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2000/5/5-6 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:18177 Activity:low
4/35    What is the avg CPI rate of a 2-way superscalar processor (in-order
        execution with branch prediction, caching, etc...)? I'm just looking
        for some ballpark numbers.
        \_ are you asking for number of issues per cycles or execution latency?
           \_ issues per cycle.
             \_ it's around 1 or 2 on average. cpus these days grab blocks
                of instructions at a time.
2000/5/5-6 [Consumer/Audio, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:18178 Activity:low
4/34    Anyone have a recommendation for a program to extract audio from
        a music cd to wav files?
        \_ cdparanoia
        \_ QuickTime Player
2000/5/5-7 [Computer] UID:18179 Activity:nil
2000/5/5-7 [Uncategorized] UID:18180 Activity:kinda low
4/35    So I'm just like ya know sitting here and like thinking that like
        some DBZ would be cool right now and then hey like there it is.
        \_ What is/are DBZ?
                \_ The only good thing in your life.
2000/5/5-7 [Computer/SW/Virus] UID:18181 Activity:moderate
4/35    ILOVEYOU virus. got it, did a save as, removed .vbs extension.
        in the .txt file , there is a name:
        rem  barok -loveletter(vbe) <i hate go to school>
        rem by: spyder  /  /  @GRAMMERSoft Group  /
        ..  Manila,Philippines - turin
        \_ "Starting today at 1pm, UCLink will block all emails with
            'ILOVEYOU' in the subject line"... morons....
                \_ I feel safer now.  Maybe they should be block all emails
                   with vbscript instead?  Naaah, it's too useful for uhm...
                   email virus writing.
        \_ Wow!  You discovered the same thing as a few hundred thousand others
           \_ Wow!  You flamed this moron!  You're sharp enough to post
              garbage on this motd!
        \_ "Starting today at 1pm, UCLink will block all emails with
            'ILOVEYOU' in the subject line"... morons....
           who looked at it with an editor, more, less, and cat, and what was
           reported in numerous online articles by zero-tech clueless fucks!
           You're sharp enough to be a writer for zdnet or wired!  So you
           think we should send the CIA to Manila and kill everyone named
           barok who attends school?  Good call.  I hear they're already on it.
2000/5/5-7 [Science/Physics] UID:18182 Activity:high
4/35    Does aluminum foil or white sheets of paper reflect more light, if the
        direction of the reflected light is not important?  -- yuen
        \_ Are you talking about strictly visible light?  IR?  UV?
           \_ I'm interested in daylight (5500K).  -- yuen
        \_Christ, get a clue. Get a strong light source and a dark wall.
          Hold up a sheet of paper and a sheet of tin foil that are the
          same size. Measure the size of the square of reflected light.
          Estimate the intensity in a small area, and multiply by the
          entire area of the reflected light. Very simple. Any fourth
          grader could do it.
        \_ WAG (wild-ass-guess): Metal over paper any day.  However, to test,
           put some paper and aluminum foil out in the sun for a few hours.  See
           which is warmer.
           \_ This is incorrect advice.  Just because something 'feels' warmer
              does not mean it is.  For instance, titanium watches feel
              neutral on your hand, but steel watches feel cold (when you first
              put them on).  However, both are at the same (room) temperature.
              The subjective sensation of coldness can often be caused by the
              _rate_ of heat transfer, not the actual temperature.  In the case
              of watches, steel has a greater heat transfer rate, so it absorbs
              more heat from the human skin in the same amount of time than
              titanium.  These rapid temperature changes is what the human
              skin's thermal receptors are most sensitive to.
                -- motd physics god
              \_ i knew this, too. - motd physics weenie
           \_ as tom pointed out on wall, this won't work for another
              good reason: paper transmits light, aluminum doesn't.
              so you need to check the temperature as well as the trasmitted
              light. -ali
        \_ take both into a dark room and flash a flashlight at them...
           have it reflect against a wall.  seems like a logical
           test *shrug*
           \_ this doesn't take into consideration the fact that aluminum
              is specular and paper diffuse. the pattern on the wall will
              look different. you need to add the TOTAL amount of energy
        \_ Who cares?
              reflected everywhere on the wall, not just look at the intensity
              at one point on the wall. the only good quick way i can think
              of this is to point a thin laser at the paper, measure the
              reflected intensity at some angle, and scale to the rest of the
              hemisphere, and do the same with aluminum, but measure the
              reflected intensity near the surface normal. -ali
        \_ The two sides of my foil differ. Which side you talking 'bout?

        \_ If you want to grow pot, don't use aluminum foil. _Very_ hard to keep
         flat enough to reflect light.
        \_ I think of it this way - mirrors are made of melted metal (I don't
           know which) poured over the back of glass. Mirrors are *very*
           reflective. I believe that part of the reason is that the glass
           holds the metal flat. Put paper on the back of glass, and you
           don't get anything particularly reflective. If my life depended
           on it, I'd choose aluminum.
2000/5/5-6 [Computer/HW/Memory] UID:18183 Activity:high
4/35    Back in my Good Ol DOS days, i used to create a ram disk for fast
        read/write scratch space.  How would I do this under linux? -crebbs
        \_ Aren't files supposed to be cached in RAM?
           \_ Files are "cached" in RAM.  However, they must exist on disk
              first. What i want to do is create a partition of RAM, say
              /ramdisk, which i can write files too, work on and which
              will stay around untill I delete_them/turn_off_the_computer.
                \_ This is what swapfs is for.  I don't know if it
                   exists under linux or not.  Yuo can usually mount it
                   as /tmp.
                \_ Geeze, would you bozos get a clue before you give stupid
                   mkdir /ramdisk
                   mke2fs /dev/ram5 5000 (that's 5 megs)
                   mount /dev/ram5 /ramdisk   -tom
        \_ Why do you feel you need this? If you think it will make accessing
           files in the ramdisk faster you are almost certainly wrong. I
           suppose a ramdisk might be faster under weird situations. If you
           think ramdisks are good just because they were under DOS, don't
           bother.  --Galen
2000/5/5-6 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:18184 Activity:moderate
4/35    Who the fuck is erasing 30%+ of motd replies in the past 3 days?
        \_ I think it's crebbs. At least he last edited it before this most
           recent spate of deletions. --motd witch-hunt god
        \_ tom is the unofficial motd purger.  -!tom
        \_ This motd sucks.  Why doesn't someone either write a program
           to manage this, install ultimateBB on the csua web page,
           or start a csua newsgroup server?
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