjb
                 \_ Look! yermom is on top of tjb.
                 \_ BSD.
              -- "What's up with those cyclists who never stop at stop signs?"
                 \_ You misspelled spelling.
                        \_ RIDE BIKE!  USE LINUX!
                        \_ What's up with those cyclists who never stop at
                           stop signs?
                 \_ Off cliff.
                        \_ RIDE BIKE!  USE LINUX!  ED! ED IS THE STANDARD!
              -- ilyas and the stars
                        \_ BSD for work.  Windows for games.  The rest in the
                 \_ Hey sky, what's your girlfriend's phone number?
                 \_ Its quite flattering that you think about me so much.
                    You occupy 0% of my free cycles. .....  You probably
                    think its quite funny to get a rise out of me.  But
                    lest you forget, can't you see the sign?  DONT TEASE
                    THE MONKEYS!  You know what happens when you tease the
                    monkeys?  THEY GET PISSED AND THROW MONKEY CRAP ALL
                    OVER YOU. -- sky

        \_ But I really wanted someone to let me recompile pi
              \_ mighty mouse vs. superman discussion
                           \_ No. Linux to the neighbor who has never used
                              anything other than Windows.
                              \_ they might as well just stay with Windows then.
                              \_ Uh huh.  Provide a fucked up and poor designed
                                 and a bitch to configure *nix to a newbie? Do
                                 you suggest teaching children to use a unicycle
                                 before they learn to ride a tricycle?
              -- Linux vs. BSD vs. Windows vs. MacOS
              -- grammar and speling flames
              -- RIDE BIKE!
              -- sky, that krad kriminal and what he currently charges for use
                 of his 'gf'
                        \_ Free.
        \_ But I really wanted someone to let me recompile pine.
        \_ I love how this actually *started* discussions. Sweet irony.
                \_ It was intentional.  Wsa that not obvious?
                   \_ Oh, you were serious?! I assumed you were being sarcastic.
2000/5/15-16 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:18261 Activity:low
5/15      How do I use the freebsd ports system to install
          a program, let's say in ~/bin, if I don't have root
          \_ set $PREFIX --sowings
             \_ #f.  LOCALBASE=${HOME} --jon
2000/5/15 [Uncategorized] UID:18262 Activity:nil
5/15    I'm looking for a SW package that can let me draw 2D floorplans.
        Note, I only need 2D, 3D is useless except for the "coolness" factor.
        Anybody know of a cheap and useful title?  Thanks.
2000/5/15 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:18263 Activity:nil
5/15    Motd is funny today.  I think this meta-motd pretty much summarizes
        the motd subculture.  You guys rule.
2000/5/15 [Uncategorized] UID:18264 Activity:nil 80%like:17405
5/15    Happy MetaMOTD Day!
2000/5/15-17 [Health] UID:18265 Activity:very high
5/16    URL for latest 'extreme sport'.  Thought bungee jumping was heart
        wrenching?  This this:
        \_ Bungee jumping is hardly as 'extreme sport.'   Yawn.
        \_ Bad use of the term "heart wrenching" normally used to describe
           what girls do to guys when they scew them over.
                \_ No.  You've just been dumped too many times.  The term
                   predates your dating difficulties and is still in very
                   common use in the way I used it.  Think before posting
                   your misapplied and narrow personal experiences.
                   \_ Your rejection of the previous poster's interpretation
                      is gut wrenching.
                        \_ Not my fault they can't get a date.
        \_ FYI, this is the same (Swiss) outfit that got 19 (20?)
           Australian & Misc. tourists whacked about 4 months back
           in a huge canyoning accident--they took the group into a really
           narrow steep ravine while there was a thunderstorm in the
           mountains right above.  I think they were still dredging
           bodies out of various lakes all over Europe about a month
           after.  This time, they gave him a (clearly marked) 180 meter
           rope for a 100 meter drop.  Splat!  -John
           \_ Yet more proof that the metric system sucks.
                \_ It only sucks if you can't multiply by 2.5.  -John
                   \_ i can't .  i always multilply by 2.54.
                \_ It's Darwin.  What kind of idiot bungee jumps in the first
                   place and then doesn't even do his own double check?  Maybe
                   ask that they check the friggin' cord?  He earned his
                   place in Flatland.
2000/5/15-17 [Uncategorized] UID:18266 Activity:high
        Something not mentioned below.  Someone posted this awhile back.
        did actually anybody one else purchase?  I did.  there's they But said
        a 2-wk waiting period for restocking.  Does anybody have any more info?
        \_ there are others listed at -shac

emacs user was here
vi user was here
2000/5/15 [Uncategorized] UID:18267 Activity:nil
2000-05-15      motd restored to a useless state.
2000/5/15-16 [Uncategorized/Multicategory] UID:18268 Activity:kinda low
5/15    My motherboard stopped booting because I plugged in an ISA
        modem accidentally while the mb was still on.  Am I screwed?
        \_ Sounds like it.  Maybe you got lucky and only blew the BIOS or
           something like that.  An old MB might have a keyboard fuse.  Get
           lucky.  Be more careful next time.
        \_ Try taking out your ISA modem.  And see if the machine boots
           \_ I took out the memory, CPU, video card, and power supply and
              they work in a separate machine; it's just the board.
2000/5/15-17 [Science/Space] UID:18269 Activity:high
5/15    I'm thinking of buying a water filter for the faucet like Brita
        PUR or.  those Anybody know things are for real if?  things Do those
        really work or are they just gimmicks?  Thanks.
        \_ the carbon filter brita does work...friend in env. eng. verified
           this, and I studied this myself a little in ce111
        \_ I used to have a little Brita pot.  Now I just buy 2.5 gal
           Arrowhead water.
        \_ I have a PUR "plus" water filter/pitcher system.  I don't know
           how scientifically accurate the claims are, but the water
           filtered water does taster better than un-filtered one (which didn't
           tastes better than from the tap.
                \_ Brita-filtered Fremont water is bland.  But that's far
                   better than unfiltered Fremont water, which has been
                   described by some as "chewy."  Not to be confused with
                   Union City water, which is "lumpy."  -- tmonroe
        \_ I have a Brita filter/pitcher.  When I lived in Oakland, the
           filtered water does taste better than un-filtered one (which didn't
           taste bad to begin with).  But now I live in Fremont and both the
           filtered water and the unfiltered one taste bad and there's not
           much difference.
           \_ Well, look on the bright side, at least Fremont is much more
              expensive than Oakland or Berkeley..  Hmm, wait...
           \_ Oakland seems to have the superior water for the Bay Area.
              San Jose seems to suck (some parts?). The water came out
              fuzzy. But with the filter, it came out clear -- made big
              diff. I notice that a lot of silicon valley companies either
              provide small bottles of water, bottled water (like those
              big blue jugs) and/or the filters/tank/tubes under the sink
              for tap water.  It all helps. Who knows what kinda crap
              gets into the water with all the chip manufacturers?
                \_ You don't want to know.
2000/5/15-17 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:18270 Activity:high
5/16    I'm collecting siliconInfinity spams.  Please forward (full headers)
        any messages you get from them that you consider spam.  Mailing
        a 'please stop' message is also a good idea for the use of the spam
        law,  but I think it's pretty clear that their recruiting mail is
        unsolicited.  -jones
        \_ I never respond because I don't want my email to be "verified".
           \_ If they didn't get a "Mail Delivery Subsystem" error message
              then your email address is "verified"
              \_ That doesn't mean that your account is active. Email accounts
                 are considered inactive if the person hasn't read her mail
                 from that account for N months.
           \_ these guys are a local haas(?) startup.  They just need some
              netiquette lessons.  If you don't want me to forward them your
              email, that's cool, but let me know if you got their spam and
              didn't want it so I can tell them, "Hey, it's not just me that
              doesn't want this crap!" and encourage them to look into other
              ways of contacting ppl.
              \_ Their message to me was something like "After looking
                 at your webpage we've come to the conclusion that you
                 are a very suitable candidate for a position in our
                 company."  The list of tasks include web page devel.
                 java stuff, NT admin.  They obviously didn't bother
                 to read my web page or my resume which states that
                 I was clearly not interested in any of this crap.
                 \_ Actually, they did look at web pages.  Maybe other people
                    got generic messages, but they actually read that I worked
                    for Intuit and started drooling.  -phale
                    \_ Wait... how can one be more attractive as an employee
                       merely by virtue of having worked somewhere?  Whatever
                       happened to things like merit or intelligence or
                       productivity?  Intuit has plenty of idiots, as does
                       IBM, or Microsoft, or whatever.
                       \_ Are you saying that phale is not an attractive
                          employee?  How insulting!
                                \_ I fucked phale.  Nice ass.
                                        \_  Why Thanks.  Now that I know
                                            my ass is attractive to some CSUA
                                            members, my life is complete...
                        \_ It's not like they thought Intuit was a superior
                           company.  We definitely have our idiots (and not
                           surprisingly those idiots are old farts that can
                           barely use C++).  But this lame startup thought
                           that I would know crap about finance, being that
                           Intuit makes financial software.  If you didn't
                           notice before, this startup is creating "Internet
                           financial services" -phale
                           \_ This startup will fail miserably long before they
                              acquire enough importance to have the honor of
                              being crushed under the steel boot of Merryll
                              Lynch or Schwab.

I am sorry that I have mistakenly sent the same email to you twice. I am
sorry that this led you to think that we are sending emails
indiscriminately, which is definitely untrue. We have made serious effort to
send emails only to people who put up their resumes on the UCB site and who
are likely to be interested in our openings.  Unfornately we cannot
guarantee 0% error rate. We have also consulted an attorney who believes
that this should not be considered "spam" as defined by the CA state law.
Your is the only complaint we got (our fault, apologize again).
\_ They cannot guarantee 0% error rate?  Methinks these guys are speaking to
   the wrong audience to be using that sort of language.  Fucking morons.
   They deserve to fail.
        \-these guys are lying ... they may have culled addresses by walking
        the web but they clearly didnt "look at the web page contents" because
        there is nothing on my web page related to to anything they could be
        inteested in. and if they had, they would have mentioned what it was.
        recommend threating to RBL them ... also mail their upstream provider.
\_my resume's not up... -jones
                \_ I've also been getting (and deleting) silicon infinity
                   spam.  It looks like all they did was go through the csua
                   hoping to score.  You just have to delete their emails.
                   If you give them more attention some luzers might be
                   tempted to drive up to the professor's house up in the
                   Berkeley Hills to talk to this chick from an 31337
                   biz school who'll tell you their idea is the shit!
                   \_ What's the website?  I need some easy cash.
2000/5/15-17 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:18271 Activity:moderate
5/16    Some kids never learn.  Motd restored.  Edit, do not wipe clean.
        \_ do not uuencode.
                \_ If some fool added a uuencoded file to the net, then just
                   kill that.  Don't punish us all.
                            \_ where's this punishment?  He just uuencoded
                               the whole motd!  How is that useful to anyone?
                                        \_ Wiping the whole motd punishes
                                           everyone.  Just restore the last
                                           pre-fucked copy and move on.
2019/04/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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