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2000/5/13-14 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:18250 Activity:high
5/12    I'm trying to set pine to use uclink4 as my default domain.
        But when I do that, it sets my from address to
        (soda_acct)@uclink4, which doesn't exist.  Is there a way to
        change the username as well (ie, to uclink_acct@uclink4)?
        \_ {uclink4/imap/user=jondoe}
        \_ No dice.  Doesn't change the outgoing address.
           \_ Answer/ReSolution is in FAQ.
        \_ Why are you using uclink when you have a real account?
        \_ True.  But soda doesn't allow changing From: fields.  Is this
           policy or something that can be changed easily?  (I don't even
           think a recompile is required.)  And tom suggested using a real
           mail client... what does mutt offer?
           \_ Both elm and mutt allow you to have arbitrary From: fields,
              as well as pine.
        \_ sendmail -t will allow you send a file that has an arbitrary From:
           field.  I don't know how to get there from pine though.
                \_ Pine allows it, soda's compile of pine does not.
                   The faq says to either
                     a) change some option in the global config file
                     b) recompile pine with "#define ALLOW_CHANGING_FROM"
                   which will then allow the change to take effect.
                   \_ someone should just recompile this and stick it
                      in /csua/bin
        \_ mh.  Do anything you want.  Only requires clue.  elm/mutt/pine/etc
           are toys.
2000/5/13-14 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:18251 Activity:high
5/11    what is the easiest way to take a whole tree of files owned by
        root and change ownership to someuser?
        \_ find /path/to/dir -print | xargs chown USERNAME
           \_ neat, but depending on version of find, do we need -xdev
              and/or -X options? BE VERY CAREFUL.
        \_ See chown option -R? BE VERY CAREFUL.
           \_ be sure to symbolic link something to / first.
                \_ someuser is going to be quite lucky.
                   but will the OS start correctly if files are owned
                   by someuser?
                   \_ uh, chown -R doesn't follow symlinks, though there
                      may be a race condition.  -tom
                      \_ uh, depends on the UNIX flavor -!tom
                   \_ Is UID0 all-powerful?
                      \_ No, UID0 doesn't let you control the weather.
                        \_ But it does let you transfer all those fractional
                           pennies into an offshore account.
                   \_ Depends on what you have in your OS
2000/5/13-15 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:18252 Activity:very high
5/13    I always hear this LaTeX thing being some great tool for writing
        papers.  Where's a good introduction URL for this?
        \_ Unless you're doing lots of math equations, don't do it.
        \_ Good LaTeX references online are more or less non-existent.
           The closest I've found after quite a lot of searching is:
                \-TeX/LaTeX have a reasonably steep learning curve. I dont
                think it is so easy to learn from scratch on a web page.
                Get the TeXbook or th eLamport book to start. The hardback
                TeXbook is pretty cheap. --psb
        \_ Can find info from the people who use it a lot:
        \_ Plenty of introductory: search for "latex tutorial"
        \_ By the way, this is a stupid question, but how do
           \_ Knuth, the father of TeX has insisted that it be pronounced
              like "tek". Consequently, most LaTeX people have continued
              this tradition and LaTeX is normally pronounced "lay-tek" or,
              by some, "lah-tek"
           you pronounce "LaTex?
           \_ lay-tech.
                \_ i thought it was lah-tech
                   \_ this is the correct one.
                   \_ these are both equally valid
        \_ Has anyone tried LyX?  How good is it exactly?  A GUI frontend
           could make the process much less painful than the teeth-pulling
           TeX experience.  -- alice
                \_ I don't think I would want to use any more of a
                   GUI frontend to TeX than emacs tex-mode. If you
                   want a GUI, you probably don't want or need the
                   underlying TeX complexity layer; run Applix or
                   StarOffice or Netscape Composer or MS Word for
                   Windows. (Or Amaya with MathML). But then again,
                   I dunno about LaTeX; I just use TeX. -brg
                \- a gui is antithetical to a lot of what TeX is about.
                but then again i dont use LaTeX either. --psb
                   \_ When it's two more hours until sunrise and I'm battling
                      with overfull boxes in TeX, I'd rather the tool care
                      about what I'm about instead of the other way around.
                      I agree that having TeX/LaTeX fu is important, but
                      such skills are to be honed at one's leisure, and I
                      can't think of instances where I sit down in front of
                      a terminal and start writing papers in TeX for fun.
                      So do the experienced CSUA LyX users find the tradeoff
                      between speed and flexibility to be favorable?  -- alice
                      \_ I tried LyX once, and quit when I realized it
                         output LaTeX that was useless outside of LyX.  -mikeh
                                \-well that's my point ... you are using LyX.
                                The fact that it generates LaTeX is basically
                                irrelevant. tex isnt for most people. two
                                reasons to use tex: 1. you do a lot of math
                                2. you dont know how to use any non-unix
                                platforms. --psb
                                  \_ What kind of math functionalities does
                                     LaTeX take away from TeX?  I've always
                                     used TeX but am considering LaTeX. --alice
                         \_ Show me a WYSIWYG editor that is supposed to
                            output in any kind of language meant to be
                            generated by humans (TeX, HTML, whatever) and
                            actually outputs something marginally useable,
                            and I'll show you.... a coherent motd thread,
                            for instance.
                            \_ Well, I didn't care so much about readable
                               LaTeX source, but it didn't output anything
                               that would compile with the normal tools.
2000/5/13 [Uncategorized] UID:18253 Activity:nil
5/13    Tired playboy foolishness purged.
2000/5/13-14 [Reference/BayArea] UID:18254 Activity:moderate
5/13    How big do you think is the union between wall users and motd posters.
        \_ Who cares?  What a stupid question.
           \_ How big do you think is the union between people who care
              and stupid questions?
2000/5/13-15 [Recreation/Dating] UID:18255 Activity:insanely high
5/13    Is it ethical to date a Playmate of the Month who is
        already in a serious relationship? What if the guy
        she's with is a jerk?  Serious replies only, please.
        Thanks in advance. --same guy who asked the other PB question below.
        \_ The only thing more ridiculous than this post is the amount of
           replies it generated below.
        \_ Does it have anything to do with her being a Playmate?  Is it
           ethical in general to date a woman that's already in a
                \_ Fuck anyone you want.  If she fucks you back, go to Tang
                   both should be eliminated.
                   and get checked immediately.  She's been fucking everyone
                   else, too.
                   \_ you've just described what every frat boy and sorority
                      girl should be doing right now. how many greek
                      students do you think right now are hiv positive or
                      have some nasty std like herpes.
        \_ Is this the materialistic HK one or the snobby Taiwanese one?
           \_ don't you mean the snobby HK, and materialistic Taiwanese?
                \_ they are both materialistic and snobby.
                   both types should be eliminated.
                \_ don't you mean psycho, materialistic Taiwanese?
        \_ Some of us like that.  Just because you're too young to
                      know how to control a woman like that doesn't mean they
                      should be wiped out.
        \_ When I went to Berkeley, all the girls were ugly, and we only
           had ONE girl in PB, and that was in the Pac-10 issue and she
           wasnt even nekkid.
           \_ Fucking Gen-Y.  As Materialistic but not as postmodern and
              saps to boot.  And now they've got all these playmates
              running around the damn college.  What happened to the good
              old UC value of SUFFER GEEKBOY!
              \_ That should be UCB value (not general UC).
           \_ They still are ugly.  Nothing has changed.
        \_  They're not ALL ugly...that only applies to most of the
            engineering departments.
              \_ This guy knows because he's a 40-year-old alum still
                 olds who graduated and never left the city.
        \_ Boredcast Message from 'coganman': Thu Jul 27 12:33:03 1995
                 hanging around campus, hitting on the ugly 18-yo coeds
        this is funny, masturbatory soda geeks discussing sex.
        it's like colorblind people arguing over who has the pretties rainbow
        \_ Contrary to coganman's experience, numerous other geeks are having
           plenty of sex.
              \_ They're ALL ugly.  Wake up.  Open your eyes.  I think you're
                 comparing ugly 19 year olds on campus to their uglier 45 year

stupid coganman comment nuked
\_ YEAH!!  coganman == stupid!!!
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