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2000/5/11 [Uncategorized] UID:18236 Activity:moderate
5/10    Hello, sailor!
        \_ Are you lookin' for a good time?
           \_ wrong reference
              \_ OOh, stupid me.  It is so clear with the context, now
                 that you mention it!
        \_ Oh ye who go about saying unto each: "Hello sailor":
           Dost thou know the magnitude of thy sin before the gods?
           Yea, verily, thou shalt be ground between two stones.
2000/5/11-12 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:18237 Activity:high
5/10    If you're looking for a job working with a Linux company
        that's actually generating revenue and quickly on its way to
        profitability, then please check out Cobalt Networks.
        We're hiring big time!
        Details are in: /csua/pub/jobs/Cobalt.Networks
        \_ Are they the guys who make the cool looking blue boxes?  -John
           \_ Yes.
        \_ Would you like to explain why your mailserver uses UW IMAPd
           (fine) with unix mbox formatted mailspools (performance--)
           \_ maybe they want people to have the freedom to use other
              mailers (POP, local reader, etc) as well.
              \_ Pop servers read mbx fine.  Local readers?  On a Qube?
                 Just installing extra software on it as root basically
                 voids your warranty.
        \_ so, will cobalt release their mips/linux work in accordance with
           the GPL?
                \_ None of your fucking business when they release it.  The
                   GPL does *not* say, "must release according to demands of
                   whiney geeks".
2000/5/11 [Uncategorized] UID:18238 Activity:nil
5/10    Suggestions for cheap, but good dates? (i like fruits). thanks
        \_ <DEAD><DEAD>
                \_ The domain is available if your mom needs another website.
2000/5/11 [Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:18239 Activity:nil 75%like:18240
5/10    Damn protestors. Fuck those comminazis.
        \_ fuck Madeleine Albright
2000/5/11 [Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:18240 Activity:high 75%like:18239
5/10    Damn professors. Fuck those comminazis.
        \_ fuck Madeleine Albright
           \_ nobody gives a fuck about that fat bitch.
2000/5/11-12 [Recreation/Food, Recreation/Dating] UID:18241 Activity:insanely high
5/10    Where's a nice first date place to impress a "nice" woman.
        Serious replies please.
        \- you know if you want a serious reply, ask a serious question.
        you need to specify location, price and some sense of genre ...
                \_ SF would be good.
        morton's steakhouse in SF is much different from a $20 sushi place
        \_ Farallon, Aqua, Postrio, LuLu...all in SF though.
        in the south bay. --psb
        \_  the only thing impressive about most restaurants around here
            is the price of dinner vs. what you actually get...
            don't overdo it on the first date, it's not worth it.
        \_ is it generally a good idea to go to a very nice restaurant
           on a first date before really knowing the other person?  I think
           a more casual first date would be better.
           \_ BINGO! a truely "nice" woman isnt looking to be impressed.
               That's for your average gold-digging bimbo.
                \_ yup, perhaps leave a nice restaurant for the time when
                   you plan to get more serious with the person.
        \_ If you want to impress a woman, do so with your intelligence and
           wit, or if you don't have that, you could settle for your looks.
           Nothing else would work, certainly not a restaurant.
           \_ while this is true, having a good atmosphere helps provide
              a nice setting
              \_ A normal cafe is a perfectly good setting for a nice,
                 intelligent discussion.
                 \_ very true.  But mentioned below, sounds like the person
                    may be visiting and she seems to like going out.  I think
                    we may have to know the personality of the person the
                    poster is taking out.
                    \_ She may have said she likes going out in order not to
                       appear boring.  People play these sorts of charades with
                       each other all the time.  Some people date for years,
                 Bay, and it's quiet unlike Oliveto.  But then taking her to
                 a hotel might make her think that you're implying something.
                 -- yuen
                       and still never know what their SO truly wants or
                        \_ Don't play guessing games.  If she says something,
                           take it at face value.  Stupid mind reading game
                           playing idiocy is why people date for years or
                           even get married and still never know what their SO
                           truly wants or likes.  If she can't tell you the
                           truth on something so basic about herself, then
                           what sort of relationship are you going to have?
                           If it's just about sex, then who cares what she
                           likes?  --doesn't play ESP head games, did well
                           \_ Just because guessing games are lame doesn't mean
                              they don't exist, or they should be ignored by
                              burying one's head in the sand.  A human being
                              is a lying animal.  Taking things at face value
                              because the alternative seems hard to swallow
                              is ... naive and stupid.
                                \_ Obviously games exist.  By playing you only
                                   make it worse.  It's stupid.  By always
                                   being upfront that I don't play games and
                                   then living it consistently, I was very
                                   successful in avoiding all the fucking
                                   nut heads and liars and other time wasting
                                   bimbos.  There _are_ women who don't play
                                   kiddy head games.  Those are the ones you
                                   want a relationship with.  The rest are
                                   good for casual sex and nothing else.  I
                                   take it at face value to teach them not to
                                   fuck with me.  It works really well.  The
                                   super head cases flee, the dumb ones never
                                   "get it" and the smart ones quickly figure
                                   out correct behavior and adjust.  It's
                                   very Darwinian and works great.  Have fun
                                   trying to sort out the whacky losers from
                                    the real women with your method.
                                   \_ Taking things at face value doesn't make
                                      you noble, it makes you a sucker.  You
                                      may have gotten lucky by not getting
                                      seriously screwed by a cold-hearted
                                      player, but if you keep with this
                                      'strategy' of yours, you eventually
                                      will be screwed.  Human beings lie.  You
                                      can take what they say at face value,
                                      or tell them to be honest, but they will
                                      lie anyways.  It's life.  Don't be a
                                      \_ I agree with the other poster.
                                         Personally, I would like a woman
                                         who is honest with me and vice-versa.
                                         No head games.  It feels so much
                                         better (for a healthy relationship)
                                         \_ I also agree that honest women
                                            are better, and a healthy
                                            relationship has no games.  I
                                            don't like games.  I am just
                                            recognizing a fact of life that
                                            liars exist, and they cannot be
                                            ignored.  Some of them are even
                                            very good, and pose as 'honest
        \_ You could cook dinner for her.
                \ I thought  of that; but she is from HK; and likes going out
                 and I thought iinviting to  my apartment might be too
       \_  uh-oh...HK;  that almost necessarily means super-high maintenance.
           HK's typically expect you to buy stuff and pay for everything,
           so be careful.  Something about HK's that seem common:  they
           always complain about how boring life is in the bay area and
           how they want to be back in socal or hong kong where everything's
           on at all hours of the morning.  you want that?
                 \_ Ohhh.. then its another matter. She's just a party
                     girl who likes going to clubs and having guys
                     pay her way. So, decide whether you want to
                     pay along and MAYBE get sex, or just not play
                     her game, and take her to someplace reasonable.
                     Chances of something serious are small.
                     \_ likes going out doesn't necessarily mean seedy person.
                        Going out can be hanging out in cafes, ballroom
                        dancing, going to nice, comfortable eating places,
                        and others.
                 \_ Never date HK woman!  They are the most materialistic
                    women in the world.
                        \_ Well, since I married one; I'm screwed...
                    \_ I agree.  Try Taiwanese woman instead.  -- HK guy
                        \_ Taiwanese women rule! -- white guy
                \_ I dont see many Taiwanese women with white guys like me
                   and they tend to be very snobby.
                        \_ You need to try out some of those butt poking
                           Taiwanese men.
                        \_ Why ? I dont want my butt poked...
        \_ what area in the bay area?  Try not to overdo it on the first
           date too...
                \_ SF restaurants would be good.
                        \_ The Stud
                        \_ Delancey St. Restaurant on Embarcadero is
                           really good, nice view, not expensive.
                           And it's for a great cause.
        \_ Restaurants I assume: Farallon, Aqua, Postrio, LuLu...
           all in SF though.
            \_ Postrio is a terrible place for a date.  -tom
        \_ If you live in Berkeley, an East Bay restaurant might be
           preferable. There are several good restaurants on College Ave.
           Garibaldi's, Nava, Citron, Bay Wolf, and Trattoria La Siciliana
           to name a few. There's also Mazzini Trattoria on Telegraph, but
           I haven't been there. Any comments on the place?
           \_ Bay Wolf is on Piedmont, not College.
              And you left out the best of the bunch, Oliveto.  -tom
              \_ Oliveto was intentionally left out.
           \_ The restaurant in Claremont Hotel has very nice view of the
              Bay, and it's quiet.  But then taking her to a hotel might make
              her think that you're implying something.  -- yuen
                \_ unless yer a sensitive homosexual, the whole point of
                   going out with a girl is to sleep w/ her, duh!
                   \_ Even if that's what the guy thinks, he shouldn't let
                      her know on the first date, right?
                        \_ Duh, she knows it!  Damn, you're dense.  Where do
                           you little boys get the idea that women don't know
                           what's up and are just this puzzle to be solved?
                           I'm going to stop now before I go off for a page
                           about women-as-people and geeks-as-virgins.
        \_ I would find out if she likes sushi and take her to a sushi bar,
           maybe Kirala.  Environment is perfect to talk, sushi is ok.
           \_ What makes Kirala "perfect to talk"?  The din is overwhelming.
           \_  Agreed;  too hot and too  noisy.  the cafe idea sounds better
             ...someplace where you won't come out smelling like your dinner.
        \_ Bay Wolf: 50+ crowd, Kirala: 50+ mins wait. Obelisque (right
                across Citron) is the best in East Bay.
        \_ you could take her to Chez My CROTCH.
                \_ That is where I take yermom
                \_ Only if you want to starve her on the first date.
        \_ Is it true that for an Asian HK woman you should just
            take the date as casual ? Or should you try to act like your 30 ?
        \_ I hope this has taught you not to ask such a question on the motd.
        \_  why buy a steak when you can get the steak for free?
2000/5/11-12 [Academia/GradSchool] UID:18242 Activity:high
5/11    Anyone know what the application MS-TNEF refers to? Ireceived an
        attachment listed as application-MS-TNEF "file.dat". This is not
        something I've seen before.
        \_ it is what is called the Outlook virus.  It has spread to
           many computers and has now infected your inbox.
        \_ MicroSoft-Totally Needless Exchange Fodder - it's crap only
           MS Exchange & MS Outlook have any use for
        \_ Microsoft Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format.  Used for
           formatting in MS Exchange environment.
        \_ Always open and run any attachments sent to you.
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