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2000/5/8-9 [Uncategorized] UID:18198 Activity:moderate
05/07   Hey, I'm going to be on BattleBots in San Francisco (new show
        for Comedy Central in June)! Watch for me and my bot "trailing slash"
        \_ yes, mr. anonymous man.
           \_ his bot isnt anonymous.
2000/5/8-9 [Computer/Networking] UID:18199 Activity:nil
05/07   So, i have set up tcp-wrappers on my linux box, how reliable
        are they, i.e. how easy would it be for someone to simply "spoof"
        one of the IP addresses I allow and thus eliminate the wrappers?
        \_ if they're on your subnet or control your router, pretty easy.
           If not, and if they want to actually initiate a real TCP connection,
           difficult/impossible.  -tom
2000/5/8-9 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:18200 Activity:high
05/07   MP3 CD player, at long last. -dans
        \_ S O L D . O U T ! ! !
        \_ Give it a compactflash card slot, and I'm sold. -- Marco
           \_ What for? -dans
              \_ So I don't have to burn a rom every time I want a couple
                 songs or particular mix. -- Marco
                 \_ A: CDRs are dirt cheap.  B: You can always append
                 \_ Isn't this why man created CD-RWs? -dans
                        \_ No.  The CD-RW was invented by a team lead by a
                           \_ designed for a woman, by a woman.
                              oh. waitaminit...
        \_ I'll probably get one anyway, but too bad it'll be prone
           to skipping
           \_ It's got a respectable anti-skip memory.  Probably can't jog
              with it, but, hey. -dans
                \_ WARNING: This is NOT the first one out, most of these
                early ones are clones of each other.  So far they don't
                play anything higher than 128kbps (read: SUCK ASS) and
                don't draw track names in the CD window; you just get a
                cryptic number.  Read some in-the-know reviews to ensure
                that this thing REALLY does 192kbps and VBR.  -blojo
                \_ What exactly does "suck ass" mean, John?  I'm trying to
                   picture you doing that.  I've no trouble with the image
                   of your face at someone else's asshole but I can't imagine
                   what the extra step is like.  Can you leave a jpg/gif/png
                   in /tmp or provide a URL?  Thanks.
                           After all, it was your ass I figured John would be
                   \_ who is this moron who keeps posting long, drawn-out,
                      completely unamusing idiocy?  -tom
                        \_ Maybe you can explain what "suck ass" means, Tom?
                           After all, it was your ass I figured Jon would be
                           sucking.  Whatever that means.
                           \_ blojo's name is "Jon".  And you're still not
                              funny and trying too hard.  -tom
                                \_ I'm not trying to be funny so it hardly
                                   matters that I'm not.  I'm also not trying
                                   at all so it seems unlikely I'm trying too
                                   hard.  Tom, how often do you "suck ass",
                                   anyway?  Just curious.  Looking for an
                                   expert to explain the concept.
                  \_ anyone seen such a review?  -oj
                \_ Removed embarrassingly bad trolling.  You give soda a
                                   \_ ask yermom.
                   \_ Well, if you place your mouth over someone's anal
                      orifice, you can "suck", much in the same way you can
                      can create a vacuum between your mouth and your
                      forearm.  Not that I've ever done this, I'm just trying
                      to clarify a hypothetical concept.  -John
                    bad name.  -!tom
                    \_ thanks for purging that ass-sucking bastard.  He
                       was getting on my nerves....
                       \_ Don't encourage !tom.
2000/5/8-9 [Finance/CC, Finance/Investment] UID:18201 Activity:high
05/08   Costco no longer accepts Discover Card (only AmEx) is there any
        reason to keep the card now?
        \_ what's the deal with Amex Blue and their special "internet"
           chip, or something like that?  How does it work?
           \_ It's an advanced new technology known as marketing.  AmEx uses
              it to pitch cards with so-called "smart-chips" as the next big
              thing.  smart-chips are just small embedded processors in the
              card.  They don't do anything special.  They've been used in
              Europe for decades, but they never caught on here.  Grab a
              Streetspace card if you want to see one up close.  Otherwise,
              Blue is just a more traditional credit card issued by AmEx
              (pay over time instead of every month), with some decent anti-
              fraud measures in the legalese. -dans
              \_ I feel sorry for you if you ever have to depend on AmEx's
                 anti-fraud measures because you're going to be raked over
                 the coals; I especially like how they send replacemet cards
                 to people impersonating you at different addresses since
                 they have to claim to be so convenient for travelers
              \_ Is that smart-chip thing the same as what's called SIM card
                 in Europe, like the ones used in cell phones?  -- yuen
                 \_ Same idea, but different card and chip.  The main
                    advantage with smart chips is that you can store much more
                    data on the chip than you can on a magnetic stripe.  Of
                    course, there are also clever uses for the chip's
                    processing capagilities as well, but nothing THAT clever,
                    processing capabilities as well, but nothing THAT clever,
                    which is part of the reason they never really caught on.
                        \_ Dan is almost right.  Smart cards != regular
                           chip cards.  Smart card = microprocessor +
                           storage with external power source, chip card
                           is usually just storage (cash cards, etc.)  Smart
                           cards are generally used to store small
                           applications or authentication algorithms, and
                           they're in quite frequent use over here.  The
                           problem is that no single US credit card outfit
                           has seen fit to sponsor C-SET or a similar
                           chip-based security mechanism due to costs, over
                           the current SET (secure electronic exchange)
                           transaction "security".  Cf. French credit cards
                           which would be far more secure, except that
                           they use antiquated, crackable chip tech.  -John
                           \_ *And* they're _French_.  And we all know what
                              _that_ means!
        \_ I think Discover Card offers cash rebate.  (I don't have one.)
           -- yuen
        \_ Costco accepts AmEx now, right?
                \_ Yes, and ATM
2000/5/8 [Computer/SW/Apps, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:18202 Activity:nil
2000/5/8-10 [Uncategorized] UID:18203 Activity:nil
05/08   Anybody know if companies can ask Berkeley to give them your transcript
        or other proof of your graduation?  Well anybody can ask, but will
        UCB release such information to anyone who asks for it?  Thanks.
        \_ No, go ahead and lie.
        \_ They won't release transcripts, but a friend of mine in HR
           claims they can vouch that you graduated (or at least were
           a student). --dim
        \_ UCB cannot release transcripts to employers/companies/third
           parties without your written consent (e.g., a signature on a
           consent form).
        \_ The only information UC will give without your consent is
           dates of attendance (including whether or not you're currently
           enrolled), degrees recieved, and field of study
2000/5/8-10 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:18204 Activity:low
5/8     On an x86 chip and in real mode, how does software distinguish between
        IRQ5 and protection fault when an interrupt 13 occurs?  Thx.  -- yuen
        \_ once in the ISR, poll the hardware device to see if it generated
           the interrupt. sheesh, back in the day, we had ONE ISR, and we
           had to check every device.
           \_ Thanks.  What if the protection fault happens in the IRQ5
              handler?  Do I just have to ignore this case?  -- yuen
2000/5/8-9 [Computer/Networking] UID:18205 Activity:high
05/08   We just moved into a new office and called GTE for DSL.  They said
        interference from 8 high-capacity (e.g., T1) pairs in the same
        binder as our pair completely prevented DSL for our office.  I think
        the line is outside our building (GTE property).  I asked if we
        could hook up another phone line and they said if we ask for another
        line they can absolutely *not* guarantee getting us off the binder
        giving us interference.  She put in a request anyways, and says
        it'll probably be denied.  Has anyone else been in this situation or
        has a suggestion  of a low-cost alternative for DSL speeds for a small
        net business?  Thanks.
        \_ Looks like you're in a tight binder, eh? :)
           \_ Sounds like a three-ring circus operation...
        \_ Sounds like you need to fire your office manager for fucking up.
        \_ Sounds like you need a cable modem, so you dont have to screw
           around with the morons at GTE.
           \_ Is business cable readily available?  I checked Road Runner
              and they only have six test market areas in the U.S.
              \_ right, cuz if you're a business you can't use "lay person"
                 cable.  must have "business" cable oh yes.
                 \_ 'scuse me, but have you actually done this for a real
                    office?  Residential cable modem for an office?
                    \_ if your office is that big get real net
        \_ Fire-bomb the office that's using the T1s.  Or hire annoying
           homeless people to hang out in their lobby or something until they
           move out.  Then the interference will be gone and you can use your
        \_ A get t1 you cheap bastards.  And fire your office manager.
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