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2000/4/26 [Science] UID:18114 Activity:nil
4/25    What is the recent Jefferson Starship song with the music of "White
        Rabbit", but lyrics about technology?
2000/4/26-27 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:18115 Activity:nil 57%like:16920 57%like:17538
4/25    Sysadmin position at Cacheon, see /csua/pub/jobs/cacheon.sysadmin
2000/4/26 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:18116 Activity:high 66%like:18076
4/25    void troll () {
                int bill, larry;
                        /* sloppy naming, and bad programming corrected */
                bill = stock(MSFT);
                larry = stock(ORCL);
                if (larry > bill) {
                else {
        \_ Your entire if/else is buggy.  Here's the code you were looking
                        if (bill > 0) { go_DOJ_go(); }
           Your "int larry;" and "larry =" lines aren't required.  Grade: B.
           \_ Bzz, you don't want an if, a simple
                        while (bill) {go_DOJ_GO();} is the proper solution
                \_ Wrong.  I don't want to get stuck in an infinite loop with
                   no escape such as "else {buy_more_MSFT();}}.  Your mods
                   earn you an "F" for lack of foresight.
             \_ On most compilers int defaults to signed.  -oj
        \_ this code is broken. bill's stock $ value exceeds MAX_INT on 32
           bit machines. -ali
                \_ You're using the wrong compiler.
2000/4/26-28 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:18117 Activity:moderate
4/25    What's the easiest way to copy a bunch of files in deep trees Linux
        to fbsd while still retaining all the permissions and stuff?
        \_ man tar
           \_ i really really hate people like you.
                \_ why? tar is the answer...
                \_ What is the meaning of life?  G+C+H+U+J.
        \_ what are you doing that for?  you should be copying *all* files off
           fbsd machines *to* Linux machines.  In fact, you're better off
           just wiping those machines and starting again because you don't
           want the purity of your Linux box corrupted by the impure fbsd
           created files!  There's a HOW-TO or a FAQ or something I read once
           that said fbsd is yucky and Linux is cool and everything should
           be Linux everywhere and warned about fbsd tainting Linux!
           \_ "User Friendly" just spent three weeks doing a series of comics
              on *this very topic*.  It was hilarious!
                \_ Cool!  That means I'm fit to write the same swill in under
                   5 minutes/day that the UF guy takes to do his strip!  *AND*
                   geeks like you will actually *pay* me to do it!
        \_ assuming gnu tar:
           linux% tar -cf - file... \
             | ssh bsd /bin/sh -c "\"(cd dstdir && tar -xpvf -)\""
           will copy files (or dirs) to dstdir.  note stupidity of ssh
           arg handling.
           \_ Note over complexity of suggestion.  Instead:
              linux$ tar cf - dir1 file2 dir3 file4 ... \
              | ssh bsd tar -C dstdir -xvpf -
              Add a -C right after ssh if your net connection sucks or
              you have CPU to burn.   --dbushong
              \_ or if you wanna get more ghetto than that..
                 source% tar -cf archive.tar sourcedir ...
                 (FTP or transfer it somehow to dest machine)
                 dest% tar -xvpf archive.tar
                 \_ no, no, no.  it's
                    tar cf - dir1 .... | mail myself@othermachine;
                    telnet othermachine

                    ssh othermachine
2000/4/26 [Uncategorized] UID:18118 Activity:nil
2000/4/26-28 [Consumer/PDA] UID:18119 Activity:high
4/26    What electronic device (PDA?) on the market today would convenient
        substitute for notes, diary, and travel log?  --- never owned one.
        \_ what is wrong with notes, diary, and travel log?  They work.
           they don't break/run out of batteries.  They don't make you look
           like an idiot.
        \_ Just about all of them will do, as long as you like their
           input mechanism.  I'd recomend either the Palm IIIx or Vx,
           depending on whither you want an internal battery pack or
           regular AAA's you can change. - seidl
        \_ The truth is, none of them are really appropriate for Notes,
           diary, or travel log, since all of those would involve (presumeably
           a middling to large amount of text)  The pen input systems on
           palmtops are appropriate for adding someone's address, or putting
           in an appointment.. (I love my palm for these things), but they're
           a nightmare for inputting a lot (more than 10-20 words) of text.
           You probably want the lightest, thinnest, wimpiest, cheapest
           laptop you can get, and you'll be much happier.  --dbushong
           \_ Actually, the Palm Pilot when combined with a Palm Portable
              keyboard performs this role excellently, and is lighter
              and smaller than the wimpiest laptop, and has fullsized
              keys.  -nweaver
           \_ Another possibility is the IBM Workpad z50.  I own both a palm
              pilot and a z50.  I haven't had as much time to play with the
              z50 as I'd like.  They're discontinued, but you can get them on
              auction sites.  Don't pay more than $350.  The z50 has a really
              nice keyboard, and gets about 6 hours of battery life, but the
              screen kind of sucks.  It's a wince device, but if you want to
              plunk down another $350-$600 and play frankenbox, it can run
              NetBSD. -dans
              \_ I just want to be able to write and edit diary or essay
                during travel and save to regular computer after the trip.
                It doesn't need to do anything else, but must be cheap.
                \_ If you will do a LOT of journaling, I'd recommend it
                   because, as I said, the keyboard kicks ass (i.e. really
                   comfortable).  The palm plus palm keyboard is also a viable
                   option (ask Nick for more info about the keyboad).  Things
                   to consider:
                   The z50 is larger, but you only need to carry the z50 and
                   the AC adapter (as I said, ~6 hours battery life).  The
                   palm and keyboard combo will be smaller, but you need to
                   carry more pieces (palm + keyboard + cradle + AC adapter
                   or, for like another 35-50 bucks, you can get an AC
                   adapter that plugs directly into the palm, instead of into
                   the cradle which is used for both syncing and charging).
                   I'm not certain, but I think you'd end up spending more on
                   a palm because, at the very least, you need to add the
                   keyboard.  I don't know what the battery life is like on a
                   palm when using the keyboard (it talks via the serial port,
                   and that can eat batteries up pretty quickly).  Also, I
                   would avoid using a palm that uses AAAs because, though it
                   hasn't happened often, the batteries in my pilot (before I
                   got a V) have occasionally died out completely causing me
                   to lose the info on the pilot.  This isn't as much of an
                   issue if you will be syncing regularly.  E-mail me if you
                   have questions, I'll see if I can help out some more. -dans
                   \_ It depends on the PALM.  A  Palm3e ($150), and Palm
                      Portable Keyboard ($100) are together lighter &
                      smaller than
                      the z50.  You don't need an AC adaptor (the III uses
                      good old AAA batteries, and you can change them
                      without losing device data), and if you want a
                      cradle, you can just pack one of the cable-cradles.
                      It is a very nice solution for that problem, and
                      CHEAP, too (<$300).  Email me if you have any questions
                      on how it works.  -nweaver
        \_ Palm V with a laptop that has an infrared port is the way to go.
           Main purpose of the PDA (for me) is to be a quick data store of
           useful info when I'm on the road (ie; flight confirmation #'s, appts
           and alarms, phone numbers, etc.).  Using a PDA for computing (ie;
           pocket word/excel)?  Give me a break!  How practical is that?  Just
           dl Pac Man or a blackjack game (free) on the Palm V and you're good
           to go.  Now if anybody can tell me how to activate the IR port on
           a Nokia 6185 (Sprint is provider) and sync it to my Palm V, I'd be
           in heaven.
           \_ How about Nokia 9000 or 9110?
                \_ I think these don't have any IR shit in them. FCC
                   approval/time to market issue, probably.
                   \_ They do have an IR window on the top.  Is that only for
                        \_ Nokia 9000 has IR port, assume 9110 does also.
                           But dammit only 9600 baud dialup thru GSM--oj
        \_ Although it's a lost cause, you might want to look into a crosspad.
           For about $200, it'll let you right down all your notes and will
           store your files digitally. Once uploaded, you can try and perform
           handwriting recognition on your data.
        \_ Tandy Model 100 portable computer.  Hard to find but light weight,
           has real keyboard, real video, etc.
2000/4/26-28 [Science/Space] UID:18120 Activity:nil
4/26    What's a good science (mostly Astronomy) news site?
           or find a site for yourself from
2000/4/26-29 [Computer/SW/Mail, Industry/Jobs] UID:18121 Activity:kinda low 50%like:19092
4/26    QA internship at Sendmail, Inc. in Emeryville.
        See /usr/local/csua/pub/jobs/Sendmail/QAintern for more info.
        \_ Is this sort of like "Bong Hits and Staring At A Wall ...For Dummies"
          \_ or, "We're not making as much money as we thought, so we'll
             get some dumb intern"?
             \_ It's a nice listing. -notchris
                \_ Bullshit.  They want a 4 year degree and coding experience
                   for a QA internship.  That's ridiculous.  Maybe that was a
                   decent job for a desperate NCG in the earlier 90s but those
                   times are long gone.  I could get 80k/year starting salary
                   FTE with out trying for what they want for a shitty
                   internship.  Join the 00's.  The 90's are over.  It's a
                   *really* lame listing.
                   \_ I considered everything you said before I wrote it
                      was a nice listing, especially because your points
                      have been brought up in earlier motd's.  Since you don't
                      really care for the listing, I don't feel it's
                      necessary to convey to you why it's a good one.
                        \_ In other words, I made some valid points that you
                           can't refute so you're just going to repeat
                           \_ You can think that.  Have a nice day.
                   \_ umm if they say they only want a degree that means they
                      will take a freshman.  If they want new graduates they
                      say somthing like "must have 10 years of experiance
                      with java and perl"
                   \_ NCG? FTE?
                      \_ New CS grad; full-time employee
                        \_ New College Grad.
        \_ Sad that the motd had to help 'fix' the initial idiotic listing
           asking for a 4 year degree for an internship.  So, when is
           Sendmail going to start making money?
2000/4/26 [Computer/Domains, Computer/Networking] UID:18122 Activity:high 72%like:18124
4/26    Does anyone know of a product that can route more than one domain
        on one ip?  I know this is possible with virtual hosting.  Im trying
        to set up three computers I can telnet to on my DSL line, which only
        comes with one static ip.
        \_ I know Win2K server can do this, because I have it working now
           with your situation.  Incidentally, I asked the same question
           on the motd half a year ago and the responses I got were
           the equivalent of "huh, fux0r?" and "fux0r me".
           \_ uh, the "product" that can "route" more than one domain to
              one IP is called "DNS", and that doesn't stand for "Digital
              Nervous System" you stooge.  -tom
              \_ tom, as you've pointed out, the question has some problems.
                 Nevertheless, you can set up Win2K server to route
                 telnets to your single DSL IP to an IP in your internal LAN.
2000/4/26-28 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus] UID:18123 Activity:high
4/26    Any recommendations for good questions to ask for live interviews
        for a C/C++ coder position?  We're having some tomorrow and I
        wanted to see what people thought.  We don't want geniuses; just
        bright people who have good habits.  E.g., questions one or two
        difficulty levels below asking them to compare timings for
        common sort alogorithms.
        \_ Compare strcpy vs strncpy - when is it better to use each.
           Minus points for insisting strncpy is always better, plus points
           if they mention/know strlcpy.
        \_ ask them to describe why virtual descructors are useful. the
           question usually uncovers a lot of misunderstandings and weaknesses.
        \_ Ask them to explain how pointers and deferencing works.
        \_ Ask them to write a C program that reads in a series of numbers
           as command-line arguments, sums, and prints them.  It's a really
           basic clue check, but you'd be surprised how many people can't
           do it. -dans
           \_ Then tell them they can do it in either C or C++.
              Don't hire the goobers that try to make a C++ class to do
              the job.
        \_ Ask to see some of their code.  Ask about const correctness.
           \_ what is people's opinion about this? it's a pain to do it right,
              but do any APPLICATION programmers suffer from not doing it?
              (don't tell me it's critical for library programmers, i know) -ali
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