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2000/5/12 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/SW/OS] UID:18243 Activity:high
5/11    How does one rm a file named "????????????"  ?  -joshk
        \_ rm ./? <hit tab>
        \_ You must have strong fu.
        \_ "rm -i \?*" is one of several ways.
                \_ % rm -i \?\?\?\?\?*
                   rm: ?????*: No such file or directory
                   Must resort to inode fu now.
                   \_ of course not. you must practice. there are many ways,
                      but noone can be told. you must learn. -ali
                   \_ It's probably not all question marks; some terminals
                      will replace non-printables and/or 128+ chars with
                      ?'s [default on FreeBSD when outputting to a tty].
                      The simplest way is most likely just going
                      through `rm -i *` and finding the offending file.
                      To make things faster, do `rm -i [^a-zA-Z0-9]*` or
                      something to that extent. -alexf
        \_ What usually works for me when I come across a file with odd
           characters is "rm -i *" and say yes to only the file in question.
           \_ But how many questions must you answer until you answer
              the question for the question file in question?
        \_ note that rm -i will append an extra "?" to the prompts
           so make sure you remove ???????????? and not ???????????
        \_ I know I'll get flack for this, but don't you have a gui interface
           on your OS?  Use it, click on the file, and press DEL.
2000/5/12 [Computer/HW/Memory] UID:18244 Activity:nil
5/11    I need to allocate more memory than "new" gives me... how do I do
        this? mmap? Why can't I "new" 100 megs if there is enough VM on the
        \_ Probably have per-process memory limits set too low - see the man
          pages for limit/ulimit/setrlimit
2000/5/12 [Computer/SW/Compilers] UID:18245 Activity:high
5/11    What happens if you increment past MAXINT?  Is this compiler
        dependent or is this standard behavior?
        \_ Short answer: overflow
           Roundabout answer: take 61C (shame on you if you've taken it and
           don't know.
           Hands-on answer: What would the bit pattern be for MAXINT?  It
           would be a single zero followed by n-1 ones on an n-bit machine.
           On a four-bit machine, this would be: 0111 (7 base 10)
           What happens when you add 1 to said bit-pattern?  You get a single
           one followed by n-1 zeros;
           Once again, on a four-bit machine, 1000 (-8 base 10)
           Note that C does not generate an error, cause an exception, etc.
           when overflow occurs.  This is a feature.
           \_ are you saying that overflow (as you've specified) is standard
              behavior, that it's specified that this is the way it
              should happen when you increment past MAXINT?
                \_ C's specified behavior on integer overflow is
                   undefined (3.4.3 paragraph 3, footnote 45,
                   6.5 paragraph 5, ISO 9899). but on many modern
                   machines with gcc and two's-complement arithmetic
                   you can expect that what dans has described will
                   happen.  -brg
2000/5/12 [Consumer/Camera] UID:18246 Activity:high
5/11    This question has been asked several times before... what's a good
        SLR to buy for $500? Any pointers to websites?
        \-assuming you dont have a large investment in lenses and are
        talking 35mm format I think an N90 is pretty good investment if
        you think you might end up becoming a reasonably serious photographer.
        The price of those should have gone down after the F100 was introduced.
        If you get something like that, you can continue to use the lenses on
        more advanced nikon ... and the N90 is a plenty advanced camera. Main
        draw backs are 1. nikon supplementary gear is expensive 2. highly
        electronic cameras dont do so well in the cold. --psb
        \_ The body was $729 on CameraWorld. I was looking at the Canon
           A2 or Elan II kit and Nikon N70 kit and possible alternatives. Any
           pros/cons? Also, any comments on
                \-the N90 isthe cheapest of the serious Nikons. Of course
                there is a ratcheting aspect to that. If I was buying a body
                now I would have paid the exra $500 to get the F100. However
                when I was buying my camera, it was a choice between $1K N90
                and $2.5K F5 ... so it wasnt a real choice. I would take a
                used N90 over a new N70. If you are willing to write an
                intelligent post [here are my priorities and constraints and
                the options i am considering], you will get a good answer on
                the photo hardware newsgroup. --psb
2000/5/12 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:18247 Activity:nil
5/11    how can i find implementors of a Java interface?
        ie something like: java.util.Collection.class.getImplementors()
        i know that JavaDoc does it.
2000/5/12 [Recreation/Dating] UID:18248 Activity:nil
5/11    I'm horny and need to get laid. Can anyone recommend a good
           \_ 403 Forbidden. was this a joke?
        \_ <DEAD><DEAD>
2000/5/12-14 [Recreation/Dating] UID:18249 Activity:insanely high
5/11    Brooke Mariko Berry brookie@uclink4
        Miss May 2000 Brooke Berry
        BUST: 36C WAIST: 24.5 HIPS: 34 HEIGHT: 5'8" BIRTH DATE: 3-7-80
        What's a "nice" restaurant to take a Playmate of the Month?
        Serious replies only, please. Thanks.
        \_ man, I feel OLD...
        \_ Of all the gin-joints in all cities in all the countries in
           the world she had to walk into yours.
        \_ you're a few bits short of a word, aren't you?
        \_ My place
        \_ Miss June is even hotter: 34D 24 36 5'6".
        \_ Any pics for Brooke? only shows Miss June.
        \_ Really the same person!!!???
(no nudity, sorry - but she is very Cute).
(titties, but not so cute, sorry)
           \_ Yes, same person.
           \_ I have the pix. Can put into tmp space, but I dont want my
              login associated with them. -- read-it-for-the-articles
              \_ tar czvf pics.tgz pics | uuencode pics.tgz >> /etc/motd.public
           \_ if you put it in the tmp, it's not like everyone's going to call
              you a perv.  Playbody has well-written interviews and articles
              aside from air-brushed photos.
                \_ Do not do this idiot.  You'll find the whole fucking thread
                   purged in seconds.
        \_ about high standards.  she's very cute all
           things considered.  tall.  slim. 36c, 36c, 36c!
                \_ A perfect cylinder?  And you don't have a cup rating for
                   hips and waist.
        \_ Ask that tmj guy what restaurant.
[there are, of course, more pictures if you are a member, but alas, i am not]
        \_ Where does Mariko come from?  She doesn't look Japanese.
        \_ Ask that tjb guy what restaurant.
           \_ she's probably only 1/8 or less
        \_ This is the one you want:
        \_ Ask that tmj guy what restaurant.
        \_ Fucking losers, all of you
             \_ hey, at least we aren't all fucking puritans
                \_ I fucked a Puritan once.  Pretty much the same as anyone
        \_ Let's assume for humor's sake that tjb isn't the liar we all
           know him to be.  Assuming that, all this proves is that women can
           be incredibly stupid and make *really* bad judgement calls when
            \_ where does it say that she's a drop out?  not everyone
               can get into cal in the department that they want.  sure,
           under the influence on alcohol or other drugs.
           \_ Ok, this from someone who lived in the same building as both
              of them last year:
              Yes, they went out. Yes, she hit on him. No, not under the
              influence. But the same statements applied to her and a large
              fraction of all other guys in the area.
              \_ Oh, so she was sleeping with anyone that would touch her, so
                 it's actually a big minus to have been with her, not a big
                 plus.  Avoid whores and you'll avoid a trip to Tang to get
                 your dick examined.  STD's are not your friend.  I wouldn't
                 be publicly gloating that I was with a chick that was with
                 30+ others the same semester if I was TJB.
              \_ I know of at least one other complete loser who was dating
                 her during her brief stay.  Extreme loser.
           \_ They actually went out. It wasn't a one-time deal. He dissed
              her though.
                \_Proving that boys have easy access to drugs and alcohol too.
       \_ hey, that's cool that a berkeley woman actually made it into
          playboy.  go bears...
                \_ No.  A drop out.  No big deal that some party chick in LA
                   got into PB.  Any idiot can get into Cal.  Any idiot can
                   drop out of Cal.  Any chick with big tits and gym time can
                   get into PB.  I don't see anything special here.
               it doesn't take much to get into l&s, but it does take
               a special breed of idiot to get maneuver into the cs department
                   \_ Hmmm.. let's see... she hasn't been in town for two years
                      and doesn't have a degree...  let's add 2+2 and see what
                      we get?  Maybe she's taking an extended leave to party
                      in LA for 5 or 10 years and plans to come back when she's
                      30 and worn out?  Ooookaaaaaay....  She's a dropout.
                      \_ No she's not. She *was* here two years ago, so shut
                         the fuck up if you don't know what you're talking
                         about. She's taking a year off but plans on coming
                         back and getting her BA and a masters to boot.
                         \_ Idiot.  How can she be planning on taking a year
                            off when she's already been gone for 2 years?  So
                            that'll be 3 years off total?  Her PB bio didn't
                            say anything about coming back, either.  It was
                            chock full of, "I LOVE GETTING LAID IN L.A.!"  I
                            also 'plan' to do become the first emperor of the
                            United States but that doesn't mean I will be or
                            anyone should take my plans seriously.  How much
                            more naive can you get?
                   \_ Not any chick with big tits and gym time can get into
                      Playboy. Do porn, maybe... but there are lots of chicks
                              \_ Spenking for yourself.
                      that do porn that aren't playboy caliber. You're a
                      trolling moron.
                        \_ Kona Carmack has small tits and she got into PB
                        \_ Gym/tits = playboy.  PB is the same chick over n
                           over n over.  It certainly isn't the best looking
                           \_ what is gym divided by tits?  does that mean
                              that you have to have the proper proportion
                              of gym and tits to get into playboy?
                \_ I can't believe you guys are even thinking about arguing
                   about who gets into PB. How stupid. Y'all remind me of
                   \_ wad pad'uv texas ya fom?
                      \_ What the fuck is that supposed to be?  If you're
                         seriously selling that crap as an accent, you
                                - native texan
                   these two fat construction workers I overheard on BART
                   talking about how Demi Moore wasn't their type, but they'd
                   do her if they had the chance. As if.
                        \_ We're also not hanging out with fat BART
                           construction workers so maybe your opinions aren't
                           as valuable as you seem to think.
                           \_ Right, motd posters are far superior.
                              \_ Speaking for yourself.
                              \_ Actually, yes.  They are.  Any questions?
        \_ Boredcast Message from 'coganman': Thu Jul 27 12:33:03 1995

        this is funny, masturbatory soda geeks discussing sex.
        it's like colorblind people arguing over who has the pretties rainbow
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