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2000/5/2-3 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:18150 Activity:moderate
4/32    Know Unix? Carry a Gun? Uncle Sam wants you!
        \_ Ooh!  Will they let me buy automatic weapons if I join? -- ilyas
         \_How about a Glock 18 instead of the standard issue Sig 228
           for duty weapon? Or Beretta 93R? -- byeung
                \_ I want to join, but only if I get a Humvee with
                   the M-60 machine gun and the rocket launcher.
2000/5/2-3 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:18151 Activity:moderate
4/32    Trying to use in perl.  I have:
>>      #!/usr/bin/perl
>>      use POSIX;
        But perl complains
>>      syntax error in file .//wparse at line 2, next 2 tokens "use POSIX"
        What am I doing wrong?
        \_ '/usr/bin/perl -v' will tell you. use /usr/local/bin/perl{5}
        \_ Not sure, but as a side note: has tons of stuff; just
           import what you need, e.g.:
           use POSIX qw(strftime setsid);       ##dbushong
        \_ I switched to /usr/local/bin/perl and it works fine.  Any ideas as
           to why we have two perl binaries?  I thought the parsers were very
           backwards-compatible.  Perhaps one should be deleted? -- Thanks
                \_ Perl 5 is not completely backwards compatibile with 4.
                   Many common scripts have to be updated to use Perl 5.
2000/5/2-3 [Uncategorized] UID:18152 Activity:high
4/32    If Taos is a recruiting firm, how many HR do they have?
        \_ next to none.
        \_ if you count only "people who do benefits" as HR, then next to none.
           if you count recruiters as HR, then tons.  in the last year, they've
           expanded recruiting so much that now they're in the first floor
           of the Santa Clara office.
        \_ Jobs available at Sendmail!
                \_ um, it's full of fierce, overworked, unhappy QA people
                        \_ I heard they treat the QA Interns with 4 year
                           degrees really well, even if they can't get a
                           simply job posting written properly.
                           \_ simple
2000/5/2 [Reference/History/WW2] UID:18153 Activity:nil
5/1     Long Live the revolution!!
        \_ You mean the revolution that left the winning side in poverty for
           the past half century, and the losing side in relatively quite
           better terms in economy and politics?
                \_ That is becuase of the influence of pro-bourgeois forces
                   \_ Hi paolo!
                \_ This is a good thing.  All the wealth has been shared, what
                   little there is in communist/socialist nations....
2000/5/2 [Recreation/Dating, Consumer/PDA] UID:18154 Activity:nil
5/1     I have a Palm IIIx, it has the annoying problem of the date getting
        messed up.  I.e. today I turn it on and it says that it's 4/27.
        The time is correct but the date is wrong.  Anybody else have this
        problem?  Should I sync it more often with my PC in order to get the
        correct date?
        \_ synch it with the motd! 5/1, babee!!!
        \_ I never experienced this problem with my pilot or PalmV.  AFAIK,
           syncing with your PC does not cause the date/time to be adjusted
           to that of your PC. -dans
        \_ You're losing power.  Charge it more.  This is a Palm FAQ.
        \_ I have this problem too, even with new batteries.
                \_ You're losing power.  Charge it more.  This is a Palm FAQ.
2000/5/2-3 [Computer/SW/Apps] UID:18155 Activity:high
4/31    I'm writing a research paper. What vector drawing programs do
        people use to incorporate into the body?
        \_ xfig
           \_ I've found xfig to be cool until you start trying to add
              the pics into a document.  There's no interchange format
              between xfig and wordperfect (hpgl works but the drawing
              gets fucked up) or MS word (again, cgm format fucks up
              the drawing).
                \_ are you the same moron who didn't understand that you
                   can convert an xfig drawing into ANY FORMAT YOU WANT? -tom
                   \_ If you're so damn smart (which you're not) which
                      FORMAT do you suggest? fig2dev only supports a
                      limited set of formats so why don't you recommend
                      a converter and a format instead of writing the
                      same bullshit you always do.
                        \_ converter: "convert" (ImageMagick) or xv or gimp.
                           format: any format you need.  -tom
                   \_ <--- I'm with tom
                        \_ Can I convert xfig to ascii art?
                \_ yes, actually.  -tom
        \_ Sometimes commercial software does the job best.  Adobe
           Illustrator is REALLY nice for this sort of work.  I usually
           just output it as .eps and include the postscript.  Depending
           on the program, it won't display on screen in that form but
           will print.  If I need screen display, I have it export as
           some random bitmap format.  -nweaver
                \_ I tried to do some of the figures for my book using
                   xfig and other OSS software products. I eventually
                   gave up and used Illustrator. The export to EPS was
                   extremely handy when interacting with the production
                   dept. at my publisher. Sometimes closed source is
                   better cause they are more focused and better managed.
                   \_ My version of xfig can export to EPS format.  I'm
                      using "Xfig 3.2 patchlevel 2 (Protocol 3.2)".
                      Maybe you should upgrade.  Xfig rocks.
                \_ ACK!  OPEN SOURCE!  LINUX!  BIKE!  TRAITOR!
2000/5/2-4 [Health/Eyes] UID:18156 Activity:insanely high
4/32    How much is LASIK surgery nowadays? $1500 - $4000 per eye?
        \_ Look in the Guardian for an advertisement, $999 each eye.
        \_ surgery in it's current form will probably be obsolete in 50
              at night now because of this -- are glasses or contacts
              annoying you so much that you're willing to take the chance?
           years.  gieven that most people posting to the motd are in their
           20's, and given the inherent risk in all modern surgical operations,
           unless it is life-threatening to postpone an operation until
           medical technology comes of age, it is probably a good idea.
           \_ Luddite.  Medical technology is always improving.  This is a
              really stupid reason not to do it.  Wait 50 years?  Duh.
           \_ which means they will be able to repair any unknown, long-term
              complications in a few decades, eh?
        \_ $2500 each at Stanford clinic.  That's where they're *training* all
           the other local quacks that are doing it for $50/eye.  You want to
           have your eyes done by a guy who did 12 operations or 6500 prior
           to yours?
        \_ I had it done 6 days ago.  Contact me if you want real information.
           I'd stay well clear of motd on medical subjects.  -jor
           btw, as low as 1175 total.
                \_ $1175 for BOTH EYES? No kidding? Where???
                        \_ Idiot.  At <DEAD><DEAD>.  Don't be
                           cheap with your eyes.  -also had lasik
                \_ my last motd note - It is both cheaper and better to have
                   this done in Canada where more advanced lasers are
                   in use.  Of course, you need to fly there for 2 days.  -jor
                   \_ Yeah, and then they install the secret microchip in your
                      eye so that when they come invading over the border, the
                      black helicopter pilot just has to press a button and
                      they make every single too-vain-to-wear-glasses yuppie
                      in America BLIND!!!  Wake up before it's too late!!1!
                        \_ Slashdot had an article on how to hack that.
       \_ Night vision problems!
           \_ Not for everyone.  If you vision is bad enough you couldn't see
              anyway.  Do your own research.
           \_ one of my friend's father has this problem and can't drive
              at night now -- are glasses or contacts annoying you so much
              that you're willing to take the chance?
                \_ I agree. Its kinda stupid to be taking such a big chance
                   on your eyes. Without your eyes most tasks are incredibly
                   difficult. Just stick with glasses. Buy Armani frames if
                   you think that glasses make you look dorky.
                   \_ Spoken by a nonathletic geek, no doubt.
              \_ Someone told me Cadillacs have night vision stuff built
                    \_ I haven't? -- ilyas
                 into the windshield.  I didn't follow up on that, but that
                 sounds kind of cool. -- ilyas
                 \_ mounting an infrared camera and display on your car
                    is the kind of nerdishness that's the reason why
                    you haven't gotten any, ilyas.  tell us about the stars.
                       \_ Why do you think nerdishness is unattractive?
                            -- ilyas
                          \_ What, you mean besides the b.o., zits, and dime-
                             sized dandruff flakes that are usually
                             stereotyped alongside 'nerdishness'?
                 \_ sounds like a scam to turn a $200 windshield replacement
                    into a $1500 dealer-only job to me
                    \_  Actually, it uses an infrared camera and projects the
                        image onto the windshield, in a HUD-like manner
                        \_ that makes much more sense, but then the
                           real question remains: why?
                           \_ I think this feature is not only cool, but
                              useful.  Lots of people drive with broken
                              lights, and lots of things that can appear on
                              the road at night don't have lights at all.
                                -- ilyas
                              \_ I'm acutally thinking about getting a
                                 Cadillac for this feature. I feel kinda
                                 bad since I have been a loyal Lincoln
                                 driver for several years. I saw the NV
                                 in use and it is extermely useful if
                                 you drive in areas that are not well
                                 lit at night (eg boulder creek)
        \_ An eye for an eye.
        \_ A twink for a twink.
        \_ A penis for a... er...
           \_ yermom
        \_ A chicken in every pot, Windows on every box.
              \_ Furthermore, there are no studies which show the long term
                 affects (probably because the procedure has only become popular
                 lately).  Also, you should *not* have this procedure done if
                 you have a significant chance of your correction changing (i.e.
                 you are young).
                 \_ It's been done in Europe for years.  Stop FUDding.
                    \_ Oh, so the doctors who've been doing it for years are
                       going to perform it on your eyes?  And there are studies
                       which show what the long term effects are?  Please, list
                       the sources and I'll apologize.
                        \_ Yup.  Do your own research.  It's your eyes.  I
                           don't care if you wear glasses, contacts, go blind,
                           or swallow a shit stick and die.  I sure as hell
                           don't require your apology to feel good about my
                           decisions, knowledge or anything else.  Are you the
                           same fool that wanted the plot summary left in /tmp
                           so others could _prove_ something to you?
                           \_ The request on the motd was for useful
                              information.  If you don't want to provide it then
                              shut up.  I was balancing the over-optimistic
                              advice with cautionary advice.  If you're pulling
                              your opinion out of your ass, then you're not
                              doing this guy a favor.  If you have reason to
                              believe that I'm wrong, please show me wrong and
                              I and others might get useful information.
                              Otherwise, your opinion isn't worth the bits that
                              record it.
                                \_ Idiot.  Go to Stanford's clinic.  That's
                                   where they're _teaching_ all these other
                                   surgeons how to do the procedure.  They've
                                   done *thousands* of them with a 99.9%
                                   success rate.  Go fucking pick up the phone
                                   and call them.  There's no URL.  This is
                                   the real thing you sky-is-falling asshole.
                 \_ 10 years, in fact.
                    \_ That's not long term.
                        \_ Life has risk.  Wear your glasses if the risk is
                           too great for you.  I'm happy with my eyes.  If
                           you're happy as you are, don't do it.
                           \_ Yeah, life has risk.  I'll just run out in traffic
                              blindfolded since crossing the street is risky.
                              Thanks for your useful help.
                                \_ That's a non-reply.  Back to rhetoric 10
                                   to learn how to create a reply that isn't
                                   strawman garbage.
2000/5/2 [Uncategorized] UID:18157 Activity:high 70%like:18158
5/2     What are the best job search/employee search websites for non-techies?
        \_ Who cares?  There aren't any.  Use a newspaper.  Check the signs
           on the doors at local fast food places.  Maybe you can get a job at
           Krispie Kream and those of us with real jobs can skip the line?
2000/5/2-3 [Industry/Jobs, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:18158 Activity:very high 70%like:18157
4/32    What are the best job search/employee search websites for non-techies?
        Should include sites where employers can look for non-techie people.
        \_ Who cares?  There aren't any.  Use a newspaper.  Check the signs
           on the doors at local fast food places.  Maybe you can get a job at
           Krispie Kream and those of us with real jobs can skip the line?
           \_ unfortuatly, thats not true. my poly sci major roomate was a
              fucking idiot with no skills or knowledge or inteligence
              *except* the ability to get all A's in his three classes
              a semester of fluff.  when he graduated, he went to go work for
              goldman-sachs on the basis of this one skill making what i would
              guess is comparable to good tech salaries(on the order of 100k).
              in a good , fair workld, run by engineers, skill would be corelated
              to salary, but it is not.  nor is inteligence or knowledge.
              someone with great grades form uc berkeley can get a high paying
              job if they know how to wear a suit and fit in with whatever
              kind of nincopoop they happen to want to work for.
              \_ Hey, calm down there fella! Maybe you should take a minute,
                 sit back, listen to your whalesong tapes, do your aroma
                 therapy thing, then come back and fix your goddamn
                 grammar and your suck-ass typos.
        \_ [local motd flavor purged]
           [if it actually added humor, it would still be here]
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