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2000/4/25 [Uncategorized] UID:18106 Activity:low
4/24 - Curious in Cali
        \_ Adult Check ID required to see Bert in XXX scenes.
2000/4/25-26 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:18107 Activity:high
4/24    I'm having some computer troubles. I turn it on and for a second it
        seems like it's booting up, but then it just stalls. The only thing I
        did was attach a new fan. There are some more details and I don't
        want to clutter the motd, so if you can help me out, mail me. Thanks.
        \_ Please include details.  Put it in a /csua/tmp file is you want.
                \_ Details in /tmp/edhui
                        \_> cat /tmp/edhui
                          > cat: /tmp/edhui: No such file or directory
                \_ Details in /csua/tmp/edhui
        \_ Your CPU is fried.  K6-2's are notorious for being super-hot
           chips (cf. Unreal).  Next time, use thermal compound.  Just a fan
                        \- GAME OVER, DUDE --psb
           is never enough for that CPU.
                \_ OK, then most likely I'll be replacing the CPU. What
                   exactly is thermal compound? -edhui
                   \_ Pasty stuff that sig. improves thermal conduction between
                      the heat sink of your fan and the surface of the CPU
                      die.  At times it means the difference between
                      65 and 30 deg C die-surface temperature.  Buy it
                      at Fry's.
                   \_ It should have come with your chip/fan.  It probably
                      did and you threw it out.
        \_ There's a teeny tiny itty bitty chance that you simply munged up
           a cable connection when installing the fan.  Pull the fan, check
           all cables.  Try again when CPU is cold.  Do not ice.  If it still
           fails, then yeah, like the above says, your CPU is probably shot.
2000/4/25-26 [Uncategorized] UID:18108 Activity:nil
4/24    What is the equiv. of top for seeing io stats?
        \_ iostat, vmstat
                \_ stupid! you're not suppose to put anything useful in motd!
2000/4/25-26 [Science/Electric] UID:18109 Activity:high
4/24    Does anyone have an extra lego mindstorms motor that I could
        borrow or buy? -dlwhite
        \_ i think lego sells them for about 10-15 dollars.
           \_ Where?  I have seen packages that happen to have a motor
              included, but never just a motor.  If you know where I
              could get just the motor, that would be great. -dlwhite
                \_ goto
                   the interface  blows ass, but the motor is there under the
                   Service tab
                   \_ "blows ass"... aaaah ... I see.  Yet another charming
                      little phrase of today's youth.  Nearly as fun and free
                      wheeling and lower class as "sucks ass".  Does Cal have
                      a quota for trailer park trash?
                        \_ Ass.
                        \_ Uhm -- if you're so offended by the motd,
                           sanctimonious twit, don't read it.  It's not a
                           difficult problem.  Try growing up before posting
                           to the motd again -- either that or maybe you should
                           get permission from your mom....
2000/4/25-26 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:18110 Activity:very high
4/24    Are there instructions on how to use the Java SSH client at  - clueless
                                              \_ got that right
        \_ You need instructions on how to use this?  This is a joke
        \_ OK - this is one of those cases like you're the only person that
        hears any weird sounds coming from your car, but your mechanic doesn't
        when you bring it to the shop.  What happened was that when connected
        to certain networks, say at work, the Java ssh client would not know, and return an error to that effect.  Thus, the
        cause for clueless-ness.  However, on less prohibitive networks, say
        at home via dial-up ISP provider or dsl, I have no problems, which
        would invite a "got that right" comment.  So, now another clueless
        question is - does this ssh client run over http or another protocol?
        Why does it work in some cases and not others?  More than happy to read
        all about ssh if you got a pointer/url, especially for this Java ssh
        implementation.  - Longer than necessary, clueless
        \_ Well it runs ssh's network protocol, to port 22 on soda.  Odds are
           if its not connectin you're behind a tightwad firewall that blocks
           outgoing tcp/22.  -ERic
        \_ You might also being having DNS troubles resolving names from
           behind the firewall.  I know Sun's firewall does wierd DNS hiding
           and you need a super special ssh client to get out. - seidl
        \_ might also try running ssh in verbose mode to gather clue
2000/4/25-26 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:18111 Activity:nil
4/25    Where can I get a Win32 version of "less", the cool UNIX text
        file viewer?
        \_ Cygwin.
        \_ MORE! MORE!
2000/4/25-26 [Computer/HW/IO] UID:18112 Activity:moderate
4/25    I'm looking for a box that will let me use the same keyboard and
        mouse on multiple machines - I was wondering if anyone has
        seen one that supports the latest Logitech mice? (like the
        Mouseman Wheel) - everything that I have seen so far only supports
        very basic (microsoft) mice.  Thanks! - mds
        \_ The decent boxes from BlackBox should support everything.
           The cheesy "four wires and a switch" boxes might not.  -tom
           \_ This is true. I bought this generic switch box from Fry's,
              attempting to share keyboard / mouse between my PC and UNIX
              station, but whenever I switch back to the UNIX box, the mouse
              refuses to work until I unplug/replug the mouse cable.
        \_ My company just bought some OmniView PRO 8-Port boxes by Belkin.
           One box lets you connect the same keyboard, mouse (serial or PS/2)
           and monitor to up to eight PCs.  -- yuen
           \_ I use several Omniview-PRO 8 ports in colocation sites.  They
              are very useful, and if you interconnect them you can manage
              upto 64 machines from a single keyboard+monitor station.
              KVM switches in general are often expensive, but the omniviews
              look to be amon the cheapest. If you want to search out other
              options, do a web search for KVM switch.  Slashdot also had
              an article not too long ago on KVM setups.  -ERic
           \_ raritan, cybex, nti --jon
2000/4/25-27 [Health/Dental, Health/Women] UID:18113 Activity:very high
4/25    Everyone watch 60 mins II tonight at 9 on ch 5 and watch their
        report on Ecstasy.  See my arch-nemisis emmanual sferios. -sky
        \_ Just another media expose with the alarmist perspective
           on alternative culture.
        \_ Is he aware you're his arch nemesis?  That seems unlikely.
           \_ He is aware.  He forced my gf to resign from her position
              because she refused to break up with me.  He was crying
              and stuff and he also thinks I am out to destroy him.
                \_ You're a psycho.  That's the wildest shit I've heard on the
                   motd in over 3 days.
                  \_ Heh...most people do think I am psychotic.  I prefer
                     it that way.  But it is true.  He told her in no
                     uncertain terms that if she didn't stop seeing me,
                     she would not be allowed to participate in dancesafe.
                     First off, he criticizes me for doing crystal, but
                     he did some before the 60 minutes interview because
                     it he feels it makes him more talkative and personable.
                     But he was also hurt because she had always put DS first
                     in her life and never had much of a life outside of
                     work until she met me.  And he has a crush on her.
                     Then there are a whole other host of reasons I wont go
                     in to.  -sky
                        \_ All 3 of you are way too far gone into the drugs.
                           Only some druggy fucks would behave like any of
           \_ It doesn't follow that because emmanuel is sky's arch-nemesis,
              sky is emmanuel's arch-nemesis.
              \_ What do you think "arch" means?  Duh.  --i386
                 \_ chief/principal.  What do YOU think it means?
                    \_ lame-ass drug testing
                 \_ We know what it means, you don't.  For example:
                    Bill Gates is Scott McNealy's Arch-Enemy, however
                    Bill Gates' arch-enemy is not SM, but Janet Reno
                    \_ Wow, you're all idiots.  This was a joke.
        \_ What's your issue with Sferios?  The cop seems like more of a
           bastard. -dans
           \_ Wants to take away your drugs and put your dumb ass in jail?
              \_ Drugs are bad, mmkay, don't do drugs.  Do you think this
                 actually works?  All my friends went through drug scare
                 education, and that didn't stop any of them from
                 getting into some serious shit.  If they were taught
                 something sane, like abstaining from drugs is best, but, if
                 you're going to use, use responsibly, they would have been
                 saved from a world of grief.  And if you think this is just
                 about drugs, it isn't.  The biggest substance problems I've
                 seen are associated with alcohol, and hey, that's legal, so
                 it must be okay.  Please.  Drug scare education is insane
                 because there is no recourse when it fails, and it almost
                 always does.  Locking people up doesn't work.  Methods like
                 harm reduction that teach responsible use are far more
                 effective.  Want living proof, look at sex-ed programs that
                 teach only abstinence versus programs that encourage
                 abstinence, but also teach about safer-sex.  The bone-headed
                 communities that teach abstinence-only consistently have
                 higher rates of teen pregnancy and stds. -dans
                 \_ Don't put words in my mouth.  I simply think you're a
                    whiney "make my drugs legal" cry baby.
                    \_ Don't put words in my mouth.  I didn't say anything
                       about legalization.  I did say something about drug
                       scare education being about as intelligent as you
                       are.  I simply think you're brainwashed reactionary.
                        \_ Which was a response to me saying your stupid
                           druggy ass belongs in jail, not in school.
           \_ He is willing to jepoardize the collectives that supported him
              in his quest to spread harm reduction.  Plus he had a big
              crush on my girlfriend and made her resign for not breaking
              up with me.  And he talks a lot of shit behind peoples backs
              and lies and twists their words around as he sees fit.  -sky
              \_ Made her resign?  Over you?  Don't be ridiculous.
                 \_ She was the first dancesafe volunteer and one of
                    only a handful of salaried DS employees.  Yes,
                    she had to resign for not breaking up with me.
                    He has issues, trust me.  -sky
                        \_ I still question "had to resign".  Or else what?
              \_ Good answer.  So, in your opinion, does that completely
                 taint DanceSafe, or is it still a worthwhile organization
                 to work with? -dans
                 \_ Well, he is the national director...There is no longer
                    a Bay Area was disbanded after my gf left.
                    If you want to help spread harm reduction nationally,
                    then it is definately a worthwhile organization to
                    work with.  If you would rather help practice and
                    spread harm reduction in the bay area, my gf is
                    organizing a group that will continue to do was the
                    ds bay area chapter did...distribute harm reduction
                    literature, answer questions, and do pill testing at
                    local raves and you might prefer working with her.
                    I have a big mouth...I really shouldn't talk shit
                    about him like this.  Email me if you want to talk
                    about it more...  -sky
                        \_ So you're an active supporter of kids doing only
                           moderate amounts of damage to themselves?
        \_ Emanuel rocks.  The war on drugs is expensive and completely
           ineffective; harm reduction is the only rational answer.
           There are a number of other groups involved with it, which 60
           minutes choose not to mention (despite interviewing them). -kurtz
           \_ I am all for harm reduction.  But emanuel is willing to fuck
              over the people who supported him (im not talking about me)
              in order to achieve those goals.  He is also a hypocritical,
              delusional, arrogant, closed minded, meglomaniacal bastard.
              But yeah, they didnt include their interview with Shulgin,
              the national police consultant on dance drugs that supports
              dancesafe and pill testing, or the Dutch Nat. drug prosecutor
              supporting pill testing.  And the dude that possibly took
              5 pills and died most likely had DXM.  Plus their was no
              evidence given on ecstasy causing brain damage...All that
              was shown was that overheating causes brain damage.  Over-
              heating is an effect of too much dancing/notenough water.
              Even then, personally I think its not the E that causes
              compulsive dancing (whatever that may be) but rather
              speed that the E is mixed with.  When I am rolling on
              good MDMA, I can barely stand up, much less dance.
                \_ You're just fucking whacked.
                   \_ You don't the half of it  -sky
                        \_ Don't want to, either.
        \_ update: emanuel is no longer my arch-nemisis.  He asked my gf
           back as ba director and blames switching from paxil to another
           anti-depresant causing his OCD to flare up.  -sky
                \_ MDMA has been shown to cause permanent physical changes to
                   brain matter.  (unlike many other drugs out there)  Is this
                   damage?  Well, it's not what nature intended, and I would
                   find it hard to believe that these changes would be for the
                   better.  Simply because the piece didn't cite the evidence
                   doesn't mean it isn't there.
                   \_ The evidence is unclear with regards to normal usage
                      patterns -- the evidence for damage which I've seen used
                      either large or repeated doses.  60 minutes claimed
                      there's evidence that suggests permenant (discernable)
                      differences after a single dose, which contradicts the
                      studies which i've seen.
                      In addition, there is significant evidence that using
                      SRIs (prozac, zoloft, etc) 3-6 hours after dosing
                      can prevent damage.  I've also read one study
                        \_ Heh, do you use SRIs when you take MDMA?  Have
                           you ever seen people take SRIs after taking
                           MDMA?  What is the optimum time frame vs. dosage
                           to take to avoid damage?  This is all way to
                           experimental and the consequences too dire for
                           the average Joe messed up enough to actually
                           be in the drug scene to be playing with.
                           \_ I try to take prozac within 6 hours of dropping.
                              20 milligrams is best for most ppl.  It depends
                              on how much u dropped and how regularly you do
                              mdma.  --sky
                           \_ I have seen people using SRIs after using
                              MDMA.  I wouldn't (and don't) say that
                              this makes it *safe* -- but I do believe,
                              based on the current evidence, that it is
                              likely to make it safer.  Given that the
                              people I talk with about this are already
                              using MDMA on a regular basis, I don't
                              see any harm which can come from suggesting
                              that they try measures which appear --
                              based on current scientific evidence --
                              to be helpful.
                              The useful timeframe is 3-6 hours after
                              dosing.  In animal studies, this prevents
                              all toxicity.
                              So far, there is little evidence of dire
                              consequences in terms of behavior or other
                              areas.  New studies may change that, though;
                              I have seen individual case histories
                              where extremely high doses may have been
                              related to *serious* problems.  I always
                              tell people not to do high doses.
                      indicating that only one of the two isomers is the one
                      responsible for the neurotoxicity -- I don't think
                      it's easy or cheap to produce just one isomer, but it
                      might be possible given sufficient economic incentive.
                      Anyway, these suggest that if MDMA were legal, it
                        \_ Uh, hello logic?  How does this suggest anything
                           of the sort?
                           \_ Simple.  Chemically it seems that it may be
                              possible to have the high without
                              neurotoxicity.  If it were legal, I think
                              there'd be quite an incentive to provide
                              it in form which wouldn't be neurotoxic.
                              Right now, there isn't.
                      might well be possible to make it much less harmful
                      (beyond the simple measure of making sure it isn't
                      mixed w/ DXM, etc.).
                      MDMA may well be harmful even with low and infrequent
                      doses -- it is certainly possible, and caution is in
                      order -- but alarmism is no better than blindly
                      ignoring evidence of danger.
                      I have some references available, btw -- I believe in
                      providing information about this, since there are real
                      dangers which users should be made aware of.  I think
                      that providing false information will make users ignore
                      the very real dangers.  -- kurtz
                        \_ What false information are you referring to here?
                           Some studies have shown neurological changes
                           after a single dose.  Perhaps these studies were
                           flawed, but who knows?  The point is that MDMA
                           \_ Reference, please?  I'd like to see the study
                              which demonstrates long term neurological
                              changes after a single dose.  I can
                              find you a study which shows no observable
                              differences whatsoever after a single dose.
                               \_ OK I'll call your bluff.  Can you please
                                   show me that study that shows no observable
                                   differences after a single dose.  - tpc
                           is a neurotoxin and that message is not out there.
                           People are making irreversible changes to their
                           brains and they can't know what the consequences
                           will be.  (I believe studies are showing no
                           recovery in the affected tissue 7 years out
                           at this point)
                           \_ What studies are you referring to?  That a TV
                              news magazine airs a soundbyte saying that
                              "Studies have shown that a single does of
                              MDMA can cause brain damage" is pretty weak
                              proof.  Show me the study(ies).
                              \_ A study by George Ricuarte of John Hopkins
                                 found that in lab rats and 2 human subjects
                                 that MDMA can cause long term damage to the
                                 terminals of seratonin-releasing nerves.
                                 Keeping the rats body temps down protected
                                 them from the neurotoxicity.  Some ppl think
                                 that in the presence of MDMA, the super oxide
                                 and hydroxy radicals combine with extra
                                 seratonin and when this molecule is neurotoxic
                                 when reabsorbed into the cell.  Heat speeds up
                                 this reaction.  SRI's are absorbed into the
                                 cells instead of these molecules which is one
                                 explanation why SRIs help prevent nerve
                                 damage.     --sky
                                \_ There was a Navy study that proved
                                   using the Dvorak keyboard users could
                                   see significantly more productivity. - tpc
                                   \_ Hence, the need to see the study.  If
                                      you actually read the Dvorak studies,
                                      it's pretty clear that a) they used
                                      flawed methodology, and b) The dude
                                      conducting the study had a vested
                                      interest in it going the way it did.
                           \_ The message is definitely out there -- the
                              media always refers ecstacy it as a drug
                              associated with potentially serious
                              neurotoxicity.  But the way it's being presented
                              is ineffective -- IMO because it is not a
                              balanced treatment.  (How could it be, given
                              that it's intended as a scare tactic?)
                        \_ I don't really care if users ignore the real
                           dangers.  Sometimes dead is better.  A state
                           sponsored cremation and dumping is cheaper for
                           society than having these wastoids walking around.
                           \_ there was a man in Germany who was really Austrian
                              who was trying to do what you were saying.
                \_ MDMA is closely related to methamphetamines (chemically
                   speaking, MDMA can be derived from some methamphetamines,
                   iirc) -- it causes the release of two of the same
                   neurotransmitters (dopamine and norepinephrine), so
                   it will have some of the same effects.
                           \_ MDMA causes the release of seratonin and
                              dopamine.  The level of dopamine released is
                              insignificant in comparison to the amount
                              released by methamphetamine.  Meth also causes
                              an increase in endorphin (adrenalin/
                              norepinephrine) production, which doesn't occur
                              with MDMA.  Dopamine causes the euphoric feeling
                              associated with crystal, while endorphin
                              accounts for the increased level of energy.
                              \_ Um, you've got dopamine and endorphins
                                 mixed up (endorphins cause euphoria,
                                 dopamine causes 'energy', ie. it is a
                                 stimulant).  I don't know about the
                                 relative amounts, but the papers I've
                                 read suggest they're not insignificant.
                                 Btw -- MDMA does also cause the release of
                                 norepinephrine.  But speed doesn't trigger
                                 the release of endorphins -- heroin does.
                                 Some info about amphetamines:
                                 Some info about norepinephrine & MDMA:
        \_ Fuckin' a, man.  I just drink beer.  It's easier.  If somebody tells
           me "beer is bad for you", I just say "okay".  I don't have to get a
           graduate degree in biochemistry to argue with people why beer might
           just *possibly* be more or less worse for me if I drink it at a
           certain body temperature while using a combination of other drugs.
           Like, mellow out, everyone.
           \_ "Beer: the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems."
               -- Homer Simpson

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